What You Need to Know about Cannabis Sativa: 

Cultivation, Processing, Pharmacology and Permitting:

Constitution of Colorado:

Farm Bill 2018: S 3042 Agriculture Improvement Act of 2012 SEC. 10111: Hemp Production :

Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

8 CCR 1203-23

Colorado Industrial Hemp Regulatory Program Act Rules Colorado Code of Regulations

Official Proposition of Amendment X

CO Constitution: Art. 18 Sec. 16 Amendment 64

DEA Descheduling of CBD Products with 0.1% THC

Colorado Revised Statutes 44-11-101

2012 Census of Agriculture

1 CCR 212-1 Medical Marihuana Rules  (Dept. of Revenue)

M 300 Medical Marihuana Rules

M 306  Video Surveillance

M 307 Waste Disposal

M 308 Selling and Serving Medical Marijuana and Medical Marijuana-Infused Product

M 309 Inventory Tracking System


(a)  Medical marijuana center license;

(b)  Optional premises cultivation license;

(c)  Medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing license;

(d)  Medical marijuana testing facility license;

(e)  Occupational licenses and registrations for owners, managers,

(f)  Medical marijuana transporter license;

(g)  Medical marijuana business operator license;

(h)  Marijuana research and development license; and

(i)  Marijuana research and development cultivation license.

21CFR314.1: FDA New Drug Application

Analytical Testing of Hemp: GC vs HPLC Methods

CBD Pharmacology: Project CBD

Colorado Agricultural Statistics 2015

Colorado Hay Directory

Demographic Data Colorado

Water Use in Colorado

Western Slope Population

Demographics of Cannabis Use in Colorado

Yield of Alfalfa / Acre

National Agricultural Statistics Service

[Is Hemp Cannabis Indica?]

CB2R Allosteric Modulation

Cannabidiol is a negative allosteric modulator of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor