Wants Price to Increase over Interest of [ ]

Wants Statement Inserted under [ ]

Wants Interests over the Matter of [ ] to [ ]


Inspections to Requirements for Social Services [Housing | Commodities | Product | Resource] to Forms over the Denial of Service Efficiency to Audit of Records of Persons receiving [Housing | Commodities | Securities Exchange


Time Check of Total Documentation Requirement → Case Reopen → Case Closed →

Improvements to Audit →

Cyclical Arguments over Structure →

Civil Law Review of Housing Requirements to Constitutional Law

Investments on Housing → Moratorium on Rent on Civil Rights

Claims (Unemployment) → Prints Check → Market Bubble (Cyclical)

Cost of Rent [T|F] >< Divisorials to Employment | (Salary Requirements)(Seizure) | [Needs on Economical Goals of Projected Market Returns over [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Start → Run

Start → Run to Housing

Start → Run to Divisorials

Start → Run → Complaints → Salary Requirements → End

Start → Run → Unemployment Numbers → Dimensional Analysis

Start → Run → Complaints over Assault → Total Number of Complaints

Start → Run → Criminal Investigations are Not Part of the Housing or

Start → Run → Housing HRA → Total Funding

Start → Run → I like where I live right Now

Start → Run → Criminal Investigations [End] → [ ]

Salary Requirements of Department Investigators Party to Interest over

House Cost Skyrockets[T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [ ]

Calls Vote on House and Senate to Limit Moratorium on Rent → [ ]

Calls Eviction Process Constitutional [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F]

← Calls Eviction Process on a Pandemic (Now Over in Stores)

←[T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F]

[ ][T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F]

[ ][T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F]

[ ][T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F]

[ ][T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [T|F] → [ ]

Calls Interest over Party to Vote on [Salary Requirement | Technology Development | Wearable Technology Transmissible to Virus | Citizenship for a Worker Paying Taxes | Private Interest to Material Records Searchable Divisible over Interest | Recyclability of Materials| to Checks Printed for Investment in Housing | Income Statement Review

Audits Unemployment | Audits Unemployment at Other District

Now Retired 00 80 60 40 20

→ Buys Food at Supermarket

→ Believes in Constitution Interpretations

→ Calls FCC Audit over [Outside|Inside] Radio Station

→ Orders Surveillance over [Hospitalizations | Emergency Declarations] to Interest and Calls over to Interest[Over Emergency]

→ Where You Party to Interest on the Visit to the Hospital

→ Calls the Friend Over to Dinner[Response to Emergency] USC 42|24|34|47

→ Who is Driving the Car over to the Complaint 311 | 911

Divisorials on Joblessness to [Titles]

→ Printed Document at the Labor and Statistics Department

→ Reclaims Unemployment Benefits → Doesn't Find a Job Anywhere [T|F]

→ Audits Civil to Criminal on Assault on Employment[Redistricts to Interest over Energy Production Transport to Interest Transnational over Civil Rights]

Displays Equation [ ]|[ ] → [ ] | 1|X → [T|F] → Interprets Benefit Ratio to Contract Claims → [Checks Statement]

Total Audits

Draw Circle

Send Letter




United States Code

It takes [ ] to [ ]

It takes [ ] to write a Letter (Communication Vectors)


Total Days with Employment [ ] v [ ][ ][ ][ ] | [T|F]

Today is Your Last Day [ ]

The Driver of the Economy are Wants for [ ]

| Inventions | Economic Savings | Entertainment | Criminality | Housing | Construction | Civil | Chemical | Electrical | Innovations |

Civil Rights | United States Code | Displays | Interests | Additional Requests |

| In Paper | Civil Rights | Inventions |

Send Letter


Security Investments in [ ]

Civil Rights

Civil Rights [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Citations to Reemployment Matter Materials Considerable to Benefits over Productivity Ratios and Shelf Stable Products [i]=[o]-[d]+[g]► Displays Equation [⬤]

Print Level Structure to Molecular Efficiency

Overwritten Cyclicals End Total | Structured Scrypt

Box Studies Start on Party Interest to Public Representation [Without Divisorials]. Divisorials to Party Interest over Corporative Influence are Auditable under Public Investment. The Corporation defaults to Interests Auditable printing checks for the [Private|Public|Person]

