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Butterflies don't write books... that they don't know they are alive that they don't know from where consiousness sits... Mary Oliver---Upstream (attention is the beginning of devotion).

Monica Gagliano : How to CoCreate the Future: care gratitude awe reverence The Sense of Sacredness : devotion Flourishing of the Other (Humans) Other Animals that are sharing space: How do we get there" (with attention) depending on the definiton we get to different spaces: about taking care holding listening carefully > waiting sphere of attention > Appreciate the Other > The Otherness > There is No Other in Plants There is No Other in Plants > Darwin Defines Attention > this is not how it is modernly understood > Acting Directing of the Mind > Attention is a conginitge proces of selectively concentrating while ignoring others [F] looses all the poetry: Looses the sense of Beginning to Devotin, the Amazement Darwin Spoke from: it finishes with the Awe Entagled Bank : attention is a closed ending ; which is boring : atetntion is a pre-existing reality : need to discover in objetified path : Tastes Cartesian: attention is limited does not gives potential to change : old story : European Enlightenment[limited] : Denial of the inevitable permeability of bodies[i!] : the feeling body is antithetical to the other : Journal of Ethnopharmacology "we use" instead Collaborate : Our Language Needs to Match [I!] How we are: Early People Discovered?[Error] : The Plant told Me: We listen and We learn: denying the Non Human Sentienze: agendas colonialist : We do not serve colonialist agendas: We need to learn a different kind of attention : the relational happening: acknowledgint the permeability of sentient forms a narrative of possibilities; the beginning to devotion: The Center of the Romantic Revolution: The Artist Paradigm. Indigenous Understanding of Every Day Life is Totally Connected with The World.

Western Science is Fractional and Transitional to Complacentries | Western Science is delimitational to Conscious Processes

This is costing us the world > [ ]What if >>> How do we do that >>> Antitethical to [One Dimensional] Attention:

Plants as teachers

Beginning to a Journey | Cannonbal Tree | Ayauma | Couropita guianensis |

Plant orders study | Pavlov Dog | Associative Learning | Bell + Food | Salivation(Expectational) | Value System(Subjectivity) | External Field Dinner for Pea | Blue Light | Fan | Movement | Detect Discriminate Categorize > Subjective Person > Extends Perception

Associative Learning in Plants > Enter A Space that was not Available Before > Plants as Witnesses > Acknowledge the Feeling Body in the Space > Onzik K > how does feeling and knowing change from pea plant presentation decision making process | 4 way maze | to sound of water | IR camera > root expected to come out > cue was recorded sound of water > pea will know how to change > [1D]^[)(] > the unexpected > Variability > all pea plants codecide > collectively oriented behavior > knowing to exclusion > slow down methodology > reconfigure room > the trust on making decisions > plants were witnesses to reconfigure the human relationship > translating into a scientific paper the challenge >

Cacao > cues > 39 > retreat complete darkness > person changes > what do I have to do next > acknowledge incubaiton methodologies it's work > learning how to use incubation methodologies > new methodologies using sound > site of co-creating future > I am now the experiment > Resonant Earth > Deep Trust Deep Listening > Land is CoCreator > Secure Land > Amount needed to secure land. Attention to Devotion.

_-_ Biodiversity is decreasing at an alarming rate in Tropical Forests where no amount of Scientific Attention replaces the biodiversity lost and the catastrophe that generational knowledge is lost through funding and scientific advancement ot prioritization of technology for consumption or tiered problem solving for retardation trials of the bases terms of knowledge.

Z| Z| Z| Z| Z| (when do you stop to check for the variables) (when do you return to check if there is progress or if the development is stuck on interests or other commercial interests. Nothing that conserves nature costs anything> Materiality is Recyclable to Improved Understanding Integration of Science. _-_

?Are there Questions? Agency over Intuitions | It happens vs. Agency (Decision Making)^(What is the Learning)^[Spin[F]]^(Failure [-i]<) The Scientist [causes] the Experiment [is part of the experiment]

Christopher Mcurdy Salvia Divinorum | isolate analgesics | resistance | morphine oxyodone | take instruments out | horticulture | plant biosynthetic chemists | What We've learned about the plant instead of what we wanted | Rubiaceae Mitragna specioss Shape of The Leaf -90 stands up | South East Asia | Thailand Peninsula | Spread from human propagation | enters USA from Indonesia not malasia or thailand | Pronunciation on western world | Ketum or Kratom | Alkaloids (other) | Flower Seed Pod once a season | 40 alkaloids different from leaf flower | Malaysia don't use flower | Typical use | Trees in everybody's land + legal[ ] + not legal to sell it | 5kg into 5L | boiled 2-3h | juice tea decoction packed into bags | after 4h tea has no more activity | alkaloids intact | 3 time use mae | room temperature water | consumed like coffee titrated to the effect[)(] | not prescribed dosage[)(] | relieve pain reduce opiod withdrawal | paradoxical disruptive pharmacology categorical emptyness | FDA wants opioid [not opioid] | qualities of opioids and interacts it is the symphony orchestra| Run out of opium and increase Kratom to prevent withdrawal | [finding a natural treatment] San Malaysia University | Meth Users reduce use of Methamphetamines | Kudzu was studied to reduce alcohol intake | increased bioavailability of alcohol what are the Pharmacokinetics [Structural Rheomorphic] in vivo | MG indole alkaloid | 1950metric tons exported to US / month Foria Viva Zen Energy Shots | Vika zen Viva zen | hydrocodone | [not for high] | 3-5g typical dose >15M users [low dose] | Threat v. Therapeutic >>> Adulterated Product with pharmaceuticals [nefarious] not an improvement | adulterated product can see abnormal spike | mass | needle in a haystack | know to know what it is | synthetic cannabinoids | contamination[F] |

not a balance act of priorities of pharmaceuticals

Treatment alternatives | bupionorphine | not the right approach | opioid | standard of care [Error] | WHO received US Pressure| UN Panel Rejected International Ban | (No crying on the Field Trip) | Kratom consumer protection act | Regulatory Backing meeting label requirement [Good] | overdose deaths are fake (fentanyl) | mu opioid agonist 40% max G protein | biased agonist no B-arrestin recruitment low respitatory depressive and constipation effects associated with opiods | adrenergic analgesic anxiolytic | < 9 SOWS scale of withdrawal | Brian Pearson | Farm at Florida 100 trees | 100 in green house | nutrients sunlight enviromental production UF cross collaborative US health center and ag school | Improve economy of state of FL | replace a citrus tree equal spacing farming nutrient | transfer citrus to beneficial herbal botanical | 2 chemotypes of MS | high producing and low producing | donated trees freeze dried | animal trials | 66% MS at 3 tree sampling | 7OH MS post harvest | Isolation of Kratom Alkaloids | 0.7-38% | B-methoxy acrylate | antifungal grows in standing water | no alkaloids in roots | no in bark or stem | high in leaf | no activity on human pathogens + plant fungus | Mitragynine Eurofins screen at 82CNS drug Targets | 10mmol hits serotonergic k my opioid | at 100nm no hits has opiate activity | alpha adrenergic activity | Partial agonist of u alpha | Kratom resemble stimulant overdoses In vivo hot plate assessment of mitragynine with animals | increased doses stay full amount of time 100% analgesia | KO receptor no analgesia | yohimbe alpha adrenergic blocks analgesia | 1972 Macko Smith Arch Int Pharmacodyn 198 145-161 (172) Macko | Cost vs Efficacy was not enough | Mitragine Reversal of CCI-Induced Allodynia (Neurophathic Pain) pressure von fry apparatus| animal as own control contralateral ipsilateral | morphine not opioid related mechanism | Binding and Function of 7-hydroxymitragyninge Glutamate receptor at high concentration | High Affinity mu receptor agonists | self administration and abuse potential | substitution of mg and 7hmg for morphine | 7hmg substitutes for morphine | Yue K, Kopajtic TA, Katz JL. Psychopharmacology (Berl) 2018 Oct; 235(10) Oral Ingestion increases bioavailability oral vs. injectable | good analgesia at lower dose vs. opiod withdrawal at high dose | 7OH metabolite to MS activity [1D] | Drug Metabolism | Kamble Shyam et al ACS Pharmacology and Translational science 2020 DOI:10.102 Metabolism of 7 hydroxymitragynine in human plasma > poor brain penetration > CP450 interaction major drug [known interest] coingestion with antidepressants | mood enhacement | NIDA kratom use in 2022 | LKT analgesia is mediated through mu kapa receptors respiratory depression | LKT reduction of Naloxone Wilson L.L. | sepciociliatine H bent partial agonist | Corynantheidine Eurofins 82CNS Target | Paynanthine 5HT1a HT2b | J Med Chem 2021 | Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Mitragynine Thailand | First Human Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2g tea dose | Mary E. Paine Lab | Planned Humn Clinitcal Trials | Altasciences , Nutrasouce human clinical trials, safety and tolerability| CBD increases MS | Timed Spikes [ND-0D-1D]

