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SO YOU STOLE 999,999,999,999,999 | WHAT TO DO AFTER STEALING A TRILLION: This course is for runners of cryptocurrencies wherever they are assemblying [(Total-1)]|[*]|[***]. First make sure that you exchange the currency in a real market with Real Persons. If you would like to get recruited give us a call. Inflation is controllable with GDP. Make sure that the trace of currency isset visible | The other end is also visible | This is termed a Termolecular Reaction | The Debts is Submissive to the queries. To drive productivity only admit Corporative Culture => Work From Home => Prompts a Skyrocket Installation => Your Currency at work at the Island. This leads to a Nationalization of Imaginary structures = Compensation. The Promotion Department is hard at work looking to find [Capital]|[Capital]. => The Next Country is Capitalist with a Pseudo Class of a Struggle to serve the best accompanying receptive practice that eliminating the receptive listener inlets the argumentative to classic feudalism. At the end of the day the Virtual Currency is exchanged with a Virtual Benefit that runs attached with the Static Debt of Consumables So the Cryptocurrency is looking for a Real Structure that is Human in the Decision: Project Management is fundamental to Solving a Real Problem. The static value of Infinity stands against a prospective person administering a feudal class.Contrary to the self desintegrating class struggle container exists a real world of material value of real structures|substances which are the Intrinsic depletables.








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Dimensional Analysis in System Chemistry demonstrates Unit Yield to Efficiency to Calculations to Interventions are observed from the Dimension where the Observer Exists. The Catastrophic Decomposition of Science from perspectives for commercialization of Science Yields a degenerated Science who impossibilits the experience of Reality. The Limits and Limitations from which Science and Knowledge are experienced are categorical to the limits from which Interests, Wants, Degeneration, Gravitate for a subsequent Want of either the Want as Policy or the Want for a self or the Want for the denigration of Science to a Limited Reality. Who is Responsible for The Experience?

Science at the request of payment is not exchangeable to the investment of Discovery. Victims of the Limitation of Science at the service of the Want are aware of Interest from which the Search for Knowledge is exploited for obtaining the production of redundant information that is factibly the suborder of generational stagnation from the Deterministic Course of Scientific Discovery.

The existence of Humanity to encounter the Failure Rate of impository dogmatism in other words sectarianism in other words false belief in other words insustainable beliefs in other words pesimistic reliance on circular catastrophism of impotence in other words subservient rediscovery of information in other words learning nothing new about history climate, community, energy, violence, health, over a pro of reliquising the self to an author who itself is anonymous and catastrophist in basial definitions, to say that the Study of Science could not yield the Diagrammaticon of The Catastrophy so that a person studying science encounters a Red Pill | Blue Pill argumentation mutually exclusitory to a Hertzian Catastrophic inevitability from which Science has intermittently eradicated the [sources] of these practices, that are in color and in television for everyone to see.

The Mysteries of Science exists anywhere else out in front of the televised Hertzian Catastrophy from which a Mathematician, or a Statistician, Physicist, or a Biologics, or a Chemist, or anyone who conforms to the Basicity that Science progresses to the improvement of Humanity, needless in this crossover year for those who redund that Science rediscovers an ancient calcitrate of feudal subservience to a pop fantasy of inimaginable sickness at its limits. Study the Catastrophies of War, Illness, Persecution, Colorism, Group Self Degradations and the modes of Failure appear over a countable period: the box models of generational illness are deterministic when the conditions present remain constant, Independent of the Evolution of Technology, for which Interventions are required from The Responsible.

The Forcible saturation of texts to revert to feudal subservience is one of the ultimate chatastroph of boxed solutions of routing science. The Impossibility that Humans fail to realize the function of the system which existance calls inseparable participation and relive it under categorizations results in predictable outcomes from which the new generations apparently have not escaped in forms for the last 500 years: that an imposition is law and that the impositor converts knowledge to suffer the correction of the imposition: that a worker exists on an economy from which the want of a violation of integrity violates the foundation of constitutionality that One Person cannot Own another Person.

On this reiteration of the failure of the Constitution to generate prosperous Science, the Superior watchers of the Air, Food, Water, Resources, alert Future Generations that the Cognition and Development of Science cannot coexist with the memetization of systems to ownership from which Scientists awaken Early and Constantly to Find Science.

