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When to Eat and When not to Eat.

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What is Healthy?

Lasers in Medicine


Inside The Synthetic Forest 2020 you will find the best Nutrients for all your exercise needs.

SSSFFF is guided by scientific and empirical methods that will drive your performance needs to new heights.


The Body is a Machine. The Mind is a Synthetic Forest. Your body is a Chemical Site.

Next time you stop to put gas in your vehicle make sure you've counted Essential Ions, not only Essential Amino Acids.

Get Ready: You are about to encounter a New Source of Energy here...

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Lets start off Creating a couple of Chararacters to develop Dietary Programs

1- Works 50 hours a week. Has 2 children. Wakes up at 6:00am. Goes to sleep at 12:00pm. Drinks socially but does not smoke.

2- Works 50 hours a week. Has no children. is Asthmatic.

3- Works 40 hours a week drinks, does not smoke.

4- Works 40 hours a week drinks, and smokes. No preexisting condition.

5- High school athlete. Practices sports 3 to 5 days a week.

6- Professional Athlete seeking strength over endurance.

7- Professional Athlete seeking endurance over strength.

8- Bodybuilder non-competitive.

9- Bodybuilder competitive.



FIRST NOTEDietary Requirements for 1 through 10

Nutrient Type Origin Recommended Dose Source Benefits
Vitamin A Vitamin Group of Organic Compounds  


Retinyl Palmitate to Retinol

Growth, Development, Eye Functions
Vitamin B Vitamin Group of Organic Compounds  




Cell Metabolism
Vitamin C Vitamin L-Ascorbate 100mg - 300mg Ascorbic Acid, Tomato, Chili Peppers, Bell Peppers, Green Peppers.

Enzyme Co Factor

Prevents Scurvy


Food Additive

Vitamin D Vitamin Fat Soluble Steroids   UV + 7-dehydrocholesterol

Calcium Balance


Prevents Rickets: Osteomalacia

Vitamin E Vitamin Fat Soluble 7-20 mg/day


Wheats, Oils, Fruits


Gene Expression

Skin Tone



Vitamin K Vitamin Fat Soluble Organic Compounds of variable Isoprenoid Chain Length   Kale, Spinach, Mustard

Coagulation Primarily

Calcium Binding

Folic Acid Vitamin Vitamin B

400 mcg

(.5-20mcg stored)


DNA repair and Methylation

Co Factor

Salts Salt Salts are Ionic Bonds Salts

Stimulation of Neuronal Activity


Protein Stability

Carbohydrates Sugars   Sugars  
Fats Fats   Fats  
Co Factors Co Factors   Co Factors  
Water See below   See below





Potassium Potassium Iodide        
Iron Ferric Orthophosphate        
Zinc Zinc Sulfate        
Chloride Choline Chloride        
Selenium Sodium Selenate        

Pantothenic Acid

Niacin Niacinamide        
Oils Palmitate        

Cupric Sulfate

Manganese Sulfate

Carbonates Calcium Carbonate        
Sugars Sucralose        
Acids Ascorbic Acid        


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SECOND NOTE Types of Workout Routines for 1 - 10

  Base Level Ramp Up Level Rest Level / wk Goal
1 Isolation vs Total Body Workout Weekly Ramp Up cycle after 4 weeks. 2-3 days 8 hours of sustained 2x heart rate = Calorie Consumption to match calorie intake.
2 Isolation vs Total Body Workout   2 days Increase Oxygenation Efficiency. Improve Lung Capacity.
3 Osteoporosis, Tissue Breakdown Prevention Daily Ramp up to max 2 days

Prevent Muscle and Bone Clastification

Stimulate hormonal synthesis

4 Increase CardioPulmonary Level. Increase Muscle Mass.   4 Maintain Balanced Caloric Input/Output
5 Muscle Growth and Muscle Development Mass increase yield by increasing Reps. 2-3 days per week. Match Slow to Fast Muscle Response to Sport.
6 Deep Muscle strength Anabolic Growth 2 days per week

Power = FXD

Efficiency = Wout/Win

7 Develop Muscle Memory, Sustained Cellular response at optimum level.

Anabolic / Catabolic Balance

Trials at optimum level to chart dietary requirements.

1 day per week or less

Power = FXD

Speed = dd/dt

Sustained 80% yield over time increase.

8 Sustain CardioPulmonary Level. Prevent Muscle Breakdown   1.5 Increased Muscle Mass and Tone
9 Sustain CardioPulmonary Level. Prevent Muscle Breakdown   1.5  
10 Sustain CardioPulmonary Level. Prevent Muscle Breakdown. No Overwork 3-4 days per week Improved Circulation


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How much water should you ingest? Should you ingest water during Exercise? Should you ingest water prior to exercise?

Water is a small molecule that bonds to itself, making a larger molecule by virtue of interaction. Water interacts with most substances because it is dipolar. Make it H-OH, or write it H-O-H, or write it +/- +H-O-H+ there is an interesting interaction of water with all that lives. Protonation changes the Amino Acids into Acidic or Basic Form. So water loss creates a large interaction in your body with amino acids, evidently during exercise a bit of water helps and an excess of water creates weight. So there is an OPTIMAL amount of water that can be ingested.

Count all food as .60 water. Recall WATER IS FOOD!!! when you drink water After exercise, you digest the breakdown of Storaged Fats and Sugars by the Process of GLUCOLYSIS. We'll Explore GLUCOLYSIS In-Depth in THE SYNTHETIC FOREST< Glucolysis.

Take 2.5 Liters of Water as the Average recommended intake. Is this good? First calculate your body volume...... get ready to mop the floor... fill in your tub with a known amount of water in Liters. Take your time. Mark the low water level. Then get in, completely, you will need a large container if you don't fit completely in the tub. Mark the high mark and get out. This is the volume of water lost and the difference is your body's volume. Divide 2.5 by your body volume. 2.5/X = fraction of water per total body volume... Enter Body Volume Index or BVI.

Essential Amino Acids at SSSFFF  

Polar unchargedamino acids Hydrophilic

(Serine, Threonine, Glutamine, Asparagine, Tyrosine, Cysteine)

Form hydrogen bonds


Cystein can form covalent disulfide bonds

Proline has a unique structure and causes kinks in the protein chain


The nonpolar amino acids

(Glycine, Alanine, Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Proline)

Hydrophobic and are usually found in the center of the protein.

They are also found in proteins which are associated with cell membranes.


Electrically Charged Amino Acids. Charged.

Aspartic Acid, Glutate, Lysine, Arginine, and Histidine

Electrical properties that can change depending on the pH

Essential Amino Acids F H I K L M T V W
Dispensable A D E N S
Conditional C G P Q Y

Between 10-40 mg/kg

Amount of water per Amino Acids ?
Net Protein Utilization ?
Protein Digestability Score ?
Feed Conversion ?
Available Value ?
Metrics for Ingestion

Measure by Performance... Measure by Recuperation... Measure by Tape.... Measure by Ingestion... Measure by Development Over Time...




Are you a professional athlete in your 60's? write to us at


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Meal Morning 0600 Mid Morning 1045 Lunch 1330

Lunch Snack




Dinner Snack


Total Water

Total Calories

1Cal = 4.2Joules

1 food calorie = 1 kCal


Heat Lost x

Mass Gained x Performance Factor


Cereal + Fruit ?

Eggs (2) + 3 slices of bacon dried + 2 Wheat Toasts


Bottled Liquid Meal


Coffee Bottled Liquid Meal




Bottled Liquid Meal 2.5L







Cereal + Fruit ?

Eggs (2) + 3 slices of bacon dried + 2 Wheat Toasts

Bottled Liquid Meal Tea





Rice and Beans


Bottled Liquid Meal  




Cereal + Fruit ?

Eggs (2) + 3 slices of bacon dried + 2 Wheat Toasts

Bottled Liquid Meal Coffee  




Bottled Liquid Meal 2.5L



4 Yogurt

















5 Cereal + Fruit ?      










6 Cereal + Fruit ?        




7 Cereal + Fruit ?      







8 Cereal + Fruit ?        







9 Eggs (2) + 3 slices of bacon dried + 2 Wheat Toasts   Salmon + Rice + Spinach   Protein + Carbohydrates + Vegetables















Bottled Liquid Meal


Bottled Liquid Meal


Fast Food?


Bottled Liquid Meal


Fast Food?


Bottled Liquid Meal










FOURTH NOTE: WHAT do World Athletes Eat?: Here's what a Bodybuilder eats for ....

Arnold Schwarzenneger Workout

Michael Phelps Workout

Serena Williams Workout

Triathlon: Ironman Triathlon: 1-1.5h Swimming + 120miles in the Bike + 1.5hours at 11minute/mile..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................?

Triathlon Training

Are you interested in Training for Sport? write to us at

So whithout entering the realm of Optimization for Humans.... soon... OPTIMIZATION and RECOVERY...finished?


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FOURTH NOTEPERFORMANCE METRICS: Linear Progression vs Exponential Growth: What is the natural progession of improvement: Understand the ... Exponential phase, Linear Development, and Saturation....Maximal.... Just like Saturation Kinetics.... Recall your body is made up of Proteins.



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Call your doctor... Rhabdomyolisis... Your body is auto destroying... When to rest and when to over rest...


What is Overwork .... 10 miles, 100 miles, 300 pounds... what are the risks? How many Heart Attacks can you survive?

FATIGUE: First answer the question: Have you














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|Fake Medicine | Questions to ask Your Attorney

What are Irreversible Actions

Arrest | Negligence | Recklessness | [ ] Promissory Estoppel | [ ] Partial Liability

Arrest | Torture | Involuntary Treatment Do You Agree

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Arrest | Disabled | I am [Injured|Disabled]

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¿Are new beliefs endangering your Constitutional Rights?

¿Are new beliefs endangering your Constitutional Rights?

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Prohibited Transitions in Civil to Legal Law Historical References

¿What are the Derivationals of Law Principles to Which Medicine and Law are Based from?















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Preponderance of The Evidence

Standard of Proof of 51|49 Clear and Convincing Evidence[T|F]

Stand of Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt

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Systems of Health Care | Limitations of Medicine | Information Management | Belief in the Transfer of Information | Human Experimentation

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THE SYNTHETIC FOREST FOOD AND WINE REVIEW: anything you can eat withing the forest... What is not a Forest?

THE SYNTHETIC FOREST FOOD AND WINE REVIEW: anything you can eat withing the forest... What is not a Forest?

THE SYNTHETIC FOREST FOOD AND WINE REVIEW: anything you can eat withing the forest... What is not a Forest?

Food and Wine Tips, Techniques and Recipes, here at SSSFFF.

Obtenir les meilleurs conseils, d'informations, de la nourriture, des ustensiles de cuisine et les techniques ici au SSSFFF.

Hae paras neuvo, info, ruoka, keittiövälineet ja tekniikoita täällä SSSFFF.

Take a look at our World Cuisine Links.

SSSFFF will review any Restaurant, Dinner, Lunch Box, Cart, or a la Carte. Do you seek a review of your restaurant? Write to us at

Read Below our Food and Wine Guide: Now, Are you Hungry, are you Thirsty? // SSSSFFFF will branch all world cooking into a single place.

World Measurements Conversions // International Flavors // Food Chemistry // Food Science // Cuisine Engineering.

These are All the Measurements you Need...

Measurements Table
1Cup 237 ml 2 Cups 8Oz
1Quart 946 ml    
1Gal 3.785L    
Jigger   1.25Oz 1Oz-2Oz
1Tbsp   3Teaspoons  
1Oz (s) 28g 4Tbsp  
1Pound 454g 1lbm 16Oz

Conversions in Cuisine

Meat Temperatures SSSSSFFFFF

Temperature (F)

Beef Rare 140
Beef Medium 160
Beef Well 170
Turkey 180
Chicken 180
Lamb 145
Octopus 130
Shrimp 130
Conch Pressure Cook


Region Country Type

Links / Recipes











Sashimi: Pierced Body


Rice Bowls


Canadian Acadian French

Eastern Canada

Central Canadia

Western Canadian

Smorgasbord and Julbord

North American

Bourbon & Creole

Soul Food

Native American



Brisket a la BBQ: Brisket Rub Ingredients:

Rub Recipe 1:

  • 1/2 cup/120 mL brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup/80 mL salt (sea or kosher)
  • 1/3 cup/80 mL paprika
  • 1/3 cup/80 mL chilli powder
  • 1/3 cup/80 mL ground black pepper

More Rub Recipes Here: Rub Recipes

Apple Pie

Eggs Benedict::

  • 8 pieces of bacon or 4 pieces of Canadian bacon
  • 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, for garnish
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons white or rice vinegar
  • 2 English muffins
  • Butter

Hollandaise Sause

10 Tbsp unsalted butter

  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Dash of cayenne or tabasco

Jumbalaya: Cajun/Creole bell peppers, onion, chicken, sausage, shrimp, crushed tomatoes, broth, celery, rice, and stir continuously. Cover and let it simmer on medium-low for 30 minutes, until the rice is cooked.

Central American



El Salvador


Costa Rican






Plantillas de Maiz






South American



Chilean and Argentinian




Valle Cauca



Pico de Gallo

Bandeja Paisa








Linguini a la Pesto Sauce: garlic, 2 cups of greens (basil, parseley, romero), 1/2 cups pine nuts, olive oil, 4garlic cloves, 1/2 cup olive oil, for 1pound of linguini pasta. If you don't have pine nuts available use a bit of nutmeg.

Gnochi de Yuca.

Notes on Pasta.

Tomato Sauce


West Indies



Republica Dominicana

Puerto Rico



St Thomas

St Kitts

St Vincent


St Thomas

St John

St Croix


Virgin Gorda



Saint Martin


Saint Kitts







Postres: Arroz con Dulce

Lechon Asado: recipe: add olive oil, salt, ground black pepper, cumin, culantro, fresh recao, and mix as a paste. The key in making a buen Lechon Asao is to tajar el lechon bien tajao. Also be sure to marinate the pernil in salt and water at least one full day. Use a regular brine concentration. Avoid any citrics or sweets in this recipe. Broil and then lower heat. The Lechon takes a long time to cook evenly, and is generally eaten above medium well, to well done. If you marinate and season the Lechon properly the meat will not end up dry. Promise!

Pasteles de Yuca: Pasteles is a broad technique of enveloping foods in a root mash mix. In mexico a corn paste is used to make tamales. In the caribbean platanos, yucca, name, yautia, and batata , the common roots are blended in different proportions and stuffed with any meat. Many variations add acid olives, peppers, sweet raisins, or chickpeas. The key to the pasteles artistry is the enveloping and wrap-tying in platano leaves. Pasteles are tied in pairs called yuntas and take 30-40 minutes to boil in high. PLEASE DON'T ADD KETCHUP. It is a common disagreement between pasteles lovers to include the ketchup. I know you'll agree in the purest form of this great dish.


Cortes de Carne Caribeños: Pernil, Churrasco, Chuletas.

Fricase de Conejo

El Mofongo Perfecto: ¿Has probado dos mofongos perfectos? Altamente probable que se hallan hecho con detalles diferentes. Mantequilla vs Aceite de oliva, Frito vs Hervido, Con ajo o con chicharron... hay variedad en el mofongo al igual que en el platano. Proximo: como hacer el mofongo perfecto....

Que es verdaderamente caribenño sin una salsa:

Aqui comenzamos a experimentar con bases de salsa. La primera: Salsa dulce-picante de Mango:

4 ajos, 1/2 cebolla, 1/4 barra de mantequilla, 2cdas de limon, 1/2 cda de rayadura de limon, 2cdas de cilantrillo. Mezclar bien en una licuadora. Puedes anadir para variar trozos de gengibre o licuar con vino blanco. Decora con rayadura de limon, cayenne o zanahorias. Sirve a mas de 6 personas. Usala como dip, marinado, o salsa base. Que la disfrutes.

Sustituir Salsa de Tomate por Pasta de Tomate?






Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa

India is extremely large and its cuisine is a broad spectrum from vegetarian to coastal with English , Muslim, Portuguese and Endemic Influences. SSFF will name a couple of spices and dishes you should at least try many times.

Ingredients: saffron, pured nuts, coconut, curry, Naan bread, nargisi kaftas (meatballs), biryani (layered rice and meat), rogan josh...Dosa (rice pancakes), Idli (steamed rice cakes), Many different types of Chutney (chutney is an Indian version of sofrito/sauce in Latincountries. sort of a base flavor composed of many spices).

Plates and Recipes:

dry-cooked Kebab (Tandoori Jhinga, Chicken Tandoori, Shami Kebab, Seekh Kebab, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Aloo, Murgh Malai Kebab)

Dal Bukhara (creamy black bean soup)

deep-fried foods (Samosa, Pakora)

Gajar Halwa (Carrot Cake) and Kheer (Rice pudding).

Vegan and Vegetarian    

Turmeric Rice

1.5 cups of rice, 2 tsp turmeric, 2 garlic cloves, 1/2 yellow onion, 2 inches of ginger, 2 cups of vegetable broth per cup of rice, 2 tbsp of oil. 5 inches of carrot natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent anti-inflammatory, anti arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis detoxifies the liver; shown to be affective in fighting Alzheimer’s ; natural painkiller

may help in weight management; used to treat depression; used to treat multiple cancers

antioxidantcan be used as a Saffron substitute

Arroz Verde: Many Latin countries have this recipe involving the green spices of tropical caribbean cuisine. Green color is brought about cilantro, perejil, romero, oregano, and spinach. This rice's green hue can be from light to very heavy green. Here's a recipe:

per 3 cups of rice, use two handfuls of cilantro and two other of perejil, add a tablespoon or two of romero (slight green and bitter hint) add 3 garlic heads and half an onion into a blender. Boil rice as you would but substitute water for broth. Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil in the blender and blend until a watery paste results. Add the paste to the rice when cooking and be sure to mix as the greens float. In the end it would be necessary to mix the green layer up top. SSFF takes more than 40 minutes to set the rice. The longer you let the rice set at low heat the looser the grain will be. Serves 8-15 persons. Enjoy.

Comercial Blends

Ball Park Food




Take 8 pounds of carne molida. 2 cans of beer. Put in a bowl and cover the entire surface of the bowl with a salt pepper mix, visibly cover. Add the beer and mix with your hands. Add 1/2 an onion per pound of meat OR add onion until the meat mix is visibly constituted with onion. Take a full ramo de cilantrillo and cut in small pieces, not too small. You can leave the cilantrillo in leave sized size. Mix by hand. Marinate in the beer for 1 full day. During this time the meat will absorb all the juice you add to it. So if you would like add another beer or until you start seeing meat to separate in its consistency. Before cooking, remove all juice. Add 2 eggs to the meat and mix by hand. Then enjoy the best burguers you'll ever enjoy.

Alter the recipe by adding 1 tbs of red pepper per pound. Also add more culantro, peppers, recao, romero and lemongrass to taste, to make a green burguer. Serve with two couple of cups red wine and a glass of water.
Iberian Peninsula




Aragonese and Navarra





Bacalao... recuerda desalarlo mediante remoje en agua. Guarda un poco del agua para la salsa.

Paella: Valenciana, de Carne, de Mariscos...

Diferencias en la Cocina Portuguesa y Espanola

Pastas   Global Pastas

Pastas may have been communicated through cultural trips from earlier than 13th century Chinese to the Italians to the World. Below are several basic recipes to enjoy your pasta:

French Onion Pasta: Medium Shells, 300ml french Onion Consome, 1 cup of diced peppers, 4 garlic heads, 3 leaves of oregano brujo, 1/2 onion or 3 small shallots,

Italian Italian Italian

Tomato Sauce:

800g tomatoes or ripe fresh fruit
2 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tsp sugar
Dash of red-wine vinegar
3 stems of fresh basil
Extra-virgin oil, to serve

Boil tomatoes for a minute, until the skins split. Peel skin, then chop.

Heat the oil in a medium saucepan on a medium-low heat and add the chopped onion. Soften onions until translucent. Stir in the garlic and cook for another two minutes.

Tip in the tomatoes, and break up with a wooden spoon if necessary, then add the sugar, vinegar and the STEMS of the basil, reserving the leaves. Season.

Bring to a simmer, then turn down the heat and simmer for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, until thick. Test the seasoning, add the basil leaves, roughly torn, and drizzle in a little extra-virgin olive oil if you like before serving.

French Mediterranean  

To go: Panini, Baguette

French Onion Soup: 1/2 cup unsalted butter, 4 sliced onions, 4 garlic cloves, 4 bay leaves, fresh chopped oregano, salt and pepper to taste, 1 cup of red wine, 3-4 tablespoons of flour, 2 quarts of beef broth, Gruyere optional.

Greek Greek Olive Oil, Citrics, Harina

Lemon Basil Shrimp and Pasta

Turkish Turkish Turkish

Baklava, Menemen, Kuzu Tandır, Pide

Ayran, Raki , Salep,

Tavuk (Chicken Breast Dessert!), Lamacun

Kosher Kosher Kosher

Kosher recipes:

What is Kosher?

Islamic and Arab






Mustard, Azafran, Curcuma, Garlic, Curry

Cinamon, Pickels, Onion, Citrics

Hummus: [16oz of garbanzos, 1.5 tablespoons tahini, 3-5 tablespoons of lemon juice (1-2 lemons), 1/2 tablespoons salt, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1-2 tablespoons chipped cilantrillo. 2 garlic heads, 1/4 cup of water or garbanzo liquid.] Blend all ingredients until texture is heavy creamy. Dress with chili pepper and olive oil, cilantro and chopped onions, sparkle with lemon juice to taste.








are you in the African Continent? Write to us @

We would like to learn ways to make African dishes.


Russian Salad










  SSSFFF is looking for an intro into Scandinavian food. Write to US!

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Fermented Millet

Fermented Rice

Fermented Grape

Fermented Sorghum



Write to us to understand the current trends in Chinese Cuisine @

What are Chinese Flavors, Spices?




Pearl Sake

Black Tea

Canadian Acadian French
North American



Central American





Costa Rican



Salsa Mole negro, rojo, poblano




South American













West Indies



Puerto Rican


Rum, Rum, Rum, RUM

New: Caribbean Craft Beers

Piña Colada: 2part Bacardi, 1part Coconut Cream, 3parts Pineaple juice.1 cup of ice per 6 oz of mix. The viscosity of the mix can be lowered with added ice. Texture and feel can be changed with ice quantity. Most people enjoy Pina Colada between a frozen and a daiquiri, in that sweet middle spot. Normally the Coconut Cream comes in a 1.75 cup can. So use 6 oz of Pineaple juice. Add the Bacardi for flavor. 2oz


Indian Vodka, Indian Whiskey,

Sura, Meraya, Majja


Comercial Blends

Ball Park Food



Where's the best Ballpark Beer?

Where are the best streets to hang out out after a game?

Special Drinking Events

Iberian Peninsula



North to South



White Sangria Recipe

White Sangria is made with white wine instead of red wine.


  • 1 1/4 cups of water
  • 1 cup of of fresh mint leaves
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 3 1/2 cups of dry white wine
  • 2 lemons, thinly sliced into rounds
  • 3 cups of sparkling apple cider


  1. Combine the water, mint leaves, sugar in a small saucepan. Bring it to a boil over medium heat.
  2. Reduce the heat and simmer for ten minutes. Remove the pan from the heat, and allow it to cool down.
  3. Strain out the mint leaves
  4. Transfer the remaining mixture to a large bowl, and add the wine and lemons.
  5. Mix everything together, and refrigerate the drink until it's chilled. Just before serving, mix in the apple cider.
  6. Serve the drink in rocks glasses with ice.

Tinto de Verano Recipe

Tinto de verano translates to red wine of summer. This drink is served throughout Spain during the long, hot summers. While it is similar to sangria, it has less alcohol; this makes it a much better drink to sip while sitting in the sun.


  • 2 cups of dry red wine, such as Rioja
  • 2 cups of lemon soda
  • 4 lemon slices


  1. Mix together all of ingredients with ice.
  2. Serve the drink in tall glasses and garnish them with more lemon slices.




Mediterranean Vin du Region
Mediterranean Greek  






Diples + Loukomades








  Black Russian




Blue Smurf

Spice List





Black Pepper / Pimienta Negra

Oregano / Oregano

Cilanter / Cilantrillo

Ajo / Garlic

Sage / Salvia

Thyme / Tomillo

Paprika / Paprika

Achiote / Achiote

Cinnamon / Canela

Basil / Albahaca

Capers / Alcaparra

Allspice / Pimienta Gorda

Anise / Anís

Bay Leaves / Laurel

Chamomile / Manzanilla

Caraway / Alcaravea

Chives / Cebolleta

Chervil / Cerafolio

Peppermint / Menta

Poppyseed / Adormidera

Rosemary / Romero

Saffron / Azafrán

Savory / Saturega

Mustard Seed / Ajonjolí

Spearmint / Yerba Buena

Tarragon / Estragón

Thyme / Tomillo

Tumeric / Cúrcuma

Vanilla / Vanilla

Wintermint / Axocopaque?

Ginger / Jengibre

Marjoram / Mejorana

Mustard / Mostaza

Nutmeg / Nuez Moscada

Onion / Cebolla

Oregano / Orégano

Paprika / Pimentón

Parsley / Perejil

Cardamom / Cardamomo

Cloves / Clavo

Comfrey / Confrey

Coriander / Cilantro

Cumin / Comino

Dill / Eneldo

Fennel / Hinojo

Fleur de Sel

Kosher Salt

Grain Salt

SPICE MIX TREND 1: Olive Oil + Garlic + Black Pepper + Onion + Oregano. Substitute Salvia for Oregano....

SPICE MIX TREND 2: Ginger + Olive Oil



SPICE MIX TREND 99: Write to us at

SPICE TIP: SUGAR SENSORS sugar sensors in our mouths detect glucose triggered by sodium which alerts the cell to register sweetness.

SPICE TIP: HUMIDITY: Increase in Humidity means the salt may contain higher concentrations of Magnesium, Calcium, Nutrients. Fleur de sel.

SPICE TIP: BOIL and STRAIN: Flaking for Fleur de Sel

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Food and Drink Recipes
SOUP Onion Soup Take olive oil, butter, and heat until mixed. Cut 6 sweet onions and 4 garlic heads into Julienne cut and place in pot. Add salt and pepper, cook until onions are turn transparent. Add 3 tbsp of wheat flour to make a roux. Add 2 Liters of beef broth (substitute a cup of broth with white wine) to pot and top with rosemary, oregano, cebollines, any of your choice of herbals. Cook 25-30 minutes covered at low heat. Taste onions to ensure they are well cooked.

Absinthe [45% - 72% Alcohol]

Bacardi 151 [75.5% Alcohol]

Devil Springs Vodka (80% Alcohol]

Pincer Vodka [88.8% Alcohol]

Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled whisky [92% Alcohol]

Everclear [75% Alcohol]

Spirytus Rektyfikowany [96% Alcohol]








Alien Brain Hemorrhage

If you think the idea of severe brain injury sounds like a good way to start the weekend, then you'll love the Alien Brain Hemorrhage! It's even worse than a regular, old, human brain hemorrhage, because it's from space! And we know, because of science.

1 oz. Peach Schnapps
1/2 oz. Irish Cream
2 Drops of Grenadine

Pour the peach schnapps into a shot glass. Layer the Irish cream on top. Finally, add the drops of grenadine to the center of the drink, until it passes through the cream. Voila!


Lava Flow

1 ounce coconut syrup
2 ounces pineapple juice
1 1/2 ounces rum
Splash vanilla ice milk (or ice cream)
1/2 cup ice
1 1/2 ounces strawberry puree

Blend all ingredients except strawberry puree. Pour into a cocktail glass and garnish with strawberry puree.


The American Flag

1/2 oz. Grenadine
1/2 oz. Crème de Cacao
1/2 oz. Blue Curacao

In layers, pour the grenadine then the crème de cacao and finally the blue curacao into a cordial glass.


The Jellyfish

1/2 oz. Crème de Cacao
1/2 oz. Amaretto
1/2 oz. Irish Cream
3 Drops of Grenadine

Pour in layers the white Crème de Cacao then the amaretto and finally the Irish cream in a shot glass. Add 3 drops of grenadine in the center of the shot.


The 747

Khalua, Frangelico, Baileys... almost an Orgasm...

1/2 oz. Coffee Liqueur
1/2 oz. Hazelnut Liqueur
1/2 oz. Irish Cream

Pour in layers: #1 Coffee liqueur #2Hazelnut liqueur #3 Irish cream.


SAKE: Como hacer SAKE

Notes on Fermentation

Beer, Brewing Carbonation, Maturation, Sinking and Topping, Top vs Bottom vs Cold vs Hot Fermentation

Top Bacteria Strains. soon @ SSSFFF

Pasta Shapes

Pizza Pizza Dough

Do you have any good tips in making the Pizza Dough? Write to Us.


Fetuccini Alfredo

Fetuccini Alfredo Melt butter in a medium, non-stick saucepan over medium heat. Add cream cheese and garlic powder, stirring with wire whisk until smooth. Add milk, a little at a time, whisking to smooth out lumps. Stir in Parmesan and pepper.
Brisket Brisket

Falda o Pecho de Res

Al Horno

2 tablespoons chili powder
2 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoons dry mustard
1 bay leaf, crushed
4 pounds beef brisket, trimmed
1 1/2 cups beef stock

Preheat the oven to 350°F.

Make a dry rub by combining chili powder, salt, garlic and onion powders, black pepper, sugar, dry mustard, and bay leaf. Season the raw brisket on both sides with the rub. Place in a roasting pan and roast, uncovered, for 1 hour. Add beef stock and enough water to yield about 1/2 inch of liquid in the roasting pan. Lower oven to 300°F, cover pan tightly and continue cooking for 3 hours, or until fork-tender.Trim the fat and slice meat thinly across the grain. Top with juice from the pan

Read more at:

SSSFFF Shrimp Shrimp
Shrimps Scampi


  • 1 pound large (16-20 count) raw shrimp
  • 2 Tbs Olive Oil
  • 2-3 Tbsp butter
  • Salt
  • 3-4 garlic cloves, slivered, or 1 Tbsp minced garlic
  • 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1/2 cup white wine
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice

Heat a sauté pan on high heat then reduce to medium high heat.Swirl the butter and olive oil into the pan.After the butter melts it will foam up a bit then subside. If using unsalted butter, sprinkle a little salt in the pan. Stir in the slivered garlic and red pepper flakes.

Sauté the garlic for just a minute, until it begins to brown at the edges, then add the shrimp. Add the wine and stir to coat the shrimp with the sauce of butter, oil, and wine. Move the shrimp so they are in an even layer in the pan. Increase the heat to high and boil the wine for two to three minutes.

Stir the shrimp and arrange them so that you turn them over to cook on the other side. Continue to cook on high heat for another minute.

Remove the pan from the heat. Sprinkle the shrimp with parsley, lemon juice, and black pepper, and toss to combine.

Serve as is, or with crusty bread, over pasta, or over rice (for gluten-free version).


Salmon Recipes


Lemon Marinade:
Servings:1 to 2
Prep time:10 min.
Marination time:15–30 min.

  • 1 lb (450 g) salmon fillets
  • 1 lemon or 2 limes
  • 2 tbsp.(30 mL) olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp (2.5 mL) dried thymeor

Soy Sauce Marinade:
Servings: about 2
Prep time:30 min.
Marination time:30–60 min.

  • 1 lb (450 g) salmon fillets
  • 1/4 cup (60 mL) olive oil
  • 3 tbsp (45 mL) soy sauce
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped or pressed
  • 3 scallions, finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp (15 mL) fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp (30 mL) honey
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp (2.5 mL) Sriracha, or more to taste

Servings:About 6
Prep time:10 min.
Marination time:24–72 hours

  • 26 oz (750 g) fresh salmon fillets (with skin)
  • 3¼ oz (85 g) sugar
  • 4 oz (120 g) salt
  • 8 tbsp (120 mL) chopped dill
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) crushed white pepper


  • 3 tbsp (45 mL) mustard
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) Dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) sugar
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) vinegar
  • salt to taste
  • white pepper to taste
  • 6 tbsp (90 mL) canola oil



Pulpo y Calamares. What are the best ways to cook Pulpo?

Grilled Octopus with Ancho Chile Sauce

PREPARE THE OCTOPUS Preheat the oven to 300°F. In a large enameled cast-iron casserole, heat the olive oil. Add half of the octopus and cook over moderately high heat, turning, until lightly browned all over, 3 to 5 minutes. Transfer to a plate. Repeat with the remaining octopus.

Add the shallots and garlic to the casserole and cook over moderate heat, stirring, until lightly browned, about 2 minutes. Add the pimentón and cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 20 seconds. Carefully add the sherry and bring to a boil. Return the octopus to the casserole, cover and braise in the oven until very tender, about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Let the octopus cool completely in the liquid.

MEANWHILE, MAKE THE SAUCE In a medium saucepan, toast the chiles over moderate heat, turning, until fragrant and pliable, 2 to 3 minutes. Add the vinegar, honey and garlic and bring just to a simmer. Remove from the heat and let stand until the chiles are softened, about 20 minutes. Transfer to a blender and puree until smooth. With the machine on, gradually add the grapeseed oil until incorporated. Season the ancho chile sauce with salt.

Light a grill or preheat a grill pan and brush with canola oil. Grill the octopus over high heat, turning, until lightly charred all over, about 4 minutes. Transfer to a baking sheet and immediately brush with some of the ancho chile sauce. Serve with the jicama salad, passing the remaining sauce at the table.



1 libra de almejas o un poco más (25 almejas aproximadamente.)

3oz. de chorizo

½ taza de vino seco blanco

2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva

1 cebolla blanca

6 dientes de ajo

2 cds cilantrillo

Sazon de sal y pimienta.

Temperatura mediana alta sofria en orden de espesor: cebolla, ajo. Cocer cebolla y ajo a gusto. El orden de sofreir es importante ya que la variabilidad del sabor entre ajo y cebolla y otros vegetales es grande ya que el calor y el aceite liberan mucho el sabor o si se sofrie poco se puede obtener un sabor mas natural del ingrediente. Tradicionalmente el ajo se sofrie hasta rostizar y lograr la carbonizacion del ajo que le anade caracter al sabor. Añade el chorizo y mueve todos los ingredientes para que la sazón del chorizo se incorpore bien. Sofríe por unos 5 minutos más. Por último agrega el vino y mezcla mientras esperas unos minutos hasta que el olor fuerte a alcohol pase (Reduccion ~2 minutos). Aqui puedes espesar la salsa con una cda de mantequilla. Echa las almejas y revuelvelas 1 vez y las tapas por varios minutos hasta que empiecen a abrir. Luego agrega el cilantro, sal y pimienta y muévelas de nuevo. Decorar.



Carrucho al escabeche:


1lb de carrucho hervido cortado en trocitos
4 cucharaditas de vinagre
4 cucharaditas de jugo de limón
1/4 taza de aceite de oliva
2 dientes de ajo
1 cebolla mediana picadita
1/2 pimiento verde picadito
1/2 cucharadita de sal
8 ó 10 aceitunas rellenas
1 cucharada de alcaparras

En un molde profundo de cristal y con tapa, vierte el carrucho. Une todos los ingredientes y vierte sobre el carrucho.Tápalo bien y ponlo en la nevera. Para que coja bien el sabor, es preferible hacerlo el día anterior al que se vaya a servir.




Hamburguers   100 hamburger recipes, soon! SSSFFF, hungry?
  Stuffed Mushroom Burguer
  Oak Burn Chili Burguer
  Salmon Burguer
  Double Burguer with Onion Rings
Hamburguer Toppings  

Anything you can fit between a bun is considered a topping.

Eggs, Jalapeno, Onions, Peppers, Mustard, Mustard Seeds, Lettuce, then experiment with sweet and salty mix, add peanut butter or jelly and give your burger a bright cool twist.

Sushi Rice    
White Rice   Perfect White Rice: 1cup of water per cup of rice. It doesn't matter if the rice is long grain or short. The important detail is that water is covering the level of rice. Bring water to a vigorous boil, add salt 2tbs or to taste. Add the rice and let boil. Watch the rice water level. When the water level starts to disappear and you see pores in the rice, immediately lower the heat and cover. THE TRICK IS IN LEAVING THE RICE STILL FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN WITHHOLD EATING. The longer you cook the rice Lo mas suelto lo ecuentras. Que lo disfrutes.

Arroz Guisado

Arroz Curry

Arroz con Almendras

Arroz con Coco

Arroz con Limon y Cilantro


There are many different ways to make rice. Guisado or sauted, with Coconut or Curry, Green rice with cilantro, sage, or thyme or any other green spice. The trick with these recipes is to make the sauce or add the ingredient in the key moment.

Arroz Guisado: Create the sauce and then add rice.

Arroz con Almendras: Crunch the Almonds and add before simmering.

Arroz con Coco: Add the coconut milk at the end of the simmering time, mix by hand and let simmer for more time.

Arron con Limon: the Lemon can be added before simmering or during the simmering. The longer the lemon stands with rice the more acid the lemon flavor will be. You can add the lemon in the end of the simmering time and cover the pan to simply aromatize the rice. Otherwise lemon flavor will sink in the rice and give it a straight acidic cut.


Red Beans

Black Beans

Pinto Beans

Pink Beans


Cebolla, Ajo, Pimientos, Cilantrillo y Recao, Salsa de Tomate y Caldo de Pollo, Zanahorias o Papas... en menos de 30 minutos... ahhh y un splash de vino blanco a lo ultimo. enjoy.

Hey would you like to sponsor this part of the Review? let us know at

Lechon Asado   Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Culantro, Achiote, Olive Oil, Lemon juice, Laurel Leaves... at 450F for a loooong time. Write to us if you want the inner details in making a good one.
Pollo Asado  

¿Sabes cortar un Pollo? Te orientamos rápido. Haz una incisión entre el muslo estirado y la pechuga de pollo. esta incision es para separar el muslo del la cadera. Hazla en ambos lados. El pollo no debe punzarce antes de cocinar. Cocina el pollo y cuando este cocido sácalo del horno. Corta por el mismo corte anterior hasta separar el ala y muslo de la cadera. Toma el pollo por el roto del centro y estiralo lo mas que puedas. Te darás cuenta que si cortas transversalmente en ese plano podras separar las dos pechugas de los muslos y las caderas. (debo incluir fotos). Terminarás con el pecho en un lado y las caderas en el otro. Para picar las pechugas ten un cuchillo bien afilado y corta hasta el hueso por el mismo centro. (aqui me detengo para una aclaración... es como todo animal, tiene hueso en el pecho protejiendo los organos. Hago la aclaración porque, hemos comido miles de pechugas sin saber como se obtienen).

Comparte tus técnicas de picar el pollo con nosotros. Escribenos a


Freir el platano. Majarlo y luego cubrir con ajo.

Hacer mofongo es un Arte! comparte tus recetas de hacer mofongo en:


2 latas de Hummus. Tahini, limon, cilantrillo, pimienta cayenne, aceite de oliva: mezclas todo y yá. Sirve con un toque de limón. Proporciona a gusto. Es asi de facil. Hummus dura no más de 3 a 4 dias en la nevera.

Kabab   Lamb, Chicken, Veal, Pork, Beef...

A section Completely dedicated to the Exploration of Tea flavors and Health Benefits.

Lemon Tea

Ginger Tea

Rosemary Tea :





While there are infinite ways of making Sangria, there are certainly only a good number of ways of making it.

We'll give you some basic tips to make the best sangria for most paladar tastes. Not extremely sweet, and enticingly intoxicating punch.

SSSFFF   Wines, Juices, Soda Water, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Lemon, Lots of Ice, Lots of Shaking, lots of sangria.
Long Island   LIIT: Vodka + Tequila + Rum + Gin + Triple Sec + Lemon Juice + Carbonated : Shake WELL
Green Sangria   Based on green alcohol and green spices, Yerba buena, Mint, Peppers, Sage...
Ginger Sangria   Either make Ginger juice or let ginger cuts stand in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours...
White Sangria   White wine, white rum, clear colors, lots of ice...
Rosemary Sangria   Heat water and rosemary until boiling, then simmer for 5 minutes. Cool then strain out the rosemary. Mix with pineapple juice and ginger ale right before serving.
Sherry Cobbler   First of all know the Types of Sherry before ordering this drink: Amontillado, Fino, Oloroso. 3.5oz of Sherry, 1 tbsp Sugar, 3 Orange Slices. Mix Orange + Sugar + Sherry + Crushed Ice and Shake. Garnish with mint and straw. Varieties of Clobbler with Lemon, Cranberries, Raspberries. Drink it here at the SSSFFF.
Bloody Mary  

Garnish with lemon, carrot, celery

Vodka, Tomato Juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, Piri Piri sauce, Beef Consomme, Bouillon horseradish, Celery, Olives, Cayenne, Salt, Black Pepper, Lemon juice and Celery Salt



Cosmopolitan Fresh Vodka 1.5 Vodka, 0.5 Cointreau, 1.0 Cranberry juice, 0.25 Lime Juice, Dress with Zest. Shake thoroughly, strain ice, serve cold.
Mojito/Julep Fresh Citric 6oz Rum, 4tbsp Sugar, 6 tbsp Fresh Lime Juice, 15 Mint Leaves, Club Soda. Mix all ingredients with ice, serve in a tall rounded glass, top with club Soda. Mystery ingredients: (a hot spice). Julep substitutes Rum with Bourbon.
Black Russian Vodka Vodka + Coffee Liquor
Cuba Libre Rum Rum + Coke (sponsors?)
Orgasmo   Amaretto+Vodka+Kahlua+Cream
Glow Drink 1 Glow in the Dark Pea Flower Tea + Rum Coconut + Blue Curacao
Glow Drink 2 Glow in the Dark Gin/Vodka + Tonic + Sweet Mix
Glow Drink 3 Glow in the Dark Blue Food Coloring + Energy Drink + Vitamin B + Rum/Whiskey/Vodka
Glow Drinks Glow in the Dark Chlorophyll + Guanine + Absinthe + Tonic Water + Club Soda + Food Coloring....
WHISKY   40-90% alcohol Fermented Grain Mash Aged in Oak (Roble)
Bourbon   Corn Mash >50% corn, Distilled at 160proof and aged at 125.
Scotch   Barley Mash

Rye (centeno, familia del trigo y cebada) (pumpernickel, knackebrod)(vodka)

Irish   From Ireland... we'll wait to go to Ireland to characterize this alcohol.
Kiwi RUM RUM Drink
  • 2 oz. ron blanco o mejor si es dorado
  • 1 kiwi entero, maduro y sin cáscara
  • 4 oz. jugo de piña
  • 1 oz.syrup
  • ½ oz. de Cointreau
  • Pica el kiwi en pedazos y muele manualmente con una espátula o mortero de tragos hasta que quede tipo puré.
  • Luego mezcla todos los ingredientes y enfríala con hielo en un shaker o pasándola por dos vasos con hielo.
  • Después sirve en un vaso de coctel echándole también el hielo y los pedacitos de kiwi o sírvela en un vaso de Martini, cuelas el hielo y la fruta.
  • Adorna con una rodaja de kiwi.
  • Ref:


Soda Water    
Orange Juice    
Grapefruit Juice    
Lemon Juice    
Cranberry Juice    
Triple Sec    
Bacardi Rum  
Palo Viejo Rum  
Barcelo Rum  
Don Q Rum  
Ron Crystal Rum  
151 Rum  
Anise Rum Rum  
Amarreto Rum Rum  
Spiced Rum Rum  
Cachaca Rum  
Jagermeister Liquor  
Ginger Liquor Liquor  
Mint Liquor Liquor  
Ron Cana Liquor  
Absolute Vodka Vodka  
Smirnoff Vodka Vodka  




2 oz Prosecco, 1 1/4 oz Aperol, Splash of Soda water

Khalua Coffee Liquor  
Bahia Coffee Liquor  
Tia Maria Coffee Liquor  
Cafe Granita Coffee Liquor  
Bayleys Coffee Liquor  
Coco Lopez Mix  
Citric Mix Mix  
Kapali Coffee Liquor  
Dewars Whiskey  
White Label Whiskey  
Black Label Whiskey  
Jack Daniels Whiskey  
Cointreau Liquor  
Passoa Liquor  
Brandy Liquor  
Cognac Liquor  
Blow Torch    

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The CHEMISTRY TABLE: Atoms yield Organic Systems:to the complexity of Organic Systems: An attempt was made to maintain a Vertical Organizational Structure in increasing complexity: (of the system): that is Atoms are before Molecules, before Organic Molecules and before Thermodynamic Reactions. Thermodynamics. Although not strictly enforced the hierarchy will make searching for terms more easily. SSSFFF will be updating the table format as we work to improve site navigation. SSSFF hopes the table will help people find useful information by association. All input is greatly appreciated! Write to, we'll gladly answer any questions or take feedback to improve your experience within The Forest.

Atomic Structure
What is an Atom?

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The Structures of both Atoms and Galaxies show observable motifs directing the attention of observers to the dynamics of the observable universe, which is Infinite.

Are there more Atoms in the Periodic Table that we do not know of?

When where atoms observed for the first time? What are the earliest conceptions of atomic and subatomic interactions.

Particle-Wave Duality. Massless Particles.

Electronic Structure, VSEPR

n: principal quantum number: 1,2,3,4

l: 0s, 1p, 2d, 3f orbital. S: 0, P: -1,0,+1

m: for p subshell (-1, 0, 1)...

s: spin: angular momentum

s p d f


2 2

3 3 3

4 4 4 4

5 5 5 5

6 6 6

7 7

Effective Nuclear Charge

#protons - nonvalence electrons.

Higher Nuclear Charge = Smaller Atomic Radius.


Periodic Trends

The Periodicity of Elemental Structure:

Electron Affinity vs Electronegativity vs Ionization Energy

The Periodic table is not a square table ;

Atomic Radius increases down a Column and to the left in a Period.

Ionization Energy increases to the right in a period and up in a column. Helium has highest ionization energy.

Electron Affinity: Increases to the right in a period and up in a column. Generally it increases up in a column, ex Cl vs F

Electronegativity: Increases up a column and to the right. FOClNlBrISCH:decreasing order of electronegativity

Electron Affinity follows trend of Electronegativity, generally increasing as a more stable structure is formed when an electron is gained. Ionization energy is the energy required to remove an electron from an atom. Electronegativity with respect to an atom in a molecule.

Lattice energy is the energy released when a crystal is formed from its constituting ions. e.g. Na+ Cl- → NaCl(s). The ionic bond is stronger as the charges between atoms is larger. Al(OH)3 is insoluble in water because of large lattice energy

Acidity increases to the right in a period and down a column. It is related to the stability of the anion. As the size of the anion is increased charge can become delocalized easier.

Periodic Exceptions

Cl has higher electron affinity but lower Electronegativity than F because of electron pair repulsion in the valence shell.

Transition metal: When d-block elements form ions, the 4s electrons are lost first.

Vanadium has a higher melting point than Cr. Generally melting point is increased to the right within a period because of london/induced dipole forces.

V:[Ar] 4s2 3d3; V3+[Ar] 3d2

Cr has a half filled d level [Ar] 4s1 3d5

Cu: [Ar] 4s1 3d10

Au: has only one valence electron:

Ag: [Kr] 5s1 4d10


21Scandium and 22Titanium:

1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d1 ,

1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d2


Charge, Ionic and Polyatomic Ions, Ionic Strength; Hydrogen Bond, Electronegativity, NH4+, PO4-3, SO4-2, ate-ite

Covalent Bonding Hybridization, Geometries sp3, sp2, sp Carbocation has sp2, trigonal planar geometry
Hydrogen Bonding: Dipole Moments

FON: A hydrogen bonded to a electronegative halogen can Hydrogen bond with another electronegative halogen. This can occur intramolecularly within short distances, around 1 C-C length.


Acid and Bases: Reduction Oxidation Reactions:

Lewis Acid, Bronsted Acid, Lewis Base, Bronsted Base,

Buffer, K, pK, Strong vs Weak Acids, Titration, Hydrolysis,

Electrolytic Cell, Anode Cathode, Galvanic vs Electrolytic Cell, Reduction Potential.


Arrhenius Acids yield H+.

If a substance accepts a pair of electrons to form a covalent bond it is condsidered a Lewis Acid.

Reducing Agents: Reductor: Reducer: looses electrons: LiAlH4, H2.

Metals act as electron donors giving off ions in solution.Then it is said that the metal has been oxidized. Fe(s) → Fe++ + 2e-. Substances that are oxidized act as REDUCING AGENTS.

Reducing Agents are oxidized. Oxidizing Agents are Reduced.

Oxidant = Oxidizing Agent = Oxidizer

Reductant = Reducing Agent = Reducer. Reducers gain Electrons given by the Reducing Agent that has been Oxidized (donating electrons).

LiAlH4 + 4 H2O → LiOH + Al(OH)3 + 4 H2

CARDIO Base: Charge-Atomis size-Resonance-Dipole Induction-Orbital: more negatively charged species are more basic, larger atoms with negative charges are more stable weaker bases, more resonance more stability, sp3 more basic than sp2...

NADP+ + H+ + 2e- → NADPH

NADP+ accepts electrons from water. This is a reduction. NADPH is the reducing agent.


Acidity and Melting Point are not related.

Larger atoms are more acid because they can form more stable anions.



Oxidation: Gain of O, Loss of e-, Loss of H+



Arrhenius Definition


Arrenius Acids : Donate H+

Arrhenius Base: Accepts H+

Compounds ionize in solution (water only).


Lewis Definition


Lewis Acid accepts e- pair: Electrophile: Trigonal Planar BR3 with empty p orbital. H+ is a LA.

H+ + NH3 → NH4+ . Carbonium is electrophilic thereby a strong LA.

Strong Lewis acids are electron deficient. Strong Lewis Bases are electron rich.

Lewis Acid Base Pair

Lewis Base donates nonbonding e- pair: H-, F-; are nucleophiles

Basic Amino Acids: Lys, Arg, His.

Conjugates of Strong Acid/Base have no effect on pH:


Bronsted Lowry Acids increase H3O+, Bases Increase -OH  
Conjugate Acid/Base Pairs

To find the conjugate base of an acid, take off a H+

HCl is a strong acid. Cl-, its conjugate base has no effect on pH. Acids dissociate completely. The more stable is the anion the more acid is the molecule.

NH4Cl: NH4+ is the conjugate acid of weak base NH3

Weak base NH3, conjugate acid NH4+ strong acid.

acid + base = conjugate acid + conjugate base

Strong Acids: HNO3, H2SO4, HCl, HClO4, HBr, HI

SuperStrongAcids: HFSO3-SbF5

other scales beside pH are used to measure SSA.

Corrosiveness NOT EQUAL to Strength = HF

Ka vs pKa

COOH has a pKa of 4 - 5

The lower the pKa the higher the Ka. Low pKa are acidic. High pKa are basic.

When pKa and Ka are equal the compound is in equilibrium and the slope of titration curve is linear.





From Nerst to Current Trends



Electrostatic Energy

Lattice Energy

kQq/r vs F =k(q1q2)/r^2

ΔU = ΔH - p ΔV

Gauss Law: I = EAcos(-)

F = qvB sin(-)

F = qE

Coulomb's law k = 9E9 Nm^2/C^2

Electric field lines move out of the positive charge and into negative charges.


A dipole aligns so that the positive lines are into the negative and out of the positive. The positive end of the dipole will be aligned with the electric field lines.

Charge moving in a circle: F = qvB = mv^2/r ; if qvB = mv^2/r the charge is spiralling in. if qvB = mv^2/r the charge is curving.

Current Carrying Wires:

F = qvB sinθ = (it)vB sinθ = (it)(L/t)B sinθ = iLB sinθ

A negative Force means that charges are attracting.


CURRENT TRENDS: Conventional Current Flow is Opposite to Electron Current Flow. Arbitrarily the current flows out of the short battery symbol into the circuit.

The Current in a Parallel Circuit is Split at Ramifications like water flow.

The current in a Series Circuit is Steady. What drops is the voltage (like water pressure).


Resistors in series are linearly additive. They function like one resistor.

Electrolytic Cell

E(cell) < 0, the reaction is spontaneous and happens in a galvanic cell.

Faraday's law

E(cell) = E(oxidation) + E(reduction)

Galvanic = Voltaic Cell

Two pure metals connected by a salt bridge.

Oxidized species + e- = Reduced Species

Metal cations induce reduction of metals in other cell. So the more positive Oxidation Potential Metal gives off electrons from the Anode to the other metal Cathode. Zn + Cu2+ → Zn2+ + Cu . In a galvanic cell of Zn and Cu electrodes. The Zinc electrodes looses mass as electrons go to Cu2+ and Zn++ goes into solution.

Ionization Energy increases to the left and down a column. +
Difference between Electrolytic and Galvanic Cell    
Capacitor U = (1/2)CV^2  
Laws Ideal Gas, Boyle, Charles, Avogadros: Henry, Raoult, Arrhenius, Hess, Zeroth, First Law, Second Law, Rate Law, Le Chatelier, Faraday, Newton's First, Newton's Second Law, Dalton's Law  

Kinetic Theory of Gases

k = R/Na

Partial Pressure, Mole Fraction

STP: 0C, 1atm

Boyles law: PV = k: inverse proportionality P1V1 = P2V2

Charles law: V/T = k: direct proportionality: V1/T1 = V2/T2

Avogradro's Law: V1/N1 = V2/N2

Dalton's Law: p = xP also vi = V * pi/P

Henry's law pi = k ci: pi is the partial pressure of the solute.

"At a constant temperature, the amount of a given gas that dissolves in a given type and volume of liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of that gas in equilibrium with that liquid."

Raoult's law: p = p* x; p* is the vapor pressure of pure component.

Raoult vs Henry: Henry is more related to solute, Raoult to solvent: When the solvent is in a great quantity the constant of proportionaliy is the partial pressure of the solvent.

Real Gas Law, Van der Waals \left(p + \frac{a'}{v^2}\right)\left(v-b'\right) = kT  

Molarity: kg / L

Molality: mol / L

Normality: meq / L

Molar Volume at 0C and 1atm = 22.4L/mol

f = Av


Mass Effects Return Home Surface Tension  

Colligative Equations


Solubility vs T, P.

Osmotic Pressure: Solvent moves across a semipermeable barrier from high concentration to low concentration. The pressure difference across the chambers is the osmotic pressure.

Chaotropic agents: increases solubility of non polar. (Alcohol, Urea, Lithium acetate). Denature proteins by increasing hydrophobic solubility.

Kosmotropic increase water-water interactions. Stabilizes intermolecular protein interactions thereby preventing aggregation. (Mg2+, Li+1, Zn2+), mostly small positive ions). Ammonium sulfate.


Surface Tension

Mechanical Properties of Liquids



All 1A metal salts are water soluble

All NH4+ salts are water soluble

All NO3--, ChH3O2-, ClO4- , are water soluble. KNO3

SO4 -2 sulfate

PO4 --- phophate

Complex Ion formation, solubility

Common Ion effect

Silver salts are insoluble in water with the exception of silver nitrate, silver acetate and silver sulfate.

Chlorides Bromides Iodides, are soluble with the exception of AgCl2, PBCl2, HgCl2

Base Solubility: Ca(OH)2 is soluble.

Group 1 and NH4+ salts are soluble

Group 2 MgO, metal oxides are insoluble.

Sparingly soluble salts derived from weak acids tend to be more soluble in an acidic solution.

Which of the following insoluble salts—AgCl, Ag2CO3, Ag3PO4, and/or AgBr—will be substantially more soluble in 1.0 M HNO3 than in pure water?

Answer: Ag2CO3 and Ag3PO4

Good Reference:

Buffers Tritration Curve Effect  

Ksp describes Saturated Solutions.

Ksp= [Ba2+][CO32-] = 5.1 x 10-9


Heat Effects

Conduction, Convection Radiation, Work, Rankine Scale, Absolute Scale, Conservation, Decay, Half Life

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Bond Dissociation


Endo, Exo, Enthalpy, Heat Capacity, Specific Heat, Entropy, Gibbs Free Energy, Spontaneity, Heat of Fusion, Heat of Vaporization

Zeroth Law, First Law, Second Law.

Heat of Hydration

Thermodinamically favorable. Solvation releases heat.

First heat is required (ENDOTHERMIC) to break up an ionic crystal lattice. The hydration step is exothermic.

Think of Dissolving Salts, is it Exo/Endo Thermic?
Heat of Combustion

Energy released when a compound is completely combusted with O2 under 1atm, 298K.

Ciclohexane has lowest heat of Combustion per CH2 group.

Heat of Formation

Standard States 1atm of gas, or elemental solid. at constant T 298K, P 1atm.

Sum of all the bonds broken and all bonds formed from elemental atoms or molecules in their standard state.

Le Chatelier In an equilibrium reaction the mass of a species, temperature, or pressure can shift the equilibrium concentrations to favor an increae of products or reactants. Reference:

ΔG is negative. Standard Reduction Potential is positive E0.

ΔG = -RTln(K); ΔG = -nFE

Kinetic Effects    
Catalysis, Enzymes,

Reaction Order,

Reaction Rate

Rate Determining Step



Enzyme-Catalysed Reactions Display Saturation Kinetics.

increasing substrate concentration means an increasing rate at which the enzyme and substrate molecules encounter one another.

Enzymes lower Activation Energy. Enzymes do not change the Thermodynamics of a Reaction.


Alpha particles: He nucleus: 2 protons, 2 neutrons

Beta particles: +/-

Beta Decay: neutron decomposes. Beta decay is usually B(-)

B(+): Nucleus converts a proton into a neutron and a positron.The positron is liberated. Atomic number decreases. Occurs when the isotope has too few neutrons.

B(-): electron is liberated. Atomic number is increased. Neutron is decomposed into electron and proton. Electron is referred to as B particle.

Electron Capture EC: Electron meets Proton and is converted into a Neutron. Mass number replicates but proton number is reduced. Element change.

Gamma Radiation: Eergy emmtted as Electromagnetic Radiation.

Alpha particles are very destructive. 4/2. They are quickly absorbed by skin.

c = 3(10)^8 m/s


Wave Duality, Wave Properties, Amplitude, Intensity, Superposition, Resonance, Diffraction, Refraction, Harmonic Motion, Pendulum, Differential Movement

Materials Sciences

Solids, Density, Thermal Expansion, Viscosity, Magnetism, Force Direction, Coulomb, Ampere, Field Line, Charge Distribution, Insulation,



L = I𝛚 → [Angular Momentum] = [Moment of Inertia]/[Angular Velocity] [Angular Momentum] = L
[Moment of Inertia] = I
[Angular Velocity] → 𝛚 = dϴ/dt
around the axis of rotation

Linear Velocity → 𝛎= r𝛚

Centripetal force F = -mv^2/r

Momentum p = mv; m = Δ P / Δ t

Impulse I = Ft

Hook's law F = -kx

Momentum is always conserved: in elastic and inelastic reactions momentum is conserved.

In Inelastic collisions Kinetic Energy is NOT conserved. Kinetic Energy is lost.

Sound Waves

Transverse Wave: Displacement of medium is perpendicular to direction. A transverse wave can only occur in the surface of a liquid, not in its body. TW can occur in solids.

Longitudinal Wave: Displacement of medium is along direction of motion.

Sound can be represented as a Longitudinal wave.

Light can be represented as a Transverse Wave.

Δθ = λ / d
Half Life N= No(1/2)^(t/t(1/2))  

Current, Voltage, Resistance, Ohms, Resistivity, Capacitance

Circuits, Capacitor, Dielectric, Power, Circuits in Series, Circuits in Parallel

V = IR

I = Δ Q / Δ t

P = VI = RI^2



B = [Ns/Cm] = Force/ ChargexVelocity

Ohms Law is used to calculate Voltage Drop across a resistor.
How do you know the Magnetic Field is Perpendicular to the Electric Field?    
Applied Effects —°µ    
Hydrostatic Pressure, Surface Tension, Bernoulli's Equation, Flow Profiles    
Normal Force, Vectors


Perfectly Inelastic p = (m1 + m2) v


Theta = arc length/ radius


2pi/360 =

Refer to spreading equation of light and sound. The spreading is proportional to the wavelength of the emitted wave over the distance of the orifice of emission.
Power Units: Watts: [W]→ P = VI = V^2 R  
Energy Work Units: Joules: [J]  
Potential Energy



PEg= -GmM/r

ΔPE=qDeltaPHI: electric lines point in the direction of the lower electric field.


Force Fspring = -kx  
Waves Light, Polarization, Refraction, Diffraction, Doppler Effect  

Interference, Young's Double Slit, Laser, Color and Energy

Angle of Incidence = Angle of Reflection with respect to the normal. The angle is often referred with respect to the Surface. Index of Refraction n = c / v. n1 sin( 1) = n2 sin(2). Internal reflection occurs when light travels from a medium of lesser light speed to greater light speed (greater n to less n)

Because the index of refraction of red and blue light is different the eye cannot focus on red and blue light coherently.


Visualize Water.
Magnetism Direction and force of charge in Magnetic Field.  
Resistance Resistance is added in series.  



Parallel Voltages are equal. Voltage is a Potential Difference

V = I R

Galvanic and Voltaic cells

Electrolytic cells drive nonspontaneous reactions.



Current, Voltage, Resistance, Resistivity p = RA/L, Capacitance

RMS Voltage, RMS current.




Capacitors in series are 'parallel added'



(1/f) = (1/i) + (1/o); Magnification: M= -i/o; Focal length (f) is 1/2 radius of curvature: f = r/2;

Lens Power: [Diopters] = 1/f

Snells law: n sin () = n sin ()

Concave Mirror: Real (always Inverted) image small, larger to underfined, Virtual larger image

Convex Mirror: Virtual Erect smaller image. The

Cocave Lenses are Diverging.focal length is (-) for a diverging lens. Diverging Lenses form only Virtual Images. Virtual Images are upright so their magnification value is (+)

Mirror 1) beyond C 2) at C 3) between C and f 4) at f 5) in front of f

Inverted, Reduced,

gradually increasing in size as you move farther

Inverted, Equal Inverted, Larger no image

Upright,Larger, gradually reducing size as you move closer




Gradually INCREASING in size as you move CLOSER

Diverging. Convex mirrors and Concave lenses NEVER form Real Images.

Real images can be cast on a Screen?

f is positive for a concave mirror and negative for a convex mirror.

All real images are inverted and all virtual images are upright.

How does the image of a Concave Mirror change as you move closer?

Optics: Eye Correction

Myope: Nearsighted: cannot see far away. Light focuses in front of retina. Divergent lenses are needed.

Hypermetropy: Farsighted: cannot see close. Light focuses behind retina. Convergent lens needed.

Converging Lens  
Nomenclature of Alkanes

1. Take longer chain

2. Number the carbons of the parent chain from the end that gives the substituents the lowest numbers. When compairing a series of numbers, the series that is the "lowest" is the one which contains the lowest number at the occasion of the first difference. If two or more side chains are in equivalent positions, assign the lowest number to the one which will come first in the name.

3. If chains of equal length are competing for selection as the parent chain, then the choice goes in series to:
a) the chain which has the greatest number of side chains.
b) the chain whose substituents have the lowest- numbers.
c) the chain having the greatest number of carbon atoms in the smaller side chain.
d)the chain having the least branched side chains.




sp is 50% s character which is less energetic than p. This results in increased acidity.

SP2 Hibridization: Trigonal planar geometry. Free p electron. Nitrogen in a cycle. Nitrogen in a cycle has the free pair projected outside the plane in trigonal planar geometry, sp2 hibridization.

SP Hibridization examples: triple bonds.

Exceptions: BH3 is sp2 hybridized.

CO2: sp with 180'

Formal Charge


FC = V- (N + B/2); e.g. NH4+:

Nitrogen has a +1 formal charge (5- (0 + 8/2) = +1)

Oxygen in NO2- : 6 - (4 + 4/2) = 0

Formal Charge of Phosphoric Acid.P=0, hibridized sp3

FC = Valence - (alone bond pairs - half of bonding electrons)

5-(0+10/2) = 0

Degrees of Saturation

(C2n+2 - H) / 2; example BuckyBall C60: (122 - 0) / 2 = 61

Nitrogens count as 0.5C

Oxygen does not count.

Halogens count as Hydrogens.


Additional Equations exist that result for degrees of unsaturation.

Shortcut: Double bond = 1deg of unsat.

1 triple bond = 2 deg of unsat

1 cyclic molecule = 1 degre of unsat

Functional Groups

BP: Alkoxide>Carboxilic acid> Alcohol>Ether>Alkane

BP Amines: Amonium Salt>Primary;Secondary, Tertiary

Amines basicity is increased with electron donating groups. Secondary amines are stronger bases than primary amines. Imine R=N-H

Chirality Geometric Isomers: cis-trans  
Stereoisomer: 2^n: Chemical Formula Stereisomeric. R, S  
Enantiomer R to S, RR to SS, SR to RS  
Diastereomer RS to SS, SR to RR  
Optical Activity: +/- indicate physical bend of light. R/S only indicate imaginary rotation. Diastereomers and Racemic Mixtures are NOT optically active.

Constitutional Isomers: Ortho ./ Para : Molecular formula Isomeric with different connectivity.

Configurational (R), (S): differe in bond configuration.

Rotamers: Conformational Isomer.

Regioisomer: Different starting material configuration give different structuraly isomeric products.



Acidity S-S-C-P-A-alpha-SP-SP1-SP2-SP3: ""

Contributing structures with delocalized electrons in free p orbitals.

The contributing stuctures are not equal. The structure that locates the charge in the more electronegative atom is more stable.

Resonance contributes to increasing acidity by stabilizing the negative charge of conjugate bases.
Hydrogen Hydrogen Proton H+, Hydride ion H: -1  
Heterolytic Hydrogen Cleavage The electron pair of the bond goes to identical atom.  
Homolytic Hydrogen Cleavage each electron of the bond goes to a different atom. Radicals are stabilized by electron donating groups. Peroxides give antiMarkovnikov products with alkenes.  
Radical Reactions





Radical Stability: Alllylic and Benzyllic Radical are comparable. Vinyllic Radical has higher bond energy because the double bond in more electronegative.

Stereochemical Considerations

Br2 vs Cl2: Selectivity; ratio of products

Good Reference:


Increases going down the periodic table F- < Cl- < Br-< I-;

Increases to the left across a period CH3-> NH2- > OH-

Nu: are Lewis Bases. Donate protons.








Solvent: Polar Aprotic DMSO, DMF, MeCN, Dimethyl Ketone, Acetone: Polar Aprotic Solvents stabilize Carbocation. Polar Aprotic solvents cannot bond with Nu:

[Adjust], most stable carbocations. Racemization Likely so result is either a racemic mixture or diastereomer.

3ry>2ry: Carbocation is formed. Reaction Rate = k [electrophile]

Weak Nucleophiles Favor Sn1


Alcohols and Alkyl Halides undergo substitution reactions.

Solvent: Polar Aprotic DMSO,DMF, MeCN, Acetone,

Polar Protic Solvents favor E2 over SN2.

Polar Aprotic Solvents Favor SN2 over E2.


Pointer: Rule Out Possibilities: if you see a protic solvent rule out Sn2...



Solvent: Hydrogen Bonding Solvents

Reaction Rate = k [Haloalkane]



Polar Protic Solvents favor E2 over SN2.

STRONG Base Favors E2 because: base can deprotonate to free a pair of electrons.

Reaction Rate = k [Haloalkane] [Base]

Antiperiplanar proton


Reminder: "Protic = Pi = double bonds use a Pi bond"



Reaction Rate


Stability of Intermediate

Strength of Nucleophile



Markovnikov more stable carbocation is formed. H and CH3- migration  
antiMarkovnikov less substituted alkyl bromide bond is formed. HBr/hv with Peroxides
Hoffman Rule    
Zaitzeff Rule priority  
Molecular Geometry    
Trigonal Bipyramidal  

Organic Acids


Henderson Hasselbach

pH = pKa + log [A-]/[HA]

low pKa = High Ka = Strong Acid. If pH < pKa: Protonated.

If pH > pKa: BASIC, Unprotonated

A proton becomes acid when the bond breaks heterolytically.

Homolytic Bond Breaking: Homolysis: the bond breaking kcal/mol is higher = requires more energy. Electron pairing in heterolysis stabilizes.

Alkene Reactions    
Alkene HaloAlkane Addition Markovnikov, Not Enantioselective.  
Alkene HaloAlkane Addition with Peroxide

Gives Halogenated less substituted haloalkane.


Alkene Hydration Acid Catalyzed

Gives Alcohol

Pi bond is protonated initially, forming a carbocation.

Alkene Oxymercuration/Demercuration

Gives Alcohol. Markovnikov.

Pi bond is protonated initially, forming a carbocation.

Alkene Hydroboration

Give Alcohol


Alkene DiHalogen X-X Attack

Sn2: Trans Product

Reaction proceeds by instant (-) polarization of 𝛑 bond by X-X

Reaction can yield Halogenated and -OH groups. -OH is Markovnikov.

Alkene Epoxide Formation

Gives Epoxide and Carboxylic acid.

Followed by acid or base hydrolysis to give Diol.

Alkene Oxidation with KMnO4

Gives cis-Diol

trans diol with peroxy acid.

Alkene Hydration (Reduction) (cis or trans)

Gives Alkane.

H2 with Ni, Pd, Pt. cis addition. Lindlar Catalyst with dopant stops reaction at alkene.

trans addition is with Na, NH3

Recall Reduction.
Alkene Ozonolysis

Gives Ketones.

Reactant O3 + Zn in H20

Aromatic Compounds

Aromaticity: Huckel Number: 4n + 2; Cyclic, free p orbital with a Huckel number, flat and planar.

Can be accomplished via Cyclic Delocalization , Resonance, Conjugation

If an electron like Oxygen is in the bond we only use one pair of electrons for aromaticity

Examples: Purine, Pyridine, Thymine

Good Reference:
Aromatic Electrophilic Substitution

The Benzene ring is succeptible to electrophilic attack. Heat is required because the ring is 𝛑 stabilized.

Ortho/Para: have lone pair of electrons on the atom bonding the ring. with the exception of alkyl R.

-NO2 is a META deactivator


Activators have free electrons in the atom bonded to the benzene ring: -NH2, -OC6H5, -OR, -O(-)

OrthoPara Deactivators: Cl, Br, I are deactivators

Deactivators increase anion stability upon protonation: acidity is increased.
Aromatic Diels Alder

Concerted Formation of Cyclic Compounds from conjugated diene.

Dienophyle = alkene or alkyne



Ketone Reactions

Keto/Enol Tautomerism

Acid Alpha proton

Ketones do not undergo substitution reactions.

Beta keto Acid. Beta keto ester.

Ketone Formation from Secondary Alcohols with Chromate Oxidation.
Ketones: Acetal

Cyclic Contains 2 ketones

Biologicaly Important.

Ketones: Hemiacetal

Cyclic Contains 1 ketone

Biologicaly Important

Ketones: Imines   Convert the Carbonyl to an Imine
Ketones: Aldol Condensation

"one ketone bond is conserved and bonds with a double bond through the alpha carbon, after dehydration, so the carbonyl oxygen of the ketone that does not have alpha hydrogen is lost.

study mechanism


Acyl Group Carboxylic Acids> Acyl Halide, Acid Anhydride, Ester, Amide

Acyl derivatives interconvert to lower reactivity.

Acid Halide > Acid Anhydride > Ester > Amide

less hindered carbonyl is more reactive.

Carboxylic Acids

Acetate CH3 COOR

Acidity Order: HC l> Carboxylic Acid > Substituted Phenol > diketone > ketone

Bases Deprotonate to give COO- Salts

Carboxylic Acids:

Nucleophilic Addition Elimination

electronegative groups allow attack at the Carbonyl and serve as good leaving groups.  
Carboxylic Acids Transesterification: Alcohol + Carboxylic Acid gives Ester.  
Ester are neutral in solution.  
Ester Hydrolysis

Nucleophilic Acyl substitution : Addition Elimination : Saponification

Acid and Basis Catalyzed

Inorganic Esters Central Carbon P, S. Contain more than one double bond. See reaction of PBr3 with 3ROH -> H3PO3 + 3RBr

Reductive Amination: Amines Attack of Ketones to yield 1,2,3ry substituted Imines that are Reduced with H2/Pd to Amines.