/[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]/ [ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] /
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Terrence and Dennis Mckenna I'm blasting [waiting for thc experience]

Michael Coe Keystone Species on the Amazon Evolution of a Discipline: Human Societies and World: R.E. Schultes 1915-2001 | Understanding of The Amazon | Participant Observation Worldview of Ethnopharmacology | Lived in the Zone | Utilitarian Ethnobiology | Documenting with Practical Implications | 400 publications Ancestral path | Northwest Amazon | Utilitarian Cognitive Arhaeoethno Ethnobotany Ethnoecology | Analytical Methods of Inquiry| "Lacking Methodological Rigor[F]" | Diverse Methodologies are necessary to understand current biological crisis | how we may apply our effrots to apply practical solutions that | Practical Solutions | Trascend Colonial Epistemology | Destruction of the Amazon Basin| Urgent Collective Efforts | Ayahuasca exploitation | B. Caapi | Overexploited Source Plants | not clear how many plants remain on the wild estimate only year supply | New Plants not enough to supply Ayahuasca for the forseeable future | These plants may become overexploited essential that we evaluate sustainability concerns | what do we know about Ayahuasca sustainability | J.C. Callaway Pharmacokinetics of Hoasca alkaloids in health y humans | Banisteriopsis caapi stimulate adult neurogenesis | Luis Eduado Luna Concept of Plants | Inner path to outer space | Ecological Perspectice yet developed partnerships | responsibility of reciprocity | harvest and production | subsistence of local livelihoods | ways of being and ways of knowing | know more about the plant | Integral Projection Models | IPM time discrete demographic used in populatin ecology species against factors of intensity harvesting | Source Plants | Growth survival and reproduction | mechanistic understanding response to harvest from ecological standpint | Banisteriopsis caapi Sprice ex. Griseb | n(y,t+1)=S K(y,x)n(x,t)dx IPM Kernel Size dependent functions size at initial dictates size at future , current population step, t is initial time. Kernel is decomposed to Survival Growth + Fertility Probability Survive and Grow that survives the Year Prior| in order to reproduce it has to survive | propabiity of germination distribution | IPM are flexible | Ayahuasca reproduces clonally | Population Model over entire species | Census Vital Rates g s fertility | Flowering Germination Survival Field Work | Sensing Populations | Mapacho Smoke | 27C 1600mm rain | Plots Plots Plots less harvest pressure Plot X3 greater harvest pressure | vine harvest low | measured diameters | gps coordinates | regression analysis: probability liana will grow 1 : binomial air structure :fertility function expanded to include clonality: Fertiity = f(y,x) + c(y,x) = s (x) f(x) fn pg pe f y | Poisson error structure. > Germination and Establishment was constant Offspring size class was gaussian | Size-Growth initial strong | Larger Liana larger Survival Probability | Long Lived Species | Harvesting of Large could reduce population growth rate | Fruiting and Clonality | IPM | Kernel: limits of Integration Statistics | Eigenvalue Eigenvectos Elasticity lambda growth stability decline: expected to increase 3.2% , T2 decrease 1.3% , growth of both to decline, assess stability over long term, Constants or Equilibrium[ ] | Damping Ratio =1 equilibrium [0D] | [Early Studies in Plant Population Stability-Population Dynamics]to[Factorial Combination] Increased Growth Area to Factor] | Less Harvest to Large Harvest Pressure | Both were away from equilibrium | Life Table Responce | Retrospective Analysis | Deterministic vs Stochastic Sequencing | Seed or Clone Propagation | Clone populations may loose fitness due to lost of heterogeneity [Good] | Understand Community knowledge of management | Quality of Brew to size of Transplant | Incentives for susteinability | Fair Market Price| Profit Sharing for Ancestral Lands | Humanity in the involvelent of the interpretation of Data? | 20 years to Amazon Savanna threatens the Entire Planet Cuting for harvesting affecting Plant Harvesting Future Ratios.

Exploiting a plant species will require greenhouse cloning and transplantation to newer climates contrast to pricing and availability.

We are live at The Mckenna Academy Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoative Drugs ESPD55 May 23

Monica Gagliano If we listen Plants will teach us Acknowledging Our Ancestors [ ]

Hart Math Boulder Creek Colorado Neurocardiology | Z|[dt[ ] | Heart Rhythm into the Matrix Tree Interconnectivity Program[Crystal Architecture Neurocognition] Meditation | Hearth Synchronization |

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Policy Shaping what the Psychodelic Community moving forward | Environmental Regerantion Indidigenous | Extractive Role Models look only to concetrate Donna Burns |

Cary Turnbull |Chair NYU President of Hefter Research | Ceruvia Life Science |Right to Operate | David Nutt | Pioneer of Psychodelic Research in UK | 30 years ago | 3 primary ways to achieve access Right to Rel friedom Biology Innitiatives FDA reg | rescheduling | Sch 1 no known medical benefit | Research + consuming commercial research | to the satifactin of regulator | tides ships 3 paths should rise together | prevent monopoly | we prevent monopoly not in public interest | monopolies | electricity exceptions | award controlled by commission | 3 levels pharma capital pools risky and expensive search exclusivity for number years tension about to costs go elsewhere | generic firms cmpete to low cost provider | "no harm no foul" monopoly awarded | vaccine for polio 1960 received money back polio was erradicated | Psylocibin levels 2 or 3 | or give it away free | Psylocibin trough FDA for depression | Freedom to Operate | market without legal liabilities to 3rd parties | Public Interest + Public Benefit | Patent Rights to protect from Private Interest | Bad Patents and promoting free competition | presumed invalid | Free Competitions and Ideas do not merit patent protection | Lady Smith 2011 Grant Proceedings allow 3rd parties to challenge witjout acccused of infringement | intellecutal vs tangible | Intellectual Property | Paul McCartney | ASCAP | prior art | lengths to prove it | fake patent on psilocybin methods polymorphs and uses | inventor 1-2 years head start | improvement | Patent Cooperation Treaty |no inventive steps | salt polymorph Isolated | venue shop for patent | easy patent | freedom to operate | claim isolated patent jurisdiction | forensic trail psylocibin | reference samples obtained | sandoz 1963 psylocibin | forensic trail predated patent| schedule 1 license and DEA license | David Nichols | Shipped to Johns Hopkins | Scandinavia rarefied form of Chemistry | Crystallographer Patent Court Claims per Expert | who adjudicates procedure would not understand | Psylocibin crystal structure solutions enable phase analysis of prior art and recently patented examples. Structural Chemistry James A. Kaduk | Powder X Ray diffraction | pattern of diffraction | hydrate anhydrate polymorphs | crystals process samples age storage | peer reviewed process | polymorph A, B |no additional forms are needed | used by people for thousand of years endopsybin | Activated Materials Laboratory Argonne | half of the wavelength of the light used resolution | to any resolution | fluorescent | physical limit is further down | 2014 | study molecular chemistry | right to publish | Freedom to Operate | Invalidating Bad Patents | Promoting Free competition | fortunes will be made | provision of care manufacturing distribution | FDA letter | Executive Order 14036 | Top Priorities of the Administration | Robust Competition to Established Drugs | Patents on Psychodelics the next legal battlefront of drug development | Mason Marks and J Glenn Cohen | 1970 ban nixon | ethical legal social of patenting substances | unusual qualities | criminalized for decades | exploitation of indigenous without compensation biopyracy | resources to expand psychodelics | eligible for limited patent production

| Porta Sofia preventing Bad Patents | Patent officials to refer to Prior Art | 1200 patent officers | No options of interpretation to commercialization In the Future Mjltiple Firms go through rescheduling | ROI infinite to Humans |