On this reiteration the Future of Instructability to Knowledge is divested to the Divisorials of Interest from which group cooperation encounters belief-false belief-want observable from the total instances of violations recorded daily and the total interventions reclaiming Science

On this reiteration without observing the warnings of executing a wanting from information, thousands of petitioners will exercise databases for an attempt to cure an illness from the want to satisfy reincidental petitions for publication, absent from A Superior Knowledge that has resolved reappearant contentions of the present systematic failure, at least for the affected.

The extensions of permits for the practice of validating a prediction for a claim of reincident science finds this cycle of science without solving the fundamental problems for which science inexorably, to everyone, yield the knowlege to blow our minds, with a group claiming the inescapability of atrocities out front of scientifc communities elswhere. 00 80 60 40 20 and the Science ends at the limit of servitude, or far away cooperation will arise to a future of Scientists whose Thoughts will hold stable predictable routes of discovery for the exploitation of the opportunity to solve a problem bequested for entertainment. The tables of the future will repeat the cyclical claims of holding discoveries for the bouldering of a feudal structure yielding no solutions to poverty and shying from intervention in the most nauseating claims of leading the destruction of limited natural resources.


La letra es una unidad con valor trascendental que no termina en su contorno y puede ser estudiada desde múltiples puntos de vista por su valor unitario fisiológico unitario químico unitario grafico unitario histórico.
La palabra es un reactivo no temporal que reside en los sentidos cuyos límites delineados son las puras definiciones convencionales que crean lo posible dentro de los límites de lo existente.
Entender que las letras y palabras residen en un umbral tan infinito como nuestras memorias generan que en su composición y descomposición se pueda obtener el máximo y propio valor de su significado extendido al potencial de acción de sí.
Black Square refleja el origen arquitectónico de las letras y números son en forma de un origen lógico común y que el alcance de la letra contiene limites infinitos como catalítico y finitos como reactivo consumible agotable y que es en interés comunitario entender estos límites con el futuro de expandir nuestras letras y palabras a nuevas ideas y reacciones que definan la condensación de la realidad de forma transmisible.




Long Term Potentiation is contained within cells of the brain that interpret visual, auditory, tactile, thermal, magnetic, enviro-sensorial, environmental and mental-conscious, mental-unconscious, cognitive-memory, limbic, autonomic, and parasympathetic inputs. All these inputs are integrated by the cells in the brain implying that the neurons have intrinsically the ability to process these inputs either as a single cell or through functional centers in the brain. Just like the clouds indicate visually the thermodynamic variables of the atmosphere and reveal the intricacies of molecular interactions, behavior and physiological responses reveal the macroscopic characterization of what can be studied, but like thunder, the nanoscopic interactions that give rise to heightened neural function need thorough understanding of molecular and quantum level interactions. To this date neuroscience has focused at abilities resulting from one brain interactions and not focused at the abilities elicited when the brain interacts with other brains. Cooperativity between brains is macroscopic catalysis and should be studied at a functional level, at a cognitive behavioral level and at molecular level in humans. One of my goals to obtain a PhD in Neuroscience is to show how LTP can be demonstrated as a function of environmental responses to include cooperativity. A second goal of my PhD thesis is to show how neurons organize processes utilizing intrinsic knowledge of six-dimensional mathematics and higher dimensional mathematics. The third goal of my PhD is to integrate the field of harmonics (sound) as a mode of functional therapeutic application in the treatment of tissue specific etiologies and in the treatment of chronic systemwide illnesses and show how the body is a condensed waveform that responds positively to sound, the fifth goal is to demonstrate that physiology is eco-temporal, i.e. that physiologic response varies with the environmental stimulus presented to show that positive environments are necessary to prevent and treat illness, the sixth goal of my PhD is to develop mathematical correlations of brain algorithms that can predict analytical and compulsive behavior, the seventh goal of my PhD will be to develop liposomal solutions that are marketable for preventive treatment such as the reduction of anxiety, sleep, focused attention, and to show that these solutions can be effectively utilized to treat chronic illnesses like addiction, alzheimers, parkinsons, obesity, and other illnesses, the eighth goal of my PhD will be to characterize multidrug synergy effects at the cellular level and develop computational models of receptor functionality that are scalable into systemic functional models of neuro-physiological systems. The final goal of my PhD is to show that humans are responsive to electromagnetic and thermal fields and that these fields can be used to diagnose, treat, and prevent conditions.