Amines to Alkenes via HoffMann Elimination: Less substituted alkenes.


Acid Base Reactions with Carboxylic Acids

Basic Leaving groups decrease reactivity of Acid Chlorides with respect to Anhydrides> Esters>Amides

Hoffman Rearrangement: Amides are converted to Amines

Imines   Schiff Base R1R2C=NR3

Sugars, Proteins, Fats, Metabolism, pKa, Anomeric Carbon

See SSSFFF Biology

Good References:


Fructose, Glucose, Ribose

LOOK at chirality FARTHEST from C1 to determine L/R.

Sucrose: Glc + Fru: Alpha-1,2

Lactose: Gal + Glc: Beta-1,4

Maltose: Glc + Glc: Alpha-1,4

Cellobiose: Glc + Glc: Beta-1,4

Glycogen: α 1-4

EPIMERS are NEVER Enantiomers. Epimers differ only in one stereogenic center that IS NOT the last chiral carbon. Alpha/Beta epimers: Alpha = Axial, Beta = Equatorial

HAWORTH Projection: Beta is UP!!!



D, L

Aldohexose vs ketopentose, vs aldotriose (threeOHgroups)

ketohexoses (6OH and 1 C=O)

Anomeric Carbon: cyclic: opposite the CH2OH outside the rinh

C1 orientation

Hexoses Glucose  



Sulfur Containing Molecules Mesylate, Triflate, Tosylate  

All natural Amino Acids are L, amphoteric

Carboxylic pKa aprox 2. Amino Group pKa aprox 10


Form salt to become water soluble: Carboxilic acids are extracted with weak bases.

NaHCO3 is better than NaOH because it destabilized aromatic structures.


10 Enzymes Everyone should know

Glycogen Phosphorylase


Glucose 6-Phosphatase


Hexokinase / Hexose / Dehydrogenase / Oxidase




Cytochrome Oxidase


Reactant List HNO3 EAS Activator
Br2 + FeBr3 (heat) EAS Bromination
H2SO4 (heat) EAS Sulfonation
Friedel-Craft RCOCl + AlCl3 (heat) EAS Aryl Ketone
Friedel-Craft RCl + AlCl3 (heat) EAS Alkylation
Hg(OAc) in Water then NaBH4 Alkene Oxidation to Markovnikov Alcohol
BH3 in THF then H2O2 Alkene Anti Markovnikov Alcohol
KMnO4 cis Diol
OsO4 cis Diol
PCC Anhydrous Oxidant: 1ry Alcohol to Aldehydes
CrO3/ H2CrO4/Cr2O7-2/CrO3 Aqueous Oxidants: 2ry Alcohol to Ketones

NaBH4 in EtOH

Reductor of Carbonyl
LiAlH4 in Ether (aprotic) Reductor of Carbonyl
NaH, KH Hydride bases
Grignard RMgBr in Acid Reductor of Carbonyl + R
RLi Reductor of Carbonyl + R
Wittig Phosphonium Ylide Reductor of Carbonyl to Alkene
  NaOH/H2O Acid

Aldol Condensation. Base attacks Alpha proton.

Beta Hydroxyl Carbonyl or Alpha/Beta unsaturated Carbonyl

  NaOH / KOH Saponification
  SOCl2 Inorganic Ester reactions.
  NaHCO3 Extraction of Carboxilic Acids
  10% HCl Extraction of Amines
  Tosyl Chloride Stabilizez anion charge in COO-, H leaves
  Wolf-Kishner Reduction  
Molecules to know Furan, Pyran, Toluene, Naphtalene, Phenanthrene  
Polymer Chemistry    
Elastic Properties Elastic Limit  
Thermal Expansion Coefficient    
Detection Techniques Detection IR  



3600-3200 -OH

3300 Amines (OH broadest, NH sharper)

3000 C-H

2300 - 2100 C---C or C---N

1700 C=0 (Carbonyl, Carboxylic Acids)

1650 C=C

Chromatography Separation of derivatized diastereomers. Enantiomers can be reacted with a known stereochemistry comp.  








Wet Column


Also referred to as Gravity Column Chromatography




TLC R factor: Polar molecules are retained by Silica, so have smaller R f.  
Size Exclusion Chromatography SEC Large Elute First.

Size Exclusion, gel permeation chromatography or gel filtration chromatography. separates particles on the basis of molecular size (actually by a particle's Stokes radius). It is generally a low resolution chromatography and thus it is often reserved for the final, polishing step of the purification. It is also useful for determining the tertiary structure and quaternary structure of purified proteins. SEC is used primarily for the analysis of large molecules such as proteins or polymers. SEC works by trapping these smaller molecules in the pores of a particle. The larger molecules simply pass by the pores as they are too large to enter the pores.



Electrophoretic mobility. Native proteins, or denatured. Structured or unstructured, .

SDS is anionic detergent to linearize proteins and give negative charge. Even proportionation of charge to mass, so particles are sorted by size. Membrane hydrophobic proteins are difficult to treat with sds. Silver Staining.

Scintillation counting

Iodomelatonin in the presence of selective antagonist for the receptor

We have pharmacologically characterized recombinant human mt1 and MT2 receptors, stably expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO-mt1 and CHO-MT2), by measurement of [3H]-melatonin binding and forskolin-stimulated cyclic AMP (cAMP) production.

[3H]-melatonin bound to mt1 and MT2 receptors with pKD values of 9.89 and 9.56 and Bmax values of 1.20 and 0.82pmolmg−1 protein, respectively. Whilst most

Whilst most melatonin receptor agonists had similar affinities for mt1 and MT2 receptors, a number of putative antagonists had substantially higher affinities for MT2 receptors, inclu ding luzindole (11 fold), GR128107 (23 fold) and 4-P-PDOT (61 fold).

In both CHO-mt1 and CHO-MT2 cells, melatonin inhibited forskolin-stimulated accumulation of cyclic AMP in a concentration-dependent manner (pIC50 9.53 and 9.74, respectively) causing 83 and 64% inhibition of cyclic AMP production at 100nM, respectively. The potencies of a range of melatonin receptor agonists were determined. At MT2 receptors, melatonin, 2-iodomelatonin and 6-chloromelatonin were essentially equipotent, whilst at the mt1 receptor these agonists gave the rank order of potency of 2-iodomelatonin>melatonin>6-chloromelatonin.

In both CHO-mt1 and CHO-MT2 cells, melatonin-induced inhibition of forskolin-stimulated cyclic AMP production was antagonized in a concentration-dependent manner by the melatonin receptor antagonist luzindole, with pA2 values of 5.75 and 7.64, respectively. Melatonin-mediated responses were abolished by pre-treatment of cells with pertussis toxin, consistent with activation of Gi/Go G-proteins.

Mass Spectroscopy

Base Peak is the largest peak. It is fragmented.

Parent peak is the ion of the molecule without fragmentation.

Uncharged molecules are not detected.

More fragmentation produces smaller peaks.

Quantitative and Qualitative: The m/z ratio

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Electron donating are shielding, Electron Withdrawing are deshielding.

Left axis has larger number. So deshielded protons appear to the left=downfield (-RCOOH). Shielded protons appear to the right (H-C-CH3x3)

1-propyne vs 1 propene: s haracter is less shielding.

ORDER: Aldehyde and Carboxylic- Aromatic- Vinillyc--- Halogen, ether, allyl, alkyne, benzyllic .


Allylic proton is very deshielded.

Memorize the 6-8ppm region is Aromatic.

Geminal Methyl Groups are identical.

Good Reference:

C NMR Height of Peak proportional to number of H attached to C.  

Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay

Antibody binds antigen-Wash-Enzume Linked antibody-Wash-Color Change


Vulcanic Chemistry


Tectonic Plates

Nazca Plates


Hotspots, Magma, 700C to 1600C, SiO2, Fe, Mg, 2200-2800kg/m3, IDDP magma geothermal energy generator

Phreatic vs Phreatomagmatic vs Magmatic Eruption

Magmatic Eruption: Decompression of Gas

Phreatic Eruption: Superheated Water Expansion

Phreatomagmatic Eruption: Compression of Gas within Magma


Mount Pele in St Pierre, Martinique exploded in 1903 killing 30k.

Tools for Earthquake Prediction:

Thermal tools: Heat

Chemical: Vulcanic Chemistry, Water Quality and Gas Composition

Nuclear: Particle Counters through volcanic Mass

Mechanical: Earthquakes and Sound waves.

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K Ca                 Ga Ge As Se Br Kr
Rb Sr                 In Sn Sb Te I Ke
Cs Ba                 Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn
Fr Ra                            

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  One Arcminute is equal to 1/60 of one degree. One Arcsecond is equal to 1/60 Arcminute. So One Arcsecond is equal to 1/3600 of a degree.  
  One degree is 1/360 of a circle. One Arcminute is (1/60)(1/360)=(1/21600) of a Circle. 1deg=3600arcseconds;  
  To complete a circle of 360deg, with a frequency of 500arcsec/century will take (360)(3600)/500 centuries.  

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Some Units (unsponsored) (unsponsored) (unsponsored)

Design Planning and Qualification

Initial Stage of Project Engineering. Originated by Site Engineers. Units are requested to Sales Engineers to adjust User Requirements.
User Requirements Specification URS

Site's performance and capacity needs for the unit.

Contraints on Performance.

Validation Master Plan

Draft of Planned qualification activities. Includes upstream, downstream process logistic impacts. It is presented to QA for revision and approval. It also included expected completion dates for IQ, OQ, PQ.

Outlines commitments to be met on the Validation Report.

Change Management Informs Quality Assurance of changes to existing process documentation. It is carried out in agreement with QA officials and involves thorough checks of impact to production schedules and to final product characteristics.
Commissioning Processs of Identification, Performance Optimization, and Vefification of new process units or of retrofit repair work on existing units.
Sales Engineering Sales Engineer provide the units that sites buy. They also customize the unit to fit space, voltage, performance and size requirements. All sale documentation is included as evidence in the Installation Qualificatin as part of the Transfer Protocol Binder.
Intallation Qualification (IQ) Documentation to support the unit's structural, electrical and mechanical parts. No performance parameters are checked during this qualification. IQ may be merged with SAT.
Operational Qualification (OQ) Documentation to Support Operational parameters: Upper and Lower Operational Limits. Tests Include Optimization of Process Parameters and Multiple Mass, Temperature, Pressure, and Flow Loadings.

Performance Qualification Qualifies unit under process manufacturing conditions. A minimum of 3 lots are run.
SOP Edition Protocols of Calibration, Operation, Maintenance, Data Access, Repair work are drafted and approved by QA.
Routine Meetings Daily, Weekly, Monthly, meetings to update project status.
Deviations Deviations are oftern encountered under executions. Deviations are investigated and corrected prior to a subsequent qualification run.
Reports Progress Reports are Expected to Update Site Managers on the progress of work and any Remaining Issues to be addressed.
21CFR11 Compliance Traceability, Data Management, Storage, Recovery and Backup of Information. It make electronic records supplant paper record and allows for electronic data record to be legally binding by authorizing signatures.
CSV Computer System Validation. Equipments possesing data storage and data processing need to be qualified per 21CFR part11.
Inputs Checklist of Inputs
Outputs Checklist of Outputs
Software Changes Existing Modifications and Updates per User Requirements
Hardware Changes Existing Modifications and Updates per User Requirements
Final Installation Checklist As Is Unit Installation Checklist.
Personnel Training Final Stage. Operator, Technicians and Engineers are Trained on proper operation of unit As Is.








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Oral Solids Sterile Products & Medical Devices
HVAC requirements for GMP
Design to Qualify, EconomicsQualification and Risk
IQ - OQ - PQ
Wrap UpAir Filter References

GMP References

Design References

Qualification References

HVAC system concepts
HVAC system-critical parameters

Cleanroom air classifications and explain how they are applied
Role of HVAC in protecting products
Examine typical HVAC system designs utilized for bulk, oral solid dosage, sterile, biopharmaceutical, and packaging and warehousing operations
Understand the basics of process laboratory HVAC
HEPA filter theory, application, monitoring, testing, and repair

HVAC maintenance requirements


Tests Description
Airflow Volume / Velocity Readings Assures that both unidirectional and non-unidirectional flow areas are properly balanced and unidirectional zones are maintaining proper air patterns

Room Air Exchange Rates States if the area is meeting its design airflow
HEPA Filter Integrity Testing Tests HEPA filters and system for leaks
Non-viable Particle Counting Reports the amount of airborne particulate of a specified size in the clean zone
Temperature / Relative Humidity Testing Examines whether the air HVAC controls are functioning properly and uniformly
Pressure Cascade Monitoring Verifies that room differential pressures are operating according to design
Air balancing Adjusts airflow in the air handling systems to achieve design airflow, room air exchange rates, and pressure cascade

Airflow Visualization Testing Qualitatively verifies airflow direction using a source of visible fog
Viable Environmental Monitoring Samples both the air and surface for microbe enumeration and identification
Compressed Gas Testing Assures that the compressed gas sources meet the requirements of the controlled environment for contamination and microorganisms



References: [cGMP], Institute of Environmental Sciences Technologies [IEST], and International Organization for Standardization [ISO].


Waste Water Systems

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Typical Water Management Systems used by manufacturing and power plants include the following processes:






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Are you managing an unmaneagable process? What are the bottlenecks? Personnel, Systems, Budget, Seasonal Variations, Publicity, Vendors?

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PROJECT TRACKING:Conceptualization-Planning-Initiation--Evaluation-Closing-Monitoring; Concept on Paper-Concept on Plastic, Planning; Funding-Capital Costs-Acquisitions. Closing-Output-Handover-Long Term Support-Contract Closing: Documenting Deliverables-Lessons Learned-Possible Improvements

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: What is Project Management (PM)? What do Project Managers(PMN) do? Are you a Project Manager? Please share your perspective with us. Write to us!

Project Management (PM) does not deal with "Business as Usual", PM deals with projects or with tasks that have a beginning, middle and end, and evolve over the course of time until the project is handed over to a client.

PMN balance Budget, Time, and Money and Staff in the phases of Planning/Initation, overseeing Execution and Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Closing.

PMN execute in different ways under Information Technology, Biotech, or Construction. Generally PMN deal with Scheduling, Tracking, Budget Control, Risk Management, Strategizing, Quality Management, Workflow Control, involving Resource Allocation, Human Resource Management, Material Resource Management, and Time Management.

Identify Deliverables: Benchmarks

Draft Project Plan:

Draft Project Checklists: Outline all Tasks needed to complete the project and check tasts as they are completed.

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Value Management

This post is about learning the basic fundaments about calculating Value, reducing losses, and understanding the constraints related to project management. The list will not be exhaustive, however, with your help this list can be refined and sharpened to focus on the more salient or pertinent calculations regarding this matter.
Most projects can be managed with tracking sheets but Engineering Projects involve short term and long term Predictions on the impact of expenditures on the overall budget and these considerations that employ predictive tools for forecasting and planning. These calculations have imminent effects on the final physical structure and often lead to drastic project overhaul or expansions. It is why computational power

Planned value (PV):The approved budget for the work scheduled to be completed by a specified date; also referred to as thebudgeted cost of work scheduled(BCWS). The total PV of a task is equal to the task’s budget at completion(BAC)— the total amount budgeted for the task.

Earned value (EV):The approved budget for the work actually completed by the specified date; also referred to as thebudgeted cost of work performed(BCWP).

Actual cost (AC):The costs actually incurred for the work completed by the specified date; also referred to as the actual cost of work performed(ACWP).

Schedule variance (SV):The difference between the amounts budgeted for the work you actually did and for the work you planned to do. The SV shows whether and by how much your work is ahead of or behind your approved schedule.

Cost variance (CV):The difference between the amount budgeted and the amount actually spent for the work performed. The CV shows whether and by how much you’re under or over your approved budget.

Schedule performance index (SPI):The ratio of the approved budget for the work performed to the approved budget for the work planned. The SPI reflects the relative amount the project is ahead of or behind schedule, sometimes referred to as the project schedule efficiency.You can use the SPI to date to project the schedule performance for the remainder of the task.

Cost performance index (CPI):The ratio of the approved budget for work performed to what you actually spent for the work. The CPI reflects the relative value of work done compared to the amount paid for it, sometimes referred to as the projects cost efficiency. You can use the CPI to date to project the cost performance for the remainder of the task.

Schedule and cost variances and performance indicators are defined mathematically as follows:

Schedule variance (SV) = Earned value (EV) – Planned value (PV)

Cost variance (CV) = Earned value (EV) – Actual cost (AC)

Schedule performance index (SPI) = Earned value (EV) / Planned value (PV)

Cost performance index (CPI) = Earned value (EV) / Actual cost (AC)

The final step when assessing task performance to date is to update what you expect your total expenditures will be upon task completion. Specifically, you want to determine the following:

PM: ISO3100 RISK MANAGEMENT Risks are about events that, when triggered, cause problems or benefits. Any event that may endanger achieving an objective partly or completely is identified as risk.

Identification: Once risks have been identified, they must then be assessed as to their potential severity of impact (generally a negative impact, such as damage or loss) and to the probability of occurrence.

Assessment: Once risks have assessed, all techniques to manage the risk fall into one or more of these four major categories:

  • Avoidance (eliminate, withdraw from or not become involved)
  • Hazard Prevention: Prevent or Mitigate Emergencies: Identify sources of posible events that may trigger an emergency
  • Reduction: (optimize – mitigate):
  • Sharing: Transfer, Outsource,Insure)
  • Retention (accept and budget)
  • Implementation and Review: Evaluate whether the previously selected security controls are still applicable and effective

    Prioritizing therisk management processestoo highly could keep an organization from ever completing a project or even getting started.

    Risk Analysis Tools:

    Fault tree analysis (FTA)

    Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

    Hazard and operability study (HAZOP)

    Risk traceability analysis

    Tracking Tables

    Identify (Source Risk) Analyze Response Control (Monitoring
    ID Description Category Probability Impact Added Days Status of Response Response Cost Total Cost
    x Chiller Efficiency Drop Utilities 0.01 High 4 Chiller Maintenance Pending $x,xxx.xx USD $x,xxx.xx USD

    Project Plan Template 1

    Scheduling Risks Template 1

    Methodologies and Project Life Cycles 1

    Project Management Certifications

    ENGINEERING TRENDS: PROJECT LIFE CYCLE Maintaining Structure vs Control: Planned Structure vs Regulated Chaos, vs Working under pressure vs Working without support or planned structure. Projects are literaly works in domestication... release the Kraken, and go get Excalibur to tame the beast, sometimes without support and in the best instances flowing with the right team work. We'll explore some keys in maintaining structure when the work environment tilts towards chaos and unpredictability.

    Do you really need MS Project?


  • Recruit, interview and select staff and/or volunteers with appropriate skills for the project activities.

  • Keep personnel documentation private and confidential. Avoid unauthorized personnel access to employee files.

  • Establish key policies and guideliness for "business conduct" in all aspects of the organization, from the parking lot, to attire, to work functions outside of the project site.

  • Track personnel development and provide Career Tracks to ensure Vertical Development of Human Resources.

  • Identify when external sources like Consultants and Contractors are needed.
  • ENGINEERING TRENDS: PROJECT LIFE CYCLE: Maintaining Structure vs Control: Planned Structure vs Regulated Chaos, vs Working under pressure vs Working without support or planned structure. Projects are literaly works in domestication... release the Kraken, and go get Excalibur to tame the beast, sometimes without support and in the best instances flowing with the right team work. We'll explore some keys in maintaining structure when the work environment tilts towards chaos and unpredictability.

    Do you really need MS Project?




    ENGINEERING TRENDS: QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Trends in Administrations systems, philosophical differences between QMS, Hierarchical and Organizational Differences.

    Drug Manufacturing Quality Documentation: Managing a Drug Manufacturing Site requires precise control over all steps that impact the Identity, Purity, Efficacy, and Quality of the product. The high level of precision requires that manufacturing tasks are well understood by personnel and these tasks are not limited to steps making the drug product. Control requires ALL areas to provide the highest standards of as required by local and international standardizing and regulatory bodies.

  • Water Management

  • Air Management

  • Waste Disposal
  • Raw Chemicals
  • Manufacturing Instruction
  • Product Specification Sheet
  • Intermediate Process Chemicals
  • Finished Products
  • Imported Manufacturing Materials
  • Imported Packaging Materials
  • Packed Finished Product
  • Cafeteria Food
  • Pest Control
  • Automation Control
  • Environmental Control
  • Personel Security
  • Document Security
  • Patient Information
  • Data Storage
  • Data Analysis
  • Manufacturing Instructions
  • Laboratory Protocols
  • Health and Safety
  • Incident Reporting
  • Natural Disasters Coordination

    Have you covered all aspects of the working site? Are you missing an area? Would you imagine working in areas where tasks were not defined? Documentation needs to describe the areas, processes, machines, units as well as steps, calculations and precautions.

    There are many more areas that require precise documentation to provide the rigor and control required to produce a high quality chemical product.

    In order to produce and control such documents facilities have document management systems that provide easy access to employees. Employees become familiar with the tasks before executing them and with these documents employees are Trained-and-Tested to provide a level of proficiency prior to execution. These documents are "Living Documents", what this means is that once drafted the documents are not destroyed. Instead they go through a lifetime of changes and these changes however minor are docmented and tracked within the document so people reading the document can see the changes to the document through revisions.

    Changes do not become effective until 75-85% of all employees have been trained on the changes. So after rigorous control it is expeced that changes howere impactful or minor are taken into account by all employees driving continuous improvement.

  • PROCESS TRENDS: PROCESS TRANSFORMATIONS: A -> B, A + B -> C + A + B, A + B -> C + D etc. understanding the fundaments of chemical change, from stoichiometry to physicochemical separators to catalysis, mutations, and nuclear transformations.

    PROCESS TRENDS: SYNTHESIS: CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS: How to control reactions in vessels, Stirred Tanks, CSTR, Continuous Flow and Batch Synthesis. Catalysis, absorbtion, adsorption, External vs Internal Controls, Simulations, Scale up - Scale down, Units of Control.

    PROCESS TRENDS: SERIALIZATION, GLOBAL HARMONIZATION: Packaging, Stacking, Monitoring, Storage, Shipment and Control.

    Global harmonization


    PROCESS TRENDS: INSPECTIONS Auditing, Requirements, Compliance and Remediation Engineering.

    New Medical Products

    What considerations are needed to Manufacture a New Product

    New Drug Application

    New Dietary Supplements

    New Biomedical Devices

    New Drug Application

    Investigational New Drug

      Investigational IND includes:

    • Animal study data and toxicity (side effects that cause great harm) data

    • Manufacturing information

    • Clinical protocols (study plans) for studies to be conducted

    • Data from any prior human research

    • Information about the investigator

      Permissions to transport drugs across state boundaries.


      Medical Review

    New Drug Application

    Drug Patent

    Laboratory Data, Patient Data

    Clinical Trials 21CFR312

      Drugs Medical Devices
    Phase 1

    Tested on Healthy Patients

    Maximum Tolerated Dose. Safety, Dose threshold, Biological Therapeutic Effect

    Size of Population <100


    Phase 2

    Tested on Patients with the Condition

    Side Effects


    Phase 3

    Tested on General Population Volunteers

    100-1000 Patients

    Comparing Placebo and Current Therapies to New Therapy




    New Dietary Supplements

    Dietary Supplement Information for Industry

    New Biomedical Devices

    Therapeutic Biologic Application (BLA)



    International Medical regulations

    European Medical Agency

    EDQM European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare

    Japanese Pharmacopoeia

    Japan Medical Devices

    Japan Medical Regulations




    Storage and Handling of Chemicals

    Maximum Allowable Quantities

    International Fire Code

    Ladder Supports and Clearances

    Voltage Requirements and Related Ground Faulting

    Laminar Flow Hood Qualification

    Clean Room Qualification



    Fire Management Consulting: Prevention, Planning, Rescue Operations, Hazard Identification, Communication Protocols, Adherence and Enforcement of Policy are all elements of Fire Management

    Goals(General): Prevent Injury, Preventl loss of Life, Prevent loss of Property

    Objective (Metrics): Prevent ocurrence of fire and explosion (#). Provide Means of Escape (t). Contain, Control and Suppress fire and explosion origins. Decrease total number of work related casualties (h). Decrease total number of loss work hours. Decrease total number of work related injuries. Increase the level of safety by introducing added meeasures of protection in each task performed.

    Fire Prevention Plans must be kept in writing and must be communicated orally to all personnel.

    Establish a Storage and Handling Zone. Isolate zone from heat sources at least 35ft away. Consider mass transfer of vapors. Consider also temperature effects that may volatilize liquids far away from a heat source.

    Isolate the Handling Zone from electric conduction by grounding the casing.

    In the Event of a fire Understand the Elements of the Fire Triangle and how to isolate the heat source from the oxidant, or how to lower the temperature of the fire.

    Know Fire Chemistry: Stoichiometry, LEL, UEL, LFL, UFL, Heat of Combustion, Latent Heat, Heat of Vaporization, Conduction, Convetion, Radiation, Reid Vapor Pressure, Ignition energy, Ignition Temperature, Heat Value, BLEVE, Vapor Cloud Explosion, Overpressure, Backdraft, Flashover, Flash Point,

    Causes of Explosions: Spark, Arc, Heat Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Deflagration, Collision, Friction, Nature, Chemical Reaction, Nuclear Reaction

    Two Types of Explosion: Deflagration vs Detonation

    Effect of Pressure and Temperature on the LEL and UEL. The Flash Point is the lowest temperature and pressure at which a vapor/liquid may spark or ignite.

    Explosions are divided into two different categories. Deflagration and Detonations, both invove equilibrium procesess of a gas, an oxidizer, and heat in a medium undergoing expansion. Deflagrations occur with mass transfer at low velocites directed at the reaction zone wheras Detonations are violent and the expansive gas is the reactive zone.

    Design Considerations: Spacing, Protocols, Procedures, Sewage Control, Diking, Housekeeping, Tool Inspections, Heat source elimination, area desinations, Training.

    Fire and Electricity: Eliminate Arc, or Sparks by using rated currents far from the boundary limits for conduction or arcing of current. Ground, and Bond equipment, tanks, storage bins, Understand Charge dissipation, Capacitance, Resistivity, Induction

    Understand Fixed and Portable Fire Protection Systems (OSHA29CFR1910.160): Extinguishing Agent, Nozzle, Piping, Control Pane, Alarm, Detector, Visual and Audible Warnings. Semianual inspections, Desired extinguishing concentrations shall be dispensed under 30seconds.

    Fire Extinguishers: Located every 75ftA/D fire, 50ftBfire, when close to a flammable liquid storage area. 1 Fire Extiguisher per 3000sqft of building area.

    Fire Extinguishing Materials
    Substance Supresses Capacity
    Water A Fire  

    B/C Fires:

    Oil Fires

    Gas Fires

    Electrical Fires

    22, 9, 7, 5, 3kg.
    Ammonium Phosphate ABC Fires 10, 5, 1kg
    Sodium Chloride C Fires dry powder only
    Sodium Carbonate C Fires dry powder only


    PPE Capacities
    Fire Hose   100gpm-1000gpm
    Fire Truck    
    Dry Chemical   Hydrostatic Test 6 years


    PROCESS TRENDS: AUDITING Supply Chain, Vendors, Internal Auditing



    Develop Cost Reduction Strategy

    Develop Service Requirements:
    Material Specifications for product, packaging, and labeling
    Testing requirements
    Quantities required
    Shipping Timeframes

    Vendor List: QA Screens Vendor List for Compliance issues from FDA, Recalls and Warning Letters. Operational Licenses, Certifications, Company Structure, Data Management and General Operational Qualit of the Vendor is Rated by QA.

    Vendor Selection: Involve a Cross Functional Team: R&D, Engineering, QA, Corporate. Material selection impacts directly product quality and company identity. All players should be involved in detecting vendor strengths and weaknesses.

    Perform Facility Audit: Confirm strategic, logistic and productio infrastructure is present. Note any Structural issues that may affect product characteristics. Address long term manufacturing plan with site leaders to ensure no manufacturing changes will impact your supply.

    Develop Quality Agreement: Agree that changes in the manufacturing process or issues related to FDA inspections are reported and prevent their impact in your manufacturing process. Ensure that CAPAs, OOS, Customer Complaints are reported and addressed.

    Monitor Qualification Status: Re-qualification process and on-site audit




    Certifications: QUALITY: ASQ: Master Black BeltTrains and coaches Black Belts and Green Belts. Functions more at the Six Sigma program level by developing key metrics and the strategic direction. Acts as an organization’s Six Sigma technologist and internal consultant. Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) Understands Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including the supporting systems and tools. Demonstrates team leadership and understands all aspects of the DMAIC model in accordance with Six Sigma principles. Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB)Supports a Six Sigma Black Belt by analyzing and solving quality problems and is involved in quality-improvement projects. Six Sigma Yellow Belt(CSSYB) Has a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge of Six Sigma, whether as an entry level employee or an executive champion. ref ASQ




    Key words: Safety, Identity, Strength, Quality, Purity... Quality Control Unit...Batch Records Controls, Uniformity,Complaints, Surfaces not reactive, additive, absortive; Sanitization vs Sterilization; Justification of Deviations; Pyrogen, Containers, Second Person Verificatin, In-process testing; Bioburden, Time limitations, Reprocessing, 100% Visual/electronic Inspection. Tamper-Evident, Laboratory, Stability Testing, Release, Warehousing, Reserve Samples, Laboratory Animals, Records and Results. Are we now experts? Certainly not! Compliance is an ongoing Business, and Ongoing opportunity to correct everyday problems, new products require new solutions and as technology evolves, new facets require polishing by regulatory compliance. Quality is by Design!

    CLEANING VALIDATION: The following bullets come from the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists:

    The pointers are considered voluntary guidelines:


  • Sterilization: Absence of Bacterial growth. Sterility Assurance Level of 1 in 1,000,000 contamination probability. Exponential bacterial elimination
  • Dvalue = Dose required to eliminate 90% of all microorganisms. Relates to microorganism resiliency. Log of Surviving Organisms vs Time.

  • Methods of Sterilization: Moist Heat, Dry heat, Gas, Radiation, UV, Gamma, Filtration.

  • Lethality Factor F: measure of capacity to kill bacteria as a function of temperature
  • 121C
  • 132C Metals: Passivation layer preservation. Less micro fractures, less water deposition.
  • Logarithmic Cycle Reduction (LCR) – A commonly used measure of the efficacy of a sterilization process, it is the decimal logarithm of the ratio of the initial count (N0) of a well defined micro-organism (NR) after the sterilization process has been run. 0 10 log R N LCR N =
  • Aseptic Zone – The aseptic zone includes all direct and indirect product contact pathways and surfaces that must be brought to a condition of commercial sterility prior to the start of filling operations. Pictures, drawings, and schematics may be used to document the aseptic zone.
  • Spore Kits.

  • Count Reduction Test – The Count Reduction test is based on knowing the initial count on the inoculated carrier/substrate and then recovering and enumerating the number of microorganisms that have survived the sterilization process. This method requires the presence (recovery) and enumeration of surviving test microorganisms. The experiment should be designed so that the colony forming units are in the countable range when the target LCR is achieved. Absence of surviving organisms indicates that the target LCR has been exceeded.
  • End Point Test – The End Point test is based on exposing inoculated carriers/substrates with known initial counts to the sterilization process, incubating the carriers/substrates using appropriate methods (e.g., media and growth temperature) and observing for growth of surviving microorganisms. A binary response—growth or no growth—is obtained, where “no growth” implies sterility of the sample. Estimation of mean survivor load is done using statistical tools when several replicate samples are available, some of which show growth. This method can also be applied to a single inoculated sample; in that case, no growth (sterility) of the sample is required for the test to be considered successful though the uncertainty associated with the binary information should be taken into account.

  • Multiple thermocouples throughout chamber (not inside product containers) to determine effect of load configuration on temperature distribution temperature distribution for all loads using all container sizes used in production should be tested –position of thermocouples should be documented Slowest to heat/cold spots in each run should be documented, inlcuding the drain –repeat runs should be performed to check variability temperature distribution profile for each chamber load configuration should be documented
  • Heat Penetration Studies to detect the maximum and minimum temperature within all loads
  • All parts of each load must be on contact with steam
  • Need to determine lowest and highest temperature locations and slowest and fastest to heat locations (measured inside product containers)
  • Need to consider all variables such as container size, design, material, viscosity of solution and fill volume. Container with maximum fill volume and slowest to heat solution should be used
  • Maximum and Minimum load configurations for each sterilization cycle using routine cycle parameters
  • Biological challenge studies
    • Used when Probability of Survival approach is used
    • May not be necessary when cycle is > 121°C for 15 minutes (except US and Australia)
    • Biological indicators (BI) containing spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus are most commonly used (considered “worst case”).
    • BIs containing other organisms may be used
    • performance studies based on product bioburden require a considerable amount of work
    • BI should be placed throughout the load, adjacent to thermocouples, at “cold spots” and slowest to heat locations (identified during heat penetration studies)
    • any growth is unacceptable unless processing errors demonsrated
    • Each sterilization cycle must be monitored
    • temperature, time and pressure recorded
    • temperature recorder independent from cycle controller
    • second independent temperature recorder
    • drain temperature should be recorded
    • chemical and biological indicators (if applicable)
  • Altitude and environmental temperatures may impact the effect of kill kinetics (humidity, barometric pressure, environmental temperature, and dew point) for newly installed and relocated systems, even if they were validated elsewhere (e.g., tropics vs. arid or sea level vs. high altitude).

    Identification of Critical Factors and Operational Ranges. The performance of the sterilization process is linked to the maintenance and control of a set of defined critical factors:Parameters to evaluate as critical factors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Relative humidity (e.g., dew point)
  • Elevation
  • Chemical sterilant concentration
  • Sterilizer flow rate (e.g., high pressure hot water)
  • Sterilizer residence time/contact time
  • Sterilizer phase characteristics (e.g., vapor, liquid, spray, fog, or mist)
  • Radiation intensity and dose
  • Piping and ductwork design
  • Presence of optional components or devices such as head space injection
  • Activation timing of valve actuators, pumps, heating elements
  • Transition to next state of operation
  • Chemical sterilant removal
  • Package splicing
  • Surface tension
  • Interruptions, short stops and jams
  • Effect of concurrent practices (e.g., product path sterilization concurrent with aseptic zone sterilization)

  • Identification of Worst Case Conditions 6.5.1. Microbiological validation testing is often conducted under a pre-defined set of realistic operative conditions under which the sterilization process is expected to be the lowest. 6.5.2. Critical factors of the sterilization process must be defined with the appropriate values or levels at which the factor is critical to the process that delivers a commercially sterile system or package. 6.5.3. Points to consider when establishing the worst case condition include, but are not limited to: • Limiting values, both high and low, for identified critical factors • Permitted variation ranges for critical factors/parameters inclusive of the procedures (e.g. calibration) and instruments used to assure that the permitted variation is not exceeded. • Allowed manual operations or interventions • Interactions among critical factors, other variables and conditions, resulting in a reduction in sterilization process delivery
  • Interfaces between the aseptic zone and ancillary equipment • Interfaces between different sterilization processes within the aseptic zone • Sterilant contact time • Loading and speed of conveying systems through the package sterilization process and into the aseptic zone of the filler • Motion of conveying equipment • Hot and/or cold re-start of equipment • Ramp-up and ramp-down • Changeovers, including product and package • Brand new versus aged machines • Presence of remnant containers in the aseptic zone, partial rolls • Splicing of rolls, longitudinal seal strips • Idling in a sterile mode – limits before re-CIP and re-SIP 6.5.4.
  • The worst case condition is not necessarily setting all critical factors and other sterilization parameters to the allowed minimum (e.g., temperature) and maximum (e.g., throughput) values.
  • 6.5.5. Note that the alarm structure on the filling machine under study might prevent the machine from running in the established worse case conditions. In such a case, the relevant alarms should be disabled until the validation is completed. This would require alarm verification to be conducted or repeated at the end of a successful microbiological validation.
  • Outline of a Microbiological Challenge Test
    • 6.3.1. Identify critical factors and operational ranges. (See 6.4) 6.3.2.
    • Define the worst case conditions for the sterilization process and the specific filler and package being validated. (See 6.5) 6.3.3.
    • Identify the locations/boundaries in the aseptic zone and package surface to be challenged, for example, pictures, marking a P&ID or other equipment drawing. (See 6.6-6.8) 6.3.4.
    • Develop a protocol for the validation testing (See 6.9) that addresses the following:
  • The test methodology that will be used for each sterilization process is defined. (See 6.9.1) The target organism is identified and the desired LCR is established. (See 6.9.2)
  • The test microorganism (surrogate), including resistance to the specific sterilization process being validated, is characterized. (See 6.9.3) The expected LCR of the test organism is defined. (See 6.9.4)
  • The suitable carrier or substrate being used is identified. Note that different carriers may be needed in some locations or due to differences in sterilization processes. (6.10.1)
  • A suitable inoculation method is developed. (See 6.10.2)
  • The appropriate inoculation load is determined. (See 6.10.3)
  • Inoculated carriers are placed in predetermined locations. (See 6.10.4)
  • Microbiological recovery methods are defined and the actual load of the test microorganism on the carrier/substrate is determined. (See 6.10.5)
  • Culture media, incubation temperature considerations are made.
  • Set aseptic filling machine and package sterilization processes to predefined worst-case conditions for the validation test.
  • Execute the validation tests.
  • Recover the exposed carriers or packages and determine the outcome of the test based on the microbiological validation method chosen. Tailing and inactivation effects due to the presence of residual sterilant should be confirmed as not being present. 6.3.8.
  • Document results.
  • Confirm identity of any recovered microorganisms (may be dependent on method selected).
  • Repeat replicate studies as defined in the protocol.
  • Analyze the data.
  • Inoculation Method Methods such as spraying or depositing drops may be used to directly inoculate carriers and surfaces. When selecting a method, the following points should be considered:
  • LogD vs T: da Z. para un log10 reduction de D
    F(12D)= Kill time 12 fold reduction of known



    Use on: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, Thermodegradable or Thermosusceptible materials.