David Nutt International Policies for Psychodelics profdavidnutt@twitter.com drugscience.org.uk FMedsci DLaws Prof 1961 UN Narcotic Drugs Convention | Pure extracts and synthetics | 1971 Pyschotropic Convention | Preventing Abuse and ensuring relatability for medical scientific purposes | Failed Intentional Ignoring Benefits Collection of Misrepresentation | addictivityteria to scheduleria | conveniently forgotten| loss of opportunities | How the UN Conventions destroyed research 1971 Un Psychotropics Convention | the worst censorship of any research in the history of the modern world | removed funding to forget benefits | Kafka Play | no one knows the rules just make sure you don't know the rules | Philips Lancet Nov 2010 | Scheduling does not reflect real harms or abuse liability | Drugs ranked according to total harm | Australia bans several native species that contain DMT from grown in gardens | USA bans species of flowering poppy see Pollan's lates book - Your Mind on Plants| 30years ago | Amanita Muscaria most places | Ibogaine West Africa | 5-MEO-DMT Ireland | Peyote for Native American Churches | Netherlands Truffles | Portugal 2005 decriminalization of all drugs of personal possession | Denver Oregon decriminalizing mushrooms | PAREA UK | Force WHO statements on beneficial substances | ITPRI International Therapeuti Psylocibin Rescheduling Initiative| General Acceptance in UK 10s of Millions of Euros for advancing | Psychodelic Treatment is not causing harm | 5-HT2A Psychedelics AA 1933 Alcoholics Anonymous experiential initiated LSD trials to help "cynical alcoholics" |Hart-harris et al Lancet Pychiatry 2016 Depression severity (BDI) vs time : all patients failed on at least antidepressants and CBT | Psilocybin changes depressive thinking Watts et al Journal of Humanistic Psychology 2017, Vol 57| The new psilocybin v escitalopram trial APR 2021 | Ayahuasca Trials for depression in Brazil and Spain | 5HT2A recetptor densely expressed in recenty evolved cortex | Layer V Cortical Pyramidal neurons | Psilocybin fMRI: regionaly specific decreaes in brain activity Leary was wrong [+-] | Decrease in postierior cingulate activity alters sense of self MED study with psilocybin 10Hz | integration neurons are disengaged | the primary vorkings of the visual cortex are revealed | Huxley refered to Blake | Psilocybin attenuated | uncoupls fronto -> parietal connectivty default mode network | default mode network overactive in depression | Psilocybin increases cortical connectivity in depression -the SSRI antidepressant doesn't Disrupt rigid brain proceses increases productivity. | People are onboard . Politicians need change. |

Volition is important

No Mandate to Take a Drug

Positivity Reward Health

1.939.456.4949 Zak Kulberg Sponges as a Model | Sponges restoration projects fish spawning | Yield Enhancing Lessos frpm Psilocyn| 1988 Gartz directed biotransformation | fed tryptamine to mushrooms and increased yields 330X | Tryptamine + Tryptophan + NN Diethyltryptamine HCL Increased Products | Soporific Sponges and Anesthetic Ihalers Opium Hashish Mandrake Hemlock Henbane Black nightshade juice inhalers | Aromatic L-Amino Acid / DOPA Decarboxylase | Serotonin Dopamine Noradrenaline | Tihkal Pihkal Hihkal | Aplysinopsin | Thorecta aplysinopsis, verongia spengelil, Decitys, Hyrtiasl erecta, Smenospongia aurea | Barettin, 8,9dihydrobarettin Bohlin L. 2006 Geodia Barettin | transcriptome | Marine Sponge Antiviral Drugs

Jonathan Lu Vcenna Drug Discovery Company History of Psychoactive Plants | Chinese Medicine History Chinese history with psychodelics | Mayan 2600BCE Ancient Egypt | Plants of the Gods Native use of Major Hallucinogens | Global Population Density | Outlier Wang Juchao Researcher of Ancient Chinese Cultural at the Hubein Provicial Museum | Timeline Ethnopharmacology Past reveal Future | Wu- Du' Gu^ Work Person Plant Mother Insect Container | 5 toxic animals worms centipides spiders snakes | Gu^ Venom | Du' shi yao san fen du yi | dun gong du | dose makes the poison | Early Shamanism 6000BCE Shang Dynasty 1046 BCE | Dama' Cannbis Sativa | Zhou Dynasty 1046-221BCE Wu Xing Philosophy | Fuzi Aconitum Carmichaelii : for all things under heaven nothin is more visous than the poison of aconite. Yet a good doctor packs and stores it because it is useful : Widom of the Huainan Masters (Century II) | Confuscious and Psychodelics | Warring States Periods Geographical Internal | History Military Dictator 256-207BCE Emperor Quin Shi Huang Completed Great Wall Terracotta Warriors Burning of Books and Burning of Scholars Executive Order for Immortality Elixir Standards of Weights and Measures Suppressed Intellectual discourse and unity of Thought |

Era or Progress , rise of Political Confucianism Han 207BCE-220AD 65M people a 3rd of Total Global Population | Silk Road | Shennong Divine Farmer Materia Medica 2737BCE or 206BCE 365 drugs trip reports | 3 key texts Divine Farmer , Yellow Emperor classic Internal Medicine, Biography of Transcendents | Han Dynasty fell to Celestial Masters | Peak du' : Introduction of Wu Shi San: 5 Stone Powder, Prolific publications by Daoist alchemists 3 Kingdoms Era Jin Dynasty 266-420 Resurgence of Daoist Religions | Legacy of Early Daoist Religions / Medicinal Practice : Non Binary Nature , everything has a transformative nature, all things are subject to perpetual change, to harnes poisons graps techniques of transforming into therapeutic | Golden Age of China: Northern and Southern Dynasties 420-589 Sui 589-618 Tang 618-907, Tang Dynasty Commissions Imperial Medical Office (Health Ministry), Palace Drug Service DEA, Pharmaceutical Bureau (Drug Production) | Rise of Neo-Confucianism 979-1279AD | Organization over People epigenetic values coded emphasi on technocracy use of pharmacology for transcendence was almost eliminated Daoism Pharmacology reduction of Du' Outer to Inner Alchemy to reach transcendence | End of Imperial China The Opium War Beginning of the Century of Huimiliation | Moderninzation to catch up withthe West , Movement to abolish Chinese Medicine, Great Leap Forward - Culminating in the Great Chinese Famine 700,000,000 population 50M died | Food Culture | Have You Eaten [ ] | Lu's Township Etiquette 1076AD | ask people if they have eaten| connetion of food and healing | Boletus Speciosus / Xiaomei Boletus / | Turn Blue Green when Touched Jian shou qing | Xiao ren ren See little people |

Serotonin , Cannabinoid, Acetl Choline Nicotinic, Acetyl Choline Muscarinic, Opioid : Fluctuation through Periods |

The Analects of Confucious | shame vs. guilt | deliriants used at home vs. opium pacific vs. cannabis stimulation | Bo Shao Chairman of the Evolve Foundation working with MAPS to bring MDMA therapy to Chine |

996 culture 800,000,000 joined the middle class last 20 years | not focused on survival | [Mental Health?][F][Dimensional Error] |

Future and Trends | Population Density , Exogenous Threats, Final Regulation Supression Organization | Crisis of Loneliness | Early Development of Society with Psychodelics | Z Dimensional Error [Z(t) | Z(Factorial) ] > Decriminalization + Productivity + Printing Checks | Future Matrix Scenario Planning Trust in Kitchen Logic Trust in Medicine Politics "Democratized Nirvana" "Portu-Oregonia" | "Fauci gets a Statue" "Fake Medical News" ?who controls the supply chain? Common Scenario Winners -Suffering Patients - API Manufacturers; Common Scenario Losers India Hopes Pharma City will Break Chinas Grip on Industry , Wuhan Enters Mushroom Psychedelic Medicine Market; The Central Kingdom | Structure Based Discovery of Non hallucinogenic psychedelic analogs |