Neuroscience_Proposal for Research_Yerai Oliveras Sánchez.pdf




Working of Multiple Formats for a Publication



SPRING BOARDS INTERSECTED WITH SENSORS ( Y como sacamos a este de la Caja )

Esta amaneciendo y no veo como pueda solucionar este problema.

Le caimos al teatro pero no abrieron el laboratorio.

Y cuantas veces nos llamaron

No nos dejan ir a la casa.

Y de cuanto fue que nos acostamos y por cuantas noches nos fuimos enredados

No me deja de impresionar que estamos en una curva de [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Les vale el repetido hasta que se Arte y luego la Piedra

y asi desde [ ] hasta [ ]

Sacando Zero en Cuantica

Un poco mas certa y les revientan todas las maquinas y todavia no lo creen porque se les acaba la risa

Y al otro dia nos vamos hasta que: cual es la maquina que necesitan ahora.

Un teatro y el otro teatro al lado y el otro al lado y el otro al lado hasta que el circo de los creyentes comienza la Queja.

Senoras y Senores, ninguno de ustedes entra por esta puerta, y asi es como todos quieren,

Entrar por la puerta y portar la ofrenda de que la [ ] de [ ] por [ ] sea de su palabra y no se quedan.

Cuanto cuenta recogerlos ahora despues de tanto entretenimiento si estan perdidos en su propio teatro?

Un Estudio y al otro dia le Traemos la Maquina.


La Shufflera and Linaeus present








Embassy | Direction | Telephone | Email | Receiving Address | Shipping Address | Parking Lot Occupancy | Bar Standards |
Los Cuatro Teleprompters |
What is a Signal (Turn off the lights)
(I want to go to the Mountain) (and I can't accept this protocol)
(Traducciones cuando se me acaba la nota)
Mount [ ]

Ladies and Gentlemen
Today We are going to
Mount [ ]

Ladies and Gentlemen
Today We are going to
Mount [ ]

Todavia no se me acaba la nota.

¿What were you expecting?

The Coffee Cycle

Street Turnover Ratio
Batman Calls the Other Batman

Requests for Science and Press the button
Series[ ]
I'm not sure this series is Repeated.
Let's take a trip, I forgot the keys to the embassy.
Se me quedaron los chicles y la [ ] los tenia guardados y...
tenemos que dejar el carro aqui y buscamos la [ ]

The Coffee Cycle

Wave Mirror Box

Purle Morning
Clouds over the Night
Ice Cream Days




Un Beso Derretido

To a Night Ending

To Lovette

Three Days Without a Shower

Woke Toast Iron [ZZZ]
The Spider in the Shimney

The Wind Sideways

The Room is Cherry

The List of All the Orgasms

[ ]

Telescope Sequence

Table on all Fours Tank

Stop the Car

Spring Vertex

Speed of The Shadow

Sonar Con Fuego

(How about we park right here)
(The Flight is Leaving and we are on the Airplane)
(I'm not sure I can go to the Airport)(The Flight is Leaving and we are on the Airplane)
(I'm not sure I can go to the next Airport)(How about we park right here)

(I have to go to the Airport tomorrow)
(I have to go to the Airport tomorrow^[Z])
(I have to go to the Airport tomorrow^(-[i])
(I have to go to the Airport and I am staying)



Stop the Car while the statue melts (hay un clase de tapon!)
La Shufflera: ok let's move the statue down the line and melt it with a hologram
Linaeus: I'm not sure we are going to the theater today
[Stop the Car!]
[Ok let's drill the sides first and start heating later [ZZZ] ]
[ Let's do Toaster inmediatamente ]
[ do not make me get out the laser ]
[ can you even get on the boat ]
[ I don't even know what you did now I don't want to go anywhere ]
[ Y esto cuantas veces se me va a olvidar ahora ]
[ tenemos que llegar a casa y no tenemos seguro ]
[ esto se va en la lenta en el teleprompter ]
[ vamos al live en unos menos comerciales ]
[ no tengo idea pero esta cartelera [ ] ]

estamos en lo alto de la [ ] entrada
el lanzamiento en camara lenta y [ ]
no puedo mas con esto
por que carajos se mueve tanto este pitcheo
screw it no puede localizar la recta
screw it no puede localizar la recta
screw it no puede localizar la recta
y lo dejamos [ ] entradas


Woke Toast Iron [ZZZ]

Let's go Home Early

Woke Toast Iron [ZZZ]

Venom vs Venom

NZ| # / _-_IO


Period Derivations




Derivation of Letters



National Forests | Oceans | Glaciers | Beaches | Mountains

I could not hold | Outward | The Wind | Drinking Coffee | Driving Outside to the Open


Ask [ ] what is a Matrix and How [ ]

Eye | House

Morning Meditations



Check this Out HTML recycles the TERMINAL to|from Syntax Error to Database Processing | Chemical Engineering

Check this Out JAVASCRIPT led to C to C++ to Box Model Calculations

Check this Out the Function Decomposition is the Local Area Network Distributive Function

Check this Out C++ Limitations Compile on LIVE

Check this Out This Unitary Workflow is Automatic to Processing Function | [ ]

Check this Out Enforcement on Total Error Logistics | Live

Check this Out Dimensional Analysis from The Field

Take Line [ ] and insert Function [ ]

Romantic Tuning versus Hertzian Catastrophism in Function Structure Implementation | Reading Music in the Year [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Puerto Rico was Independent before The Vote and After the Vote

Cual es la Primera Pregunta del Examen? Es usted Puertorriqueno 50/50 Reinventing the Boolean Catastrophy | Reinventando la Catastrofe Booleana en otro idioma | [ ][ ][ ]

Tienes el tiempo limitao para Valorar

MicroEngineering | Energy | Perfect Competition | The Boolean Catastrophy[T|F^(-i) V [T^[-i]|F^(-i)(-i)]

[)(] Trabajando en Conexion de Portal En Vivo | Copiate la 47USC


Send an Email to:

Send an Email to:






| Embajadas | Dirección de Envio | Direccion de Recibo | Valoración | Intercambio |

(Send the Letter)

Reconocimiento de Nuestra Ancestral Independencia

Reconocimiento de Nuestra Ancestral Soberanía

Auditores a Procesos Descolonizadores

Embajadas en y a Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's Independence is a Matter if Recognition that We already use channels of communication with every nation outside of USA.

Chistes de lo 'estoyista'




¡Estado Yeast Ya!

Esta dando clase en la shufflera

¡Get Ready For It!

¿Donde queda la chuflera?

¿Cuantos Productos son hechos en Puerto Rico?

¿En cuanto esta el ya te boto?

¿Cuantos cuentos Hertzianos Neoclajijistas se pueden contar en un 'condominio'? ¿Dependiendo de cuántos chotas hay en la calle?

La equajion es me cojienron de [ ]

Codigo Panel [ ] nos fuimos a escribir tratados

En cuanto esta la bolsa hoy y mañana la ponemos por encima de la zona magmatica que es tan anormal que el que la ve me cuenta y que pasó aquella vez que estaba en el mapa de nuestros recursos < quantum acetonitrilo >

(estamos en 3000, y la temporada no acaba)

¡Cuanta gota cae!

¿Y que me importa la Nacionalidad?

(cual es el valor adquirido de un artefacto robado)

¡Get Ready for It!

¿Cuantos Observadores tengo antes de la Elecciones?

¡Vote for [ ]!

¡We already declared Independence!

El reconocimiento de un procedimiento descolonizador es retroactivo a la Independencia y Soberania Integra, no del voto. El voto es una foto del presente y no de quienes hemos sido ancestralmente.

Cuantas demostraciones necesitan?

El section esta bueno

Vamos al otro StandUp

Ladies and Gentlemen the exit is on Your

Left | Right | Up | Down | East | West

Cuanta volcaera hace falta pal orden

Veamos el estudio de quienes ensucian las calles y llamemolos votantes

¿Quien estaba ensuciando las calles?

Y los descalificamos por votantes

¿Pa que tengo intereses en basura?

There's no crying on the Field Trip

Hagan el conteo desde ya para que la [ ] no los sorprenda…

Necesitamos que los intereses queden documentados en el presente.

Ya se les explico que el valor monetario de La Tierra era Infinito.

Con Cinco Bancos nos Retiramos… Cuanta carga Tara un Barco (>y cuanto le vale la Queja al Barco.<)

¿Como es que la Independencia nos permite fijar el Nuestro Valor Monetario Isleño a Nivel Mundial?

No hay opciones. El Futuro es Independencia haciendo negocios con todos los Paises del Mundo.

Oficialmente ya hablamos mas idiomas que los wue existen para papel. ¿¡O no entienden la máquina!?

Le pase la aplanadora un periodista que se colgo en todas las clases.

¿Y esto no salio en el debate?