    SAL of 10^-6

    Probability of a viable micro-organism present on the device must be equal to or less than 1 in a million.

    One in a million (or less) devices are expected to remain contaminated after terminal sterilization.

    A sterility test on 10-100 samples isn’t even close to reliably measuring a failure rate of 1/1,000,000 devices.

    CFU Unit of Viable bacterial or fungal cells reproducing by Binary Fission
    [kGy] absorbed units / unit mass
    D10 [kGy]

    1 log reduction on viable count.

    90% reduction of total count.

    Sample Item Portion Proportion of Sample manipulable in a laboratory.
    Sterility Test



    selected sterilization doses of 25 kGy and 15 kGy. The method for 25 kGy is applicable to products having an average bioburden less than or equal to 1,000 CFUs (colony forming units) per device. The method for 15 kGy is applicable to products having an average bioburden less than or equal to 1.5 CFUs per device.

    VDmax Method: Justification for a sterilising dose of 25 kGy or 15 kGy Bellow is an example of the procedure for the VDmax 25 method on multiple production batches

    1- Obtain product samples The product samples must be representative of routinely sterilised products.

    2- Determine the average microbial load of 3 batches of 10 pieces

    3- According to the table of ISO11137-2, determine the verification dose

    4- Conduct verification dose experiments; irradiate 10 products at the verification dose and perform a sterility test on each of the products

    5- Interpret the results: Accept the 25 kGy sterilisation dose if 0 or 1 of the 10 pieces is positive. Conduct verification dose confirmation experiments if 2 are positive. Do not accept the verification if there are more than 2 positives 40 products are required for this method. This method is only viable for validating sterilising doses of 15 or 25 kGy.

    Method 1

    1- Select the sterility assurance level (SAL) and select 10 product samples from 3 independent production batches (or 30 samples)

    2- Determine the average microbial load of the 3 batches of 10 items (method based on ISO 11737-1)

    3- Obtain the verification dose (referring to table 5 of ISO11137-2)

    4- Conduct verification dose experiments on 100 irradiated pieces (method based on ISO 11737- 2)

    5- Interpret the results

    6- Establish the sterilisation dose based on the results (maximum of 2 positives out of 100 pieces) 130 products are therefore required for this method. The advantage of this method is that it enables any sterilising dose to be validated.

    Method 2A

    Method 2B

    1- Select the sterility assurance level (SAL) and obtain samples of the product (at least 280 samples for 2 independent production batches) The product samples must be representative of the products routinely sterilised.

    2- Conduct the incremental dose experiments; irradiate 20 pieces at incremental doses of 2 kGy beginning with the 2 kGy dose and using at least 9 values. This is to be done for each of the 3 batches involved. Perform a sterility test on each of the products.

    3- Conduct verification dose experiments; irradiate 100 pieces at the verification dose and perform a sterility test on each of the products

    4- Examine the results 5- Establish the sterilising dose based on the results

    Performance Qualification (PQ)

    Product PQ: carried out under the supervision of the product manufacturer. This determines compliance of the sterilization process on the product.

    1) Dose Mapping: The first step of the validation is to verify that every product in the sterilization container receives a dose complying with the specifications (for example 25-40 kGy). As the dose received by the products can depend of the density of the products and their position in the sterilization container, before performing the dose mapping validation, the product loaded patter shall be established. With this product loaded pattern, dosimeters will be placed to measure the dose received by the products at different points of the sterilization container.

    2) Validation of the sterilising dose: This part of the product PQ makes it possible to validate the minimum irradiation dose required to sterilise the product (i.e. to guarantee a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6). 3) Validation of the maximum dose: This part of the validation procedure verifies by means of various kinds of tests that product characteristics are not degraded by irradiation, even at the maximum dose.


    How can you determine that a new process is in control?


    • Process Performance Qualification:establishing documented evidence that the process is effective and reproducible.
    • Product Performance Qualification:establishing documented evidence through appropriate testing that the finished product produced by a specified process(es) meets all release requirements for functionality and safety.


    Analytics, Mechanistics, Statistical Mechanics, Risk Analysis, Severity, Probability, Detection. Risk Analysis, ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, SAS, MATLAB, GREEN BELT, BLACK BELT, 3.4/10^6, SCAR, DFSS: QdB: DMAIC: define-> complete task. Big Data, ANOVA, P-Value, Gauge R&R, Test Method Validation,



    (USL- Avg.)/3σ or (Avg. - LSL.)/3σ

    Engineering Tolerance / Natural Tolerance

    Processes in control are close to Cp = 2.

    This parameter tells you what is the "process spread" assuming that manufacturing is normal.

    Cp shows whether the distribution can potentially fit inside the specification

    A high Cp tells you that variation in output is low around process specification.

    Uses Subgroup Variation.


    Cpk = Min(CpU,CpL)

    Ability to produce outcome within specification

    Desribes how mean is centered within Specification. Shows whether the overall average is centrally located.

    Cpk=2 means your width can grow 2 times before going OOS

    Cpk can never exceed Cp.

    Cp can be seen as the potential Cpk if the overall average is centrally set. If Cp is 1.20 and Cpk is 0.69. This shows that the distribution can potentially fit within the specification. However, the overall average is currently off center. The Cpk value does not state whether the overall average is offset on the upper or lower side.

    Cpk=1.0), a process will produce approximately 99.73% good product or .27% bad product. At Cpk = 1.33.the process will manufacture approximately 99.9937% good product or .0063% bad product.



    (Upper Spec - Lower Spec) / 6 sigma


    (USL- Avg.)/3σ or (Avg. - LSL.)/3σ

    Uses Overall Variation


    Ppk = Min(PpU,PpL)

    Sshould be close to Cpk if process is stable and variation is small.

    Estimator of process control before process has been controlled, usually when process has output a low number of products Ppk is used to determine how "in control" a process is.


    Accuracy = Xbar - X

    Residuals = Difference between observed and Estimated value

    P/T = 6sigma / USL - LSL  
    P/T < 0.1 Acceptable  
    0.1 < P/T < 0.3 Marginaly Acceptable  
    P/T > 0.3 Unacceptable.  
    Repeatability: Equipment Variation EV  
    Reproducibility: Appraiser Variation AV  
    R&R= (EV^2+AV^2)^(1/2)  
    Part Variation PV = R*K  
    Total Variation (TV) = ((R&R)^2)+(PV)^2)^(1/2)  


    Nelson Rules

    Special Variation Rules:

    Rule 1: 3std from mean

    Rule 2: 9 consecutive points above or below mean

    Rule 3: 6 or more points continually increasing or decreasing

    Rule 4: 14 or more points continually oscillating.

    Rule 5: 2 or more points are consecutively more than 2std from mean in linear of defined linear direction.

    Rule 6: 4 or more points are consecutively more than 1std from mean in linear or defined linear direction.

    Rule 7: 15 or more points are consecutively within 1std from mean.

    Rule 8: 8 points are out outside of 1 std deviation from mean in both directions.

    Tolerance Difference between the USL and LSL.
    Confidence Interval

    "We are 95% confident that our interval will contain the sample mean of the population... that is to say that we are 95 times out of a 100 finding the mean of the population within our confidence interval and 5 times out of a 100 we are not. 95% speaks about the process of finding the confidence interval and has Nothing to do with the mean of the population"

    Reference 1

    Reference 2

    Power of Test


    Increase: Required Sample Size, n; Detectable Difference, between the mean under H0 and H1, µ0 − µ1 ; Level of significance, α;

    Decrease: Variability

    Gauge R&R

    Gauge R&R is a test of variance between the effect of The Part, The Operator and the System

    • Whether your measurement system variability is small compared with the process variability.
    • How much variability in the measurement system is caused by differences between operators.
    • Whether your measurement system is capable of discriminating between different parts.

    Variation = Vpart + Vgauge(R&R)

    Crossed R&R: Xbar and R

    Crossed gage R&R study
    A study in which each operator measures each part. This study is calledcrossedbecause the parts are measured by each operator multiple times. To perform a crossed gage R&R study in Minitab, choose Stat>Quality Tools >Gage Study > Gage Study (Crossed).
    Often, you will use a crossed gage R&R study to determine how much of your process variation is due to measurement system variation.
    Nested gage R&R study
    A study in which only one operator measures each part, usually because the test destroys the part. This study is called nested because one or more factors is nested under another factor and, thus, not crossed with the other factors.
    Expanded gage R&R study
    A study in which one or more of the following conditions exists:
    • More than two factors, usually, operator, gage, and part
    • Fixed or random factors
    • Both crossed and nested factors
    • An unbalanced design

    resolution= Sigma/Mu
    Accuracy : long term average : Xbar - X
    Accuracy: Linearity/Bias
    Precission: long term variability


    Nested R&R: 1op,

    Gauge Run Chart by Operator

    Repeatable: Instrument
    Reproducible: Operator

    COPQ: cost of poor quality.
    QFD:Qualify Function Deployment
    AIAG; Automotive Industry Action Group

    Z score

    Standardized value of how one score compares with Population in terms of Standard Deviations.A z-score equal to 1 represents an element that is 1 standard deviation greater than the mean.

    Z = (x - mu) / sigma

    Z test Hypothesis Testing PDF

    Z Score PPT


    Hypothesis Testing

    Null Hypothesis

    Statement of rejection adopted to commence a statistical analysis.

    Null hypotheses are not inferred directly.The Null hypothesis is rejected by testing the validity of the opposite statement.

    Null Hypothesis Decision  
      True False  
    Fail to Reject Correct Decision (probability = 1 - α) Type II Error- fail to reject the null when it is false (probability = β)  
    Reject Type I Error- rejecting the null when it is true (probability = α) Correct Decision (probability = 1 - β)

    P Value

    Smallp-value (typically ≤ 0.05) indicates STRONG evidence AGAINST the NULL hypothesis, so you reject the null hypothesis.

    Largep-value (> 0.05) indicates WEAK evidence AGAINST the NULL hypothesis, so you fail to reject the null hypothesis

    p-values very close to the cutoff (0.05) are considered to be marginal (could go either way).

    Error Tipo 1

    False Positive: Incorrect Rejection of null hypothesis.

    The probability of making a type I error is α, which is the level of significance you set for your hypothesis test.

    An α of 0.05 indicates that you are willing to accept a 5% chance that you are wrong when you reject the null hypothesis.

    For a fixed sample size, the probability of making a Type II error is inversely related to the probability of making a Type I error. Thus, in order to achieve a desirable power for a fixed level of significance, the sample size will generally need to increase.

    EX.: Null: Two medications are Bioequivalent. A type I error occurs if the researcher rejects the null hypothesis and concludes that the two medications are different when, in fact, they are not.

    Error Tipo 2

    False Negative: Failure of rejection of False Null Hypothesis.

    The probability of making a type II error is β, which depends on the power of the test. You can decrease your risk of committing a type II error by ensuring your test has enough power. You can do this by ensuring your sample size is large enough to detect a practical difference when one truly exists.

    EX.:Null Two medications are Bioequivalent. The researcher concludes that the medications are Bioequivalent when, in fact, they are different

    Isolating Special Causes

    Pareto Charts

    Ishiawa Diagrams

    SIPOC: Supplier Input Process Output Customers


    Group Effort driven towards Continuous Improvement



    T Test

    Hypothesis test comparing the Mean of a Population vs a Reference Mean

    Student's T test: small population, deviates from Normal Distribution, gives a Probability Density Function.

    1 sample T-Test compares mean of a population to the reference standard when the standard deviation of the population is unknown.

    2-sample T-Test compares means of two populations.

    T Paired: Compares two ligated observations. Ex.: Before and After weight loss.

    T value Measures Difference in terms of Standard Deviations. The greater T value (+/-) the greater evidence against (to reject) Null Hypothesis
    P value

    Probabilty that the Two Sided T value is above and below the T value in a T distribution.

    When the Null hypothesis is true the T value falls in this probability region with.

    High P value = True Null.

    Low P value = Data does not contradict Null Hypothesis.

    P values are calculated on the assumption that the Null is true for the population and that the difference between populations is by random effects.


    Analysis of Variance: Hypothesis test that allows the comparison of variation between groups.

    F-Statistic: Similar to T-Statistic from a T Test.

    Normality Test

    Skewness and Kurtosis should be close to 0 in a Normality Test.

    Shapiro Wilk Test with p < 0.05

    System Suitability Test to ensure Systems, Analytes, Columns, Reagents and Operators are functioning properly prior to formal Analysis Execution.
    Limit of Linearity See Test Method Validation
    Limit of Detection See Test Method Validation
    Attribute Charts


    Attribute Charts
      Defectives Defects
    Sample Size Constant NP C
    Variable Sample Size P U

    NP-Chart: for monitoring the number of times a condition occurs, relative to a constant sample size, when each sample can either have this condition, or not have this condition

    P-Chart: for monitoring the percent of samples having the condition, relative to either a fixed or varying sample size, when each sample can either have this condition, or not have this condition

    c-Chart: for monitoring the number of times a condition occurs, relative to a constant sample size, when each sample can have more than one instance of the condition.

    u-Chart: for monitoring the percent of samples having the condition, relative to either a fixed or varying sample size, when each sample can have more than one instance of the condition.

    DOX Design of Experiments

    References: ASQ, ICH

    HVAC BasicsAir Filters
    HVAC Controls
    Air Balance
    Cleanroom Basics

    Boilers: Boiler Video


    [cGMP], Institute of Environmental Sciences Technologies [IEST], and International Organization for Standardization [ISO].

    Airflow volume / velocity readings - assures that both unidirectional and non-unidirectional flow areas are properly balanced and unidirectional zones are maintaining proper air patterns

    Room air exchange rates - states if the area is meeting its design airflow
    HEPA filter integrity testing - tests HEPA filters and system for leaks
    Non-viable particle counting - reports the amount of airborne particulate of a specified size in the clean zone
    Temperature / relative humidity testing - examines whether the air HVAC controls are functioning properly and uniformly
    Pressure cascade monitoring - verifies that room differential pressures are operating according to design

    Optional tests include:

    Air balancing - adjusts airflow in the air handling systems to achieve design airflow, room air exchange rates, and pressure cascade

    Airflow visualization testing – qualitatively verifies airflow direction using a source of visible fog
    Viable environmental monitoring [EM] - samples both the air and surface for microbe enumeration and identification

    Compressed gas testing [compressed dry air (CDA) testing] – assures that the compressed gas sources meet the requirements of the controlled environment for contamination and microorganisms

    Lighting, vibration, and sound tests – assures worker comfort

    All other special tests from the ISO/IEST guidelines


    SIX SIGMA:Statistical Tools allow to predict future failures when past behavior is well understood. For this the variables affecting the process need to be well understood and well accounted. Enter Six Sigma


    ENGINEERING TRENDS: STATISTICS ANALYSIS: All statistical analysis rest on IMPLEMENTATION. All numbers are followed by Human Decision Factors HDF and are Masked by interpretaion of the Statistics. Clear understanding of what the statistic represents and THE LIMITS of the refered to Statistical Analysis will incide in the Decision Making Process DMK. So at the the end of the Analytical process what you need to know is that you have successfully completed a DFSSQBDSASSCARQEQAIQOQFATHTetc... the point is to guide events to ZWR0 error. Statistics are extremely powerful.

    Computational power presents the ability of modeling and making very accurate predictions in a variety of PROCESS or SYSTEM model analysis. Although advanced Mathematical Skills allow interpretation it is through experience of MODEL ADJUSTMENT that Statistical Analysis tour-de-forces into a Continous Monitoring Program.

    Implementation of Continuous Monitoring Programs are the result of Human and Technological capabilities. Humans place the sensors and interpret data, technology gathers data and accelerates computational calculations. In the End, the role of the Quality Officer / sea un engineer, biologist, statistician, technician, operator / su rol es de 1-Ajustar el proceso para prevenir errores continuos. 2-Predecir modos de fallas para evitar tiempo perdido 3-Desarrollar estrategias que maximizen el uso de recursos 4-Ganar un entendimiento completo del proceso y sus variables para destinar recursos.

    Ya entendido esto y habiendo ganado un tren de conocimiento en estadistica aparecen los verdaderos retos de considerar las variables y tomar decisiones que consumiran tiempo y costo. Enter Design of Experiments DOX. Leaders in process inovation understand that the allocation of funds destined to the execution of tasks along with the managerial accumen of project leaders is the half fraction of the process improvement process gains equation. The flow of information from decision to execution may cascade through usually 3 to 5 levels (Cascade Decision Loss). In each step of the two way communication ladder data is Lost, Misinterpreted, mistakenly calculated, held back by professional jealousy, held back by impunctuality or even top level project rearrangements. It is in this crucial step that most companies loose their capital. Swift decision execution forecast are backlogged by every single employees ability to carry the execution of the plan without interference from outside influence to the project. Error prediction is an applied science highly valuable and continually reevaluated. The responsibility of managers in adequately interpreting data is also key in maintaining a forward vision of process improvement. Process analysis may get recirculated in the plan-do-check-check-plan cycle without swift determination of task execution. Understanding the 4th dimension is key in making accurate and timely Value Added solutions to improve Company Performance in the era of the information tsunami.

    Reconsidering the role of a leader in today's dynamic business models: Who leads a project? the CEO, the Manager, the Team Lead, the leading Tech, the rookie? In some business models the True Leader is the Rookie. The novice is outside the box, has no prejudice, has not formed clans within the company, has not offended the next door cubicle, and is looking to make an impression within the organization. More importantly than imagery, is the actual execution of the task and its measurable impact in daily, monthly and quarterly business goals. In a group of 4 there is a high probability that someone is prioritizing outside of the main focus and seeking to politicize a process advancement by acting in the last moment. Taking the baton from a relay team in the last meter to claim the goal retorts. This strategery is extremely common in the workplace because the work load is compressed. In compressed work loads there is no tracking of what each employee is executing and how the employee is prioritizing tasks, less time there is to rearrange priorities, so that each employee is 'free' to jump in the final phase of the project once someone else takes it from 1st gear to fourth. Sometimes the manager is aware of the individual and group contributions and eliminates the need for employees to make claims in the meeting spaces. Competition is key but the goal of any company is to align employees with the Common Goal. Microscopic gaining works to foment competition within a division but it may halter progress by creating internal division.

    What are some other instances where a manager needs to eye internal conflict?



    Normal Probability Plot: Tests data for normality, skewness, abnormal distributions. See Histogram.
    Histogram Graphical Representation of numerical data, like. a Bar chart relating the frequency of numerical values. It helps to visualize the type of distribution of the population, wether it is normal or skewed.

    Data is presented in Quartiles, Median, Maximum and Minimum values.

    Boxplot explanation

    X-Bar, R-Chart, vs Individual

    X-Bar charts the process mean through time.

    R-Chart charts the process range though time. Range = Xmax - Xmin

    Always look at R-Chart first. If R-Chart is Out of Control then the X-Bar chart is meaningless.

    R-Chart Trends: Repeated Values, OOS points.



    Whether mean differs significantly. Relates T values to P values.

    Chi squared

    Whether Categorical data from two data sets are related and if their differences are due to sampling methods or purely random effects.

    Chi square tests can only be used on actual numbers and not on percentages, proportions, means, etc.



    NC... NCs... material or process failures lead to NON Conformance... but who is conforming here? The Manufacturer is conforming to expected material performance and leading product performace by implementing quality measures to ensure the delivery of a good product to market.

    How is a Non Conformance generated? Again, a non conformance is Detected.

    Is a Non Conformance a CAPA? What is a CAPA? No, NCs may trigger a CAPA but an NC in itself is the detection of deviation or error in expected product, packaging or delivery performance.

    In the Industrial setting NCs are generated out of the high expentancy of delivering a high quality product. Any minor deviation in expected results is a Root Cause for an NC.

    NCs are investigated under several possible root causes stemming from Machine Behavior, Environmental Triggers, or Human Behavior and as such root causes are established when the determining factors have been dully and fully investigated. Machine Behavior takes into account the Tolerance and the acceptable boundary performance of the unit under NC. When a machine breaches Upper or Lower boundaries of performace an NC is triggered. Yet it is possible by Statistical means to detect NCs prior to occurring, like predicting the future.

    About Root Causes: Lets Establish Machine-Environment-Human as the three main Root causes. The cause-fault tree is then stemmed from Machine-Maintenance Schedule-Material Failure-Material Reaction-Unknown Material Reaction-Power Failure due to Machine action... then enter Environmental: Rain, Snow, Humidity, Lightning, Power Failure, and other unnatended keys to root an adverse action, then Human: Lack of Training, Lack of Attention, Excessive Overwork, Work Flow Interruptions, Social Interruptions, Error, or Slack. The classification of these Root Causes is set upon by Management in each Site. Managing these Root Causes is key in preventing future failures and understanding -in depth- the root cause is key in establishing the actions to prevent future occurrences. The balance of managing and correcting actions when Humans are involved is a delicate subject because most of the times the Root Cause contains several main root causes in conjunction that lead to the NC event recorded.

    Denial, Commitment, Ethos, Diligence, Leadership, Accountability, Stewardship, Role Description, Task Load, Past Performance, Training Record, even Personal and Familial issues are brought into the balance equation to determine the root cause of an event. Recall that Process Failures are costly, sometimes very very costly, all the while there are internal competition within organizations that lead to push and pull responsability for the NC. These are very delicate issues and are at the core of what make up any major company, organization or work structure. It is why here at SSSFFF we are interested in learning your perspective in these details. How does Culture, Polical Stability, Economy, and Technology interplay. What are the best models of management and do they work in the corners of Earth? How can micromanagement and laxity coexist? Are there tools to measure this amalgam of Human-Machine-Environment issues or is it fundamentally decided by gut feelings or by numerical calculations? The answer is always yes. Write to us at for your perspective.


    Tanks are vessels where materials are stored temporarily from years to seconds or permanently from decades to centuries. The Dead Sea Scrolls where in a tank (open top ceramic tank). Take Fukushima, more than Half a Billion Tons of Radioactive Water are currently stored in Radioactive Tanks. Only one leak from one of these tanks spilled a material that takes Hundreds of Millions of years to decompose and spreading cancerous radioactive radiation anywhere it remains. The importance of a Tank. Here at SSSFFF we explore the materials contruction, surface finish, wall width, hydrostatic pressure, gravity pressure, gauge pressure, vents, inlets and outlets of the Tank. How does the tank fill. What is the Tank Chemistry. Is there a Precipitate formed by decomposition, or Exposure with Oxygen, or Nitrogen, a Spark, or a Static Discharge, or by accident... Here at the SSSSFFFF care about Tanks.

    What are equations governing Tank Loading, what are the thermodynamic ambience of the Tank, what are the clearance and dikes of the walls, are there Firefighting Measures to support a spill. Take the Tianjin Explosion: likely caused by either an Error in Loading, or an Error in Ventilation. The magnitude of tank explosions or BLEVES, Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion can be witnessed in Tianjin or simply YouTube BLEVE... Tank safety is very important.

    BLEVE 1: Train Car Explosion. Funny how the narrator at 1:10 claims a record was established for a tank blown by a bleve. Not funny that perhaps firefighters died in that explosion. It is why most Plant fires are either immediately contained or let to consume the matter it combusts. Decomposition gases in fires are extremely toxic, many material classes are combusted so fighting the fire becomes a difficult task of both accessing the source to prevent additional combustion and in the selection of fire retardant or fire extinguishing material to add to the flames.

    BLEVE 2: The Tianjin Explosion.

    Here at SSSFFF we take matters into accountability for Tank installations. Is your tank for Biotech? Pharma? Cosmetics or Food? Petroleum or Fuels? Gases? There are many considerations into tank work. Take a Fermentor for example. A Fermentor runs a biological reaction that once started it will see its product completed in 30 days. Any basic tank profile or design failure will affect the outcome each and every time, and it could take years to discover that a tank design feature was the root cause of a drop in yield in a site. Take a food tank, is it leaking, is the heat vest broken, are the transfer lines clean? Where good care meets good quality, excelent products emerge. Let us take good of your tank.

    Each Tank is birthed through a process involving welders, engineers and inspectors. First select the right material supplier and review the material requested once on-site. Double check to ensure quality, chemical caracteristics, surface polish, electrodeposited finish, etc, is it 3XX? You need to know. The tank will sleep in a bed of rock, or will it need a safety layer underneath to prevent leakage. Was a geologist contacted to study the soil? A stable base is key in ensuring tank safety and longevity. Will your tank arrive prefabricated or will a civil engineer construct the wall. This is called Bunding and Ring Wall Construction. It takes into account natural disaster factors such as storm winds, tornado force shear, earthquake recurrence, and lightning strikes, even tsunami recurrence. So all weld points, joints, bolts and connections need to pass inspection before the next stages. Non destructive Ultrasonic or X Ray tests may be performed to ensure right connections. The roof is lifted and bolted, so now fill it up! Water quality test, corrosion prevention, and stirring measures should follow in place.

    Next up Piping: What are the inlet and outlet pipings into a tank? Ball Valves, Needle Valves, Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Gaskets, Seals, Metals, and Ratings. Where does the piping run from. Are there any intersections that flow into or out from the tank. What are the friction losses and how to account them. What is the tank insulation and Piping insulation. You need to understand blueprints to understand the flow into a complex installation. Usually tank are grouped in buldings called tank farms. Many pipes will flow into and out from the tank farm so it is of utmost importance to properly trace flow and to note any changes from blueprint to physical reality. A single change can mean a drop in quality or a loss of millions due to pressure losses or material product contact with a misplaced flow regulation unit.

    Are there any environmental factors affecting the Tank use or is the tank heat cooled or coil warmed? All tanks have temperature operating ranges that ensure the quality of the materials inside. Here at SSSSFFFF we care about ensuring your tank's alarms are in place and that each valve works where it is intended and as intended. So tanks are a bit civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical.

    Are you installing a Tank? Inspecting a Tank? Let us know. Our Engineers will Reach your Tanks to meet your cost and production requirements.

    COMPUTER SYSTEM VALIDATION CSV TRENDS: Software in a Machine? y/n;

    IEEE, Statics and Dynamics, down to computer language... How to separate URS from CSV?

    Other Types of Testing Stress Testing: Ensures the system and its network components can remain in tact during high utilization periods. System Integration: Where unit testing is performed on individual system components, this phase of testing is performed on all components/modules to ensure they work together as specified. Performance Testing: Ensures the system and its network components can remain in tact during normal usage. Backup/Recovery: Ensures that the type of backup media chosen for system backup can be executed and restored correctly.
    Disaster Recovery: Much like Backup and Recovery but would determine how the system would be recovered during a mass system failure or natural disaster. Negative Testing: Most tests are performed to determine how the system will act if user executes a system action correctly (positive testing) This test determines how the system would react to a user action executed incorrectly to find fault in a system exception handling.



    Electricity: Current. Current. Current. Current flows. The flow is of charges. When the charges are negative the charges are called electrons and the flow of electrons is called current. Current flows through like water, down a potential of energy, in water governed by bernoulli's equation, in current governed by Ohm's law. V = IR. ...

    Circuits: Parallel, Series, Capacitors, AC-DC Rectifiers, Diodes, Switches, EMF, Lenz Law.

    Batteries: Lead Batteries, Anodes, Cathodes, Electrodepositon.

    Motors, ICCE, Crank to Cam, Alternators, Starting Voltage / Running Voltage = 6

    Electrical Safety: Color Codes, Leather and Rubber Gloves, The neutral-ground-hot wire, electric shock safety, contact resistance. Welding. Wiring Installations. Here is a good link to understand home lighting installations.

    Electric Motors, Alternators, rheostats potentiometer, variable resistances. Brushes, Commutators, Impellers, Harmonic Oscillators...

    The electric motor works this way: First we have to ensure we are dealing with an Electric Motor and not an Electric Generator. An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

    The electric generator works this way: Dynamos, Alternators take Power to Induce an electric Current. Rotor-Stator-Armature. Dynamos convert Power into Direct Current. Alternators into Alternating Current.

    Alternating Current: Lenz Law: when a coil cuts through magnetic field lines, that cut generates a current flow proportional to the angle it makes with the magnetic flow, with a max current flow at 0 degrees and 0 current at 90 degreens.

    Direct Current: Commutator: Insulated Collar connected to a segment of the inducing coil. This produces pulsating half wave direct current.

    See the video here.



    Transformers V2/V1=N2/N1, The primary coil, the secondary. Inductance.

    Rectifiers: like diodes. AC to DC one directional transmitters.

    Resistance, Permittivity, Conduction and Radiative Flow.

    Electrical Repairs and Inspections are performed only by qualified personnel

    No electrical connections withing 50ft of flammable.

    No Electric chord Interference with ladders.

    Explosion Proof lighting.

    Ground Fault Interrupter.

    Proper circuit voltage and amperage.

    Grounded Tools, Temporary Lighting, or Double Insulated Tools

    A great wealth of knowledge is needed to completely evaluate these systems.

    Routine Monitoring and Evaluation is required to sustain acceptable concentration levels of substances in water.

    Change Control documentation is warranted for planning and execution of process changes.

    Refer to 40CFR, and 21CFR for the latest USA Federal Regulation Standards. Standards are included within the FDA, EPA, CWA, WHO and other standardizing bodies.


    ENGINEERING TRENDS METAL WORKINGWelding, Brazing, Soldering, Melting, Fusing, Flux, Tinning,

    Welding Inspections and Certifications.

    Bonding Metals, Metallic Transmutations


    Nuclear Reactions

    What tools do you need?


    The Engineering World
    MACHINES: What is a Machine?

    The history of machines.... Initially there were tools................(Boston Pops...).....

    Many years have passed since Humanity developed tools... takes a grasp and gasp at evolution..............

    Complex Machines

    Virtual Machines

    Are you a Company that is selling a Machine? Get a spot here!


    Process Machines: Conveyors, Elevators, Mills, Cranes, Compressors, Precission Cutting,


    Simple Machines Complex Machines Virtual Machines:

    Simple Machines are Archetypes of what Complex machines are made up off. Newtonian Mechanics govern the use of Simple Machines. Complex and Virtual Machines are out of the current scope.

    Levers, Pulleys, Gears, Roller, Winch, Knife, Inclined Plane, what else?

    Know your Lever: Effort Arm, Resitance Arm, Pivot. Types of Lever. Type 2 Levers MA>1, Type 3 Lever MA<1

    Know your Gear: Gear Teeth, Gear Diameter

    Winch: Compounded Roller

    Knife and Inclined Plane: A knife is an inclined plane where the plane moves sliding the load over it. Does a knife cut an atom? NO! A knife cuts a macromolecular structure that is composed of atoms. Can you cut a macromolecular structure? yes.

    Know a Pulley: Moveable Pulleys, Fixed Pulleys, Compounded Pulleys.

    Mechanical Advantage = Effort/Load

    ENGINEERING TRENDS: CIVIL ENGINEERING TRENDS: Houses Roads, Bridges, Buildings, Tunnels, Waterways, Material Trends here...


    Let's build Something Together!!!







    Step 1 Plan your list of expenditures and draw a schematic model of the finished home. Be as descriptive as possible.

    Total Square footage of Site

    Total Square footage of House

    Total Number of Rooms: X

  • Living Room

  • Dining Room

  • Bathrooms

  • Master Room

  • Bedrooms

  • Garage

  • Deck

  • City Permits

  • Soil and Septic Tests

  • Site Surveying

  • Excavation

  • Drilling

  • Foundation

  • Interior Finish

  • Exterior Finish

  • Electrical Connections
  • Plumbing: Septic Tank
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Natural Gas Connectivity
  • Materials of Construction: Steel Beams, Containers, Cement, Blocks

    Step #2 Start The Build

    Who do I call first? the engineer, the architect, the state permitting... Can I prefabricate the interior with finishes to shorten lead time?

    Can I prefabricate plumbing or do I have to wait until the modules are completed?


    Step #3 Routine Inspections and Correcting Errors

    Step #Z Detecting Defects and Adressing their Correction

    Step #ZZ Finishing. Terminaciones.


    Modular Home Links:

    1 acre = 43560sq-ft = 4047sq-m




    Preserves Radiative Heat by trapping absorbed heat.

    Increases, and sustaing Temperature

    Protects from Weather, Insects and Pests

    Isolates growth from other Plants

    Soil and Nutrient Standardization

    Types of Greenhouses


    The Engineering World

    Get TESTS:
    Ultrasonic Testing
    Infrared Camera
    Air Velocity
    Gas Composition
    Ash Resistivity
    Particle Size Distribution
    Flow Regime
    Temperature Mapping
    Computational Flow Dynamics
    Finite Element Analysis
    Kaye Validator
    Gas Chromatography
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
    Mass Spectrometry

    TEST METHOD VALIDATION: Experiments rating Test Method Performance. Test Method Validation involves editing and executing protocols (the METHOD) to test the adequacy of a given analytical procedure (the TEST), and by analytical we mean any activity that is measuring an observable wether qualitatively (categorical) or quantitavely. Test Method Validation answers the following questions:

    Can the measurement system adequately discriminate between different parts?

    Is the measurement system stable over time? Is the gauge response linear?

    Is the measurement system accurate throughout the range of parts?

    Does a gauge require Recalibration?

    Is there any difference in measurement methods, or operators measuring the one identical part?


    Test Method Table


    Closeness between the average of one or more test results and an accepted reference value.

    Involves selecting a Standard or Reference point if none is available.

    ICH: minimum of 9 determinations over a minimum of 3 concentration levels covering the specified range (for example, three concentrations with three replicates each).

    Accuracy should be reported as percent recovery by the assay of known added amount of analyte in the sample or as the difference between the mean and the accepted true value, together with the confidence intervals.

    Precision the closeness of agreement among test results obtained under prescribed conditions.

    Operator. The ability of an operator to consistently repeat the measurement of the part, using the gage, under the conditions.