Paul Stamets Brain Neurons would grow | Stoned Epigenesis | 23 Primates use mushrooms |12x body weight | Psilocybe cubensis most commonly used| morphology gills caps spores harvest at young stage | consume closed caps veils and cap | collection thinner less dense gill tissue | 4800000 survey 27%decrease of types of crime | reduction of partner to partner violence | 89 clinical trial . gov | not a single study in on the mushroom instead on the molecule | cause and effect of single molecule | psilocybin opioid use disorder | opioid use affects the entire community | expense to society is tug on the evolution of society | nicer people like a pebble in the pond | more empathetic a force of good | like a pebble in a pond emanations of goodness | dry psilocybin mushrooms @ 1% psilocybin : 0.05-10g + lions mane mushroom mycellium 400-500mg + niacin (nicotinic acid) Vitamin B3 : 25-50mg | Niacing helps deliver neurogenic benefits | Epigenetic neurogeneration based on a 70kg 154lb | niacin enhances psilocibin experience | Fadiman Protocol | 1-4 days 2-3 days off | Fadiman 1 dose no dose no dose dose day 4 repeat | titrate 30mg dose high dose into 30 days cells dividing constant exposure opposed to all dose at once | 2-4h active psilocybin | microdose.me | tests | large data set | millions of data points | Low Dose < 10g Med Dose 10-30g High Dose > 30g | 8000 participants | microdosing reduced depression | expectation as a valid concern [-] | tap test score | mode of action | in vitro tests | 1M on data | MAP kinases JAK(anti-inflammatory) TrkA(neurogeneration) Trk B(remylennation) | ClinicalTrials.gov | niacin as a positive control | std doubleblind placebo control | use niacing with psylocibin| synergy data psilocin-niacin TrkA | Lion's Mane Mycelium Erinacine C +Psilocin + Niacin : TrkA Synergy | neurogenic benefits at 1000th dose| TrkB differentiates stem cells in hipocampus | stimulate neurons to be born on road to neurological benefit stimulates Growh Factors | Norpsilocin-Niacin TrkA | Norbaeocystin + Niacin | analogues present in psilocybin mushroom | Homo ascendus | extinction in the course of evolution | disease vectors viral storms as we loose biodiversity | reinvent human species | the bases are loaded and nature bats last|

depression relates to immunity related to life improvement

Glen Shepperd Brasil Geldi Museum | Machegenga hunting | applied healthcare | rainforest flow | mystery plant from the Amazon | Aenigmanu alvarziae | Matsigenka emetic hunting medicine | kepigari toxic poisonous intoxicating from piga to return | Manu National Park 1.8M Ha Yosemite of Peru| Kovintsari: hunting medicines: caustic toxic psychoactive plants: good aim: emetics to eliminate hunters luck | pugasetagantsi : revenge of spirits of hunted animals transmitted though fetid odor: protect babies with daily baths of fragrant herbs: sensory ecology | Kamarampi: vomiting medicine | Ayahuasca for hunting to get rid of carion odor only taken on rainy season | Sankarite clear water | Brunelsia, Solanaceae tropane alkaloids. | Kavuniri | Maetagantsi turn into a jaguar external body transformation | Juanulloa parasitica hunting dog remedy | Ivenkiki : panacea childbirth, fertiiity control, insanity, wounds, snake bites, Cyperus spp. widespread use on the Amazon like the ginseng of the Amazon | Balansia cyperi (Claviceptaceae): ergot alkaloids piri-piri, priprioca | ergot protects from other fungi | Turuvanto: Voyria: Gentianaceae: The Spirit Hunters (1994) |

Ethnopharmacology Profiling of Wachuma | Albany College of Pharmacy | Laurel Sugden | San Pedro Cactus Mescaline | Persistent Problem of Accessibility of samples | numbers lacking context to culture and place | numbers without context are easy to use destructively | ecology of plants themselves | Observing San Pedro in the Andes | Surveyed 2000km to N-S | Travelled through most habitats in Peru | conservation | recent roads 15 years | poppy seed to small house roots are size of arms | new plants propagate in fragments pink outer petals | kiwi or dragonfruit | wide or nest of serpents | most important thing scope of san pedro diversity in the wild replicated chile argentina bolivia | wide sampling of plant phytochemistry | characterize mescaline | San Pedro cacti produce mescaline and what else | howm uch do catus metabolites divesity of species and varieties | lived experience of drinking the plant alkaloid profile recorded brew drink study | specific pupulations of cacti in peru | different sampling technique | quantitative sampling| sampled brews of Huachuma | 27 geographical Huachuma samples | varieties phenotypes enormous variation spines nd colors | science recognizes 3 species hybridize across species | characterize to geography | pachanoi santaensis cuzcoensis previana puquiensis | 1500km range | overexploitation threat Evaluation of in vivo solid phase microextatction for minimally invasive analysis of nonvaolatile phytochemicals in Amazonian plants: SPME | vacuum seal samples and freeze to the lab 1-2 days | increase of stabilit of sample kits are easy to carry no damage to plant | SPME less laborious 5cm ss wire dipped in silica coating solid extraction phase : insert to plant : 00:30 process equilibrium | probes into ACN-water analyzed with lc-ms | mescaline 212 | external green layer and internal white tissue [ ] | Limitations spme only measures metabolites interstitial and not inside cell | different picture than traditionl liquid extraction | no control for age sice time of year grown in sun shade | enormous variation of mescaline levels | free concentration of mescaline is higher in outer green tissue than inner white tissue [Good] ug/ml | cooked medicine has higher mescaline level | careful reading more reduced | phytochemical summary : green tissue has more mescaline , e pachanoi varies bw regions hordenine was detected in all samples that are not bioactive | preliminary results | Ethnographic study: Josip Orlovac del Rio| master plants | San Pedro macho and San Pedro hembra | Giganton lower mescaline | cook dragons long collapsed stem | plant keeps memory of time iconography related to plant consumption | High mescaline content correlates with strong strength not with healing | different varieties have different healing potential | Preparation size of arm volume wash cut separating the green to the white pot 4-5 bigger than volumne 5L dose soak over night green and white later boil slowly not high pressure temperature 70-75'C after 4h put out white side after 4h | total 8 8h boiling | powder rehydrate 30'C wait to rehydrate all white all green spikes boil powder | 4-12h traditional preparation slow heat works better save for store freezer below 7-20'C | lyophilize to reduce to 5% to 30g / L of San Pedro dry in sunlight |

Manuel Torres Ecuador to Chile to San Pedro de Atacama | 2 Large Entities not empire | Vertical Area | 13000ft outposts at different areas | llamas and alpacas | San Pedro de Atacama | John Roe proposed chronology Horizons 500-1000CE | Wari | Tropic of Capricorn | South of the Oasis | better passages to the Andes | Wari more dictatorial domineering | Climate Problem big drought late 900 lasts 120 years | everything collapses in a drought of 100 years | control of language domineering sections | Tiwanaku abundance evidence of snuffing, paraphernalia distributed monumental stone buildings, stone cutting is superb, sunken plazas, textitles of central andes, no evidence of colonial outposts, no fortifications | Wari drinking beer, architecture to limit movement and large gatherings, rough cut stone, both have spectacular textiles, warp is cotton weft is camelate fiber, cotton lasts less than wool, | No conflict from Wari and Tiwanaku not a langage of phonetics more like a narrative | snuff tray | Chicha is made from a variety of plants jora(germinated corn) , molle Schinus molle, algarrobo Prosopis, manioc Manihot esculenta, quinoa, Chenopodium quinoa, different herbs and seeds including Anadenanthera, alcohol content 3-5% reciprocar arrangement obligations created | Anadenanthera seeds colubrina var becil likes open savanahhs grows in south | components of snuffing kits 5-OH DMT 5-MeO-DMT | seeds of anadenanthera colubrina source of snuff powder | tablespoon full effects 5-10 rocks | | Akapana in Tiwanaku, Gate of the Sun | 1200L batch beer | psychedelic use in monumental stone sculpture | Wari Tiwanaku interphase Wari construction rough stone D shaped plaza 10cm wari sculpture | Schinus molle California pepper with sweet inside for chicha | strontium analysis of teeth enamel| water quality lithium borax arsenic ambient humidity <10% |

Expanding evidence of Anadenanthera in the precolumbian Andes Colin | leguminous trees seeds rich in alkaloids | chemical residues botanical specimens | vilca plant | Cupisnique Paracas Nazca 100-800CE Cupisnique: Norht Coast of Peru C1200-500 BCE: surreal supernatural: no depictions of Anadenanthera; Chavin de Huantar and Moche culture contemporaneous cultures| | Chavin: weaving labyrinth tunnels leading to Lanzon| shamanic transformation anthropomorphisms | acoustinc tunnels were acoustic resonant | water diverted onto canal | Vilca motif | Moche 100-900ce naturalistic drawings of anadenanthera plant into stirring vessels | vilca as an oral beverage | Botanical morphology | symbols used to represent the plant : chevron shaped motif appear in shamanic use | serpent attempt to convey to view plant animal parallel | imagery depicting body sensations | Imagery in Paracas 800-100bce: textile for mummy burials | upside down figures | interconnected circles in body of serpent | Palpa Lines | Nazca south coast of Peru | Legume pod Nazca ceramics |