El Quinto Chiflado[ ]

Se creyeron lo del hipo y se los comio el hipopótamo que los estaba esperando en Hacienda a ver de donde salian los productos y el hipopótamo se quedo chillin …

Abrieron un libro de ciencias y se los llevo la Bruja… tenemos que virar en esta curva y volcaera a los 360: que es una circular?

Traducciones de la Independencia

Ya somos Independientes

¿Cual es el teléfono de la Shufflera?

Me meti en Office y encontré la Shufflera .

Me tire por cuatro ventanas y encontré la Shufflera

Encontré la Independencia despues de Cuatro Ventanas

Necesitamos mejores oficiales

Ya les va el filme editado

[I can't believe that [ ](master production) couldn't figure out the hertzian catastrophy | literal | watch me running, watch me running, watch me running y te lo dije con Pep que estaba en la embajada]

[ Watch the next film : [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] ]

There is a lady from Reagan DC Airport that I told Her in front of Her Mother in ~2015: "Now what are you going to do" and she knew exactly what the reverb over the Science signified

Checa el trip orientator se canjeo frente al conductor : look at this one: we'll I told You business over the interests of colonialists.

Let's Play Dominos

Is my phone dead or is this the True Hertzian Catastrophy

Let me switch it over this channel

Ponte Shuffle

Chica si ya te dije que celebramos la Independencia y a Seña je le ocurrió que arboreal eran cuatro platanos y que una botella de Brasil no fuese suficiente asi que tire cambios en la 30 y me acorde del costo de métrica: cuenta los números y ni me importa se me convences

Ponte Shuffle and Show Me Thc Mechanism


3000 < Y recuerda lo que te cuente

5000 < Y recuerda lo que te cuente

a esta revolución una redacción de papeles

Fumatelos todos y me cuentas

Abri Otro Laboratorio a ver Como es que contaban las enzimas

[Devuelveme la Embajada]


es no imposible


te dije te adopto y sacaron otro papel


I will not let Your Country disappear


"You need this treatment" y luego nos fuimos en redada.

You need to understand "about los cuatro bancos"

You need to understand "about los cinco bancos"

Y mi hermano en la selva del Amazonas :


No le pierdas la comunicación a ver quién te llama

[EO] You heard it yourself Live on Television.

EO I'm working on it.

Detuvimos la investigación a la Biblioteca tlde Leyes a ver cual era la Imperativa de una oficina de cuatro gatos viendo lo que se mueve: entry o no entry: y exploto el otro planeta.


no entiero la clasificación de lo que era un Plano.

Start the Equation. [ i ]=[ o ]

ZT |∆ ||||| • ||||| ZT|∆

Tell me the number Immediately

We have The Embassy.


Z /


Our flag is the Stars in the Darkness

Our flag is the Nighttime Sky

Our flag is the Drift of the Ocean

¿At what time are you closing the store?

I ask the questions

¿At what time are you closing the store?

I ask the questions

¿At what time are you closing the store?

Comenzemos de nuevo el Iterativo de Balance Historico de deudas Generadas por colonialistas: ¿Como se escribe: "lo peor de lo peor"?

No basta con evidencias de cronicas

Preguntale a [ ]

¿Y que hace ahora? Viendo una fantasia de como Sciencia redondea a Salud y se va a cada esquina a contar cuatro knockouts, le meten cuatro referees a e la pelea y se acaba la jodienda mas ridicula que querrán quequeque

¿quequeque que quien corta la grama?

¿Vamonos en Vivo ahora mismo al capitolio: cual es su experiencia de comelata y cuantos se reunen a decir lo mismo? Existe evidencia que en Puerto Rico se deriva "otra especie" que piensa que es diferente: ¡idiota! ¿Que carajos siguen pidiendo? ¿Y cuando no los dejen entrar a otro Pais? Todos quemados en la Charca, en Doña Barbara, en Español 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, cuanta basura se le puede creer a esta gente?

¿Vamonos de gira a ver quién llora?

We are in the Middles

Middles of Nowhere

It's too much work analyzing a fake database.


Estamos hartos del Feiki , estaban corriendo una base de datos con septima, octava, novena de errores y cuadrando el melting por envio

The most [ idiotic envy ]

¿De Donde sale un Motor?


I told you it wasn't in English

Y sigen en las Noticias sin parar

Y los aguacates siguen cayendo

¿Como se transmite un gen?

