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Yesterday [01/09/2023] I visited Nurses. I had the opportunity to speak with the attending nurse at the front desk to whom I communicated my interest in participating actively in the improvement of healthcare workers, first responders, doctors, nurses, officials in the isles of medicine to remove barriers of interest restive of considerations to the dynamical workplace conditions of high demand professionals with propagative benefits to the community inside and outside the hospital. The Union requites the intervention of doctors, economists, engineers, scientists, legal representatives that understand which reference source materials are constant at the negotiation table, first to calculate up front expenditures in the administrative side as costs of operations against the constants on the demand side that are continuous sources of toxic workplace conditions like assault, workplace violence, racial discrimination, miss representation, in the advocacy to a patient, client, group of patients, health plans and the wellbeing of persons that desire the best preventive care far outside the hospital or any catastrophic accident which any person could encounter at any moment. The constants of a Planar Curve of 2 Dimensional Demand Offer Curves are fictitious when presented as reference for the determination of the salary of a nurse or any other health care worker. Missrepresentation in the negotiation table from any side can occur and requires participation from patient advocates that are not nurses or hospital practitioners like myself. In my professional experience I have encountered ISO FDA DEA regulated environments from the experimental laboratory in therapeutic product development and clinical lot validations to market release of consumables not intended for ingestion. Understanding multiple titles of the US Code respective to the practice of science in the approval of drugs for new applications I find this opportunity to contribute to NYSNA with interest for the public in general and for the private interest of healthcare workers against exploitation of reference material i.e. protocols, restrictions in training, excessive responsibilities, transferability and expansion of benefits and inclusion of responsible persons in the review of treatment specific alternatives specific to the abuses of psychiatric practices remaining from the tortuous nursing practices in record from the 1700s to the present. In the presentation of abuses in medicine from the perspective of a patient advocate outside the hospital, the extension of the healing power of a doctor and a nurse extend to the extreme opposite from which the expansion of including community scientists, engineer, mathematicians, attorneys and other patient representatives from the community with the outreach of doctors and nurses to the community improve the negotiation of working conditions when the views of the community of professionals are met. The negotiations for improving NYSNA may occur in private from which an intervention with interest of a responsible person would find themselves limited in contributing to the corrections of protocols and procedures affecting doctors, nurses, and patient functions specifically in case specific references. The total considerations of variables is large and the severity rests at the wellbeing of the life of a person, intended to communicate that a hidden negotiation without correcting protocols in paper references such as operating procedures could result in the continuation of medical practices exploiting procedural responsibilities as constants from which the doctor or nurse cannot bring into negotiation immediately. At the economic front these constants are relevant yet hidden to the infinity of persons supporting doctor and nurses around hospitals in the United States. Thank you for your attention to the wellbeing of our community. I can be reached at 19394564949, via this email, or via which is my source reference. Yerai Oliveras Sánchez

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