Luis Eduardo Luna | Wasiwaska Center | Dale Millard | www.wasiwaska.org | Santa Catalina Meyembipe Guarani 27'S Fioiranopolis | Cabeza de Vaca to Ratones | urbanization coffee and sugar logging forest into pasture for cattle 7% remaining | Florianopolis 10Ha Tertiary forest| boat repair area | 40year old forest | invasive ferns | The Invisible Landscape | Yaje psychodelic Banisteriopsis Diploptery Different from Ayaguasca Yage Ayaguasca Colombia Ecuador | Wizard of the Upper Amazon | Hallucinoges and Shamanism | Amazonian Cosmos | Dream of Gardens | Iquitos 1980 Film on Ayahuasca | Brugmansia suaveoians | Mind is Everywhere | Paintings | School of Painting | Jardin Etnobotanico Chullachaqui | Music Festival at Rustler's Valley | Matze Ancestral Valley | Monica master of trance | rural hospital| Schizolobium parahyba garapuvu for canoes fast growings legumes bacteria on roots feed plants around them | Associations of Plants deciduous | Richard Spruce | hybridization for high in Harmine without vomiting effects | Pyschotria viridis Rubiaceae (chacruna) | Pyschotria carthaginensis | Diplopterys cabrerana (yage) | Brugmansia suaveolens | Datura innnoxia solanaceae | Rivea corymbosa convolculaceae River corimbosa| Argyraeia nervosa | Morning Glory | Piper Methysticum kava-kava | Peyote grafts to San Predro Cactus grows faster | Anadenanthera peregrina , colubrina (fabaceae) | Tabernaemontana catharinensis (iboga related) neutralize venom | Withania somnifera Ashwaganda Solanaceae lactones group broad spectrum properties neuroprotective plant in Alzheimers tonic good for immunity most study for cancer roots are used | Andrographis paniculata mainstay against dengue antiviral agent intereferes with viral entry and proteolytic enzyme antibiotic | Tumeric strong Liver protective | Moringa oleifera (rich in minerals and nutrients horseradish flavor Mucura anticancer potent antimicrobial antiinflamatory | Clitora ternatea , brasiliana Fabaceae antidepressant , eyedrops, for food infusion | Macuna urens | Orchids Brasilelia purpurata, Vanilla chamisonnis epiphytes | Crytopoidum flavum | orchid hybrids nepenthes genus grow in nitrogen poor environments, catch insects, vegetarian | Aristolochia gigantea toxin | Tibouchina mutabilis Melastomataceae lupuna | ceiba pentandra (lupuna) | Persea americana (avocado) | agroforestry | owls and vultures | snakes coral snake yararaka viper anithypertensive medicine serpiente tigre good eyesight | venomous caterpillars

Shauheen Etminan Amanita Muscara | deliriant drink | Food of the Gods | receptor binding on intoxicants | gabba A receptors and glutamate receptors analgesic state of mind | gabba receptors are antagonist | ephedra is stimulant | pomegranate tree | no dreamlinke state under ephedra | extraction from boiling to free alkaloids | ephedrine is active like MDMA mostly adrenerginc no binding to 5ht2a 5ht2c | peganum harmala in every iranian housse new marriage new years sacred plant | possessing humanins power | martin shwartz | peganum harmala beta carbolines harmine harmaline tetrahydro harmaline ratios to ayahuasca | different from yaje or banispteriopsis | 5x more alcalaoid in peganum harmala than banispteriopsis color of hatmaline is pure yellow | knows as MOA inhibited inhibit metabolism of serotonin causal to[ ] | Collective Unconscous C. Naranjo 2013 vivid pictures not geometries | immediately know something about themselves | consciousness of transpersonal experience dreams are before language | you get better with practice | methylation of beta carmalines and beta sleep vivid dreams close to waking up | subjective effect distinction sequence of events happening | with harmine very vivid images | with harmaline no images present but not communication | vishtaspian mang Haoma + Mang (vine + Mang) you don't remember Haoma's Botanical peganum harmala additives ephedra , henbane, liquid extract | Haoma means to press out | David Flatery | Esfand in Today's Iran | The Achaemenid Empire | administration of truth racial equality system 550 to 330 bc | could intoxicant relate new ethical way of thought ruling | Islam and Botanicals |

causal experiential to scientific complementary

Alexandre Tannous | Musical Creativity and Use of Sound Mathematical Ratios of Engineering Consciousness | Beirut war torn | suffering as training addressing why humans go rogue degrade parasitic to everything chaotic termite exhibits more harmony | suffering transforms to evil leaders are suffering mishandling power money | supplements | flamerian engraving 1888 seeker to the end of the world at the firmament all realize moment of being alive | we did not arrive to dogmatic belief | Mathematics in Nature: Fractal Geometry The Fibonacci Series The Golden Ratio PHI Mathematical Constants | nature as the ultimate artist | mathematics is the method tool | patterns of intelligence natural attraction what is divine natural philosphy | consciousness kept to mysticism | pagan temples became churches | Francis Bacon wrote book New Atlantis for Founding Fathers of USA Rosacrucian | Cymatics is the study of visile sound and vibrations | water vibrated | frequency humidity temperature | hyperdimensional geometry | shapes of structures and sound | Logos word discourse plnan reason ratio pattern harmony | experienced as geometry mathematical constants fractals visual patters is an informational software that's holographic| Logos as the Source of Inspiration for devotion | work within to find the eyes and ears of God | pyschodelics teach about reality | The Harmonic Series o an overtone is any frequency higher than the fundamental frequencey of a sound. The fundamental and the overtones together are called partials. harmonics are partials integer functinal to fundamental | harmonic v. overtone creates tone | size of instrument material sound productin method | active participation to healing | study in context anthropologically | Harmonics closest to Logos because it is Acoustic | Consciousness is ruled by Acoustics | song does the healing | sound without psychotropics | entrainment music influences how movie is watched | consiousness is function of inputs | 3/2 ratio is a fifth | 12 tones | 22 24 53 tones per octave bronze bell quality 75Cu 22tin% | power of instrument | harmonic series is encoded within | makam system mukam system ragas makama modes bava and rasa | non equal temperament | Interval - 12tone Cents - Just Intonation Cents - Difference | major seventh 1100 1088.27 11.73| octave 1200 1200 0 | Electroencephalography : brain wave cycles | low amplitude lymbic activation , smelling palo santo burning | | Autonomous Nervous syteem , Vagus never , heart rate variability | brain decodes decibels of the heart | Word Logos OM BIg Bang Nada Brahma Spanda Tegragrammaton | Platos Dialogues J.B. Kennedy | Ethos and Pathos: speaking creates architecture ethos is spoken, pathos is the recirculation of hearing own words | counter anthropomorphism spiritual | standardization in musical spiritualism[ ] | healing is agency | Microtubules 2-3nm wide quantum vibration when people are experienced to non equal temperament music harmonic vs equal temperament - just entonation| suitable without bias | Sound Meditation: structure in a shamanic experience: mindset not only intentions | reptilian brain safety vs. mammalian brain| meditation contemplation introspection | direct experience | Metacognition awareness oand understanding one's own thought processes | Gnosis: knowledge acquired though own experience da'ath vidya, not intellectual | Gnosis non-conceptual direct and Episteme conceptual knowledge though reason and investigation | Spirit | The Parasite needs to go back to host | Ahriman separated android from nature |

Bruce Damer High Time for Science Psychodelics as Tools for Discovery | gravity and acceleration | oxford nanopore | nancy andreason at University of Iowa | took writers as patients | word associations non linear where or why 2003 | default mode newtork | distribution mechanism of linear logical chain | what happens when 'endo' 'exo' meet |

Mark Plotkin | Amazon Conservation Team | 100 000 000 Acres | Agroforestry Colombia | Ayahuasca Shamanism and Consercatin in the Sibundoy Valley surroounded by 4 12000ft volcanos| yaje collection from the amazon | Putumayo river and Caqueta | paramo eco systems clean water | shortest route from coastline to Amazon | Mining for Copper | resguardos turned over to indiginous communities | lowland forest in terms of the Andes | Laguna Lacocha | Putumayo river begins | Camza speak isolated language, Inganos related to Quechua | different origins manage medicine equally | yaje through indigenous and academic societies | Agasi Harvard museum was racist and 'antidarwinian" | willian james father of psychology | department of psychology at harvard william james hall | the biology consciousnes peyote | ideagen to enhance creativity | ethnobotany of ayahuasca espd50 | ayahuasca northwest amazon sibundoy valley cradle | salvador shindoy camza | maria sabina and salvador shindoy | nonviolent protest planting ayahuasca | admixtures | methysticodendron | The amazonian travels of Richard Evans Schultes | The yage letters w. burroughs and Allen ginsberg | Tetrapteris methystica | Metoprolol Tartrate beta blockers Valentina Wason | Land Titling giving to indigenous peoples | yoko stimulant | shaman gatherings 7 original ayahuasca tribes | garamperors gold miners | retirement portfolios | 35 words for honey | 70 voluntary isolation keep out fundamentalist missionaries | legislation signed to protect amazon tribes | training for mapping | sirian ru acacias in australia dmt | arc of the covenant gold and acacia wood | indigenous cultures are more endangered than the amazon forest | ayahuasca in netherlands produced form syrian ru | absence of ethnobotanical academic programs in the psychedelic revolution |