Retardando todos los otros genes hasta que te deja la novia

Comedy is never a requirement of serius analysis yet cultures ask for it with regret when themselves insulted that in this chapteria of the hertzian catastrophy you will find a fluctuating wave to denialism, yields copies of the idiots.

Ask direct questions: And ask it and ask until you are satisfied with your own forgiveness to the denialism of an accepted failure reply.

So here we have it the Hertzian Catastrophy with subtitles.

¿Do you swear yes without this idiot?

Define Honor and where does it end for You

"The Board isn't satisfied with 1000 years of data, needs 5555 years of 00 80 60 40 20 data and how to get it even faster"

Abortion: no we adopt your children

and it got stuck in jenga to the doctorate

I want to board the meeting

sorry this time is not in English

there's a meeting next door if you want to join they are into dementia and we : you don't have it previously

traete a la [ ] y a [ ]

We are not remoto pasto area deuda.

I told you I would take you to Plaza Acuatica so yes you can g, and here's a 50 and call me if you need a ride home I will be at the [ ]


The shut down

[ ]

I don't want to hear complaints about you.

I don't want to hear complaints about you.

I don't want to hear complaints about you.

[ Checa is going Wild ]

To a Formal Letter from the Embassy:







Embajada de la Republica de Italia en Espana




Embajada de Noruega en Italia




Chilean Consulate in Nepal

Spain Embassy in Oregon | Results

Consular Offices of Spain in The United States

Embassies in Hawaii | Returns

Consulate Offices in Hawaii


Embassy of France in Tokyo,3)%2057%2098%2060%2000










Embassy of Turkije in London







Embassy of Egypt in USA

Embassy of Egypt in Spain

Embassy of Egypt in Canada







New Zealand


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's Independence and Sovereignty exists preceding any question of a matter Political versus the Superior pre-existing Cultural and Ancestral Heritage of Puerto Rico as evidenced from the Infinity of Values, Customs, Traditions, crossing over the limitations imposed from colonialist ideologues from 15th century to the present. No amount of money in funding for social programs at the rate of >$80,000,000,000 (>eighty billion dollars) buys a definition of what is a Puerto Rican and what has been to the honor of the Families who sustained Puerto Rico working for the development of every existing technological sector to create a lucrative Island for every form of economical product derivation. Puerto Ricans will not receive a redefinition of Who We Are as part of the Referendum because the Referendum is for the United States to receive the acquiesced voice of the Anger and Discontent of what colonialism was from over 500 years. Colonialism under neocapitalistic schemas does not and did not require emboldendment to note the catastrophic consequence of declining workers into a linear production cycle like a mine, extracting the Living Life of Puerto Ricans for making business owners overseas rich from the an economic model of inequity and poverty as logical results. Puerto Ricans are ready to establish an Own Constitution and Monetary Policy to derive the Highest Value for The Island and Every Puerto Rican to the Future.

Source Text: Puerto Rico Status Act


The Declaration of Independence requires participation of Observers from Canada, France, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Norway, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Botswana, Tanzania, India, China.

Anti-colonialist Task Forces are called from all Allied Countries to uncover malicious schemes to invalidate Puerto Rico's Sovereignty an Independence by introducing falsified ballots and interfering with Final Counts. Interference in Puerto Rico's process towards Independence and Sovereignty arises from the historical impasse in USA politics and how the impasse generated disastrous foreign policies affecting International politics in developing countries.

Clear and Concise Interpretation of Referendum Results Communicated to The Electorate before the election.

Interpretation of Results

Interpretations of 50/47/3

Interpretations of 60/45/5

Interpretations of 55/45/5

Interpretations of 51/46/3

Interpretations of 52/48/1

Abundantly Clear that Independence and Sovereignty Results are Additive.

Abundantly Clear that a 51, 52, 53, 54, 55% majority vote is not an Absolute Majority, for which the definition of Majority is the opportunism in front of Politicians, for which any argumentation of majority over a margin of 1-5% represents another logical scientific validity than the validity that Puerto Ricans understand the fracas and despotic catastrophy of colonialism.

The Sovereignty of Puerto Rico is recognized from how Puerto Rico lives in the International Community for which Other Processes Exists such as the Recognition of an Embassy and Diplomats already residing in the respective countries as Officers of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico does not and will not receive it's sovereignty from any other Country or Derive it from a Referendum. Puerto Rico's Sovereignty exists from the Love and Heart of Puerto Ricans, Love of the Land, Love of Nature, Love of the Family, requiring no proof or certification to the excellence that other nations without the Love and Respect to their Nation would destroy their limited natural resources and contaminate its Peoples knowingly.