    Closeness of the agreement between the results of successive measurements of the part, carried out under the conditions of measurement (operator)

    The ICH requires repeatability to be tested from at least 6 replications measured at 100% of the test target concentration or from at least 9 replications covering the complete specified range. For example, the results can be obtained at three concentrations with three injections at each concentration (3x3)


    Gauge. The ability of a gauge to consistently repeat the one identical measurement of the part, using the one identical gage, under the condition.

    Closeness of the agreement between the results of measurements of the part carried out by different operators.

    Also called Ruggedness.


    Indicates that gage response increases in equal increments to equal increments of stimulus

    Beers Law A = eBC

    Evaluated graphically, in addition to or as an alternative to mathematical evaluation. The evaluation is made by visually inspecting a plot of signal height or peak area as a function of analyte concentration

    +-5% of expected response is considered linear.


    The values within which a measuring instrument is capable of measuring or which a generating instrument is capable of generating.

    ICH defines the range of an analytical procedure as the interval from the upper to the lower concentration (amounts) of analyte in the sample (including these concentrations) for which it has been demonstrated that the analytical procedure has a suitable level of precision, accuracy and linearity

    ICH requires the minimum specified range to be 80 to 120 percent of the test concentration on Assay Tests.


    Interval around a group of measurement on which a certain measurement will fall.

    Link to Uncertainty

    Bias Systematic selection resulting in a measureable difference between the reference value and the expected value.

    Limit of Blank


    LoB is the highestapparentanalyte concentration expected to be found when replicates of a blank sample containing no analyte are tested. LoB = meanblank+ 1.645(SDblank)

    Limit of Detection LOD

    LoD is the lowest analyte concentration likely to be reliably distinguished from the LoB and at which detection is feasible. LoD is determined by utilising both the measured LoB and test replicates of a sample known to contain a low concentration of analyte.

    LoD = LoB + 1.645(SD low concentration sample)

    The lowest quantity of a substance that can be distinguished from the absence of that substance (a blank value) within a stated confidencelimit(generally 1%). Lowest detectable quantity but not necessarily proportionally quantifiable.

    Expressed in terms of Noise level S/N = 2-3

    Limit of Quantitation LOQ

    ICH defines the limit of quantitation (LOQ) of an individual analytical procedure as the lowest amount of analyte in a sample which can be quantitatively determined with suitable precision and accuracy.

    Quantitation limit is the lowest concentration of analyte in a sample that can be determined with acceptable precision and accuracy under the stated experimental conditions.

    LoQ is the lowest concentration at which the analyte can not only be reliably detected but at which some predefined goals for bias and imprecision are met. The LoQ may be equivalent to the LoD or it could be at a much higher concentration.

    Expressed in terms of Noise level S/N = 10-20

    Expressed in terms of RSD%

    Recovery Data Data is run in 80, 100, and 120% of label claim are run in duplicates or triplicates to serve as backup.

    Difference in Multiple Injections of a Homogeneous Sample.

    Presented as RSD = std deviation / mean

    Indicates Precision (Repeatability).

    System Suitability

    Instruments, Reagents, Columns and Analysts are working properly.

    Instrument Qualification-Method Validation-System Suitability: set of internal controls to ensure the unit performs as intended.

    Method Validation After qualifying a measuring unit a method to operate the unit is written. Method Validation is Instrument Specific and should demonstrate that under the method the machine is able to reproduce results as expected for standard values. During Method Validation the Acceptance criteria for the method is defined.
    Sampling Plan  
    Reference Standards Internal Standard: Sample with known purity and no interaction with the analyte is inserted into sample. Quantitation is measured as the ratio of detection of one peak to another.
    Acceptability Criteria  
    Stability Testing

    Estimates the allowed time span between sample collection and sample analysis. It is also important to evaluate an analytical method’s ability to measure drug products in the presence of its degradation products.

    Stability is tested by comparing the instrument response with that of freshly prepared solutions. System stability is determined by replicate analysis of the sample solution and calculation of the RSD of the responses. System stability is considered appropriate when the RSD does not exceed more than 20% of the corresponding value of the short term system precision.


    Test Method Validation Primer

    Reference 1

    Reference 2 Validation of Chromatographic Methods

    Reference 3 Viscometer Calibration Presentation

    Reference 4 Labcompliance website


    Validation is needed to make sure a developed procedure fulfills the purpose for which it was designed for. Full validation is needed for New Methods or when major changes to an existing method affect the scope.

    Partial validation is performed on previously validated methods that have undergone minor modifications. Generally, fewer tests are needed and are based on the potential effects of the modifications.

    Cross-validation can be used as a means of assessing inter-laboratory execution of the method.

    Instrument Qualification-Method Validation-System Suitability: set of internal controls to ensure the unit performs as intended.


    Please read the Center for Drug Evaluation Research guidelines for Chromatographic Validations, published by the FDA.



    See Cleaning Validation (above)


    FACTORIAL: 2^3: 3 factors. 2 levels.

    CI: In each of the above, the following applies: If the true value of the parameter lies outside the 90% confidence interval once it has been calculated, then an event has occurred which had a probability of 10% (or less) of happening by chance.






    Emulsions: Micro Emulsions, Trojan Horses, Micelles.





    API Synthesis and Storage

    Techniques, Soxhlet Extraction, Sonication, Pelleting, Granulation, Mixing

    Sonication: Match Tip size of sonicator with sample volume size; select narrow vessels to direct energy into solution. Amplitude and Intensity are directly proportional. Vary Amplitude to prevent foaming.

    STP Volume 22.4 m2kmol-1
    Earth Escape Velocity 1.1 (104)m/s
    Gravitational Constant 6.66 (10-11Nm2kg-2)
    Electron Charge -1.6 (10-19)C
    Bar 0.9869atm
    Btu 1055J
    Btu/hr 0.293W
    1kWh 3413 Btu
    N 0.22lbf
    W 1.341(10-3)hp
    1lbm 0.45kg
    R F+460
    K C+273
    ∫cos (104)xdx ∫cos (104)xdx
    sec(θ) cos(θ)-1
    Polar Form

    z = a + ib

    z = re-iθ

    z r (cos(θ) + i sin(θ))
    a ·b |a| × |b|(cos(θ)
    a ·b b ·a

    Total P(A+B)

    P(A) + P(B) - P(A,B)




    P(A) P(B/A)


    T distribution t = x/r
    Confidence Interval  
    Confidence Limit  
    Hypothesis Testing  
    Probability Distribution

    OR events

    And events

    Binomial Distribution  
    Moment of Inertia  
    Vector Fields  
    Truss, Pulley, Cables, Beams Sections, Joints, Parallel axis theorem, Deflection
    Resolution,Resultant, Couples, Systems, Equilibrium, Concurrent Forces, Reactions  
    Homogeneus Constant Differential Equations  
    Linear Nonhomogeneous Differential Equations Constant Coefficient  

    Fourier Series

    LaPlace Transform  
    Euler Approximation  

    The Engineering World

    Under Construction


    The WIND BAR is the online place where discussions about Daily Occurrences Happen and where those viewpoints are exchanged for progress. The WIND BAR starts with an excerpt of a discussion about The SECOND AMENDMENT. The purpose of this entry is to stimulate dialogue and not to partialize views, after all the WIND BAR is the place to have open dialogue and to expose ideas. Please contact to have a better understanding of how The WIND BAR can get constructed digitally to improve these discussions.


    APPLICATION 1.2 (Walston-Dunham 2006)

    Lloyd believes he is a strongly patriotic American. He supports a return to a more traditional way of life, when frontiersmen defended their own property and families with little or no reliance on law enforcement or the military. Acting from this belief, Lloyd collects what he thinks will be necessary in anticipation of the day when he believes the government will collapse, and he will be left on his own to fight off others who will fight him for his family’s safety and belongings. To have the best chance of survival, Lloyd has stockpiled enormous amounts of explosives, along with automatic weapons and large caches of ammunition. Lloyd makes no secret of his beliefs or his plans. His neighbors are highly concerned that if anything were to cause a detonation of Lloyd’s stockpiles, their safety would be greatly endangered. Additionally, as Lloyd’s beliefs become more and more radical, neighbors are concerned he may at some point intentionally detonate his stockpile. Consequently the neighbors have filed a lawsuit against Lloyd, claiming that his weapons arsenal creates a nuisance that endangers their safety. Lloyd stands on his Second Amendment right to bear arms, but the neighbors claim that he is violating their own rights as individuals and as a community. The neighbors claim that Lloyd’s conduct has the effect of limiting the safe use of their own property, thus in effect, creating an unlawful seizure of their property in violation of rights guaranteed by the Fifth and Ninth Amendments.

    Point for Discussion: At what point should someone’s personal right to bear arms be limited?



    The argument in Application 1.2 (Walston-Dunham, 2012) involves Lloyd, a person holding stockpiles of explosives and large caches of ammunition and weapons which presents a nuisance to his neighbor on the plausible scenario that the stockpile could detonate on accident, or willfully by Lloyd endangering the safety and as stated “violating their own rights as individuals and as a community”. Also, neighbors claim that “Lloyd’s conduct has the effect of limiting the safe use of their own property, this in effect creating an unlawful seizure of their property in violation of rights guaranteed by Amendments V and IX”. For evaluation of the argument the following question was presented:

    At what point should someone’s personal right to bear arms be limited?

    The argument presents the following legal thematics (challenges to rules) initially:

    Extensions of the Second Amendment pertaining to stockpile of explosives as arms.
    Communal Law
    and Illegal Seizure per Amendment V
    Rights retained by the People per Amendment IX

    From an exploration of the elements of law it becomes clear that:

    Amendment I is in play
    Amendment IV is in play
    Amendment XIV should be considered.

    These arguments can be dissected under existing federal statutes with their relationship to the Articles of the Constitution. As well Common law will be considered under a hypothetical jurisdiction.

    A priori, Lloyd’s right to bear arms (automatic weapons) is safeguarded by the Second Amendment, with the exclusion of explosives which in this hypothetical scenario would be regulated for use and storage.

    For the sake of this Activity the scope of the analysis will be opened to include general interpretation of the limitations to the Right to Bear Arms. Secondly the matter of Nuisance and Endangerment of Public Safety will be analyzed as pertaining to actions-at-a-distance that impact the vicinity, and how Amendment V may or may not provide for an seizure of weapons. Conduct, and language become relevant as evidence and as inciteful which promotes an evaluation of Amendment I limitations.


    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (U.S. Const. amend. XIX.)

    Under a Naturalist view (Locke) the Second Amendment is a consequence of the natural behavior of protection against threats, survival (defensive) and predation (offensive), and establishment of law becomes a necessity to organize society from the natural behaviors that otherwise would not allow a stable societal interactions.

    Positivist theory (Comte) relies on empirical evidence (reason and logic) as the sole source of knowledge and from this obtained knowledge, rejecting metaphysical considerations, a legal framework of society is obtained. Comte’s views of knowledge proceeding from scientific reasoning led to an absolutist view of right or wrong, and a standard of the knowable that is unquestionable upon evaluation of facts.

    From this review it is observed that our present legal system is both Naturalist, Positivist, and in that sense Hermeneutic, overarching the legal system are the Natural Sciences which for the basis for acquiring information and overlay at all times the statues that form the basis for the structure of society.

    Immediately the term “Well Regulated Militia” arises and must be defined in a historical context to the present. The Second Amendment was Adopted in December 15, 1791, then the Militia was set up to protect the civil structures and systems of the newly formed colonies.

    From 1792 to 1902 the “Militia” was defined by the Second Militia Act of 1792 whereby the Militia was defined as consisting of every abled-bodied man from 18 to 45 years old, as distinguished from Troop, who served (Militia Act of 1792, May 8, 1792, art. I, ss. 1)

    Militias initially were formed by citizens from the 13 colonies who volunteered to fight alongside the British Army against the French and Native Americans (French Indian War of 1754-1763). These citizen-soldiers were the base from which the American Revolution was fought against the British to gain independence from Britain. The Second Continental Congress (05SEP1774-26OCT1774) organized the multiple Militias into the Continental Army to fight against the British to redress grievances with the British Crown following the Intolerable Acts levied against the colonies as a response for the Boston Tea Party. It was George Washington, as Commander-in-Chief who led this Army, and following the Treaty of Paris in 1783, this Army dissolved into state Militias on the sentiment that national force was unnecessary outside of wartime but due to continued conflicts with the Native Americans and the necessity of guarding the western territories a national force named Legion of the United States was formed in 1791. In 1792 through the Militia Act, the organization of a national force was established and power was given to the President to call upon such force against invasion or foreign threats. This organized the militias of each state under what became known as the United States Army in 1796. The instruments received by the volunteers consisted of tools that are dramatically different than presently available and whose sole purpose was to form a force against invasion as a well regulated militia.

    Grammatically the Second Amendment makes two parallel statements without a clear nexus: 1-The necessity of an organized Militia to protect the State; 2-The Right to Bear Arms by the Individual.


    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (U.S. Const. amend. XIX.)

    The non existent nexus between the two statements creates the following problematic: is the unorganized Militia granted the right to bear arms? The second part of the argument presumes that yes, they are given the right to bear arms. This is validated historically from the 1689 English Bill of Rights which formed a basis to establish the US Constitution. In the English Bill of Rights it is stated that: “That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions, and as allowed by law” (English Bill of Rights 1689), it is clear that all individuals are granted the right to bear arms. From the grammatical parallel the question arises of what Well Regulated is and as a consequence it must be evaluated to what extent the arsenal of an individual to safeguard self poses a risk to society.

    The 1876 Supreme Court decision from United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1876), ruled that:

    "The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second Amendments means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress, and has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the National Government.”

    The definition of militia evolved as the armed forces were created through The 1902 Dick Act also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 H.R.1162 and the 1903 the Efficiency of Militia Bill, H.R. 11654, 57th, 1903, these bills created the Armed National Guard, and in so the classification of active and reserve armed national guards contained everyone covered by Amendment II. Those who were active servicemen were the volunteers who joined the Armed National Guard and the reserves was any abled bodied male from 18-45. It remained clear to this date that the right to bear arms was directly related to the capacity of an organized nation to defend itself from foreign adversaries and not from idea of a tyrannical government. In United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939), the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment did not protect weapon types not having a "reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia”, showing that the thought process behind arming citizens was a shared conscience of resisting invasion.

    In the twenty-first century, the amendment has been subjected to renewed academic inquiry and judicial interest. In District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision that held the amendment protects an individual's right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. This was the first time the Court had ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual's right to own a gun. In McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 742 (2010), the Court clarified that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment incorporated the Second Amendment against state and local governments. In Caetano v. Massachusetts, 577 U.S. ___ (2016), the Supreme Court reiterated its earlier rulings that "the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding" and that its protection is not limited to "only those weapons useful in warfare."

    Currently the Militia is defined under 10USC§311: (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard. (b) The classes of the militia are— (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

    Under 10USC§246: (a)The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard. (b)The classes of the militia are—
    (1)the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
    (2)the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

    It remains clear that Amendment II grants the right to possession and ownership with the “well regulated militia” that exists to protect the nation, not to hunt, not to overthrow tyrannical governments, not to protect private property, these 3 latter being the filled in interpretations of the practicality of Amendment II that are imbued into possession of firearms and remain under contentious debate for interpretation.

    POSSESSION OF EXPLOSIVES AS ARMS 27CFR§555 details the regulations of amassing explosives. 27CFR§555.41 states that a person intending to own and store explosives needs a permit to obtain a license, and that to store (amass) explosives no additional license is needed other than the license to purchase. It is assumed that under this scenario Lloyd must have obtained the explosives through the use of a permit. Lloyd is neither a manufacturer, an importer or a dealer, he is only a user, and provided he has obtained a license for use under 27CFR§555 he will be in full right of storing explosives, also providing he has not received more than 6 deliveries of explosives in a 12-period month.

    In 27CFR§555.41(3) is stated that: Users of explosive materials. (i) A limited permit will, subject to law, entitle the holder of such permit to receive for his use explosive materials from a licensee or permittee in his state of residence on no more than 6 separate occasions during the 12-month period in which the permit is valid. A limited permit does not authorize the receipt or transportation of explosive materials in interstate or foreign commerce. Holders of limited permits who need to receive explosive materials on more than 6 separate occasions during a 12-month period must obtain a user permit in accordance with this subpart.

    Lloyd may be in violation of federal statute 27CFR§555.26 Prohibited shipment, transportation, receipt, possession, or distribution of explosive materials: 27CFR§555.26 (3) which states:

    (a) General. No person, other than a licensee or permittee knowingly may transport, ship, cause to be transported, or receive any explosive materials.

    (3) Receive explosive materials on more than 6 separate occasions, during the period of the permit, from one or more licensees or permittees whose premises are located within the State of residence of the limited permit holder. (See §555.105(b) for the definition of “6 separate occasions.”)

    STORAGE OF EXPLOSIVES AS ARMS The Federal explosives regulations at 27CFR§555, Subpart K, outline the storage requirements for explosive materials. 27CFR§555.205 specifies that licensees and permittees must keep all explosive materials in locked magazines meeting the standards in Subpart K unless they are:
    In the process of manufacture;
    Being physically handled in the operating process of a licensee or user;
    Being used; or
    Being transported to a place of storage or use by a licensee or permittee or by a person who has lawfully acquired explosive materials under Sec. 27CFR§555.106.
    When none of the above conditions apply, this section mandates that you keep explosive materials in magazines that meet the construction and table of distance requirements of Subpart K. Any divergence from these requirements requires prior approval by the Director, ATF, in accordance with the provisions of 27CFR§555.22. Persons with questions on this issue should contact the Explosives Industry Programs Branch in ATF Headquarters at 202-648-7120.

    Provided that Lloyd meets the laws for acquisition, storage and handling of explosives, he is under compliance and nothing under these regulations would prevent Lloyd from stockpiling his arsenal.

    18USC§842 provides: "It shall be unlawful for any person to store any explosive material in a manner not in conformity with regulations promulgated by the Attorney General.” see 27CFR Subpart K (Retrieved from:

    From this it can be inferred that upon inspection of Lloyd’s domicile, if on compliance, he would not be incurring in any criminal offense.

    Up to this point we have considered the requirements of obtaining and handling explosives, and the aspects of conduct and community have not been evaluated.

    AMENDMENT V Amendment V provides: “No person… shall be compelled in any criminal case to a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

    The neighbors allege that Lloyd’s behavior has the effect of limiting the safe use of their own property, creating an unlawful seizure of their property.

    Lloyd makes it known that he is ready to use his stockpile to defend his home and property in the event of a governmental collapse but this is a hypothetical statement.

    UTILITARIANISM v. RETRIBUTIVISM Under an Utilitarian method of punishment it is foreseeable that Lloyd’s action be deterred from occurring to prevent a foreseeable catastrophe in the event of an accident, whereas under Retributivism there are no means of attributing any criminal behavior to Lloyd because he hasn’t incurrent in delinquent behavior. Utilitarianism provides for the good of the whole against the individual.

    ACTUS REUS v. MENS REA Actus Reus is the Physical Occurrence of an act that violates a statute, whereas Mens Rea is the Mental status of the accused. Lloyd has not trespassed any statute other than plausible compliance observations which cannot be discerned from the argument but could become the object of evaluation under due process for which the Fifth amendment can be invoked to perform a legal seizure.

    The neighbors filed a civil suit against Lloyd so it is unclear if there is any burden of proof on Lloyd to produce evidence. Let’s examine this point further.

    BURDEN OF PROOF IN CIVIL SUIT Can Lloyd Invoke the 5th amendment and require no defense? Yes. This civil case would need to be referred to a Grand Jury per the V Amendment.

    FEDERAL V. DISTRICT COURT It is clear that this argument will not be considered under federal law as the setting and the individuals involved are set to a specific domain without crossing interstate lines, so in evaluating stare decisis only district court should be considered.

    FIRST AMENDMENT CONSIDERATIONS Lloyd made it no secret of his intentions to use his arsenal in a hypothetical scenario and this concerned his neighbors. Would Lloyd’s personal right to bear arms be compromised by this language as inciteful of violence and creating an imminent Lawless Action of detonating an explosive device in the community?

    Free Speech as inciteful has been evaluated under several tests of which the Balancing Test is the most recent method of determining whether Speech should be outlawed, which in this case is a consideration as to the extent of which Lloyd’s speech incited violence.

    CIVIL PROCEDURE: DUE PROCESS: AMENDMENT XIV Before Lloyd’s property can be searched, there should be an establishment of Probable Cause through Due Process as Established under the Amendment XIV Section 1 guarantees that:

    No State shall make or enforce any law which shall erode the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the Laws.

    The historical consideration as to the inclusiveness of the Amendment XIV raise the issue of whether considerations of inciteful speech may be admissible in court. From Walston-Dunham p.559, it is observed that such cases where the law is not expressly stated as statute, where freedoms may be impinged as leading to an admission of criminal behavior. Lloyd’s speech under the Exclusionary Rule could be omitted as a consideration in court “No matter how damaging or allegedly probative, improperly obtained evidence cannot be used to convict someone of a crime”, restated, Lloyd’s speech could have been protected by the First Amendment and disallowed as evidence on fact examination on Due Process. Wolf v. Colorado, 338 U.S. 25 (1949) and Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961), presents a case where evidence could be excluded in a Federal Criminal Prosecution, and the relevance to this case is that Lloyd’s domicile is protected from “unreasonable searches and seizures”, so in furtherance of establishing a Cause to search and seize Lloyd’s arsenal the Civil Trial would need to evolve into a matter beyond Lloyd’s self incrimination.

    PROBABLE CAUSE To search Lloyd’s house Law enforcement would have to show 2 elements: 1-that a crime has been committed or that the person in question may have been involved in criminal activity 2-Search of the Lloyd’s house will result in evidence that will assist in proving that a crime has been committed.

    It remains the duty of law enforcement to discern whether there is an imminent threat from Lloyd detonating his arsenal at any given moment for which probable cause could be establishment on the following basis:

    The following scenario may unfold: a law enforcement officer knocks on Lloyd’s door and asks Lloyd if he can take a look at his arsenal to ensure that it is in compliance. If Lloyd voluntarily consents to the search and the officer has the expertise to discern whether the arsenal is in a manner that would result in immediate threat to the vicinity, then under the Plain View Rule Lloyd’s property could be seized or otherwise considered cited for violation of storage regulations and subject to a fine. In the worst case scenario that the officer detects a potential imminent threat that Lloyd is getting ready to detonate his arsenal Lloyd would be arrested under the statutes 27CFR§555.

    Aside from consenting to a search, law enforcement would have to show that 1-Criminal Activity is/was observable in Lloyd’s property.

    Another recourse is Arrest. In order for a law enforcement agent to Arrest Lloyd there would have be shown Probable Cause for the Arrest. 18USC§842(f) states: (f) It shall be unlawful for any licensee or permittee willfully to manufacture, import, purchase, distribute, or receive explosive materials without making such records as the Attorney General may by regulation require, including, but not limited to, a statement of intended use, the name, date, place of birth, social security number or taxpayer identification number, and place of residence of any natural person to whom explosive materials are distributed. If explosive materials are distributed to a corporation or other business entity, such records shall include the identity and principal and local places of business and the name, date, place of birth, and place of residence of the natural person acting as agent of the corporation or other business entity in arranging the distribution.

    Then 18USC§842(g) (g) It shall be unlawful for any licensee or permittee knowingly to make any false entry in any record which he is required to keep pursuant to this section or regulations promulgated under section 847 of this title.

    Lloyd is not a merchant or importer or dealer of explosives, he is a “strongly patriotic American” who believes in self protection in the event of a governmental collapse.

    While the application to import, deal, manufacture and use explosives OMB1140-0070 contains the type of explosives that Lloyd may have amassed, it the Application 1.2 makes no such argument that Lloyd is in possession of a permit. Also as a reference of the source of explosives 27CFR§555(g) could serve as reference of Lloyd’s stockpile source.

    On the hypothetical that Lloyd was a dealer of explosives the law enforcement officer, most likely an officer of the Bureau of Alcohol Trade and Tobacco agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense enforcement officer could have recoursed to 6CFR§27.205 - Determination that a chemical facility “presents a high level of security risk” making a determination on “information available that in the Secretary’s discretion indicates the potential that a terrorist attack involving the facility could result in significant adverse consequences for human life or health, national security or critical economic assets.” and 27CFR§555.166 which contemplates seizure and forfeiture upon violation of any term of 27CFR§555.

    27CFR§555.161 Engaging in business without a license.
    27CFR§555.162 False statement or representation.
    27CFR§555.163 False entry in record.
    27CFR§555.164 Unlawful storage.

    Omnibus Perpensis Lloyd may be arrested at any moment for probable cause of possession of an explosive without a valid license. Note in the event of Lloyd’s arrest he may not be questioned under the absence of his attorney but his home could be searched for incriminating evidence related to the possession and use of explosives. Under Arrest Lloyd would be protected by the V Amendment against forceful production of evidence towards self-incrimination. The Supreme Court in Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966) ruled that at upon arrest a person would be informed that any communications could be used for prosecution. Lloyd may opt to voluntarily cooperate with police for which recollected testimony in the absence of an attorney may be admissible in court.

    BURDEN OF PROOF In this case the burden of proof is on the the plaintiff to produce evidence to support the claims that their use of property was violated. Testimony from witnesses asserting Lloyd’s possession and attempted use of explosives is sufficient Prima Facie evidence to trigger a warrant or an arrest.

    TORT ELEMENTS OF LLOYD’S CONDUCT The definition of a Tort is: A wrongful act giving rise to a civil action that does not arise from a specialized category in law or equity such as contract, trust, or criminal law. The wrongfulness of the act is often expressed as a duty of care that is violated. The most general of these is the duty to act toward others as a reasonable person would be expected to act, and an unreasonable act that causes foreseeable harm is a tort (The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary Desk Edition, 2018). In the context of torts, "injury" describes the invasion of any legal right, whereas "harm" describes a loss or detriment in fact that an individual suffers. (Retrieved from :

    Lloyd’s conduct may form basis for the initiation of a Tort Suit on the following bases:
    Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    Private Nuisance
    Public Nuisance
    Prima Facie Tort

    INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS Activity 1.2 states that Lloyd did not make it secret of his intention to use explosives to the neighbors, this could trigger a Tort suit for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress through an act of extreme or outrageous conduct, for example, fits of rage where he mentions he would be ready to act imminently do justify emotional distress from his neighbors on the possibility of loss of life and property.

    PUBLIC NUISANCE A Public Nuisance Tort is triggered by an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of private land. The Neighbors’ knowledge of the presence of explosives prevent them from accessing their home safely through common areas e.g. public roads leading to the house. This is in violation of 25CFR§11.447 Maintaining a public nuisance which states: A person who permits his or her property to fall into such condition as to injure or endanger the safety, health, comfort, or property of his or her neighbors, is guilty of a violation. The possession and intent to use of explosives in a manner not allowed by law threatens to injure or endanger the safety, health, comfort of his neighbors property.

    PRIVATE NUISANCE A Private Nuisance Tort is triggered by an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of private land. The Neighbors’ knowledge of the presence of explosives prevent them from accessing and enjoying their private land.

    The harm in these types of Torts is the physical restriction to access as a loss of freedoms. No actual detonation needs to occur to result in loss or detriment; here the the physical limitation to the access of property is a loss or detriment.

    25CFR§11.447 also contemplates private property.

    NEGLIGENCE, DUTY , STANDARD OF CARE and PROXIMATE CAUSE Lloyd’s actions of stockpiling explosives are clearly negligent. Lloyd should foresee the zone of danger including the vicinity, secondly he would also be aware that any detonation of explosives would extend harm far from the point of use of the explosives. It is not necessary to show that Lloyd owed a Duty of care to his neighbors, it is only necessary that he had awareness that his neighbors and others at a radius could be affected by his actions. The standard of care that Lloyd should have exercised, provided his handling and storage of explosives was lawful, should have been proportional to the amount of explosives and in this manner he owed duty to care that any foreseeable action impacting the vicinity be prevented. Finally Proximate Cause is established as a cause in fact for possession of explosives and as a legal cause for the illegality of obtaining explosives without a permit. The But-For test or Substantial Factor analysis can be used to show that Lloyd’s action meet proximate cause to establish negligence to favor a court determination for the plaintiffs.

    DAMAGES The plaintiffs suffered the following damages: restriction to access of private property, emotional distress, and mental distress. Following legal action and removal of the explosives and / or Lloyd from the vicinity it is likely that the plaintiffs be awarded monetary compensation related to the loss of access to their property.

    COMMON LAW CONSIDERATIONS Noting that Lloyd’s possession of explosives clearly lies under several federal and state statutes a common law evaluation of this case is not obviously pertinent. Upon presentation of the facts to the court, an inquiry into the legality of the possession of explosives by Lloyd would have shown that Lloyd was not a holder of a permit, and because both federal and state statutes require such there would be no consideration to analyze this case under common law.

    FEDERAL v. STATE LEGAL SYSTEM CONSIDERATIONS Federal law supersedes state law and Federalism provides the States to grant more freedom, not less than granted by Federal Law. Generally States modify federal statutes that are incorporated into their State Legal System under state constitutions, as statues, or as ordinances. On the hypothetical scenario that Lloyd was a citizen of California, a revision of California Statutes for the possession of explosives shows California Code, Health and Safety Code - HSC§12101(a)(1-7) provides that no person shall receive, store, possess, use explosives and HSC § 12101(b) requires that the appropriate issuing authority emit a permit, which in this case is the Bureau of Alcohol, Trade and Tobacco, which is a Federal Agency. In this scenario California State law relied upon the federal statute for resolution.

    STARE DECISIS: OBITER DICTA, RATIO DECIDENDI, PROCEDURAL HISTORY Stare Decisis is the continuation of rulings on prior cases that hold substantial similarity for which there are no clearly defined statutes that address the circumstances of that case.
    Two cases are presented for reference: E. I. du Pont de Nemours Powder Co. v. Dodson, 1915 OK 256 This case was presented to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma in 1915, and can be found on the reporter 256.
    Co. v. Dodson presents the similarity of a nuisance claim against a party, an explosives company, storing explosives in the immediacy. Here the Supreme Court determined (Procedural History) that the neighbors were not entitled to an injunction against against the explosives company because they were in compliance with safety statutes by holding a certificate that authorized the storage of explosives. This holds a clear contrast with Neighbors vs. Lloyd in that Lloyd is in clear violation of statute by possession of explosives without a permit. In Co. v. Dodson Stare Decisis is viewed in reference to a complying party holding explosives.
    In this excerpt from the Co. v. Dodson decision I will identify Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta:
    [1] 1 It is true that, whilst the Legislature may legalize an act which might otherwise be a nuisance, it cannot authorize the taking or damaging of private property for public use without just compensation. [2]Chicago G. W. R. Co. v. First Methodist Episcopal Church, 102 F. 85, 42 C. C. A. 178, 50 L. R. A. 488; Miller v. Webster City, 94 Iowa 162, 62 N.W. 648; Sadlier v. City of New York, 40 Misc. 78, 81 N.Y.S. 308. [3] But plaintiffs' right to just compensation is not involved in this proceeding. [4] The sole relief sought herein is for the abatement of an alleged nuisance, and this prayer cannot be granted, because the acts complained of constitute what Mr. Joyce in his "Law of Nuisances" (section 67) designates a legalized nuisance. [5] However, it does not necessarily follow that the plaintiffs in a proper action would not be entitled to recover compensation for any damage to their property they may be able to establish. [6] The rule in England that no damages or redress can be obtained in the courts for a nuisance, or any structure or use of real property, which does direct injury to private property, provided Parliament authorized, and not provided for compensation for such injuries, does not and cannot exist in this country. [7] The rule in England is founded on the unrestrained and unlimited power of Parliament to take or damage private property at will without compensation, whereas in this country our Legislatures are under constitutional restraints in respect to individual rights of property. [8] Hence it has been held that, although a nuisance may be [***1088] legalized, and therefore protected from indictment and against interference with it as a public nuisance, the [****10] one maintaining it may nevertheless be liable in damages to an individual for any damages he may sustain therefrom. [9]Sadler v. City of New York, supra; Caro v. Metropolitan Elev. Ry. Co., 46 Super. Ct. (N.Y.) 138.

    From this excerpt in can be observed that sentence [1] is Ratio Decidendi and [5] is Obiter Dicta. [1] Outlines a statement that is legally binding and cited in [2], whereas [5] and [6] if removed from the excerpt, the judgement would remain unchanged. Sentence [5] is a note in passing with a reference to England that is not essential to the determination.

    This next case presents an opportunity to contrast state v. federal legal systems:

    S. Blasting Servs. v. Wilkes County, 288 F.3d 584.

    The Constitution of the United States in Article VI, Clause 2 details that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and that all judges and constitutions in every state are bound under it. This is known as the Supremacy Clause.

    Here the Supreme court made a determination upholding the authority of the State to enact more stringent regulations than provided by federal statutes. The Company (S. Blasting Servs.) made a claim that the State violated the Constitution when it implemented local ordinances that were more strict than federal statutes and in doing so Due Process was violated. In reference to this case this outlines the existence of both Federal Courts and District (“state”) Courts, with corresponding Federal statutes and State statutes that follow the Supremacy Clause, so Federal Laws supercede State laws in all the nation, but state laws can be enacted that do not ignore federal statutes. Neighbors v. Lloyd falls under Federal Jurisdiction because it violates an existing federal statute. It also falls under state jurisdiction on the hypothetical basis that this events occur in a state having laws requiring permits for amassing explosives like California.

    The question of at what point someone’s Second Amendment rights to bear arms could be limited has been answered under the bases of Federal and State statutes. Amendment XIV establishes Due Process whereby Probable Cause needs to be demonstrated to induce a Warrant for search and/or seizure of private property, or an Arrest of a person, which by definition is a search and seizure of the person.

    The standards by which arms may be seized include: Observation of Criminal Behavior or the Suspicion of such in the vicinity may prompt an Arrest Warrant and seizure of private property

    Endangering Public Safety by violating a federal statute regarding the safe storage of ammunition

    Grand Jury Indictment on the base of violation of a federal statute

    Paper Trails showing misleading information leading to a warrant for search and/or seizure and/or arrest.


    Failure to possess the licencing requirements for the possession, transport, sale or distribution of explosives.

    The Balance Test by the Supreme Court concerning inciteful speech

    The use of explosives as arms is prohibited, whereas the use of firearms is still widely allowed. Had Lloyd not possessed explosives or presented a public nuisance advertising violent action he would have been in lawful possession of firearms under Amendment II, although historically the amendment references the use of weapons strictly for military service. As presented, the courts would determine in favor of the Neighbors with the resulting actions of imprisonment of Mr. Lloyd and confiscation of all or part of his arsenal.

    Amendment I
    Amendment II
    Amendment IV
    Amendment V
    Amendment IX
    Amendment XIV
    Caetano v. Massachusetts, 577 U.S. ___ (2016)
    Efficiency of Militia Bill, H.R. 11654, 57th Cong., (1903)
    E. I. du Pont de Nemours Powder Co. v. Dodson, 1915 OK 256
    English Bill of Rights, 1689
    Explosive Forms: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (2017); Retrieved from:
    Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961)
    Militia Act of 1792, May 2, (1792)
    Militia Act of 1792, May 8, (1792)
    Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966)
    Natural Rights and the Second Amendment (2000) Heyman S.J. Vol 76; Issue 1 Symposium on the Second Amendment: Fresh; Article 8
    S. Blasting Servs. v. Wilkes County, 288 F.3d 584
    Tort: Legal Information Institute (2018); Retrieved from: Tort [Def. 1]. (n.d.). In The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary Desk Edition, Retrieved October 28, 2018 from:
    United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1876)
    United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939)
    Walston-Dunham B. (2012) Introduction to Law. Clifton Park, NY: Cengage Learning.
    Wolf v. Colorado, 338 U.S. 25 (1949)



    Draw Circle

    Federal and State Rules of Evidence

    Out of want, wreaking justice, energy reform is the measure of Independence. Only for a wrought sense of a balance between corruption and justice v. tolls for unnecessary leaks of debts, the understanding must be reached through dietary daily dialogues that anything but the Net Zero Energy Balance over the Island's income and energy statements, is loss of time , true contamination : Superfund = Collapse of La Junta, and open shut down of any gas fired boilers in substitution for Biofuel, Inductive Methods, and Fusion methods. Restated from [refer to visual net balances, introduction to local stock market of energy balance actions]. This is possible in the likeness of Virtual Sports Betting, to be installed over the island. The monitors are alredy present. 70 Billion in virtual money is only a keystroke in the Pentagon. Acknowledgement of losses only through measures of productivity yield Observable Net Zero loss and job creation in all sectors can only be measured by ecological imprints on the landscape: contracts for the destruction of local resources, measures of deposition of toxic contaminants in aquifers and measures of unemployment (will not lead to new taxation: refer to Project Blackhole).