Mark Merlin | Archaeoethnopharmacology i | Hawaii, Manoa | Heavenly or Horrific | species genus family | ephedra stimulant plants iranian persian introduction of soma homa | Cannabis 24Billion last year | papaver somniferum | ancient plant fungi use of psychoactives desire to heal provide support as welll escaping from harsh realities and inspire ritualized develoment of spiritual beliefs | meta-study 1970 of 488 societies that 90% institutionalized within a religious framework and large percentage of these altered states are or were prouces though consjupmtin of psychoactive drug plant substances (Bourgeouis) | On the other hand contemporatry use of psychoatvie drug plant substances inspired by personal desire to experience euphoria stimulation and peer group pressure | Plants of the Gods: Paleolithic? Roots of Religion? we are loosiong information | cultural programing as a difference in distribution of new world old world distribution of entheogens | archaeological evidence of a pan global psychoactie drug use | Artifact Representation identification Interpretation | Paleobotanial Remains, macrofossils, mmicrofossils | Dating Methods written historical records, radiocarbon dating Ephedra ma huang 65 species high dry arid desert environment gymnosperms bronchodilator and decongenstant | The Zagros Mountains North Iraq Kurdistan Shanidar Cave burials of Neanderthals 70k years ago | 1950s excavations R. Solecki | Ephedra alone or combined perhaps source of haoma and or soma can have psychoative visionary effects| Ephedra revered in Vedic Tradition | Gonur Temple contains Ephedra remains | Ancient Sites of Soma use: Gonur Tepe Bactria Margiana BMAC Oxus civilization Central Asia Indo-Iranian 2500BCE | Cannabis Opium Ephedra | Archeological site with ephedra: Tagolok 21 couild be haoma soma | China Ephedra Evidence of Ancient Use not all related to Ma Huang | yellow bitter or golden Cannbis | ephedra tea | dmatsi great ma | Ephedra equisetina Bunge, E shennungiana Tang 365plants Shennun Mythical Farmer | Ephedra gerardiana SW China and Himalayas | Ephedra sinica | Pharmacy in Ancient China Pen T'sao | Gumugou Cemetery in Xinjiang remains of Ephedra, desert | Yergou, Xinjiang Site | loosing weight conditioning body | converts to meth | bronchodilator | Papaver Somniferum Opium seeds rich in fat and protein spices muffin | pods are dried and used in flower arrangement | mesocarp vessel liquid sap is spread only wnen it reaches maturity then dries out to disperse seed | immature poppies are extracted carefully cut in the morning and collected in the afternoon| lines parallel 1753 Linnaeus the father of botany first calssified the popppy sleep inducing book | 1806 Serturner | morphine codeine nescapine papaverine thebaine| fossils rare | Paleobotanical Evidence: Macrofosils of the Opium Poppy | Les Mysteres D'Eleusis | Small jugs contained opium with honey used as painkiller | Demeter Greek Goddess of Agriculture | Ceres goddess of crops and soil fertility | Cannabis Paleolithic fiber seeds fuel psychoactivity | Fuve Nahir Categorical Cannabis Use fiber oil food achenes seed mind altering subtance medicinal products

Elaine Elisabetsky | Porto Alegre Brasil Pharmacology University | Conservation Fair Profit Sharing Indigeneous Rights | Ethnopharmacology and the Delvopment of Psychoactive Drugs are the Fruits too High or are we clumsy? | 34% of new FDA approved medicines 1981-2010 were based on NP or derivatives | stimulants antidepressants analgesisa anticonvulsants neuroprotectors | we are not getting there | we are not getting the innovative drugs | Shaman Pharmaceuticals FDA aprocal of Crofefemer (Mytesi) polyphenol etracted and purified from Croton lechieri | Jaguar Health Entheogen Therapeutics | Low yield and compled structure of compounds , political nature of drug development 100 alkaloids in Vinka species | Fiedls data collected by personal with no biomedical training, libriaries data banks built upon misleading information bad working hypothesis | mistakes are converted in to "truth" in paper | calmer bradychardia slower heart | fraction of plant compounds will be present in the remendy | Customized analysis not feasible for larger scale screening | Mal de Guta disease needy entity shouldn't fish a lot like a seizure | Linalool as anticonvulsant modulates glutamatergic transmission, delayed gabaergic transmission | glutamate / gabaergic +/- excitatory / depressant model | multiple mechanism of action | aromatherapy | magic bullet fairytale because of commercial importance : singled out lost of bioactivity ginko ginseng kava kava ayahuasca, Japanese Kampo, TCM | Deseases undestood as process confounder effects variances proven to modify the condition underlying genes | Psychotria alkaloids as analgesics | Posology: correspondence between traditional use and laboratory scrutiny | wayanga shaman | acute effect vs. adaptation repeated stimuli : how microdosing works| can microdosing work outside of CNS diabetes hypertension | Alstonine as antipsychotic, Igboland Nigeria| | talks about dementia | "innovation" as a factor of drug binding comparison to old drugs | traditional remedies used for long periods, pro drugs | marapuama afrodisiac | mining tripled in the last 5 years in Brasil | Belem Declaration and ISE

ICEERS Andrea Langlois and Jeronimo Mazarrasa Spain Ayahuasca Defense Fund | Defense Legal | When Your Friends are the Problem: Plant Medicines Commercialization | Cactus harvested locally to make a special drink agave mezcal then discovered and promoted mezcal grew exports exports of mezcal cuadrupled in 7 years production multiplied by 6 mezcal grows slowly | wild agave vanishing | deforestation monocroopping clones became sick | awareness of sustainability push to traceable agave seed saving cross pollination , adult agave takes 30years | small producers problem requirement to meet paperwork | what happens when a custom becomes a product? | blessing or curse gift comes with a trick depending on how the gift is treated rewards or revenge | metaphor for all powerful things | metaphor of life itself | pharmakon medicine poison | polarity vs continuum (dosage) | tobacco widely used helps humans to live better | changed custom to product and turned to leading cause of death | indigenous would say tobacco was not revered and that is what happenned | coca split to commercialization | split brings violence sickness harm opposite to social cohesion | legality and prohibition did not solve the curses of coca and tabacco | what about ayahuasca | 380K Google searches for Ayahuasca | Person responsible more knowledgeable creates music and modulates experience of entire room the custom transfer is recognizable | by getting close to the custom we get more of the blessing | UMIYAC | traditional healers are moving unequal business transactions | toad, iboga, overharvested | deforestation and mining and climate change are concerns | systems level approach v. loving and protecting: biocultural sustainability , reparations and reconciliation (reciprocity) , benefit sharing (reciprocity) , regenerative cultivation , solidarity, reciprocity | 80% of biodiversity is protected by indigenous people | Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund | Negoya protocol | solidarity and reciprocity, not transactional a daily practice instead, a spiral not transactional, medicines gives us how to live life entirely | reciprocity produces equilibrium | dystopia in robotic medical interventions | centers are not hospital, spirituality not a church, education not a university| people attend a place bringing their own problems | place is not about medicine instead life stages, people need help and support | transition of people | Ceremonial Plant Futures Incubator by ICEERS | Intervention: Think Tank Guide, CoCreated Model of WOrk, A Lobby | Provention Support Service, Campus, Media Arm, Strategic Reearch Arm | Think Tank The Lighthouse reference point , laws need to change, The Dandelion Guilds, minimum safety standards | The Shield Legal Defense Fund Trials Imports Documents, Legal liability and tools , defense strategies | Care The Support Service: Integration support, medical interactions service, suport abuse victims Integration circles for cpntiuing support, tranining program to grow atetntion capacity and expand model | Academy The Campus | Media Arm Investigative Journalism, Data Journalism| Research Arm strategic evidence based science, ayahuasca , beta carboline research | mambe process evolved civilizations | community involvement, communication bond forming|