The Joblessness Homelessness Cycle is the end of Economic Poverty to which the attention of Social Services in progress of the State, Nation and Individual require dedicated care over which employment availability is the limiting variable related to Civil Right violations in workplaces discriminating persons on subjective bias for which arbitrary processes are not remediative of joblessness or homelessness. Housing availability without jobs creates an opportunity for the exploitation of Humans as Resources instead of Humans for Humanity. Political appropriations about funding the homeless and those affected though poverty or an illness or a pandemic equally stated direct to funding considerations of improving the workplace|training|productivity as a unitary variable in the matrix of considerations that are held up to belief over detailed observations of Civil Right violations in the workplace. Cyclical argumentatives of the drivers of homelessness and joblessness prompt politicians to push legislation to divert funding from requisite programs to reduce total joblessness and poverty. The distribution inequity of salary to training | experience | job task | efficiency | job demand | job offer | recruitment processes | technology development | are limiting in the considerations to individuals seeking training | education | competitive salary | competitive benefits. Technological drivers like the Internet or the Stock Market driven by special interests in exploiting human resources are not linear to the benefits workers receive daily or for the efficiency in creating community services of the importance in sustaining the drivers of the economy. Systematic Racism, Visual Discrimination, and the absence of oversight to the workplace environment result in exploitative limits that exploit the homeless for medical purposes for which development training and education are the solutions to progress public health. Funding to specific programs that target the homeless are Civil Rights injunctions that are easily solvable through only one interest, the interest of improving lives to the maximum for which cyclical argumentatives at the State and National Legislatures create the divisorials that limit equity in economical progress. The Internet as a base for economical derivations of instruments without intervention of a human create the basis for the largest violations of Civil Rights at the Present and to the Future. No efficiency advancements in documentation requirements would level the extortion to workers outside of the equity of the workplace environment. Proficiency in competition variable to nominal salaries and information distribution does not distribute the solutions to the Joblessness Homeless Cycle.

Tax Structures Determinant to Contributions over earnings proportional to productivity rations to inequity incentivize cycle exits that are deleterious to production resultant in public | private complaints redundant to representative political discourse over interest without addressing root causes in poverty | education | joblessness | investments in infrastructure to inspections of progress.

United State Code Titles [5|6|7|12|15|19|11|24|42|26|40|41|42|43|44|31|47|48|39|13|26]

Restatements to Productivity Drivers of Customs Exchanges to Box Models of Productivity are pushes for limits that do not create additional jobs in the sectors of:




Public Safety



Web Development




Scientific Research

The audit over records to voting is cataclismic.

Reviews Notations to Consumables | Annihilation of Resources from Historical Records

Interests over Earnings | Emissions → Stockholders over [Real|Imaginary] Actions

Earnings Before Interests



Instruments | Stocks | Bonds | Time Value | Consumable | Depletion | 00 80 60 40 20 | Generational Environmental Surplus to Consumption Ratio

Refunds on Investment → Return on Investment

Taxable Income → Income Tax Return - [Deductions][Factor]

Inventory Management →

Loss on Productivity Daily

Loss on Productivity Weekly

Loss on Productivity Monthly

Loss on Productivity Yearly

Loss on Productivity Yearly Limits

Loss on Productivity Climate Change

Loss on Productivity Investments Health Care | Retirement Plan | Dividends | Stock | Profit Sharing | New Job[><]

Loss on Productivity Unemployment

Loss on Productivity New Hire | Training | Efficiency[><]

Loss on Productivity Capital Investment

Loss on Productivity [><]

Loss on Stock Market Product [><]

Loss on Stock Instrument [><]

Loss on Transactions | Contractual Terms | Unemployment

National Debt over Transactions


Variable Types | Conditional | Imaginary | Display | Want | Intervention | Justice | Criminal | Unitary Variable | Representative | District | State | National | International | Special |►Constraint Modes → Competitive | Mathematical | Scientific | Non Mathematical | Special Interest | Individual Interest | Judicial | Legislative | Executive | Irreversible | Reversible | Catastrophe | Allosteric | Non Competitive | Distributive | Non Distributive |►Time Measures → Instantaneous | Daily | Weekly | Yearly | Generational 00 80 60 40 20 | Climate Change | Environment | Conditional Imaginary | Display