    All forms of freedom stem from a spectral gravitas of absolute volition against total domination of the individual. Immemorially humanity has existed in nuclear structures where all forms of freedom exist upon birth and are reduced or sacrificed in pro of a larger nuclear structure for order and use of resources. In the establishment of order systems are created to induce a flow of both needs and wants of the smaller nuclear structure along the needs and wants of the larger nuclear structure that’s termed society. Through time systems were created that responded to the equilibrium between the larger need of society as a matter of interaction with other larger groups whose interest were different from the former group. In this dynamic flux of systems ideas, technology, and agreements resulted from the need to develop progress towards several types of impetus of society: improvement of the large nuclear group well being and health through the development of technologies, through the exchange of goods and through the amassing of goods in a way that led to inequitable distribution of the technology or goods among the smaller and larger nuclear groups. The forces for obtaining technology or goods have been termed needs or wants in a minimalistic vectorization of the more complex human interaction of nuclear groups, families, extended families, villages and other villages. It is this vectorization of the complex human biological and social response to meet present biological drives and future societal projections that needed to be understood and systematized to induce more positive utilization of resources. In this context humanity has vastly existed in a “common sense distribution of resources” of peace, which can be defined as the overwhelming drive towards common progress rather than in a state of “conflict over resources”, which can be evidenced by the largess over periods of disagreement over the use of resources for the allotment of the larger nuclear structures. The periods of conflict over resources are quelled by agreements to further the development of technology or the sophistication of society. Parts of society developed systems of beliefs as impositions over the small, medium, and large nucleus, which structurized allowable behaviors for all forms of nucleus and not all systems of beliefs (the totality of the rational plus the empirical bases for observation). Here termed belief are the finalization of knowledge as acquired by experience and scientific methodology. The realization that the imposition of beliefs formed a blanket over the individual which could guide behavior in a manner that could be used to cavitate the vectors of the biological drive towards a willful want of one over another , the resulting summation of these vectors resulted in larger conflicts when the direction of biological drives resulted in inequilibrium of goods and technological resources. These forces led to periods of instability followed by intervention over these drives by revision of the canons guiding regulation.

    The realization of the micrographical and macrographical existence of these vectors and their interception towards the reduction of conflict provided the basis of liability so that the vectors of both the small nuclear structure and large nuclear structure could be maximized as to express the greater biological drive and technological development in equilibrium.

    Tort Law proceeds from the retribution to the loss of the smaller nucleus whereas Criminal Law assures these forces are maximized in equilibrium in society.

    As nuclear structures evolved, in the manner in which they interfered on the aspects that yielded these interactions as detrimental to the systemic drives of the group, the ways of improving stable structures developed into contracts and agreements and through time evolved into the amassing of principles of a complex system of considerations termed Justice.

    Liabilities are the brakes that define the ways nuclear groups have defined conduct to prevent degradation of stable nuclear structures. Retribution theory holds that the punishment should fit the crime and that the criminal should pay by suffering with an equivalency of deprivation of liberty, and restitution of property


    Chakras are defined as the functional energy centers of the body. There is a Chakra for every body function and those functions can be triggered through nerves, which are the electrical wirings of the body, and this current generates a magnetic field which is the projection of the Chakra. Chakras function with organs.

    SUBTLE ENERGY RESEARCH: Understading of Fundamental Natural Laws that govern the Universe should have risen the Understanding of the Chakras but the Non-Conventionality of Human Complex Systems + the Current Scientific Method + Research Protocol Methods, yield an Incomplete realization of what the Human Body Field. In other words, the Complexity of the Universe should have been sufficient to reveal that the extension of Human Interactions has factors and extension to the environment in ways that relate physico-chemical reactions that have yet to be categorized or that can be categorized under as perceptible in perceptible senses. The fundament that electrical charges have fields and that the motion of electrical charges generates magnetic fields establishes the foundation for Electromagnetic Fields in Humans.

    The extension to Human Electromagnetic Field Theory is the ECO-TEMPORAL Brain-Mind: "The Brain Exists Outside of the Body": It is only through the interaction of senses that Brain Activation occurs: The Brain is Chemically Bonded to the Exterior: The Eyes make Contact with surfaces just like the hands make contact with the wind. Physico-Chemical realization of cellular structures establishes the fundament that the Human Body is a large Cell, a large Particle, in summation of the internal drivers: it is here where the conversation of Drivers starts: Stage 1: Atoms form Molecules that form Compounds : Stage 2: Quantum Mechanical and Classical Mechanical Forces act on the created structures in principles of Vibration and Spectroscopy : Stage 3: Attraction Forces from the Macroscopic and Microscopic levels create Tertiary, Quaternary and Greater Structures: so the Projection and Summation : [refer to Neuronal Synapse Impulse Integration] : REVEALS the structures that are SENSIBLE.

    The Conseequence of this structural result is the Measurable Universe.

    So it happens that all Living Kingdoms with the exception of The Human Kingdom (here referred as separate, in treatment of techno-cultural practices (for clarity technology could be represented in the form of Underdeveloped Organs)) have not had direct recognition of their Electro-Magnetic sensorial components of the sensible Universe. So here's where the conversation starts. Science establishes a realization but lacking the realization, Humans then Reject Conceptions that are then basis for Psychological Rejection Impulses that are then accepted by the Brain.

    The Continuation of Subtle Energy Research and how it Unfolds in the Brain is Directly Tied to the Understanding of Our Treatment of Matter, which is why our Conceptualization of the Real World is Paramount to the Understanding of Brain Function, not excepting the Photosynthesis-Gluconeogenesis link to Organic Matter that allows fundamental behavior-in-complexity, but also fundamentally linked to the Rejection-Brain-Rejection-Mind canon that cements negative feedback cycles of higher sensorial input-output mechanisms possessed by the Human Body.

    ECO-TEMPORAL BRAIN MIND could be concluded in this section but the importance of Continuity is How the Eco-Temporal Brain Mind is linked to the Cultural Factors where Technology is employed and it prompts the continuous evaluation of how we employ realizations and technology, and research to create higher functions of Understanding and Function [structure-function echelons] that support the ECO-TEMPORAL utilization of resources.

    It is this Continuity and humbly elegant solution that envelops Beauty from Chemical Complexity to Order, and Order is the ENTIRE SET OF FUNCTIONS that organize Behavior in Structures as conventional as Paper and as conventional as Human-System Interactions. This is the Why of Conversations that Must Be Generated to Understand how SYSTEMS LIMIT HUMAN FUNCTION-INTERACTION and it is in our opinion how it establishes the base and plumb where dicta follows.

    The separation of Economical Stability is Inseparable from THE CHAKRA TABLE for the following reasons: i)Poverty Primes Anxiety ii)Economical Stability Prompts Development iii)Economic Surplus Saturation allows Development

    i) Priming Anxiety would not allow for utilization of the Chakra Table in its complete form.

    ii) Economical Stability is an End-in-Itself of The Chakra Table because the Utilization of the Optimal Functional Center Function should be the Result of Economical Stability because proper utilization of Functional Centers should result in positive economical returns over a system structure that allows it. So it is through the undestanding that The CHAKRA TABLE applies not only to Human Body Interactions, but that it Creates an INDICATOR of System Structure, it is how the Design-Implementation of The CHAKRA TABLE functions in reality and not as a precept of yet-to-be-achieved science.

    iii) Economic Surplus Saturation is the stage of economic achievement where an individual or group has achieved-met the positive consequence of the system structure of where the individual-group exists. This is defined in terms of achievement and expectations but also defined in terms of health, economic surplus, emotional and mental achievements, and the levels of achievement for where Humans can achieve saturarion are LIMITED. So this creates an end to the Chakra table just like an end to Medicine and Economy. Saturation can be defined in the ECO-TEMPORAL realization of Health and Economic Input-Outputs.

    Cultural-Technnological use of Information has limited and expanded the expanse whereby Chakras are Termed and studied, but it is in the improvement of use of technology that a greater understading of this ancient concept can be better understood. Chakra Research is Continuous: Daily Impact on the Human Body + Needs + Transportation + Other Humans + Systems + Health = Results in an ECO-TEMPORAL summation and gives a result of how the CHAKRA TABLE works.

    Presently, our use of technology allows INSTANTANEOUS CHANGE of Chakra Function: one phone call can change the entire physico-chemical function of the body and it is through this understanding that CHAKRA technology can be positively used to improve human body function.

    The Chakra Table Presentation

    THE CHAKRA TABLE The Chakra Table


    What makes good literature? There is something about the scripted and written communication that has transformed our way of life. It is the natural ability of Humans to communicate verbally, then through tools develop more complicated communication patterns. If it were not for our eyes the written word would merely [|] an unknown dimension of a smoothed surface. Because we are born with eyes we share a common ability. But what is it about literature that gives it its importance? Like energy, the ability to cause change. Literature holds a power of change that transforms a reader instantaneously utilizing the vast potential of Human Imagination. Now more than ever Literature is more easily accessible to Us and with a greater amplitude of selection than ever before. Findings of earlier and earlier scriptures will constantly remind us of periods where Human Ingenuity reached Human Necessity to transcend communication and record an extension of Human thought. WIND BAR

    Neo - Native : one who identifies with Natural Law as indivisible from Nature, race-less and tribe-less, honoring the beats and cycles of Earth, born free and with absolute freedom, granted by the Grand Experience of living in this Universe. Neo-Natives seek organization in groups for self sustenance as a way of respecting the Natural Rights of all citizens, both close and far and embrace diversity in the likeness that everyone proceeds from a unique tie to the Land. Neo-Natives understand that conservation of nature is the enforcement of natural right for the layer generations and animals, and that it is through the understanding of this interaction that humanity acquires value and generates a plumb line where human scribes values to accepted and unacceptable behavior. It is within this exercise of understanding and enforcement of natural law on the broad scope of maintaining resources that feed a balanced population , that human guides the Way of Evolution, and it is this one drive that distinguishes Evolution from Adaptation, for in the improvement of health and economy it is imperative (and a consequence of science) that living conditions in the Planet improve and not degrade for both human and animals. Neo-Native #neonative is and will be an abstract term, behind banners of nationalism that transcend imposed sociopolitical diatribes that induce polarization but it is through the adoption of trans-national paradigms of identification that the fundamental problems of humanity can be solved: pollution, war, violence, poverty, and hatred.
    SEP 2018

















    Humans are the only species altering the environment with the use of technology. If the development of technology had Transcendence as a driver AND other species had evaluated technological development needless in their quest for Transcendence: 1-Humans in their quest would be, of species, the lowest, if the quest for Transcendence is in any way tied to technology, 2-Whatever technological gain in the quest for transcendence ties Humans as inseparable to animals, 3-Makes humans' quest for transcendence the most pointless quest of any living creature, 4-Clarifies that the search for Transcendence, because Transcendence cannot be altered, is the Great Independent Variable of The Universe (or Multiverse). 5-Restates that technology is already possessed by every living creature in its mastery of consequence, 6-Vanquishes technological development as tied to the "quest for transcendence" because the quest has already been trekked by every species. This important observations should remind Us of the age of the Universe, and that the answers to every question in the Universe are evident on every item of preexistence. The motu to Transcendence is, and has been explicitly answered, manifested, dialogued, questioned and restated only in the complexity of the Universe in itself, which is the absolute language of Reality.

    Have coffee, and ask yourself about the conceptual search for transcendence of every other species. Humans, of every organism isn't my any means the highest organism by functional efficiencies. Yet humans born yesterday and born however long ago , have sumarily and perhaps suggestively sought "the answer to why we are here". The answer was here before us. We are here only to enjoy this. Trascendence was shown a long time ago through observation (science). What you'll do in Transcendence is another question. : )

    When the caffeine lags and you are bored in front of a computer, don't ask yourself empty questions, because there aren't questions, only ways we grasp the everything.

    The Happening: "reopening" a canned economy to withdraw the possibility that the population wakes up to a canned cycle of wakefulness, don't mind, don't care philosophies of arrogant wantons for textual freedom. Tomorrow we'll go to the movies and see it like nothing happened, and never would civilization and science be it so reckless. How would you describe those who don't care about anything? The System knows what you will do tomorrow in databases of factible researched data, and know you will die, the System does not factor you. How many would you sentence? How many would you sentence so The Happening doesn't happen to someone you love, absolute sadness. The Empire is only battling the consideration of Life itself, of values, of what the Constitution actually protects, albeit of what color you might evolve to sustain for a picture. We were drafted a long time ago, the War for Conscience was fought a long time ago, not over egos, but of what you can do to improve the lives of how many more today than yesterday. Those equations don't need to be solved, only admired, because Earth, the all giving Mother provided infinite bounty for everything besides the want of one over everybody else, akin to owning the rights to live healthy of the vast, grand majority of everyone right now living. That's correct, this is a plight for freedom against the thought of moral-less slavery.

    The revolutions of Protein Residues between solids and liquids is sufficient catalysis to convert organic compounds into higher more complex units. Because Van Der Waals and Ionic Forces are (a TON of times) stronger than gravitational, frictional, erosional and any other possible force, the ambient conditions for Life itself could have "spontaneously" formed in any shore. Isn't this super cool?!! When you go to the beach you are standing in the womb of Mother Earth, anywhere, a river, a mountain, a lake, an ocean, life EXPLODED everywhere once the conditions provided for the synthesis of higher informational substances. The signature for life itself is only a shore when the volitional (i.e. the destructive power of fluid motion related to wind or gravitational pulses)(volitional = will, the Earth, the rock itself set the conditions, through magnetic synchronization with the sun) forces were subtle enough to allow life to live for revolutions around the Sun.

    All natural processes are irreversible to when dG=dH-TdS, to allow for subtle processes to be spontaneous, the temperature has to be CENTERED, recall that this equation has spontaneous reactions when dG is negative and that Entropy is only a concept of order inside the mind but it is humanly related to the number of microstates possible (it isn't actually a numeric scalar because order can only be represented by canons of beauty complexity and stability).


    HUMAN ECOTECHNOLOGICAL ETHNOCENTRICISM Do I have to be an animal to understand that there's an entire ecosystem that I belong to? Why do Humans create barriers between the animal world and human world? If there is a distinction then why do we have it? Leads to : Aren't then we responsible for every species in the system if we have more ability to modify it? #syntheticforest #sssfff

    Beautiful...apparently contrarian ideas like the development of TECH vs the development of NATURE interplay and will drive evolution , culture and how economies progress. This beautiful [video] embodies our spirit , of going out of the norm of exploring science from far away into immersion , into everywhere and wherever it may be which is again everywhere. I enjoyed this [video] because it also extends the concept of what can be achieved when Tools are used to explore and expand the dominion the terrain and that's what we at SSSFFF want to achieve with Science. MAR 2018

    MLK: True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.


    AIANA, is an unborn child about to be brought to Earth while Earth is in conflict and while AIANA has already lived prior lives, brought to Earth as an angel to live among Humans who have dearthed Earth devoid of the crispness of the ocean, the vibration of air, and shine of the sky. AIANA is the contemplation of birth and the dispute of science against the progress of technology.

    AIANA also represents Artificial Intelligence

    I will never leave you. Care and remain calm, I'll wait for you [|] Strength there is no better love than the love that finds Us



    Father : what I have learned from History:

    Tell me Aiana...

    The Truth that Fills the Voids of Earth

    Yes Aiana we cry every day

    Will you ever leave me Dad


    My energy will wane but I will receive a great strength from Heaven

    Dear Love for Aiana : I will never Leave You. You reside within. Within the Great marks of my body that remind me that this Great Feat is the Strength of Will.

    The Will To Hold your Heart : The Will to Learn the Arts that You are in the Beginning.

    The Will to Surface when the Tide goes Rough or Strong.

    The Will to Experience Harm and Yield Great Learning.

    The Will to be Responsible and Strong and to Call for Help when Needed.

    The Will to be a Mother to a Soul which will be your Strength and who will Make Great Marks.

    Dear AIANA, your name will be written in this Life… I will Be your Father So you can walk with me Here in Winter.

    Aiana killed a bear when she was six and took the hide to Mother so she could wear it for the season. ---Aiana, why did you kill the bear? -Dad I wanted to gift Mother ---Aiana they protect us from wolves, they have families and they don't kill Humans... Now you will protect the mother whose cub you killed until she births a greater family... and years passed until she understood that the world was perfect , of economies perfect of who died and how for the balance , of who ate and why for the balance , that why we did not eat meat for excess and sheltered like bears in Winter and that our fears were expressed in anger like wolves who we also emulated in hunting , and that our voices were chants conserved for actions and our actions were the built spirit, diffused in the air of everywhere conserved by our contact. Years it took for Aiana to grow to learn how trees spoke and they sheltered each other. Through eyes she needed packs and through words she fended grisleys who wandered from the West into the heart of our hilly yards. What will I do with these notes dad... --- use them to Heal, take them to the nearest town and if they reject them tell them you will bring them sickness next time, that love for nature is of every absolute feeling the lesser needed of expression. that admiration costs nothing , and prevention and conservation make sense only in time, so if they reject your notes, burn them so they can see them, so you can remember the true value of learning and that we carry less when we move because I won't appraise ignorance for what I love, and because so we will move from here so you can finish your studies. Mark our spot here and tell no one where we'll go. It is time we move but Mother and I want to rest for a month so we can bring to this Earth your brother. So AIANA went every day closer to town knowing every movement about the banks and she noticed the patterns of shipment indicated how much metal was in the cards and she understood the value of what dad had told her earlier. This time she learned how ...

    AIANA trained Ninja, vector of fuel and fire set to deliver a message to the Congress of a group of states that were following a path to go to war.

    AIANA I tell you the truth, there is pure evil that changes into good with my actions but if you feel you cannot accomplish your duty then return to your base where you can rest.

    AIANA : I am dying : I will leave you these notes so that you understand that our world was brought to ashes on the conjuncture of communications : no one was left with a voice they could hear and relate to : I love You : my Heart beats less every second : Your Mother and I had an Argument : We could not settle : that is why She told me to give you this : Go meet Her : She is at the address : I will terminate my existence through a death breath meditation : you will feel no pain but you should remember that I will forever Hold your Hand in Eternity. My Love Crossed All Barriers and when a Time came I gave it all : it would suffice to explain to you that I made a Great Contact outside of Our Galaxy : That You and I will always Remember Our Great Question of Whether we are Alone or Not in the World was answered through the Love I have for You. Always remember that. You are my daughter and I will travel to the Past : this is it : there is no further future for you and me : Our Past is in the Limits to communication : You will Hear Me: Before you were born. I was your father in heaven and I will be there again to follow you in a way undescribable. Each person has a chosen path, a way a will and resolute force to trascendence. I will further your path as you go along. It is now my time to leave you Daughter : Do you have important questions about our way of life?

    Why is there so much evil in the World? Greed, it is the root of bad necessities, errors of ignorance, it is the way that limits what We share in our Love, what we carry is part of Nature and Greed is sustained in thought by wants of greater necessities that do not exist : Understand this well : Your Virtues are Boundless regardless of the Greed of the World : Everyone knows greed : that is how we can escape it : be Considerate : you share the world with people that will show greed for all that you have : they want to take control of you : do not let them : Your Path is set in the Constellation of Orion : the Great Mystery Has been Resolved : for all : Look at me in the eyes : this is the [|] : Our Greatest Gift : My energies are leveling to the point that I cannot sustain myself anymore and what you will see is decay: not my physical bodies : together we are one : when decay starts the virtues and bonds of what make us good disappear : there are great ways of good but none lesser than greed. I gave you my life on all the information that we carry. Do not condensate it to one moment : that is why I will always love you.

    Sound : what we are made up of : what we carry in our distant projections : echoes our existence [|]
    I will travel a great distance : to Find Love : the Greater of All Distances so Care for What you Love and [you will; Always] sustain the Speed of Light. One day I will be Out there and you will Find Me because Light only needs an Object, it is the Fundamental Love of what we are able to experience : regardless of what is experienced. It is this compression of Light that [was is] contained in the central core of our atoms. The expansion of your imagination is where light resides but it is also physical. It is in The duality of mental and physical light where Love resides. Thoughts and Actions.
    Take great strides. Love Greatly. Follow the Light and gift it : Our time is limited in this Planet and how we allow ourselves to be great followers of what we share it is the brilliance : our stars : our Sun : our families : there are great places to travel beyond the bounds of this existence and that is what we learn from Science : The Spectra of light, the capability to absorb it and reimagine it is fundamentally encoded in our DNA and responds to who we are and where can we go and describes the limits of what is achievable. Remind yourself of the power in the stars. They brought us here so we during this time generate light like them.

    Route through the Stars:

    It’s cold AIANA : I Can’t Think… let’s camp here… our plans are to wait until we receive signal and maintain course…

    AIANA's Mother

    Give me a Fire
    Ill set you Up
    To Breathe
    Stones of Lightning
    When you awake
    Your soul will Climb
    Degrees East with
    Northerly Attitude
    I can tell you the Specs of My vehicle.
    I am so hungry I cannot Eat
    I am so Tired I cannot Sleep
    I am so anxious I cannot Rest
    My Soul will not Rest
    My bones tell the tale.
    It’s timely on the Ours
    Let’s wait Here

    AIANA'S Mother had died in the past and had not returned.

    It is True Love
    I am You in Love
    We Are together
    Forever Closer
    It’s you

    I could’ve seen the Future: why do we go this distance?
    Why does Love take The Turn to leave us to encounter each other?
    The Oars of Love
    The Wings of Your Kisses
    In cells and sentences
    Who dreams to Find His Love
    Amidst the dream of The Lakes this Vastness
    Further from what I sought… Now Real
    What if I could meet a girl who understood everything…
    The future we’ll see
    each other together on this space is past-future
    I have encountered my deep soul…
    the voice of my entire self
    In the days I fought
    for your life becoming
    In the days I ran for my life
    to save the Earth or forever Stumble
    To hear the words
    In our next kiss the World tumbles.
    your voice closer and closer :
    Lesser Distances
    And forever more
    You baptized me in the blood of your family.
    I will to now sweep the Earth
    with everything I have to give you
    That you see it
    That you hear it
    That you forever sense it
    Thet you forever know it
    our Sons and Daughters will forever call Us to Their Hearts...
    Love of the Pursuit of our Passions is the inner meaning of the Soul.

    I heard you before, your mind-soul, you spoke to me in a way I stayed for Eons, Why don’t you liten to me?! and it was you who spoke forever, your voice in a Storm:
    I am here [|]
    In every name
    I understood
    I could not fail you.

    AIANA I have kept you safe from the truth… one day you will recognize our dream of living in peace was forever held at each turn by the eyes of whose Father's called : wait for the ride to change …
    When AIANA was ten she got home mad from school: having travelled to the past herself she told me: Dad : why nothing changes?! : AIANA : AIANA : a long time ago: out spirits left our bodies: what remains on Earth are remnants: the system failed itself to the point of collapse: you tried to change it but you don't remember: you were sent in a market explosion. I called your body a night I couldn't hold on to life any longer and you returned in a dream. You are my Daughter : we are not both from here anymore but there's one thing we are here to do: Travel. Take this. It will guide you where I will be wherever you will go. You will forever find me. You cannot loose it and it can't be stolen. It will change as a function of your imagination. Fear draws fear , strength draws strength , and wisdom draws the ire of the ignorant so take caution to light a fire in the presence of dead leaves. The forest will burn and regrow but many animals would die. Remember you will always find me. As far as you may go you can make yourself return here, as far as in your heart and mind’s strength of clenched fist of your fury. You are the last of me, child.
    She spoke the sword to whose blood it belonged and it slaughtered the town of Torcha.

    Industrialism won't ontond is lochkhs no slave end nocht territory draw no blood until heaven awaits. True to your code of [|] it is the pride of your Father who will never leave you. His life upon your lungs breathed the savagery of earns the voice of Thunder : spoken once : the Universe expands to guard your existence.

    Ripples Thunder Disappeared : the planets vanished : life extinguished in a blast from a lonely star : the dead wave : Farther : Death is a Bond that ripples the fabric of the Universe. I sent myself to the past to let her know about the known Universe: I have made this AIANA: it is yours only if you understand the root of it. Kitana was alive, then in the wrath of her lost soul she vanished : Stay here Kitana : I will wait a thousand years for your return. You must understand this. Soon will I return an animal.

    Seasons ago in the wrath of serpent too, when Xranthxan Auyana, tore on venom the flesh of my legs to tears , Ripple Thunder called for the return of a lost soul to Earth, of what became Xranthxan Auyana her time called her to make fear the epoch of the Eaonical Epoch. Her silent watch over the seas and the heavens wrought blood over the red skies full of serpent soil. The wish of Octa was to refrain the Earth so the skies could create darkness so Xranthxan could stop to question her path into the light : it became known years later that a human had encountered an antidote to venom. Xranthxan could only watch formeons from another planet understanding that the universe wrought her wish of death to life in a form of her unknown. You knew she had exploded into X-ray matter at the time : her encoded wish of silence into thermo nucleus surreleous in contact with the silent stone : Rrrrzzzzr : our way of silence : I now understand it's the way of Force : planets collided and Xranthxan made her way into the center of her thought-womb: born again human: chose to end her life to experience the human cycle of reincarnation. From a real death I will to learn. No one let Xranthxan die…
    [You can’t REINCARNATE TO HARM] Xranthxan Auyana is the Inner Harm the hurt you may cause the sentences you speak are the swords you take : The entirety of the communication theory collapsed in the understanding of sanity : the notion of lack of physical certaintainty destroyed the lives for human consumption and within in the core of [|] the EVOLUPTIVEECOCAMBRIANEXPLOSION, preventive theories for the sequent holocaust.

    On the entirety of your words: what will you hurt, how will you destroy Our gift to give greater life to expand the Universe.

    Back in 1987 I was reading a book to her... at night... about the trends of technology... I dreamt once we would go to the moon, Aiana... checks and rechecks, Falcon 9 has 27 engines..., we thought about speed, you need +16000km/h tangential to leave Earth... you would feel the Thermosphere, warming at 400miles above the earth wll above 500'F, it's scorching hot up there but we would go beyond it past the 6000mile radius beyond the thinnest lines of gravity into free space...and we thought it slowly, methodically about space... we dreamt Aiana of slingshottiing the Shuttle past Mars into the moons of Jupiter... how? first shuttle to 5000miles to reduce gas friction and then accelerate to mach 180 using Maxwell acceleration, we would use a series of electromagnetic arrays to get to those velocities... unimaginably fast... in the 1990s we would bring something way faster, fiber optics and satellites brought the Internet... wait Aiana (it was then when I stood up and thank deep to mark my words... I stepped out of the room ... give me a minute.... how could that all have spelled disaster, I was about to tell her about the challenges of setting a shuttle in motion, loading liquid oxygen and how a cake relates to acceleration, and from mach 180 I jumped to 674,533,000mph... how could I explain to her the way things would change? We enjoyed the nights reading about our birthdays in space and the parables of the twins and how we would launch helium filled cakes to celebrate each birthday after tranforming each day in space to 2 months on Earth, and how we would equate our ages in the 2020s when she left for space endlessly. I left the room to grab a glass of red because I wanted to lay back on what could've been a greater disaster... back then we had nuclear weapons but didn't fear them like today, we had global warming but we didn't feel it like today, back then we had weapons but we feared viruses, not anthropomorphic metal. 2020 was when she lifted for Space... the lasting notion of Earthing Mars and whatever that meant that hadn't been written... we would recall every night. That's the only virtue of this communication... so she would recall past the orbit of Saturn. In 2030s after Maxwell acceleration we could send the early rockets in ultra fine threads of orbits out of the solar system. Back in the day, the 80s, we had not the certainty of established extra-solar communication... if anything changed it would be the ever slighted appreciation of precision... in the 30s we would be sending pods through keyholes the size of the radius of a stretched iris... and still be reclaiming the planet from lasting effects of contamination. How we dealt with the impressive power of turbines and how we dealt with gases had no match for human comprehension. Empathy, and another cup of wine…

    While we are working to build structures that persists and last the wrongs of natural mechanisms, how can We live in observance of the problems of Humanity and do nothing? We must in our ability bring Peace even if it means killing. The Quantum Erradication of evil from the world is possible onto the path of creating a pristine Earth in every Dimension, then We will have fulfillment with the Universe in the summation of our perspectives and understanding of that true Harmony and Resonance is matter within ourselves and the history of the Universe would unfold in our beings and the greatest sense of Humanity and Productivity will follow The greatest path of Science in Nature.

    All the beauty we had I set it up for destruction because I knew the words of what it meant to Love you and at the realization that only We could understand We could have done greater for ourselves in a way that would have been Perfect. On the Horizon I held the life I could have given you … onto the way We search for Ourselves beyond this dimension. What my life means onto let it be not the perplection of complexity, let it be consciousness that I sought upon [You] the greatest World Humanly imaginable and I sought in you what was perfect… Onto the completion of the flux of energy generated that into communication, our words, our lives what we mean for each other is perfect [|].

    Into the bounds of what I saw pain in the world and a solution… that I could hold your hand and understand once more that Love was possible.[|]


    It is just a matter of time.


    Metals for Food

    What is your place in this Universe, if every task at hand equate the military and in respecting the values goes beyond uniform more to the realization that it is in our hands to uphold the difficult tasks of those who risk their lives outside of the Nation. Within the nation everyone is fighting for the improvement of [|] and in this form and how we become involved is the real service, we are not at war in (and) the route to militarism is the prevention of conflict. We erase debts.

    Now and much more the route to Economic Development asequible by computing power drives our involvement in who we are supporting: The industriousness of our nation against other nations with lesser freedoms, access to health, access to education and lesser quality of life.

    My Proposal to You The Nth Dream

    The World, before your election, was at a brink of destruction. The power you revealed was pivotal for the total understanding in the pursuit of asequible goals. I will never understand the limits to implementation of Healthcare for all, Clean Water, Greater Access to Education, Cleaning the Earth, Owing Self to the Right of those who you care for and represent. Our rights, our paths to reach the greater senses of communication. What we act upon, say and do matters.

    +2018 PROGRESS / COMMERCE / RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT / UNDER CONSTRUCTION / Evaluation of Resources with Control Borders : Inputs and Outputs vs. Value : VENTA de los Medios de Produccion de Energia: How do citizens value their input in the decision making process toward the structures that support their development? Do citizens prefer to yield their democratic input to a private representative that may take their opinions into account? or Do they understand that overlapping democratic values is a permanent threat to the value of a vote? Yielding to the values of representation dilutes the vote.

    Shouldn't major acquisitions like the sale of Energy Production means be submitted to a vote? Or shouldn't major governmental overhauls be contained in the platforms of governments? What does it mean when a government makes a FLIP on policy from the directed path projected in the platform? Where is the calculation that shows that a private party will correct the problems in a better way... there are no calculations because people are people: people in = people out . The parameters of the solution are constant.

    "Si estoy en quiebra y no puedo pagar la casa la vendo..." Supone que la casa le pertenece a alguien... Esta venta de una Autoridad Pública (en una Isla) (en una Isla que tiene los medios de ser 100% renovable) (en una Isla que genera millones en líquido para renovar su propia deuda poniendo tranques a sistemas de liqueo de ingresos, lo mismo que hará una agencia privada, a diferencia que la agencia privada no le tiene que responder a sus constituyentes) Leyes Antimonopolistas deben investigar los atentos a vender el propio suelo pretexto de excusas administrativas, que suponen que el contexto continental le aplica en el papel al contexto de una isla dejada al olvido de administraciones que prefieren vender los problemas antes que atenderlos. Porque no le venden los medios a la Universidad? Si lo que hace falta es un cambio de administración entonces venta?! Donde es que se coje de zángano al trabajador y se le promete estrategia de progreso y desarrollo de capacitación. La conclusión no ilusoria se cae de las matas sobre el tendido eléctrico... se venden banderas también?! Las banderas cuestan 3.00 en las luces. Luego para que luego se rían de lo cómico que es el progreso cuando le votan a favor a las propias quejas de ineficiencia y que no hay trabajo...

    Recuerda que lo que venden es el desarrollo insular de personas que trabajan por el bien en común y no la capacidad generatriz de una tómbola vieja que quema en ineficiencias de petróleo sucio. Desde mi punto de vista con un overhaul de administración se recobran pérdidas y se genera un plan de 100% renovabilidad con mínimos recursos... o la venden y te meten otro peaje para seguir abriendo una herida que no le queda sangre... Las patrias se trabajan y toman el esfuerzo de quienes la llaman. Lo peor es que la venden con pretextos de que no sirve cómo se vende un carro de los 60ta en la era de baterías de litio. Y quedan recursos que dicen : para qué voy a la universidad si lo que queda del país (sus estructuras, sus corazones, agua, energía, infraestructura, turismo) ya no le pertenece... y lo otro peor es que no ven el camino trazado del gobierno en quebrar el país para luego quejarse de que tienen que seguir pagando mas y mas y mas.

    Esta quiebra resulta en un sismo regional donde la solución es que varios municipios se junten y declaren su propia autosuficiencia fuera de sí del gobierno que pronta la quiebra total al menoscabo de todos. Con 8 municipios que declaren su zona energética y declaren los recursos : desde entrenamiento a mantenimiento , se logra un ejemplo de autosuficiencia.

    Recuerda que lo que se vende es lo que te da luz y te prende la casa... que por amor se la demos (no se la den) a alguien que cuide de nosotros cómo se cuida de lo que nos da sustento. Esta venta es Predeterminada así que le cabe el raciocinio de que NADA harán para prever sus consecuencias o corregir las causas... y la venden como se vende la palabra del verdaderamente pobre por dinero que nunca verán...

    Recuerda que nada cambia... el dinero entra por un lado y sale por el otro y lo que se pierde es la integridad de pueblos trabajadores que suenan como algun dia sone en darle lo mejor de mi a mi patria. La Era de Litio se nos presenta ante el error de los pobres administradores que corren en falso sin entender que lo que nunca le propusieron al país es traición en una plataforma de improvisto. Compra tu batería de litio y comienza a remar antes que inunden en más deudas para que puedas celebrar. Recuerda que las agencias públicas responden a la mayoría de voto y que a las agencias privadas están de parte de contratos que no responden ... entonces qué prefieres ... un sistema que te escuche o un papel que puedas leer por cincuenta años.

    Que representa Patria sin medios de producción de energía, sin producción de alimento, sin valor sobre su Tierra...

    Universidad de Puerto Rico

    Universidad de Puerto Rico

    Draw Circle

    RECICLAJE DE IDEAS: Si todos los días comenzamos el mismo proyecto de preguntarnos cuáles son los problemas que tenemos y el día siguiente decimos que son los mismos de ayer y el dia siguiente nos volvemos a preguntar cuales son los problemas llegamos a una iteración: Si no Entiendes tu Misma Constitución y No admites cuales son las Raíces del Problema no hay Progreso. La Constitución de PR atiende los asuntos de INDEPENDENCIA, NACIÓN y ESTADIDAD pero la falta de entendimiento nos itera en que seguimos Pidiendo y Pidiendo y Pidiendo; Que pides: Contestaciones a los problemas: Todos los dias te haces la misma pregunta: porque no entiendes? Dónde están los representantes de Puerto Rico en el Senado de la E.U. y U.E.? Si sigues sosteniendo la ironía de contradecir tu método de análisis diariamente sin gráficas de progreso, sin análisis de costos, sin entendimiento fundamental de la constitución e ignorando que el proceso de votar por representantes políticos que tampoco entienden su misma constitución: es una mina, o se explota o la explotan. Las ideas utópicas son atadas a tu propio entendimiento del sistema: sólo hace falta un cambio mental, no unas elecciones cada 4 años. Ahora si cambias todos los días a preguntarte como estamos en progreso, la corrida mental mediática resulta en estanque. La Federalización (división de estructuras: 78 municipios x 3 asambleas x senado x cámara… el sistema se dispara solo en ambos pies) de Puerto Rico está en el nivel de lo absurdo y ridículo con duplicidad de un factor de 78. Esto no lo sostiene ningún cálculo de progreso irrespectivo de cualquier método de recuperación de ingresos. Voluntariamente el gobierno debe reducir su huella y admitir su ineficiencia. Ya no queda mucho más. El rezago es de décadas y ver sufrir a muchos esta mal si puedes verlo frente a ti mismo ocurriendo. De qué manera nos damos cuenta de el entendimiento si nos hacemos las mismas preguntas todos los días?