Barret McBride Admixture plants in Ayahuasca | Local knowledge | Ayahuasca survey project | Chemistry of Psicotria | expansion of ayahuasca at what cost sustainable harvest and composition | understanding biodiversity impacts types of plants selected for brewing | cultural practices surrounding harvest and preparation | what plant species are in ayahuasca, how were the sources prpared, what is the chemical result surveys 30-40 brews 179 lianas | survey in Peru | DNA barcode | condensed brews called bricks | hplc ms to analyze samples | pharmacological works | DNA metabarcoding: sequencing parallel sequencing | 4 steps isolate DNA from ayahuasca brew| construct library from collected species | data to protect cultural identifiers |

Michelle StPierre | Therapeutic Potential of Psychodelics in Cannabis | clinical psychology | behavior change | incremental changes quitting smoking |large steps | william james nitrous oxide 1900s | william miller motivational interviewing 2004 | benevolence in permanent changes | psychodelics and violence | mass incarceration, US imprisons more people than anywhere else in the world | how do we stop people from fighting each other | putting people in cages doesn't work | released into poverty into difficult determinants | most people are sent back to prison | powerful teachings and the environment | Concord Prison Experiment 1961-1963 | recidivism in individuals under community supervision | factors to recidivism to disorders | how data is interpreted | use of hallucinogens resuults in less recidivism not causal | violence in university settings causes | why does psychodelic use result in less university violence | psychedelic use associated with reduced partner violence perpetration among men, cut in half | conservative with the data emotion regulation/dysregulation hard to use strategies to tone down before engaging | emotion dyregulation scale | psychedelic use had less difficulties with emotion regulated | Behavior Therapy 1950s Cognitive 1960s Acceptance/Mindfulness Models 2000s , Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Dialectival Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy | influence of Zen Buddhism | model of suffering Avoidance, Contact with present moemnt, values, inaction, attachment, fused with thoughts | client vs patient | predilection to use of psychodelics pre emotional regulation: persons who manage emotions manage use of psychodelics instead of psychodelics creating a managing capability of emotions |

David F Rodriguez Mora | trained to defend truths known, invisible agencies alter knowledge | Cofani sw Colombia | expose knowledge to risk of biopiracy of Cofan knowledge | Yaje is Ayahuasca | B. caapi, B. muricata | 4 species in 3 genera | Callaeum antifebrie Tetraptery styloptera Yaje analogues | Banispteriopsis laevifolia, Diptopterys pubipetala | Admistures B. caapi (beta carbolines MAOI) + Diptopterys cabrearana, Diplopterys longialata, Psychotria viridis (N,N, DMT) | depends on community and shaman | also non yaje mixtures used in ceremony | The Cofans 6000 people Colombia/Ecuador | exploited community in multiple fronts | glyphosate spraying | 1000s of leaders executed | Cofan currently have 4% of own territory | 40% of vocabulary related to forest ecology: ange language| Taita querubin community | restore yaje community from glyphosate spraying | does yaje subtypes meet subspecies category among dozens B. cappi types | host tree| slingshot to nylon string to life line, set statin on tree base and hike up the tree | Cofan has used more than one species, not cultivars different species | harvesting lianas | remove bark, mash liana fiber and place in large pot; leafs are placed into pots, boil | publishing in relation to patents and protection of the Cofani | Paris Convenstion Berne Convetion UIB | Cartagena Agreement and Andean Community Conventin establising the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO 1970 , Patent Cooperation Treaty 1970| World Trade Organization WTO 1995 | Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health 2001| patents related to yaje | without relationship to indigenous communities | 8 approved patents related to yaje and has skyrocketed | uspto 400 entries in search | pending ayahuasca patents | synthetic ayahuasca herkentroth thomas DE 2022 | 4 processes to shift paradigm : question role and stance as researchers reflect as entitlement to study anything anywhere , carry priviledges, listen to the ones you want to help, treat as partners not informants multicultural multilingual education, make changes at all scales putting firs life of all earthlings.

BioGnosis| Christina Chaya | Documentary : Amazon dream conjunction of all forms of life: Bridges to Ancestral Wisdom : 1971 ethnobotany ayahuasca study 1980s | Iquitos Peru | nexus | every plant has its story, spirit | The Amazon Herbarium | as the environment degrades the knowledge disappears | lost worldview | exorcising the mystery for 200 years yet nature is made up of mystery | the doctor lost contact with nature prescribing from pharmacy not from plants | the pharmacist should be the person that works up the remedy | follow the thread of experiments | coca is sacred | coca unites to brotherhood and organization | chambira resource | the sorcerer healer using psychotropic plants to elevate level of knowledge | lemongrass eliminates sorrow | the great spirit is heard through its people | Elders are dying in the Amazon | we don't talk to each other or talk to Nature | everyone is indigenous to Earth | there is no reason studying nature without a reson for it, the reaffirmation of life | if we ignore the land the world will crumble | the bride to knowing your true self | Greg wabinaki new brunswick the power of film to accelerate positive goals | digitize Herbarium in Iquitos | translation of scientific informatin into film | El Sistema, Jose Abreu, clssical music teaching in Caracas | greg at hemminghouse . com | Dennis McKenna Biognosis | What is a weed a plant whose virtures have yet to be discovered Ralph Waldo Emerson 1878 | Discovery: James Webb telescope, most complex machine, unfolds in hundred of steps, helps to focus how small we are | imagine spending billions into the ecosystem | we need something like this to give the perspective | exploration and appreciation is not explerimental is a documentation careful examination, describe and communicate, collecting, document, disseminate share knowledge, what good is discovery without sharing there are other ways of knowing just as valid as scientific knowledge and these are also threatened | institutions house findings | Botanical Gardens, Royal Botanical Garden, New York Botanical Garden, US National Herbarium, Farlow Cryptogamic Herbarium, William and Lynda Steere Herbarium New Yok Botanical Garden | Herbaria collection of plants | Science as Incomplete | Herbarium Amazonense en Iquito | not well funded neglected | 150000 specimens only 50,000 catalogued the remaining 100,000 in boxes and bags not protected | Al gentry neotropical collected 60% of species | world view : another kind of great collection | voucher collection are the nexus between the people and plants every voucher specimen tells a story | label contains information family genus plants authority who collected, date, parts, ethnobotanical information notes and observations, links | Digital herbarious are the next generation Lyrais, Consortium of California, CV Starr Virtual Herbarium, Yale Herbarium| The visionary Rainforest: immersive collection | 10M seed over 5-10years funding |

Selene Manga | ceremonial blessings | Coca culture and Medicine in the Andes | Andean and Amazonian Culture Genesis, Coca and its relationship with Andean and Amazonian Region, Adaptatoin of the coca leaf to the heatlh needs of the human in Latin America, Medicinal Properties of coca Leaf| Andean and Amazonian Culture Genesis: To understannd and know the different meaning of the Andean and Amazonina Culture it is necesary to understnd its genesis; not many cultures can decipher its origin with centrainty. The origin of culture occurs by discovery and applying the Pi value 3.1416 to their evolution, The mental disciplne that orderd the Andean though ws the Astronomh observing the Southern Cross, the complex gyide and reflex the nature of societal development of the life in AbyAyala |The Sacred Prportion of the Coca Leaf : it is an astronomical concept agricultural cycles logic of the seasons revealed , the length of the its smaller and larger arems are in equal relationship as the side of a square and its diagonal equivalent to the square root of 2 (Carlos Milla Villena Genesis de la Cultura andina Peru 1984) | The square cross is an organizing element of cultural concepts in the Andean world, its shape originates from a geometric development that takes as its starting poin a unitary square that growing by successive diagonals the exactly the calue of of Katari (PI) | The geglyph of the southern , beach about 4000bc of Chao Peru by Carlos Milla built in stone placed according to the centrographic projection| The Cocal Leaf and the Chakana: it has been proven that the andean amazoinan worl for 5k years was born and built on the vasin sof a proportional geomertic sytem of measures whose variatoin factor was the mathematical relationshop named PI by the Greeks (Katari for us) synthesized in the geometric formula of the square cross tha seen in the sky from this parto of the world. Verified with the discoverhy of the stellar geoglyph of the Chao salt flats in Northern Coast of Peru (Carlos Milla). The use of the square and its diaganoal is the only knowledge that proves that the human being deserves that name. | The Value of Katari: AbyAyala scientists had to developm astronomical technologies for the observation phenomena for their use and management | Astronomic Tools mirrors to see the stars , discover the way to descipher origin and how to use autogenic plants we need to understand our role and what we can do in the Universe | AbyAyala is South America | The Tello oblisk belogs to another culture Chakana means Chaka Bridge Hanna=heavenly | Coca and its relationship with Andean and Amazonian Culture Genesis: by connecting the cycles of the social sustem as closely as possible to the astronomical cycles, is possible to increas the social entropy, The anciant inhabitants of the AbyAyala unified social science with astronomy in an single science, creating a society in the image and likeness of the celestial universe. This simple leaf symbolizes the compleities of traditional Andean culture as well as modern politics in a region that is highly spiritual yet with violent history | Andean and Amazonian collective culture , sharing of decision making collective eating of coca leaf | Coca's domestication is priori to the technological and astronomical develolent of first Andean and Amazonian race| The many alkaloids contained in coca favored greater development from the original human beign to how human build a geomtric model of the world similiar to its own vision of the cosmos| One person invites others to chew coca leaf honoring ancestors | use of coca as early as 5000BC | Under Incan rule coca was used for ritual social and physiological uses | 1532 spanish expedition conquered the Inca. The Spanish erradicated use of coca | Coca Adaptative mechanisms : stimulant and social purposes, gastrointestinal aid | Cocas Genetic many philogenic families | coca grows throughout cental america Alcaloids coca is the less important in the coca leaf, reserpina | return to reverence to coca | use coca as a nutrient incorporate into diet | overdose is a leading cause of death |