[ ] Multilateral Contraction

[ ] Display Variable

[ ] Imaginary Variable

[ ] Conditional Variable

[ ] New Variable


Total Products Sold | Consumed | Asequibility → Efficiency

Legal Instruments Limiting Deductions (in paper now in stores)

United State Code Titles 5|6|7|12|15|19|11|24|42|26|40|41|42|43|44|31|47|48|39|13|26

Internal Revenue Service

Tax to Income Ratios

Interest | IRA Account Total [ ]



Stock Emissions

Annihilations [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Real Product Sold | Imaginary Product Sold | Ratio


New Valuation (Early in the Morning)

New Valuation (On Coffee)

New Valuation (Department)


Divisions | Tax Audit | Product Portfolio | Stock Emissions | ROI | Digital Currency Audit | Paper Currency Audit | Imaginary Real Dimensional Analysis

Chemical Engineering Contract

Office of the Revision of Counsel


New Product Improvements

Reversible | Irreversible

New Valuation (early in the morning)

New Valuation (On Coffee)

New Valuation (Department)

Send letter to:


United State Code Titles [5|6|7|12|15|19|11|24|42|26|40|41|42|43|44|31|47|48|39|13|26]

[ ][ ][ ][ ]


Continuity in Cyclical Argumentatives of Termination of Investment|Return Cycles exploitative to:

Printing Checks for Investment in Federal Audited Projects

Printing Checks for Surplus of Federal Audited Projects

Printing Checks for Surplus of Prevention of Catastrophic Climate Change | Structural Investment Calculations Over Emisions | Stack|Stock Test | Ends


Educational Proficiency related to Generational Poverty related to Commodities Exchange exploit of Workers not receiving Profit Sharing to Productivity over Civil Rights of the Workplace | Environment

Divisorials of Case Specific Factorial Analysis of Natural Resources: Ownership of Air and Water as a result of Public Contamination

Participative Representation Requisites of Individuals in [Corporations|Private|Public] with [Interest|Participation][T|F]

Total Terminations without Arbitration on Marketplace Worker Progress to National Production

Interest of Workplace Environment Safety over forms of Discrimination resulting in Worker●Consumer●Time●Productivity Ratios

Software Dependency to Automation of Markets on Security Exchanges resulting in Productivity Losses from Terminations

Interventions to Workplace Arbitration resulting in Efficiency Increase from Corporation|State|District|Region|National Outputs without International Competition

Daily Limits of Productivity from Total Audit of Outputs factorial to Limitations of Division of Labor

Reliance on Computation Software|Hardware for Capitalization on the without Access to [Print Checks] on Surplus to Productivity over positioning of Commercial Establishments resulting in Equity Inequity of Civil Rights to [Workers | Nodes] of Productivity

Deposition Limitations on Box Model Audits over Interests of [Party|Politicians|Corporations|[T|F]|Demonstrations|Dimensional Analysis|Order of Operations]

¿Are Workplace Conditions Exploitative[Y|N][T|F][¿?]?

Are Worker Rights Violated over Constitutional Interpretations[Y|N][T|F]

Are Real Time Audits Anti to Corporations[Y|N][T|F]●[Interventions]

Sourcing Market Derivatives | Integrals over Elasticity of Demand Product Dimensional Analysis

Are Corporation Emissions [Capitalistic | Monopolistic] over the Divisorial of Auditable Earnings On Investment comparable to Worker Productivity and Interests

Rhethoricals over New Currencies Exploiting Workplace|Environment under Civil Rights to Workers


Future Considerations of Notations|Servers|Computers|Derivative Marketplaces|Audits

Interventions of the Department of Justice on Cyclical Argumentatives of [Terms] on Economics

International Costs of Products over Carrying Capacity and New Computer Use and Power over Market Productivity

Limitations on Cost Savings

╿ V ●

╿ V ●

╿ V ●

● V ╿

● V ╿

● V ╿







Public Banking in the Rhetorical Competition Argument over Competition is not optional to Security Exchanges of Workers reducing Debt and Overhead Costs to Productivity over Wants.