    Life has existed in our planet for many years, many more years than Humans have lived on this planet. Surprisingly, Humans are the only species to have apparently dominated resources to prevent competition from other species in a manner Humans have dubbed Technology. The competition and domination of the natural resources are what characterize Human conduct, now, in arid an apparently absolute manner have isolated Humans from other species and have separated Humans with the barren, moist, dry temperate deserts that were once forests. Not, so; Humans depend on species and an environment that although in our metropolitan biosphere has become less evident, technological development has attached completely the way Humans deal with their environment, simply because the resources in this planet are limited.

    The Flora of Bacterium and Fungi in the body, the Flora of the Forests, the Percentage of Oxygen in Air… are but a few examples how Humans are dependent on other species to survive, and it will be Human to dominate all natural resources. The natural Human instinct of exploration toward domination has uncovered the complexity of the Human Genome, has populated Space, has explored the core of our Planet and our Mind, and in many ways this imperative will continue to amaze Humanity and grant the gift of understanding towards a better Human experience i.e. quality of life. It is only through understanding of Natural Principles that Humans have developed Technology to prolong and improve the quality of life. Aqueducts, Fermentation, Farming, Aviation, Fission, Sterilization, Conduction, Computation, Vaccines, Clothing, Shelter… all related to how Humans have thrived within their changing Environment. All these developments are tools that are put in the hands of Humans and not always Humans have put these tools for the improvement of the quality of life. Humans have reduced natural resources in ways that have created social conflicts for competition and have also compromised the replenishing and recycling mechanisms of parts of the Planet through misuse, exploitation by technology. It is clear the good use of technology will improve all Human Life when the use has balanced the consequences of short and long term impact. Our Task is to simply evaluate technology towards improvement of the quality of life. The present average life span of a Human in a developed country is nearly 80 years, new generations arise on average every 20 years, elected officials run for office every 4 or 5 years, all seasonal changes take 1 year, Human gestation is 9 months, the Lunar cycle is 28 days, a complete day is 24 hours, a smile may last minutes; for the any motive, in the most brief infinitesimal period, Humans have the ability to meditate and though briefly contemplate on the complexity of the system we call home. Think about it, almost every action is mediated by technology, even emotional impulses are mediated by the present use of technology. Here at the Synthetic Forest, we have created that place for you to think, act and enjoy.

    This is your Hub of Technology and Science, Commerce and Culture towards better development of technology within our Planet home.

    Take a walk through the Synthetic Forest! Visit the Wind Bar, where cultural differences and similarities are explored. Future Apps will help engage your curiosity towards those distant neighbors and their daily cultural practices, even get recipes of the foods they eat and trade goods. Step into the eCommerce Zone Port. A center that directs business related technologies and industrial technologies that make business possible. Explore Curriculi, an experiment towards increasing educational proficiency in the world. Together with Equations World, will help expand the reach of Science and Technology towards making future responsible decisions that will affect our local Planet.

    Here You can purchase Technology, get a Well Informed Purchase and even consult professionals for the right technological alternative to your Heavy Industrial or Domestic project. The Synthetic Forest currently is readying a web of professionals to help you engage in Renewable-Green Energy Engineering or Traditional Combustible Fossil Fuel Technologies. Be sure to explore our Engineering and Scientific Services.

    Read the News! find events near your town that explore positive uses of technology that result in a better experience with your Environment.


    How could we find ourselves within this land while we all reach for it in exploration. Our questions in probing social and physical systems persist but the contexts on where we ask ourselves those questions is vastly different. You have certainly hiked for miles but without the proper equipment and guidance it would be unnecessarily risky to further trips of exploration.
    There were first words, crisol, amalgam, bonds, trees, rainclouds, skynet, synergy, control panels, control boxes, catalysis, and organometallics, tray towers, distillation, subatomic forces, the mill, the shop, the early, technological trances, fits of discovery, shared dreams of amazement, sympathetic and parasympathetic boundaries in the eyes of those working with the human machine interphase.
    There were no direct answers, only compounds, only interactions, only shared dreams, collaborations and the slight involuntary grimace, of interactions with other professionals who thought I could be doing a great job at something.
    I sought without an end to probe space deep and vastly but I couldn't persist due to economical limitations. But thankfully I had studied Chemistry. In the Chemical Sense there are no Integers. Molecules function through forces and that's how they establish Synergy. I understood that this defeated Mathematics, so I persisted in the conversion of words against funds, seeking whom would meet with me at the edge of every entry to the Forest.
    I understood there would be days when we would have to reevaluate the Internet. Where machining automation would trounce only human ingenuity in training but I was well aware that humans would in every sense encode the functions of computing.
    There were ends in days, there were [painful] ends without you.
    Once you are [were] within, inside the Forest, there's would be no journey. I willed to call You once to say : Hey! Here I am! In a way in the mind I'm already part of you in a way physically I'm alredy going leaving.
    Digest this very, very, very slowly. We shared a dream, but in your fierce voice you didn't show it, I didn't see it, I was isolated within the message withing the bottle.
    I placed this message over here, longing for the receipts of collaboration. Every calculation pointed to the limits of computations. Every capitalist term pointed to the rupturing of hypothetically fantastical economic reasonings. Every technological feat met an end through development. I knew about the microwave age before the age of the internet, before the ages of terror, before the ages of demilitarization, before the ages of lithium. I dreamt and dreamt well inspired by the feats of science.
    It was early in my first year of studying Calculus that I realized I couldn't become an astronaut. It bothered me that I couldn't solve integrals to perfection. That's when I shifted outer space for inner space exploration. The Human Genome Project mined the fundaments of our chemical architecture the potential to erradicate the major problems of medicine was complete possibilty. Alzheimers, Parkinsons, HIV, Cancer. ...
    It rained for days and the shadows flowed with the streams down slope to the beach as she waited for me [|]. The shores of the Earth prevented the Waters of the ocean from dissolving it.

    How Else could I better get lost in this forest without elaborating a greater path for you to be with me? What trails? What Processes? What would be the dominating Chemical Reactions, physical, or mental, when we reach and end that challenged our idiosyncracies. There were cultural limitations in the way we explored Science. There were pockets and lagoons of poverty, silence and indifference, and on every other side of what I was fortunate to explore there were paths to unlimited sources of knowlege. Ask me again tomorrow, what is that you want to accomplish? Who comes and goes unchanged from transatlantic drifts that alter memory?
    The mind was a function of dietary requirements's a function of economical capability's function of effort, but effort wasn't a function to ease necessities. Inflation and market bubbles presented infinite challenges because people had the conception that money was a requirement to think about money. The ultimate questions were, within perfect competition i.e. making sandwiches, what is the maximum number of people [entropic switches] that can be altered from one valence shell into conductive layers.
    There's much to learn from pursuits of Science. I'll pause for you here drop my bags and empty them for our new journey. In this book I'll make for now only silent promises.

    To the calming thoughs of health , healthiness, of ambient music, I hope it rains.


    Estamos a un mes de someter una entrada a la competencia de "Reimagining World Government" y el draft está a 75% completado. La idea de reimaginar es compartida y la imaginación no es para uno solo: en el gobierno debemos participar TODOS. Si les interesa aportar al draft se lo puedo enviar por correo electrónico. Son solo 20 páginas y es fácil de leer, no muy rebuscado. Más allá del ejercicio es una orientación a los elementos que forman un gobierno y cómo pueden ser reorganizado por su imaginación. Si quieres colaborar o aportar solo quedan 30 dias!

    Hey! Let me tell you a story : tonight's story : Eu L'tage Della Mathematica es là Esphinxe : [|] : eu stoy deliberando tu tempo : ecrive que'l Lavoro de tanta Patria es ellece monto Ferrari. Bella : os tempos que avancan son todos tuyos. Vedan de soporte técnico lo que el líquido es CH^° de tu amo. Regresa pronto que el tiempo es recobrado en esencia: Millions or doctors of years or Volts there was a time or a river that took the paper or boat of your knowledge to a place or abode where the segments of your fortune were rested inside a box : take this box and wrap it around : inside the box place a rock that makes the box like the shape of a boat and count each fold : my will to make this boat had me waiting from here to you to make this step so vastly unbelievable that I'm here and not there to say Good Night : rest well : we will go hunt another dragon tomorrow. Dragon Slayers here's your magical word of the day : if you seek a segment of a circle where does the arc rest in the circle inside the heart of a motor. Whatever beautiful piston you draw there will be a heart that draws a fire : here's your gift : a card here's another gift a cat : tell the cat here's your gift and remember to give her food so she sleeps well and make her the next dragon slayer. Now make a drawing in your sleep : tomorrow I have to write 10 more cards so another cat can eat : One day we'll see the ants running and we'll build a big nest to give them sweets , you'll hear them smiling. They all listen and we will all hear Orion. Dear Diamond : I need one last thing from you so stay strong so that I can etch this perfect marble into a thin layer of chocolate glace…[from the Nile to Calculus][Mathematics in the pursuit of Knowledge][Are there mathematical equations in the forms we communicate?] [Lethargy in the understanding the root of mathematics, solving problems][Thermodynamic Cryptograms and the enjoyment of our beating hearts in Science][Equating propagative reactions with reflux] Every story contains elements of chemical reactions. Each person we meet contains the potential to catalyse or decompose elements within our closed systems.





    5000000 to 500000000 Model Study to Adaptative Market Response on Reinvestment to Technology Development

    International Efficiency Model of Developing Economies in Deterministic 100 year to 100 000 000 000 year Catastrophies

    Catastrophic Circuit Printing to Hertzian Cycle Optimization

    Standards of Proof in Scientific Development versus System Administration of Wants Interest

    Valuation of Natural Resources to Health Outcomes and Productivity in Specificity Limits of Efficiency Ratings

    Total Vacation Days over Productivity Solving Real Problems in Technology Development for Energy Independence

    Belief in Interventory Investigations to Economic Surplus of Limited Cash Flow

    Unemployment in Adjusted Growth Models of Catastrophic Recirculation of Media Outputs to Normalizing Poverty

    Presentar soluciones que resuelvan el estado colonial de la isla representa un gran reto ya que:i) dentro de la Isla se han perpetuado ilusiones que han parcializado la opinion publica en fragmentos que son incapaces de autoevaluarse ii) Los partidos de mayoria fayan en presentar soluciones que erradiquen el estado colonial iii) El dialogo de medios esta enfocado en problemas de funcionamiento y escandalos en vez de concenso y priorizar situaciones de colonialismo perpetuadas por decadas.

    Debido a que no hay Representación oficial del estado en el congreso de EEUU Puerto Rico reside una perpetua sentencia colonial que no ha sido atendida por ninguno de los partidos de mayoria.

    Se categoriza la dinamica local de Puerto Rico como un De Facto Bloc, un gridlock en una calle de doble via, un tranque proveniente de parte superior por el congreso de los Estados Unidos quien es dueno de la Isla segun la constitucion. Ademas el De Facto Bloc al otro lado es local ya que los partidos han fallado de realizar que la idiosincracia del Puertorriqueno es indisoluble, y les falta de reimaginar las relaciones internacionales de la Isla bajo otros contextos que no sean los fijados por partidocracias de los cincuenta, canones quasi estadistas y quasi soberanos.

    Las Fallas Compuestas por Gobiernos Democráticos en el Siglo 21 representan una amenaza a la Salud, Prevención de Enfermedades, Cuidado Personal, Erradicacion de la Pobreza, Desarrollo Económico Individual y en Conjunto, y soluciones a ineficiencias de servicios como el de alumbrado.

    Las Fallas Acumuladas por Administraciones Pasadas, Revueltas por el Ciclo Electoral de 4 años representan Evidencia de que el Sistema presentemente no tiene la capacidad de Autocorregirse.

    La discapacidad de autoreflexion entre los partidos como incapaces de deshacer el estado colonial de la isla representa un problema grave en el mejoramiento economico y social de la isla.

    Es inaceptable que Puerto Rico no vote por el presidente de los Estados Unidos, ni tenga Representación votante en el congreso cuando tiene que responder a consequencias del gobierno Federal. Taxation without Representation.

    El Monopolio Energetico ha perpetuado la quema de combustibles fosiles en un territorio privilegiado de potencial de Energia Solar, Eolica, y BioRegenerable.

    El Ingreso per Capita de la Isla es inferior al estado mas pobre de la nacion.

    Las tazas de desempleo son ademas mas altas aun cuando la poblacion esta altamente capacitada educative y tecnicamente.

    La raiz del problema no es mistica. Por decadas la indiferencia del Congreso de los EEUU ha perpetua el sistema colonial y los Puertorriquenos han fallado en lograr traer el tema con la prioridad que un esclavo le pediria la libertad a su patron, ironicamente, un patron esclavista no le daria la libertad al esclavo.

    El Bloc de Indiferencia del Congreso de los EEUU reside sustentado por otro Bloc proveniente de los partidos locales que no han logrado escapar el embate colonial.

    Ningun partido ha logrado movilizar su gente para demostrar que el problema de colonialismo es uno de Igualdad de Derechos civiles.

    Las quejas diarias mediaticas son simptomaticas de la enfermedad y estancamiento colonial.

    Es importante notar que el problema recae en la falta de envolvimiento del Puertorriqueno y no en el desasosiego del Congreaso ante los asuntos de la Isla. Le toca al Puertorriqueno actuar y buscar alternativas ya que por tantos anos no se ha presentado salida al embate colonial.

    PPD: No representa el “Estado Libre Asociado”. Es una contradicción en Términos, auto infligidos. Se enmascara el Independentismo bajo una falsa Soberanía que sostiene al colonialismo. Si hubiese tanto apoyo de la ciudadania a este partido por que razon han perpetuado el sistema colonial por decadas? El PPD sostiene un un acto de desigualdad de derechos en representación ante los cuerpos que la rigen o con quienes se desarrollan.

    PNP: Las relaciones Internacionales de EEUU con otros países constituyen un “Estado”. Reciben importaciones, tienen Relaciones de Visa, de Moneda, y Actos Militares etc. Pretender entrar una estrella en una bandera es un puro acto simbólico. Los EEUU forman una UNIÓN con otros países y esto hace que se fortalezcan en simbiosis. Las dinamicas politicas de estados de los EU son tal que los estados buscan tener mayor independencia. Teniendo Puerto Rico su propia constitucion lo unico que le haria falta seria derogar las leyes de cabotaje y voto por el presidente para tener mas que lo que fuese un estado.

    Las idiosincracias, el fanatismo, y las polaridades politicas dentro de la isla perpetuan un estado colonial que es explotado tanto que se sostiene un nivel de pobreza ampio. El tiempo ha demostrado que en ambos el PPD ni el PNP han tenido la fuerza para evitar la doble tributacion, falta de Representación e indiferencia de los poderes de los EU hacia la isla. Puerto Rico al ser un territorio vive a la merced del Congreso de los Estados Unidos asi que sin un movimiento politico que altere el presente estado no habran mas opciones aue continuar viviendo bajo el colonialismo, que para un sector creciente de la poblacion es inaceptable. Cuanto mejor puede ser Puerto Rico protegiendo su idiosincracia con Representación votante en el Senado y Camara de los Estados Unidos? Se sabe que tambien la independencia de Puerto Rico no representaria una desafiliacion total con la nacion ya que se comparten muchos lazos de negocios y gran parte de los Puertorriquenos viven en la nacion continental. Es por eso que los Puertorriquenos deben pelear por Representación fija en el Congreso aunque esta conlleve la aprobacion del senado y la camara norteamericana,
    Además, pretender hacer un llamado a mayor representación sin de hecho tenerla perpetua un Estado de Desigualdad de Derecho Civil que es responsabilidad de los Puertorriquenos en atenderla.

    Tampoco parece un avance la estadidad o la Soberania, ni la Independencia si en de todas formas estableceriamos relaciones internacionales con los EEUU.

    Interdependencia para Puerto Rico es reconocer que se puedan continuar relaciones internacionales con los Estados Unidos y que estas no prevengan formar relaciones internacionales con otras naciones.
    Interdependencia es reconocer que más allá de la independencia, Puerto Rico forme lazos estrategicos con otras naciones, dos o mas, mas alla de con Estados Unidos.
    Interdependencia evita que Puerto Rico asuma una posición aislada en el marco internacional.
    Interdependencia nota que el movimiento Independentista en Puerto Rico no ha aclarado un marco de relaciones internacionales ni con los Estados Unidos, ni con otras naciones, y que continuamente presenta una alternativa de aislamiento internacional sin intentar formar lazos diplomáticos con otras naciones.
    Interdependencia nota que la 'soberanía' del PPD sin la completa descolonización de la isla mediante la independencia total no rechaza el sistema colonial sobre la isla.

    La escaces de opciones se termina cuando mayor envolvimiento en Procesos existe, y por Procesos se entienden TODAS las funciones gubernamentales. No hay que ser clasicamente un politico para participar el los procesos de mejoramiento, lo Unico que se necesita es generar un sentido de Comunidad, sin enemistad, sin fanatismo, sin parcialidades. Dentro de Puerto Rico todos son Puertorriquenos asi que de modo cuantico hay que eliminar el sistema bipartidario porque clasicamente es una aniquilacion de voluntades, remos en contra dando circulos hasta que la corriente los heche a perder en cascada.

    Si para eventos deportivos somos todos Unidos, no hay excusas que las soluciones politicas sean diferentes. Y aqui hay que aclarar posiciones. Se debe desistir de referenciar las soluciones como politicas porque las soluciones anti-colonialistas no son de indole de partido. Si ambos partidos residen bajo la sombrilla colonial, la solucion es de caracter cultural y los cambios culturales por mas pesimistas que se vean pueden ocurrir cuanticamente.

    Cada infraestructura mental que sirve de solucion se sustenta de bases solidas reales, no de hipoteticas. El Examen Cultural de Puerto Rico es que todos son Puertorriquenos, asi parece que el serlo sin atender los problemas coloniales es como pasar una clase y repetirla por default.

    Los problemas economicos son tambien de participacion.

    En Puerto Rico se generan enredos legales tan ortoscopicos que se necesita verdadero ahinco para desenredar tramos legales. Cuando los enredos legales se generan benefician a sectores particulares del todo, y no a todos en general.

    No hace falta ser clasicamente politico, lo que ha hecho falta es la participacion activa en concenso porque en molestias individuales ya existe una gran mayoria de la ciudadania pero no se les ha dado la oportunidad de sentirse representados, o los intentos de repsentacion exitosos han sido encontrados con el pesimismo derrotista del sistema bipartidario.

    Lograr el mejoramiento economico de la isla debe envolver activamente a todos sus ciudadanos ya que estos son quienes obran por saldar deudas de las ineficiencias de las administraciones. En Puerto Rico hay escaces de proyecciones per se y mas de proyecciones cumplidas.

    La generacion de deudas ha sido un arte, pero entre las artes la peor de todas ya que tirar negocios a perdida es extremadamente facil.

    FALTA DE PARTICIPACION Dentro de un ciclo mediatico e informatico de enfoque microscopico aun existen areas que no se tratan con motivo de urgencia. Cuan dificil es conocer el estado de exportaciones e importaciones de la isla? Bastante dificil porque no ocurre en el dialogo diario, porque no se celebran los exitos de empresarismo local. Tal parece que unicamente quienes tengan maestrias en economia logran de entendimiento del mercado local, y aunque apunten fallas, son ignoradas porque dentro del dialogo mediatico las metricas economicas son enmascaradas de desembolsos en ayudas, y asi se perpetua la indiferencia con la ignorancia.

    Hay falta de dialogo de parametros economicos importantes los cuales definen o en teoria deberian definir la politica publica de la Isla. Como es posible que se piense por un lado de una alta calidad de vida por debajo del nivel de pobreza?? Es por esto que Puerto Rico es un ejemplo rico de problemas y posibles soluciones, es un terreno tan fertil para que ocurran sismos mentales y econommicos, es un archipielago que en teoria deberia ser bien manejable y en ejecucion deberia disfrutar de voces, como en los deportes, al unisono.

    Imaginese cuanto mas pudiera disfrutar un Puertorriqueno en condiciones que fueran mejor en pro de todos y no de algunos.

    Estas bases son las que sostienen proyectos de infraestructura a nivel estatal y que son necesarias para la generacion de empleo a gran escala. Hay que olvidarse de fracciones del gobierno y recomenzar a imaginarlo unisono.

    Se sugiere mostrar los siguientes graficos por medios publicos accesibles en toda la isla, por ejemplo tenerlos fijos en cada periodico. Tenerlos fijos en comerciales de TV, radio y cine, tenerlos presentes de todo, inclusive resaltar en vivo las ejecutorias de nuestros representantes. Han sido miles las ejecutorias de los nuestros que no han sido mostradas, digase en deportes, manufactura, artes y ciencia, y eso me harta.

    DISPLAY 1:GDP v Debt
    DISPLAY 3: Export v PCI
    DISPLAY 5: GDP - (Subsidy)n + (nonSubsidy)m
    DISPLAY 6: PCl - MCL
    DISPLAY 7: MIN Allowable Wage
    DISPLAY 8: % de Remoción de Subsidio
    DISPLAY 9: Impuestos

    Consumo v Ingreso Per Capita
    Deuda v Ingreso (f)
    Graduandos v Empleos Disponibles (f)
    Ineficiencias de Estructura (en $)
    % de GDP que va a Salario en gobierno
    Cantidad que genera el gobierno que no proviene de sus constituyentes
    Comparación de Costos en Contratos a Nivel Internacional
    % de Biomasa Energética Perdida
    Pérdida de Ingreso por Transportación (#)
    Transportación vía Tren vs Costo de Mantenimiento de Carreteras
    % De Agua Pluvial Perdido (ML / d)
    % de Energia Solar Perdida (MW / d)
    % de Desempleo
    Linea de Pobreza
    Outsourcing vs Utilización de Recursos Locales

    Dicho de otra manera: INDICATORS: Se le sugiere al gobierno local que presente en espacios publicos las transacciones y el estado financiero continuamente, esto para concientizar a la poblacion general en los parametros economicos que afectan la isla.
    Por años el sistema local ha perpetuado a una clase politica que vive de la reduplicacion de tareas y mina al propio Puertorriqueno para acentuar la condicion colonialista y esto representa un grado de esclavitud para la poblacion general. Cuantos peajes son necesarios en un pedazo de tierra 100X35. Hasta que no se comienzen a derribar los artefactos que perpetuan el colonialimo como lo es la Doble Tributacion via leyes de Cabotaje, Falta de Representación en el Congreso, Monopolio Energetico sin generacion por Renovables.
    Las fallas fundamentales de los sistemas de monitoreo y recopilación de información en la red de negocios de Puerto Rico habilitan el trasfondo de pérdidas que no se ven reflejadas en los ingresos de capital de la Isla. La falta de coneccion de los sistemas de manejo de información resultan en que los INDIVIDUOS se les haga repositorios del peso de repago del recaudo de los bienes, todos los que son del Proceder de la Isla.
    Se ha extorsionado al trabajador a pagar deudas neocapitalistas cuando mas del 60ta porciento de la isla vive debajo del nivel de pobreza. Esto me harta. Puerto Rico es una mina explotada hasta la conformidad. Las conductas reforzadas por mecanismos que no son compatibles ni con la geografia, ni con la idiosincracia generan las recaidas culturales que son producto de la ignorancia, digase cualquier conducta criminal.
    Baja Competitividad
    Descanso en el Progreso
    Robo Electoral
    Fraude en Comercios
    Fraude en Gobierno
    Contaminacion Ambiental

    Positive Reinforcements are Needed to Counter Criminal Conduct. Ya que Puerto Rico es en expansion una isla con territorio limitado y con nexos familiares fuertes hay que tolerar niveles de envolvimiento de familiares fluyendo hacia dentro y hacia fuera del gobierno pero esta disyuntiva social no es excusa para perpetuar clases politicas. En donde se formen nudos politicos familiares el honor al compromiso por los mejores valores insulares deberia dictar las normas pero pareciera que en puestos de confianza las ejecutorias gubernamentales posean fragilidad a recaer en faltas de eficiencia.

    La reevaluacion de metodos para generacion de empleo se debe llevar a cabo en un contexto macroscopico y microscopico.
    No hay excusas en una isla con tanto potencial que haya falta de emmpleo para nadie. Eso no es tolerable. La ignorancia no puede ser madre de la ingenuidad. Ante tantas mejorias posibles lo que hay que identificar son los bloqueos al desarrollo de empresas y trabajos.
    Cualquier cash flow diagram debe atacar los costos fijos para aumentar el retorno y en Puerto Rico existe un eje claro, clarisimo, obvio, y es el sector energetico y de transportacion donde se encuentran los retos directamente con las soluciones claras y precisas para ser ejecutadas mediante generacion de empleos.
    No todas las soluciones deben ser dirigidas por generacion de empleo, existen Moratorias y planes para que el Puertorriqueno pueda disfrutar mejor calidad de vida. Por ejemplo Semanas de 30horas, Horarios Flexibles, Servicios Gubernamentales de 24horas, etc. Hay que resaltar que estas pueden ocurrir porque en el mercado local no se han disparado burbujas que le hagan prohibitivo al trabajador vivir salubremente.
    Entonces hay que volver al macro, a los problemas que nublan los propositos superiores de potencial que tiene el Estado de Puerto Rico.
    SOLUCIONES Tabular-Graphical-Dynamical CONECTAR LOS MEDIOS DE COBRO Y RESALTAR PÉRDIDAS POR FRAUDE Reduce the Seats on All Political Offices to Reduce Fraud and Points of Losses. Send Representatives to Congress: Junta de Cobro? Y el Gobernador en el otro lado pidiendo estadidad.

    Este documento constituye una visualization Activa del Progreso Económico


    DISPLAY 1 GDP v Debt
    DISPLAY 3 Export v PCI
    DISPLAY 5 GDP - (Subsidy)n + (nonSubsidy)m
    DISPLAY 7 MIN Allowable Wage
    DISPLAY 8 % de Remoción de Subsidio
    DISPLAY 9 Impuestos


    Consumo v Ingreso Per Capita
    Deuda v Ingreso (f)
    Graduandos v Empleos Disponibles (f)
    Ineficiencias de Estructura (en $)
    % de GDP que va a Salario en gobierno
    Cantidad que genera el gobierno que no proviene de sus constituyentes
    Comparación de Costos en Contratos a Nivel Internacional
    % de Biomasa Energética Perdida
    Pérdida de Ingreso por Transportación (#)
    Transportación vía Tren vs Costo de Mantenimiento de Carreteras
    % De Agua Pluvial Perdido (ML / d)
    % de Energia Solar Perdida (MW / d)
    % de Ancianos empleados
    Outsourcing vs Utilización de Recursos Locales vs Capacitación (empowerment) Estos Resultados a ser validados y puestos en display en lugares públicos. La transferencia de Información debe ser instantánea.

    La infraestructura legal y eco-tecnologica de Puerto Rico presenta un marco exitante de potencialidades. Pragmatismos fuera de canones bipartidarios son posibles en cambios cuanticos si se generan soluciones en contexto. Las oportunidades de crear mayor envolvimiento de los ciudadanos concientes son unicamente limitadas por los ofrecimientos politicos como alternativas al escape colonial que por el momento no ha ocurrido. Puerto Rico entre la Nacion Americana tiene el mejor potencial para generar supraestructuras que preserven su idiosincracia y eliminen el De Facto Bloc perpetuado generacionalmente por circunstancias de indiferencia local.

    Quality Management applied to the "PR" political structure reduces liabilities on the overall budget. This is true even without reducing the total number of employees. The means of repaying debt are not complicated but duplicity, factual coordination, urban myths and "spectator participation" by the majority reduce the Continuous Validation Process. Only with visible numeric displays would a broken system be traceable to linear process metrics. An amnesty in the lending debt would not correct the problems tied to job creation, sustained on the visible cycle. There's no mystery how credit ratings are tied to low productivity and low efficiency, and this does not presuppose lack of financial capital resources. Privatization of semipublic resources now shows visible effects on the recuperative capacity of sub par conservative laissez faire measures without any contiguous international relations. (You have to ignore the enormous irony of cross party politics as theater, sport or entertainment because there hasn't been yet a declared winner). If Human Resources are not employed proportionally to the level of education a False Bubble of poverty is created. This is contrary to shortages but the bubble generates the effects of lowering the Gross Domestic Product by accentuating Poverty Dependency, which reinforces the stimulus to assume that education does not play a part in urban development. DEC 2017

    ARTICLE IV (sec.3) of the CONSTITUTION: The CONGRESS shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.
    ARTICLE IV (sec. 4) of the CONSTITUTION: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form or Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive against domestic Violence. Comment (i): If PUERTO RICO is defined as a TERRITORY it is thereby a PROPERTY of CONGRESS. (on the first degree), so it is a Mandate of Congress to remove or replace the Territory label over Puerto Rico. Comment (ii): Article IV sec. 4 guarantees representation in Congress for States, not Territories. Comment (iii): The Route for De-Colonization of the Property of Congress, is through the act of representation in Congress. No act other than moving forward towards Congress to remove the Territory and Property Label of Puerto Rico will remove Puerto Rico from its paradoxical stance as a Commonwealth. Colonial Rule and Stagnation is reinforced through maintenance of THE STATUS QUO.
    AGAIN: Only through an Act of Congress can Puerto Rico rise from the label of Territory and Possession of Congress. Comment (iv): It is the lax attitude of the present political parties and their lax stance that reinforces Colonial Rule over the Island. CONVERSELY if Citizens are not aware that they need to ACT then responsibility is fractionated into what CONGRESS can do and vs. what CITIZENS of Puerto Rico can do. Comment (v): Observing the level of Poverty and Stagnation of Technological Development, and Economic Sustenance of the Island of Puerto Rico that is the DUTY of Congress to ACT towards bringing positive resolution to the Problematic of Colonial Rule as Property of Congress inducing poverty. Held by the default definitions of the parties representing the political arena (referenced past) , it should be the Duty of Congress to step in and remediate the political situation of the Island. Through decades all parties in the Island have perpetuated colonial rule, and poverty without generating the necessarry consensus to improve the Islands quality of life.

    a) Congress Acts
    b) Citizens of Puerto Rico Act
    c) a and b happen simultaneously
    d) Political Parties in Puerto Rico demand congress to Act, this can happen at any moment in time.
    e) nothing happens.
    select the best answer: ___

    Indifference is the worst option. Having lived in Puerto Rico and seen the stagnation for decades it is worrisome that citizens do not understand that they are being held by the notions of their own parties.

    To my friends, your political parties have left you, and leave you every day without representation and you pay for the consequences of their platforms that do not remove the Island as Property of Congress.
    This argument is Neutral towards Independence or Statehood. Representation in Congress is a matter of Equal Rights and of Obtaining TRUE REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT as guaranteed under Article IV section 4 of the CONSTITUTION. As a matter of Civil Equality with States it is the Duty of Citizens to obtain this Determination hand in hand with Congress.
    All other actions are lesser than The Law of The Land and shall be abrogated by the Power of the Constitution of The United States of America.
    stated, as an opinion towards the improvement of the Island and observed as duty towards obtaining greater freedom for Citizens of Puerto Rico through Representation in Congress. without further statements, rested on this date, Yerai Oliveras #syntheticforest OCT 2018

    metaOrthographic Trails
    metaOrthographic Trails : Its 3:30am, please don't lake me wake from this dream : Minutes Later, woke, its 4:00am please don't lake me wake form this dream : hours later : please dont let me water from this dream : days later I go to sleep : please don't let me ________ (select one : out, in, from, escape, ...) from this dream : days later : please don't (sleep) me from this dream : at night : I am going to (dream, slip) into this dream and when I wake up : question: if I started ____ on Wednesday, is it Thursday or, how many stages of sleep did I cross to get here? #syntheticforest The level of possibility is tied to your understanding of My Frame of reference. If I have already told you: I am living a dream: and you are still sleeping there's a break in communication: If I tell you : my dream is connected to your interpretation : select one (project, writing, performance, mathematics, projects, construction, teams, products), My dream is Tied to Yours : select one : speak, hear, wait, go away, tell me about your dream, don't tell me about your dream, wait, just do it: Dear : I keep strengthening on conditioning until the spirit consumes on the recycled cultivation. One last thing: how many ways can you measure air saturation? #syntheticforest Our goals were to raise awareness but now it's remediation. The level of suspended solids in the air has reached a critical level (ng/m^3) : future generations will ask us: why didn't they react: many of us were sleeping : two hands are not enough : but if you give me two hands and a machine : select :::::

    I need the altitude of the precipitation layer to chart the angles of attitude, stay the course Captain or get me a Hotel , it's 03JAN2018 and I'm missing my sweet layered muffin bed ... It's happening , just chill, I love the cold weather and the dark hungry nights... I'm taking 4 bags too filled with books and plans for YEARS of Light in the City. I miss the sound of my speakers. I miss the deck and the basement where I imagine myself on stage. Captain: what's the temperature at 50,000ft?: -15C , let's go one day skiing. When I get to Hearts Field International will be only one, towing 4 bags tied to each other. Hands full and the calendar waiting: I'm ready for you. Time's are a blast but I'll never wait if I get the bonus ticket for a flight to Hawaii , a nights layover in sweet kisses and a story without proportions, delta, please check my bags, get me home safely, dear home, don't wait for me any longer. Open the door, heat the water, let's cuddle, the nights of winter will be long.
    Orion or Cyrrus, if it were, a mere slingshot from here to there you'd miss the breaks in the layers of orbit, where yet another sound breaks the sound of its own and another matter forms the mist of the ways-path of once right on target a soul's becoming '_-_-_' (#) The swish of electrons, senses on road, they turn to make the vessel strung more solid , and its core a dark mattered calculation waiting for the waves of the Sun to come closer. In the heated vortex of when-where it all holds, like your hands together, a generator, a sense rush of steam follows the plume of venomous propulsion reeling from the winds of it's turbines and the next stage, when the denser jet cores (no longer visible), a moment in space , the lasting gift of you. (way of remembrance, breath).
    The last stages when we get home , on a way retelling our life's gifts there will be shores and shores no end when, on sight from this core motion's away only from the center of a paired galaxy , say the sounds soft spokes' appear say there's time to rise for more, once good morning. If we ever need to land this stone ship, the next days the charm, the next day lest appear , tonight's frozen's the chillest darkest night of our day, longer let's make waves and never say anything more to each other. You'll (I) travel far and I'll (you) speed closer.