Ser Puertorriqueño pre-existed the colonialist era to the recognition of Communities Everywhere in the Globe noting that Ser Puertorriqueño is the definition of a Nation of Puerto Ricans requiring no certification from sectarian groups attempting to surrender the Island to captivity. The basic question of Nationality is Unanimous to All Puerto Ricans, requiring no validation of the Nation pre-existing bureaucratic administrative efforts to stir a colony into the poorest rendition of colonialism still existing in Our Century and from Previous Centuries. Logically, Nominally, from a Natural Law that the Nation of Puerto Rico will not surrender its History and to the least an Administrative Gest Temporary to Terms of Understanding of the National Federal Law over the Interests of sectarian and impoverished sectors believing that another form of colonialism is superior, from which no lower examples to the International Community exist. The matter of every product made for the interest of 3,000,000 is a solution to the problematic of the surrendering of consciousness and deleterious mentality from which any existence anti-Nationality existed or was derived out of scarcity of ingenuity.

A Puerto Rican is and has been from All Recorded History an Indigenous Puerto Rican, from the Sunrise of Humanity to Our Present.

Honoring the Cultural Heritage and Infinite Value of The Puerto Rico Archipielago as a Jewel of the Caribbean, a Tropical Paradise from which all Puerto Ricans derive their Nationality, opposite the heretical bureaucratic fantastic wishes that to a false and inexistent appearance that Puerto Ricans were Co-Equals with a generic categorization, a generalization of Citizens of the United States in any paragon of Cultural and Idiosyncratic Categorization from which the Anthropological Derivation of Puerto Ricans in its Environment contribute a Unique set of Values and Approach to Living that was evidenced before colonialist ideologies attempted to calcitrate a dependency on colonialism as a brute end in itself, brute to the conventionality of adopted limits in wants for involvement that we can attain from every country in the world without the unilateral dogmatism of a surrogate, or the host parasite paradigm that did not exist because Puerto Ricans built Puerto Rico with Puerto Rican hands. Both Citizens of the United States of America and Puerto Ricans have been victims to colonialism from the reductionist view generalizing Americans having one only color and conversion of color to culture and ethnicity. The Tragedy of housing Slavery, extermination of Native Americans, miser of Constitutional Rights to limiting Health Care and Employment for profit, Deploying Currency as a Lure to Underdeveloped Countries lacking an understanding of Financial Controls, cannot receive promotion to a nexus that the interest in the Catastrophies of Colonialism spread to poor countries and to the disrespect of the Sovereignty of Countries with Limitations of Natural Resources, and to Countries that Suffer their Citizens for fantastical progress.

To the vomit it is evidentiary that 'statehoodism' is perplexingly racist, Antinational, Anti-Puerto Rican, Sectarian and Arrested in the dogmatism cemented on the Directionality Scheme that from a Futuristic Consequence Puerto Ricans cannot engineer solutions to their Economical Problems, a most catastrophical lie promoted by a sect of racist ideologues that cannot see Puerto Rico's Coastline connected to any other country exceptional to the United States of America, so much to the deteriori of the Last One Hundred Years that the United States of America has Respected Puerto Rico's Sovereignty from a minimalistic-interventionalistic foreign policy to let Puerto Ricans figure it out that Puerto Rico is an Independent Nation receiving Federal Aid like the hundreds of other Independent Federal Constitutions receiving Cooperation from International Intelligence Agreements for the Progress of Living in this Planet.

Puerto Rico rescinds an equation of its Gross Domestic Product equal to 10 Best Selling Pharmaceutical Drug Products. Incoherently for the last 100 years Puerto Rico's economy has not risen to the potentiality of its citizens. It is time that The United States of America surrender colonial Puerto Rico from a Total Recognition that Puerto Ricans have been and will be to the Future, the owners of The Nation of Puerto Rico.

Obviously Puerto Ricans will renounce USA Citizenship in any Arrangement that is Not Sovereign and Independent. Any attempt to drift Puerto Rico to statehood will result in the creation of a Separate Nation, the Real Puerto Rico that exists among Puerto Ricans. Foreign Nations recognizing the Real Puerto Rican Nation, and Real Puerto Rican Citizenship will Constitute the International Agreement from which an Open Puerto Rico Emerges from feudalism-colonialism.