Mathematically a 1|X Divisorial over an [Interest]●[Instrumental] to a Dimensional Analysis of a [Limited|Unlimited] act does not require a balancing act for the metric of parametric functional.

Box Model Studies overridden through Executive and Judicial actions in Consideration of The United States Code | Civil Code | State Legislation | Justice

Do Not Require Intervention as a Deterministic Individual Diagramatic Want for an Item over the [Costs of the Environment|Worker Rights|International Competition]

Trophic Automatic Junctionals without Divisorials in Mathematical Proofs of Market Productivity warrant Corporative Compliance to Worker Demands for Productivity

Additional Workplace Vacation Days and Benefits of Citizenship are Not Corporative Considerables to Productivity with the understanding of State-of-the-Art Production Methods

Individual Case Limitations of the Justice Department to Correct [current] Workplace Violations under Exemplary Cases Illustrative to: USC 42|24|21 over a USC 44 Requirements

Interpretative Statistical Models on the use of Human Resources as Commodities Exchanged under Marketplaces are Exploitative and Visible over Marketplace Divisorials

Public Banking models utilizing documentation additives of additional requirements for benefits drive market explotation to workers seeking productivity benefiting Family Structures.

The impossibility of a worker to generate a saving over exploitative technologies relying on NonDimensional Analysis [strokes] is a threat to :

Family Structure | Positivity | Healthcare | Education | Exports | Imports | National Security | (1|X) | To Wants of Interest destroying

Family Structure[T|F] Positivity | Healthcare | Education | Exports | Imports | National Security | (1|X) | To Wants of Interest destroying Family Structure[T|F]

Positivity | Healthcare | Education | Exports | Imports | National Security | (1|X) | To Wants of Interest destroying Family Structure[T|F]

Positivity | Healthcare | Education | Exports | Imports | National Security | (1|X) | To Wants of Interest destroying Family Structure[T|F]

Positivity | Healthcare | Education | Exports | Imports | National Security | (1|X) | To Wants of Interest destroying Family Structure[T|F]

Extractions to Market Displays Current | Divisorials to Factorials | Investment in Securities | ►● | Model Reconstructions >< Reviews | Drive Car | Swipe Card | Print Paper | Exchange Good | Reclaims Time Ownership | Shares Profits | Party Platforms Influenced on Income Statement Earnings to Tax Audit Returns on Invenstments to Public Banking over Income of Federal Workers Limited


One Audit to a Want is Enough

One Audit to a Want is Enough

No Resolutions are Necessary

No Reeducation | Training is Necessary






The Computer Runs while I Sleep

One Audit to a Want is Enough

The Next Day I am Retired

The Computer Runs while I Sleep

Insurance Premiums Increase without|with Inflation driving Interests in the Closing of Indicator Markets

The Computer Runs while I Sleep

Reliance on System Security is [Human|Digital]

New Corporation Valuation is [Collisional|Collusive|Considerational]●[T|F][Belief]

New Salaries for Workers Results in Inflation to [Market Introduction|Licencing Requirements| into Banking] over the Poli tic of Interest in Capitalizing a [T|F] Accessibility to "Private" Capital

Does not allow [Terms|Screams|Claims] of Workers[Protocols] heard on Audit[T|F] [Town Hall|Factory Specifications][USC 7|51] | [USC 8] | 26USC] | 40USC | DOE | HRA | DSS | DHS | SEC

Profit Sharing in Private Markets to Interest over Earnings | Displays Divisorials on Iterest Index to Persons Interested on Audit on Redistricting to Interest Specific to Safety

Determines Products Sold as a Unit of Time Consumption►Product Sold►Equity Calculation►Valuation ►Displays Matrix◄

The Fundamental Unit of Commerce is the [Human|Bond]

The Fundamental Unit of Commerce is the [Human|Resource]

The Fundamental Unit of Commerce is the [Human|Bank]

The Fundamental Unit of Commerce is the [Public Banking Interest]●[Requests of Tomorrow]●[Debt]

The Fundamental Unit of commerce is the [Electron | Neuron]

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