Wade Davis | Magdalena River of Dreams, about Colombia | Northwest Amazon homeland of Macuna, people of the Anaconda , canoes plants anaconda the 4 thunders rumakumu order in the world | barasana plants and animal are people in another dimension | gold resides under earth to guide shaman | 10 000 000 000 in the amazon guarani yanomami 1500s | marry someone spoke different language | universal maloka | sacred being moving through space when yaje is taken alway in the collective | 2 days 3 nights | at night women and children go to sleep, men stay up | leafs are toasted and pounded into dust adding ashes of yaruma | powder glow | mambe every day | sacropia | green cocaine found report 12lb gasoline and ammonia to turn white green powder was mambe mild stimulant nutricional daily consumption dietary for iron calcium riboflavin vitamin A | mambe is food as coffee innoccuous | after 50 years of the drug war more people using worse drugs everywhere | coffeehouses | Voltaire Cafe de Folie | executions related to coffee historically | coffee fueled industrial revolution with steel and tea | coffee break became institutionalized Coffee allowed people to work | pharmacology of caffeine | cultural redefinition no present black market of coffee | morphine 1860 purified carl coller friend of freud, as anesthesiant, good and bad ways of using drug : patent Mariani wine : red wine with cocaine | imitators | JP Pemberton Atlanta Coca Cola | Soda fountain poor man health spa | only legal importer | NJ gets extracted coca | 1884 cocaine as treatmen for morphine addiction freud paper | cocaine paradigm shift condemned as a narcotic that it is not | association with opium as coca was as hazardous as opium | Government in Peru erradicated coca from physicians ignorant of andean life economic injustice land distribution led to coca blamed | Noriega dubious experiment | 1950 report condemned plant 11 years Peru and Bolivia signed accord to eliminate coca | Public health officials did not assay nutrients | 50 nutrients of leaf vs food h| found high in calcium, enzymes digest carbohydrate at high elevation | 2 cultivated species Colombia and Peru | both plants domesticated from one ancestor | 1573 Toledo made it legal | coca and cocaine differences action are not comparable , coca is moderated by natural compounds | mystique of rich man's drug coca consumption is ceremonial and dietary contrast to cocaine use | cocalas length of time number of chews | kintus of leaves are exchanged exchange of leaves , puque is reciprocity to the earth the energy of the coca returns to earth | rain reborn as a cloud | chew coca transcends self forms communication to the divine | efforts to deny traditional fields are cultural genocide | 1971 Nixon presently more cocaine is made and trafiqued than ever before | trajedy surrounds | more prison residens than college graduates | displaced executed murdered related to the trade | consumption drives the trade | coca produces 3 crops a year | grotesque failure of war on drugs| |war on drug is the biggest failure of domestic policy | fusarium oxisporum to wipe out coca, moth to wipe out coca, clinton cut it off| spray fields with roundup 4.4M acres killed wild life indiscriminately | Colombia celebrates coca greatest gift to the world | Schedule 2 can be prescribed, no protocols, Cannabis Schedule 1 | 130,000 colombian families grow the plant | Tim Plowman

Andy Weil | differences between coca and cocaine | momentum to rehabilitate coca from persecution and denigration by medical profession| dose, concentration , alkaloids, CNS drugs intensity of effects and toxity dependence are related with concentration in blood , than dose. slow entrance slow rise in blood, snorting smoke inject rapid rise, route of administration is critical | major remedy for gastrointestinal superior remedy | acute motion sickness, sores in mouth, altitude sickness, fatigue, aid for physical work, in addition to social lubricant and mild stimulant | different than amphetamines from duration of action and elimination | Italian Neurologist essay led to increased use | Deutsch chemist isolated cocaine from coca | research stopped on coca leaf | coca is blamed as a cause of malnutrition | indigenous use does not correlate from use in poor communities | no tolerance or addiction no higher doses needed no ill effects | chew leaves and let juices dissolve more effective than a hot tea infusion | coca weening from coffee | coffee is opposite to coca in the gi tract coca is soothing to the gi tract | coffee has wide sensitivity to coffee | physical adjunct to exercise | coca as a normalizer metaboler prevents type 2 diabetes | diabetes appears when diet changes and coca chewing stops | coca as a component of dietary modificaiton related to diabetes | cocaine is a gut stimulant | tropane series of alkaloids atropine scopolamine gut paralytics stimulate parasympathetic system cocaine is stimulant | body selects response | body participates in equation | tonics as normalizers of body function | cocaine dentistry ophtalmology | coffee and mate: macha tea: Ltheanine calming, coffee doesn't have it : green tea has the most, calm alertness mate is stronger than tea as stimulant, initial rush , energy release is own energy release that was stored inside |

Manuel Torres | Our mother's fragrance Coca chewing as vehicle for revelation | 2 species Bolivian and Amazonian Coca | white flower, red fruit | sturdy growth grows without special care | 8000bc coca archeological finds Northern Peru Namchoq | archaeological findings, metal objects , pins, implements, stone cultures, lost wax technique encased gradually with clay with conduitst that wax falls out , molten metal occupies the space the wax left open , no copies, unique objects | no coca leafs found in burial|

Wade Davis | Global Movement of Sacred Plants long overdue | optimism is in short supply | what generation has been born outside of trouble | Apollo 1968 | no one spoke about the biosphere in the 60s | jump of the cliff land on feathers | biologically race is a fiction | there is no hierarchy on the development of genious (orders of profiency priority) | each culture answers differently 7000 voices | its not about science its about tranformation of human spirit | no politician can run for office if it can recite formula for photosynthesis | consequences of the view of nature | reciprocity | what is the sacred |


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We have 80 years to Alter Immortality in [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

The Plant is the Crystal. Plants have eyes that direct stem growth to invisible architectural lines of the surrounding buildings. The projected growth lines of trees in cities are evidence of the communication of trees with structures and the visible and invisible architectural lines. The structure function crystaline reflex of the leaf and stem can be verified through visible inspection and dimensional scan to confirm that plants see the environment to communicate non obviously to humans that every plant communicates a different relief from and to the environment where series of trees create discernible series of an intelligent communication structure. The tree communicates in how it grows to reveal information from its surrounding that it sees.
The eye scans the Tree with the knowledge of geometry to observe that the spacial occupation of space of the tree is purposeful that the tree projects on the the reflexive planes observable statically at a frame and spectrally as the observer moves aroung the tree. Groups of trees communicate to let Humanity know that the Tree is in a Dimension where the calculation of the parallel life time is reachable through consideration. The sentient tree responsive to impulses genetically celularly in tissue communitarily is one of the fundamental Dimensional Constants of Life, that We share the Planet with Dimensional Life enjoying the Universe at a Rate for which only Love Appreciation Science Nurture yield to Humanity The Limits of Exploitation of Dimensional Life. The consciousness to one plant is the consiousness to the economy that utilizes plants for one sided benefit. The disconnection of the consciouss process to other Dimensional Life results from the limits to Science as it relates to Culture.

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