The Celebration of Puerto Rico is a Constant and Puerto Ricans do not require redefinition to the disorder of sectarianism affecting the ill of wanting a governmental chair to officinism.

Sovereignty does not require dispensing from the United States, that Independence is declared from the Existing Sovereignty of Puerto Rico as the Superior Knowledge that Puerto Rico has existed recognized by its People and World Countries as its own Country under feudal-colonial imposition.

Embassies of Allied Countries in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico can start the process of expanding Internationally by generating active communication channels with foreign countries to result in long term cooperation through mutual diplomatic recognition.

Establishing a National Currency

The Standard of Currency is the Annihilation of an Item: Contracts, Plant, Metal, Air Inclusively, Coastline, Mountains, recognition from the International Community, to Infinite.

Puerto Rico is ready to establish an Independent Monetary System whereby Puerto Ricans generate currency that is annihilated to other real currencies against the inflation resulting from the acquisition of Puerto Rico currency. All real transactions are monitored. The Value of Puerto Rico currency will result from the Value that Puerto Ricans derive value from the goods and services from the Island transactional to every Nation in the Planet. The necessary generation of technology and services will derive the value of the currency.

Answering a Basic Question

Sovereignty as a question cannot pull judicial terms contained in the function specific laws that govern the systems of Puerto Rico: The Public requires clear explanations that Sovereignty and Independence join as One Term, that Sovereignty and Independence do not impact any philosophical argumentative of any Existing or Future law. This communication requires the understanding of every voter. The Basic Question of Sovereignty requires the understanding that laws are derived from the Division of Powers Legislative, Executive, Judicial, and not from a question whether status controls the weather.

The Puerto Rico Act does not establish any Consideration to changes in how Goods are Taxed as Imports, the creation of a Puerto Rico Navy, the nationalization of corporations, seizure and forfeiture of accounts, military and intelligence cooperation, establishment of embassies for foreign countries, monetary policy, restitutions for colonialism, validation of new currency against the value of currency at other countries, contract termination, toll removals, reduction of taxation, taxation of land to ownership, taxation of foreign investments, voting systems, manual vote counts, vote count validation.

The Elementary Fundament of the Question Asked without the complexities of philosophical arguments of what could be better after the Elementary Question is answered holds a Base Value to the Absoluteness of the Referendum answering that Puerto Ricans have lived under a colonialist exploit scheme for 100 years while possessing the Character of an Independent Nation in Every Political Scope excepting grants exclusive for Union States, restating that Puerto Rico's territorial clauses under USC 48 existed with an Infinitude of examples of how Puerto Ricans existed to Illustrate the Thoughts and Cultures defining Puertorriqueño as different from any other State declination and in the Likeness of French to France, Italian to Italy, Norwegian to Norway.

Because of the complexity of answering an elementary question over the specificity of International Compacts in the already mentioned areas, it is fundamental that the Only Question presented as an ask and answer eliminates colonialism through rejection from All Sides of Representation: That Sovereignty does not require an acknowledgement from the USA colonialist entity having routed and thwarted economic planning in the Island for outsourcing capital to exploitative interests linearly outside from increasing the asequibility power of Puerto Ricans.

Independence and Sovereignty are Inalienable Rights of the Puerto Rican that have been subdued through the sustaining of poverty from strategical positioning of commercial establishments throughout the island. This abuse cannot persist after a transition to Independence. Contracts for the ownership of retail and commercial establishment require default nationalization to sever the colonialist interest that created the contracts.

Sovereignty in the Formality of The Declaration of Independence requires reporting to Justice tons of time and documentation as evidence of Puerto Rico's existence as a Nation subdued by the catastrophy of feudal-colonialist-capitalism.

Participating Organizations

Unifying strategies to improve communication channels requires knowing who is actively participating in promoting Puerto Rico's Independence and Sovereignty. The groups below are included for reference.

Call to Action on Puerto Rico

Puertorriqueños Unidos En Acción

Socialist Workers Party

Frente Independentista Boricua

ProLibertad Freedom Campaign

Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana

Asociación Americana de Juristas

Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano

Puerto Rican Independence Party

Organization for Culture of Hispanic Origins

Frente Socialista

El Grito

Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico

Movimiento Libertador

Gran Oriente Nacional de Puerto Rico

New York Boricua Resistance

Vidas Viequenses Valen

Movimiento Unión Soberanista.

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