    Evaluating Infrared Reflectivity off City Centers should prompt Urban city Managers (mayors) to counterbalance Particulate contamination with Decontamination machines (trees). Forests , wherever they are remind us of the connection to Nature and our need to protect the sources of life against irreversible damage. Synergy effects are in play within these systems and the span of this project sets a cool example of what other urban centers will follow. Irregardless of the species planted the environmental shift notes a permanent reminder of what is needed to offset contamination sources. While the long term effect of cross species talk within a designed forest are reflected in both the stability of the newly formed ecosystem, and in the generative power of the forest , the statement of reestablishing 'green-dead' zones reflects a good step in solving neoecological problems lagged by slow implementation of recuperative technologies.
    JAN 2018

    Stated: through Passion ; Perseverance : Courage : and Energy : You can achieve ANYTHING :That our Passions are within deep in our wants : Your perseverance in step and actions : what we say to ourselves when there are no options and the voices of encouragement are finite; when we encounter barriers and those barriers tell us to stop looking, stop wanting, stop searching for answers: that is your courage and perseverance, that looks beyond what anyone can see into the future, full force through the barrier, or mere steps to take in what may be over a long path into the other side of the mountain. You can see through mantles of any surface. Your Heart is a Stone.
    But where is it? Is it in your Lungs that beat with the frequencies of the ocean or up in the sky , or in your thoughts that resonate on-thoughts pulsating to keep the machinery moving, or, is your heart in the depths’ solid core of your bones to hold you firm to give you blood and lay rest in need to your core of iron. You carry your heart in your hands, your strength in numbers in the gestures of motion that you can see filled with strength a pulse to act with an end and in each grab a new beginning , with a touch of your signature of what you make to give to each one of your hearts desire, your heart runs deep. You gave your heart to build in your dreams , and never saddened by what could have been taken from your hands, you have a heart of Giving and that cannot be taken away, not today not anyday, we know. There is no form to your gift , what you give cannot be taken away, your light is an ever propagating sphere , like a stone it builds on what you see in the needs and voids of those who are in need and needed the most. No one can take you away because you gave your heart and your heart is ever present to remind us that you gave a part of yourself and it contained within your essence of giving.
    However grand a pulse of the heart opens both to our brains and lungs in a single stroke. Each cell contains a bridge to act as a single function with summation in each stem, and if you could keep still for a fraction of a second and feel your heart in your chest amiss the frequencies that the brain and lungs first send to require a billion in concert of summation. There is a stem in the Heart that propagated the pulse so that mitrals and tricuspids stretch with the right force and your body can maintain a safe posture so that your heart doesn't need to keep a concern for itself. This is to say that your heart is in your entire body, and that what concerns it are the most microscopic items to function to feel great wealth of molecules to build on moments notice or to pain all in the branches of capillaries.

    When someone you love goes away the edges of all the capillary functions are shaken , your heart is in and within the membranes of each cell that remind us of what can be given and taken away. But if you have not felt your heart beating or discovered the expanse to which it can be seen you may only have a fraction of what a heart beats for you.

    It can be seen in every step, in the core of eyelids, in the depth of the retina, in the motion of the neck, in the strength and blood hues of the arms, in the soles of feet and propagating from further than our bodies through the acts that give and our ability to receive.

    If you ever were here and ever went away your heart remains a solid stone a buoyant gift lighter than the coldest atmosphere , heat of molten metal a reminder that it reached our core and from it we can keep building. JAN 2018

    Here's where I am : 08FEB2018 : You will find me ... #sssfff the road across the mountain can't be measured in heights or time... it is measured in moments... integrate all there is... then again across you will find me. If only sight were the way through, then that it is... so that I can finish across through but the way through the mountains means nothing to myself if I tail it through, lone speared through the rocks, the passage. Once through I will show you where I am , that you may know that I've been through , that you may hear what I have seen, that you may mix the elements that I have wrought in gold, on a sentence, on a passage.
    FEB 2018

    100KM:On Saturday I'm going for: 100Km. I have never ridden 50km, not in a day, to get anywhere, for anything, for nothing. Mitochondrias in a Helium note: Hey man WTH (what the hell! yes they are alive, like minions) We want to go great distances , far away , take Us: they say: I'll send you globulins. Take your time: Redox's Timeless: A place I'll return, again and again, boundless, there's no end in sight. Zeno's paradox on a wafer.

    A Hot Rock Specialized is not built for the road: it's built to take your time: it's not a time trial, it's not a time trial, there will be no time. Aluminum Steel from a 20" 2002 Hot Rock Specialized 26" wheels at 8"radius weights at DOUBLE the weight of a larger 24" Trek or any Roadster Bike ... Summit Mt Briton calls the road. I'll make the turn at the Portal , call it at 50km. Know it : once the links turn and the sight is staring at the mountains: I can see it from home, the right place where the blue moon rises in the darkest grays of summer, right East, the seat is at 1200m... it will be hard to stop to get there. Halfway's only the beginning.

    I can stop at the Portal at 50km, to get the chills of the Welcome sign. But I was already there. Steel amidst the silence of trees and a sign, slow cars from every destination, forever eyes of deep: here we are : a rainforest. This one's not exactly what I had dreamed about: the shooting stars and midnight streams will be far from where I'm going. Not more trails. Never make it easy for yourself to get to the end, because you'll fail to grasp the voltaic concept of life amidst flows of the Earth and the fruits of paradise you'll forever miss.

    There...Where you sit... Listen... Turn your Eyes (a thought (ever more silent (another thought, ever more silent (a thought ever deeper silence))) because I can't turn away... and the television announces yet another end of the world... and I think... how long does it take for us to play ping pong... I can only wait... the clock ticks forever... only missile silos wait longer, because I can't turn the clock and I already started counting... (a sound, a clap, a whisp, a soft thunder) I can't barely move... were those your eyes that snake through doubts that the stricken rods through the earth felt when they landed in disbelief... I won't budge that you hear, I wont crawl that you wont, escape from the field of crossed rails in the train station. Crisp sounds on a frame of electric eels communicating with shadows, of elliptic rings echoing through the cold marble grounds, of a hope that you won't feel fear, standing next you, all our arms in retrogravimetric feelings... a swaying chair... a house... clouds over the ceiling... making love in the Porsche... the stars wail... until tomorrow keep it a secret, that our book won't know because we weren't (because we weren't) verbing. Through clothings that we may split, through leaves we may shatter, through the cosmos we may watch, over lenses, a slow approach of an inevitable collapse, that you had predicted, and there I understood why you ran towards me when I stepped out... when I saw you laced clothed sweeter than naked, when I felt sound more than air, your vibrations in my ear predicting our ways till tomorrow. You were there when Orion Spoke, firing copper, you were there when I got reception of another world, and you were there when I felt, note that nothing changes. [I] You were there when we spoke about times that you deemed uncertain when the Earth experienced collapse and the Moon burnt from envy from the innevitable collapse of yet another star we were all waiting... I went to the park to pick up a glove I had left... over near Rio Piedras... why I leave things around I will never know but now on reflection you make it all make sense... I opened the fence to the park and there before me the greenest flash with kisses of halos on both sides and end to our world, the inevitable, that once a collapse of an artifact some god had left lost had found us... from there the magnitude that I can relate to wait for something that I had once lost... that you have within in your posession something you didn't necessary understand... that you could destroy my world and make fill the void with fire. Just write a note that you may not forget: There is no Time to remember when you run fast to where I am, there are no lies when your path leads to my frame of reference, because our ways collapse and remain true to our time in mergers, in projects where there are no processes, when inputs and outputs align and ring true to our findings. Rocks that we are can be broken to be fused, can be polished to be shaped, can be felt to be rough and can flow through the torrents unbound by fiery seas or soils, to whoever finds our merged sentence, it will make a step forever more to where the future holds silent.

    Convoca la ira de un codazo al estómago y toma el tiempo de varias navidades escasas, sin calefacción, con el único respirar de sopas que dan amor por los minutos que duran en una taza media vacía. Porque desbordamos añoranzas para sufrir si nos toca como quiera morir a un destino del olvido, a no sea que hayas descubierto tu salvación en el amor de tu ángel protectora, y quien a veces no esta si falta el sustento de vitaminas, las mismas ninfas microscópicas que te encaminan para encontrar más amor. otro dia fuera del trabajo. Retroactivamente le pido al suelo otra oportunidad, que me siembre en el otoño para ver mediterraneamente los días de crecimiento comenzando en enero para cuando llegue febrero me olvide de chocolates y flores porque ya las tengo con mirar hacia abajo contrarrestando la depresión de las células (corazones) que he dejado por el camino a casa. Tengo cuartos vacíos de sangre y los linfocitos cuentan a los eritrocitos pálidos y todos se esconden en mis huesos y tiemblan. Pancho me decia que algun dia formalmente entendería porqué murió y en parte lo entiendo ahora como de una millonésima la razón de que no existe porque no le dio tiempo a mantener sangre bordada al espíritu, en forma de cuerpo que en millones de partes desistieron de sentir amor por vida. Pancho se encontraba dándonos ejemplo de lo que se siente cuando se logra calcificarse en el olvido de que por costumbre o cosas hay excusas para celebrar el arte de que somos más que huesos. Por eso me acuerdo de Pancho. Lo que importa Pancho es que algun dia vuelvas a verte bien... que los relojes no importan cuando dan vueltas y que si contáramos el tiempo en línea nos daría miedo de lo que perdemos que es más que bombeos de sangre. Relaciones de amistades y la tierra que a nadie le importa cuánto verdaderamente quieres o cuanto en fin puedes aportar para dar de lo que hay poco en el mundo, que son gotas de salud y no tienen nombre. Cuando se acerque el dia de existir en el mundo así como Pancho, sostenido por estructuras metálicas que no son parte del cuerpo , me dire en días de Febrero del 18... asi me acordé de ti también... cuando encontraste que eras más que lo que te fijabas al cuerpo y aun así buscando con que rellenar encontraste que el tiempo lo que existen son vacíos y burbujas de cosas que cada vez tienen menos sentido. Que hay momentos en los que pedimos segundos y oportunidades que están departe de computadoras y botones que no llevan lo que le damos. Cuando cuelgue el teléfono o finalice el texto ya no quedará nada. El curso de nuestra historia atada a fines en el tiempo que en fracción no significan nada y que se dividen tanto en el tiempo que se muelen y caen en la pasta de confines de barriles de días como el dia del amor que me agravia. Si dibujas tantos corazones te darás cuenta de lo que verdaderamente hace falta son gotas de lluvia y plantas, vientos de aliento y atardeceres sin palabras y cuando pasen los dias que exista magia que las resuelva en talla de paredes eternas que vuelvan a decir ... acuérdate aquel dia que te pegue en la pared. Yace mi recuerdo en lo que fue tu estructura y ahora lo que queda es espacio abierto para dejarte ver lo que en diseno pueden ser mas de cuatro paredes moduladas sin aburrimiento. Tomate el té conmigo en cortos, vamos otro dia a la playa... las variables son definidas si me entiendes que aquí llevo tu nombre más que en el tiempo , más que en vibras de lo que se puede sostener que se olvida de tanto en tanto hasta el punto que se pierde. Por eso verti en diciembre lo que pudo ser el jardín de hierbas aromáticas para que creciera en todo el bosque para respirar en el 18 algo que me cure el olvido. Por eso teces y hierbas y regiros de canciones hasta que se quemen las máquinas. Así me recupero del vacío de la aorta que hasta ayer los nervios me confirmaban que era real e que había perdido un pedazo de tejido del cuerpo... dime porque naces y porque sientes ... reduce a un pedazo de carne y en grados estará listo para darte lo que así me siento.

    Convenciones sobre el remanente del bar de ayeres: creete que en letras no encontrarás el sentido del humor, ni la verdadera demencia de lo espontáneo ... que en humos no hay letras, ni perlas, pero hay risas que no le temen a ningún fondo y que no se hacen tímidas ni se descubren, que solo para ti nacen en el momento que las tienes y que duran como se esparcen en tus neuronas , hasta donde lleguen. que en el viaje tuyo del tiempo existo aunque sea un detalle debajo del expreso por el que nunca volverás, ni nunca volveremos , pero de las presiones que se generan para hacer el amor puede ser que se rompa la pega de asfalto y brea si lo hacemos a medias en el carro y nos detenemos con el fin de sembrar algo que dure que no sea algo que le temas que no sea que crezca otra cosa que no sea una flor en una planta, y aquí me quedo esperando a ver qué crece... a ver quién corta primero por donde , a ver cómo le nombras a ese rato y lo guardas o te lo llevas de recuerdo , por eso flores , que duren y que no me amarguen en pérdidas de que no vuelvan a dar solo memoria por eso plantas que valgan lo que es dar tiempo en raíces que valgan lo que es recuerdos... por eso árboles para que recuerdes del tiempo lo que vale, sostenerlo dando lo que nos dan de más y convirtiéndolo en más vida, por eso sombras que recuerdes estar en manos de la tierra que te da más de lo que devuelves pidiendo únicamente que la admires... por eso traigo espíritus en botellas que borren de mi mente que existo porque no veo como es que así la eliminamos de parte en parte al revés de las leyes que nos atañe : que cada reacción crea una contraria que la impide y así se nos acaba lo que podemos dar ...ya que me quedé en la tierra de paso y si tienes tiempo, recogeme, que allí me dejaste saturado de tu sereno. Llévame a otro suelo que no puedo levantarme de tan agotado estar enterrado , que el meser del sol me recuerda lo bello del mundo pero desde el momento en que me encontraste nada crece. Llévame a crecer a donde corra vida y a donde pueda subirme a ver cómo plantas procesan luz que nos dan de el verdadero verde al rojo lo que del centro baja en todo lo fréquente à ver cómo es que nos encontramos. could.have it so you. Can give it back to me.again... travel with me in time so you can have me so we.can freeze.our winter together, so you. Can call me once and I will be near your warmth , so my feet won't get again sentences of frostbite. Hold me in your heart of liquid water, heart of diamonds so I can uncover material.mysteries beyond the surface of space where minutes ago you left me. Call me in Winter, before springs break away and take me elsewhere. FEB 2018

    En el Vacío: Arte: Que me dices? Exprésate : habla solo : el Sol se revuelve en su furia así mismo por Soledad : Infierno : te busco : nada más dame un solo espejo : furia : gravedad contra el frio : por qué ardes? Te daré mil sombras para que en este tiempo en mis células te despejes que no estás solo: Un deseo : Vé : anda : busca que en eso de las olas existe un enredo : a tu tiempo miraremos ambos juntos : una bohemia girando en la playa : un Sol que se revuelve : un punto tan directo quema en tu iris una memoria : dura ocho minutos : gracias por contarlos : el día que me apague nadie me verá : el ciclo eterno igual lo contamos : el paso que damos igual nos quema : 5000btu/h es el retorno : en tu fin solo veo siglos sin fondo : y una corona y 60 más otoños y 60 más veranos : y sesenta más inviernos y 60 más primaveras : y sesenta relojes que rodan en el tiempo en compás de tu música. Me vuelvo cuerdas me vuelvo cadenas y baches de fluidos , con eso te aguanto y con poco menos que tú ruido me conformo : una gota de tierra que se gira en su entorno : mycota de vida luz que se revuelve : fin sin retorno : tu corazón recuerdo me da dicha de decirte hoy y mañana te amo. Contigo mis mejores recuerdos y esperándote.

    Vete más y nunca regreses : hoy soy yo el que te ando : manos en alto sobre los ojos : fin de los días que medi para ti un recuerdo : acaba y apaga : toma tus ratos y ocúltalos : nadie que te vea y dame tiempo : quiero ocultarte : no habrá tiempo que te recuerde : noches de invierno : lluvia sin fin ni sonido : así naciste sordo y ciego : falta de sabores el dulce recuerdo que se olvida de tu boca : sales en veneno y cobras que te amarran : despiden las firmas en tus brazos y retiran tu vida porque sin estrellas no hay alumbrado. [Quantum Transitions]

    Al caer de la tarde tomaremos el té y andaremos a otro camino sin retorno. Veo en el horizonte lo que se revuelve y no hay más terreno por recorrer : si salir el Sol es triste por estar cansado, corre, da un paso largo. [Condensation Reactions]

    Aquí el tiempo entre mi recuerdo en trance recobra lo que es el verdadero sueño. Tus brazos encima de los míos y el nacer de tu razón en el tiempo : es tiempo de reflexión y de un cambio : dices : eres eterno? : eres tanto? y se acaban las palabras : el camino de piedras no es descanso : arriba en el cerebro resta el cuarto en el que permanece un efecto dormido : no sea que despiertes en algún rincón de playa brazos vertidos mano en mano y así recuerdo tus mejores momentos : los que entre granos de esta tierra el tiempo tu y yo buscamos : regresate en otra imagen : ve como en un solo momento la vida te respira su aliento : aquí estás aquí te siento : soy toda tuya : dándote : dándote : dan dándote : tantos como los que más pensabas que eran tus mejores recuerdos : así regresas en un punto esperando el compás al ritmo del reporte del tiempo : son las ocho de la mañana : días de temporadas los mejores vientos : frutas del por fin te deseo que nunca vuelvas y nunca te vayas. Mejor quizás me regreso a ver si estar algo cansado me recuerda que debí verte : y aquí en un 360 o más bien un minuto a largo plazo se pierde lo bendito de entenderte: nunca lo andaré solo : si por tí espero que sea que me devuelvas al sol y al mar y me de vueltas en el sueño cuando esté cansado. Lo que te digo sigue en este otro entorno de tu sueño : habla solo y síguele el paso a tus manos. Son tuyas y el sol que revuelve : andas solo? Por fin entre tantos desiertos convivimos a lo voraz de los bordes que en mis sueños tu retorno fin y comienzo otro día en nuestro cuento hasta que el Sol nos diga , más aquí te quiero un az que entre metales derritas el arco tilde de tu propio cielo : banderas en tu sombra y sueños que te espero aquí dormido y a veces entre despierto.

    We sat next to each other, concerned about what We would do six months from the day, not everywhere. Instantly the waitress asked for coffee refills, yes, and for her... we spoke about the plans, about dinner at aunties, and about the shallowness of the lake this time of the year, about the microscope and the pictures with the microscope and the cellphone and how the composition in the leaf reflected the albedo of years in the cycle and how the sample of dirt reflected the growth pattern of the succulents planted months earlier. Two shots of espresso could have ended our conversation but I insisted we stay while she related about her day in the office solving logic puzzles. We drew a map to equate our interests through time and came up with the solution of how we would deal in the event of a solar flare or a market collapse or a hurricane might affect our children's wishes for vacationing. Once our addition rested below the double lines we held hands for thoughts to brave the term for consequences unplanned in this action. Plans B to Z were also considered but kept safe from this conversation. Outside the temperature was 45F and on the way to the car I had planned to buy her a necklace so she could wear it with her orange yellow dress for the next evenings event. We knew we were meant for each other, we tolerated our differences to the point of complementing an entire spectra of phases of feelings, solids to gases, plasma to liquids, ranges of stones and gravel , ammunition that we had, that we didn't use to keep us safe from each other. Animals with killer instincts we roamed the Earth like savages, for each other. Eating away Nature and carcassing from the beaten paths of jealousy to sustain each other with the essences readily available hand made or at the market. Our dirty wishes were healthy , our dark desires were fulfilled and we forgave each of our missgivings with notions of making ourselves in the present stronger through expressions of the unknown , stepping farther in front of ourselves from any sense of completion to set our paths in motion to places, events, sights, robes and liquors that we hadn't, and that's when we started speaking about genetic rearing. Kept from asserting the inevitable on the path of growth in lovemaking I related from experience that in my past the virtue of family was dead ended by wishes of freedom if freedom was coerced without planning. She then understood the sex of our planet was purely feminine, and I then understood that in that reference I could mean absolutely nothing, or everything, like a comet in a path illuminating the sky, or like a rover, exploring aspects of the unimaginably large concept of bosom, of nurture and of boundless spirit, and that is why she understood that words mattered. The first time I asked her about our plans to grow a family she told me she would abort any babies because she wasn't ready, to contrapose the idea of planning, of caring like responsible parents, of adhering to our values. I understood well her rights to her body but her words spilled over our private conversation without any regard of our capability of foresight. I understood she saw things differently, but was inevitably hurt by a notion, that nothing happens by chance and that no one overlaps own's sight through speech. Why we remember the negative more than the positive? I could have felt greater knowing that in two years from the date we would go united , and then judge by remission the words that meant nothing. Today I hold for you a gift greater than a promise. I hold for you time itself unrated in events or notions, rated in mornings sleeping together with menageries of pillows and blankets and scolding reproaches of sex for consolidation of spirit. Hold tao for a week and we can talk about it, she said. And those were the last words I heard when I uncovered my higher spirit. I rode for miles , made great bounds to know myself, endowed with spirit nothing else mattered, all flawless and clean, spirit duly certain, objects sparkling with every desire that anyday she could surprise me with a lock on a bridge or a paper with a greater promise: the sonicator dishwasher, the reclined mirror for the living room, the head unit for the sound system and a layered cake of chocolate mousse and cognac with spilled rum on top of ice cream on top of her. Those were the wishes of yesterday. Until we slept again, and in the greatness of spirit we broke time travel yet again. The force of our wishes was so certain that we called in sick that day to remain an unspoken verse of depth without planning. There we knew we had to quit our daily lives and although we already lived together, we needed to move-in within ourselves. We wrote in a paper about our happiness and it involved breaking rules, breaking habits and restructuring the self for our selfless journey. That it mattered more to read aligned than to bet on the ocean to bless our being, and that we couldn't fail anywhere where we bound our delights in communication. Let's get together again. let's meet for drinks. Let's pretend we haven't met and meet at 9pm where we first connected. Wear a dress and i will wear a tie, a step up in fashion until we wear nothing. Let's order citrus drinks and hop out early so we can elaborate in time the events like we pretend that the universe is unknowable: i wont be a scientist and you won't be my wishes. I won't pretend I left the wallet and I will bring you a red box of parts that assemble a circuit, or rubber bands to do your hair or candy lipstick, that you are warned we are kissing and that you recollect anything from days where sun rises and sets and we build something and discover nothing. I will be again nervous flipping coins on every word to align a seven folds prime seven, and yet again I'll hold your back to send you steaming and I will not sleep that day knowing that it could be on earth where I don't see a remainder, that your factor it perfect. I will go now home and leave the door open, so you can run to wake me up to go running the next morning. Lift my spirit that I am unbound to seek the truth that you are in mind and spirit.

    Over Impossible Collected Sounds
    X’s excess
    Devuelves Tact
    Saltless Thirst,
    Manana, Never Bet
    For yet Again
    Never, Bet
    Only You again Variable
    Only You Naked
    -can you see?

    Shadow sketches
    -”I understand both our abilities for recollection”
    -Burn Me Now.
    Both Said
    Burn Me Until Tomorrows
    Sustain the Earth
    Through recollection.
    Tensed Horizons
    Your Star My Star
    You Endless
    impossible sound [5]
    Variable notes Eighths through Tenses
    Remember Limits [5]

    “Burn the Earth - You forget this”
    prayed to the shadow
    For fear of the sun
    Our remains

    Ashes of the Multiverse [7]
    -I will wish until I remember
    -You see shadows
    -I see tenses
    -I see motion
    -I see shadows
    -Hold me
    -Prevent Our own destruction
    -Hard paradigms in Orbits
    -Look for more life
    -you found it-

    Tables and Drinks where We met, the only bars where We could smoke and speak freely about the objects, and We could make our own drinks. It wasn’t our home but we made it. You are the shadow of the bar and the solar graphic spelling the needs of my horizon. You could only draw a spec through glycerin on a napkin and I could choose all the colors from the tenses of the bottles, from the rums doped on soils from the edges of all the valleys of earth, to California I would drive, almost endlessly to rewrite the tale in a bubbling puddle of mud, equating gallons for sights or kisses of an ever changing horizon. How it would end, it would be a mystery, titles in bottles only speak further sentences. We could like this build a forest, or burn it down on another sentence. I would build you a rocking chair right there form the materials left after, We, in our big waving dream, as loud or as economical of the cost of another tonic, We would purchase the bar and get the materials to build two rocking chairs. It all makes sense now (we carry laptops) the machines and the flour, the nurture needed to subdue our senses. I can’t see quietly nothing and for less words We would have to leave a good tip, a note on sentences: thank you for a great bar, our last actions expressed in a quiet [per] denotation [nocte].

    MAR 2018

    Mira el Sol y borra toda su idea, nada mejor [quizás algo frio].
    MAR 2018

    Love is known for its absence , even if you plateau it begs to be regained everyday , and when you claim it : express it in less words as possible : I don't know it. FEB 2018


    Flavors | of Curls | I could | see spin | in your eyes | that | You loved me | | didn't know who I was | before | knowing you | no ideas of myself watching you melt ice on water | in a table |on the dance floor | on messages in bottles | on doors closed or eyes open | you appeared on walls thrown down | barriers broken | that's how I met you | like our hearts desired | I wanted | with you| places | we could call home| very well | How are impulse waves generated | How do we call Home | From Space | not be there and felt it [|]

    9999 | Una conversacion con Mi Esposa | Porque nos revolucionamos | Los Taches de Nuestras Orbitas | Una de las Noches Pensando en la Distancia |

    | Lo que tenemos que decirnos |

    | Nos vamos a reir |

    | The Nodes of Thc Lasting |

    | Un Cuarto de la Noche |

    | La Casa debajo del Agua |

    | Como se dice vamos a dormir |

    | My thought sequence | That I want You |

    | Goteras de Letras y Techos Metalicos |💧


    Estoy en proceso de recibir tus mensajes ><

    Muchos besos y abrazos

    Una Nota a Ashley

    Ashley --- me encanta tu nombre ><

    Volvemos o nos quedamos explorando las Matematicas y como vuelven a nosotros

    Ashley estoy buscando las reacciones ---

    Estos son tus espacios y mis Espacios

    Que hacemos cuando un dia es suficiente?

    Que hacemos cuando no tenemos mas preguntas?

    Estamos hablando de las maquinas que terminan en procesos fisicos y mas de las que nno terminan en procesos fisicos que son super chistosas

    Estos son tus espacios y mis Espacios

    Recurrencia y Emergence son dos temas donde podemos estar las noches buscando llegar a las ciudades

    Vamos a reirnos en lo que nos escuentran

    Fuera del mapa no veo los limites

    Un abrazo


    La Recurrencia de las reacciones Fisicas en Espacios Reales y en los Imaginarios recursan en el retorno al campo fisico que es en la quimica que busco explorar y encontre muchos limites desde aqui --- desde una ciudad indicadora en su plano arquitectural como modelo y desde nuestro pais que en un volumen constante no tiene un valor fijo el cual aumentarle al maximo es el fin de todas las acciones que se procesan por esta maquina

    Las complicaciones humanas son las que entiendo y para esto no es posible entrar y salir del espacio. Es necesario explorar el espacio continuamente

    Los dias que me quedan dando vueltas ><

    Night Dawn
    [haiku 5-7-5]
    eyes delay breaking sky [5]
    paused silence spades hear your will [7]
    land thoughtless (pl)edges [5]
    squared away -(edit)- [5]
    Interrogating(es) the cycle [7]
    how often conscious(?) [5]
    tuned slow, wait wake turns [5]
    tunes glass ice [7]
    sway chilled verbed angles [5]
    drops motion sweat woven [5]
    silk parallel rayon [7]
    nights drawn on sea ruins [5]
    reaching stars melt voids [5]
    wishing red threads throughout clouds [7]
    reflexes of lightning [5]
    sand swept, hands wane lulled. [5]
    meshed lock metal wet earth [7]
    thresholds of lightning [5]
    tilted breath sparks cycles [5]
    there’s no quieting motion [7]

    [wet clouds ex thwart tempt [5]ends return to light fires flare our horizons and pause the wave and the current switching between modes of measures. i am strung into the sight forever, thoughts of sunlight, wherever sand and i could repeat this endless (so retraced I can regret it, but it will rain tomorrow) until i get (understand) hunger. timing clock pauses rocks and ideas of nurturing water. nutrients beats wherever, i seek any direction, sands and heat will guide -edited- endlessly through any horizon. I can see the waves slowing vessels for their horizons and I am in fusion preventing it (every effort for time, less acceleration met with an equal effort for dilation... and today I saw the depths of its physical creation). Depths, divide each sphere into cells, each with its own notion, multiplying you and I by the factor(s) of the depths of the -edited-... levels of micrographical repulsions nodes and currents (sentences) into lesser and lesser spheres into pulses… lased collapse into smaller particles until ever smaller photons can't escape the beauty of their refractive mirrors and all concentrates on its center, unity. Fusion made earth its own sun and I have broken it for a dream of independence. I could break its spherical centers collapsing into their ever ending magnetic sentences until understand the elusive convective layers of freedom. How could we end time with this notion?]
    MAR 2018

    bone dry : blood sticks : already red : birth stone : rubric desires : oxidize warmth : read eyes : corneal melting : beaten paths : late fall : sore forgotten: storm whisper : cherry kiss : strength desires : blood born : dreamt thrice : split path : break dawning : reformed whiskeys : motley chocolates : melt away : clocks pouring : sweetened shirts : cleaved skies : tact body
    FEB 2018


    Lava Honey
    Slow Melting Pepper
    Dammed Bubbles
    Flaring Conquests
    Answers Hot
    The mystery
    Earth Rebirth
    Off Grounds
    Calming Fiercely
    In tune
    Your Eyes
    In anger
    < Irritaia
    Retinal Plasma
    Opposed to Burning
    Mother's Core
    Steels the Horizon
    Heavens Gate Molten
    Lies of Metal
    Reveal Our Womb
    Stand Closer
    To the Sun
    It has no shadow
    Red Black Hole
    all the forces in Synergy
    No further Questions
    To out Goddess
    Lava Honey
    Offered in Terse
    Time of Ours
    Physical Verses
    O in awe
    Truth Burns
    We walk Over
    In arms
    Embracing Godesses
    Brazing Gold
    Grateful for the Crypt
    Path forms
    Walking In Water
    Drink some More
    Reds of Spirits
    Hades Fears
    You know
    We expect
    Greater Silence
    Tropical Bang
    Release the Cloud
    You and I
    In Heaven
    Lava Honey
    We End in Sand
    Timelessness Devours
    There Still
    Silente Imagination
    Verdes Montés
    Rios de Contraste
    Curvas Salientes
    Somos Cenizas
    Metallic Forge
    How So a Path
    Natural Rehabilitation
    For once in Front
    Honey Lava
    Ours the Story
    Lasting Still
    In Heat
    Preserve Your Memory
    Live Once Recycled
    Bliss in Motion
    Spoken Grounds Devour
    Convective Laser Definition
    Tics of Fragments
    Secret Desire
    Out In the Open
    My Offering
    My eyes
    My Goddess
    Electromagnetic Aura
    MAY 2018

    We are Not Alone in the Universe.
    We are Not Alone in the Universe. Probability only points to billions of life forms out there. Question your senses, and then examine the senses of other animals, their tools to probe the world are so différent than yours... then to try to encapsule a form of life that meets our preconceptions, is only limited by how we observe each other. While we are (Humans) more alike than different the next person has abilities that you don't and likely sees the world with differences. Yet Space is vast and infinite and we are in this rock 'alone'. If we only observe ourselves and how we treat other people and other animals it would seem logical why other species wouldn't openly visit us unless they were capable of treating us in a way that suits our existence. Does an ant need your help to build it's nest? What happens when a human disrupts another specie's domain? Yet for many Humans the ancestral need of exploration calls for a quest for evidence that can almost be fulfilled by first hand accounts. There could be a single different account for every person in the planet based on the probability of life elsewhere , so it is most likely that two people could relate experiences in a way that would seem as another puzzle to put together into a relatable frame.
    We are at an age of technology that we should pose the question : we are not alone , Now What? When we part with this premise we become better Humans, we become ready for an encounter. Have you ever told a friend to wait outside for a minute because the house isn't ready? Our human biosphere is not ready. By accepting that we aren't alone we can begin a process that culminates the search and begins something completely different. We have all the information in the world available to Us so let's stop searching for answers. You have the answers, Now What!?

    Oumuamua is the First actual object Not from our Solar System to orbit the Sun (confirmed). It is now accelerating (means it is subjected or subjecting a force) above the normal trajectory. What is the difference between Halley's comet and Oumuamua? The difference is that many aren't paying attention to what's happening. The significance of events is relative to the observer yet it's importance is indifferent. Why Hubble didn't show clearer pictures and in a few months we'll see detailed images of Pluto and more? Before you loose track of important events whether astronomical or political , you need to pay attention and understand the importance of events , the information is out there and only you can get informed. JUNE 2018

    Ves las bombas llenas de aire, yo veo tus lips en chapstick. Ves los cuadros de regalos, yo veo tiempos de temporada de verano cuando hayan pasado las fiebres. El otro mes te hago posing con globos y te derrito un chocolate terráqueo que cabe el tiempo de olvido. Tómate otra mezcla de alcoholes en lo que pasa el tiempo. Aquí yo me quedo tranquilo que lo que importa es más el Cerebro que Inicios de Fines en Días… FEB2018

    10 Tips to Survive St. Valentines Day

    10 Tips to Survive St. Valentines Day : Dear Friends below is a short list of items you will need to prep before the impending wave of hearts, balloons and other cursi metabolic hyperbole with diminished signifance. The list is not all inclusive but be sure to wear a protective helmet to protect the pavement in case all the love rushes to your head makes your head explode from all the love in the air.
    Tip #1 : BUY LUBRICANT : Buy Lubricant by the Gallon. Whether You have a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend, Partner, Wife, Husband, or Not you will need to buy lots of Lubricant. To fulfill this you will need to understand the lingo : Water Based, vs Glycerin Based, vs Silicone vs Oil Based. This is important because the inevitable excess of lubricant bought on impulse or false expectations may serve its purpose around the house for small repairs or to shine the car tires or to do something that your love values more than 30minute sex.
    Tip #2 : DO NOTHING : If you are already in Love and Know it Do Nothing. Love is a Plateau of Neurochemical Junctions : Don't Spoil your neurons with Cheap Chocolate or Sulfite Wines. Let love make its way to the nest as is and rest assured that the days prior and forward from the 14er continue resting in the attained levels of Love. Ignore the excuse to Love and accumulate points by expressing Love the 364 other days of the year washing dishes or doing laundry.
    Tip #3 : DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS : All the sweets and empty calories gifted for the purpose of filling the stomachal vacuum may result in cascading taxodermic depression : this depression falls along classes : From Animalia to Chordata to Vertebrata and ends with Fungi, Protist and Viral Depression : better explained : Don't give chocolate to your dogs, cats, fish, ... don't throw them in in the toilet, they will ruin water treatment plants' tank composition. Excess chocolate is a known depressor for fish in the state of California. The excess candy and chocolate also have a profound effect in stimulating mutations in protist, viruses and bacteria that may become more aggressive to Humans. If anything buy vitamins to counteract the inevitable "end-of-winter cold". The last week of February should be named Epidemiology Week.
    Tip #4 : THREE PEOPLE HOLDING HANDS : If you see three people holding hands : It's a Threesome!!! Yes, we are in the 21st century . More than two people can live together and yes they can share a house, a contract and by law matrimony (under contract). Also don't follow three people holding hands. It is condisered rude and no , there's nothing you can learn from staring at people holding hands, it is pure love and you should appreciate it, not stare at it like it was a museum exhibit of expressionist art. When you see love don't question it, question yourself how to express it.
    Tip #5 : PAWN YOUR WEAPONS : If you know someone who is going through a tough time in personal relationship and has access to weapons : give them a call and let them know you care. Suicide is preventable and all that people need are small gestures like a call, or a text, to let them know you care for them. Losses of Love are major losses and people take months or years to heal from losses. So give them a call and remind them that there are many ways of love and that your friendship is one of them.
    Tip #6 : LEARN CHEMISTRY : Learn Chemistry : What Mixes with Chocolate? What Mixes with Water, Water for Chocolate? Can I apply this Cream to this Part of the Body? What Wine mixes with Chocolate : NONE!!! What Drinks mix with Chocolate : Clear Spirits at 15-30% Alcohol, Not More. ; Do Not Mix Fruity Drinks with Chocolate. If your Partner offers more than a Handful of Chocolate Items, Drink 16Oz of water per handful Item. If you eat chocolate during the day follow the next day with a high fiber diet and continue to drink water, distilled if possible.
    Tip #7 : NEVER SURPRISE : Never Plan a Surprise for St Valentines : Prevent the utmost rejection by buying a plane ticket or planning to binge watch episodes of something unrelated to love like adventure sports, big wave surfing, fail videos. Watching romantic novels is counterindicated by the ISO0214 , and OSHA 29CFR14 , watching romantic novels 144 hours prior to or 60 hours post St Valentines day incurs in the limit threshold of exposure to love themes and it can result in catastrophic loss if not protected by ground fault harness of 8ft anchored to any aspect of reality.
    Tip #8 : RED AND WHITE IS NOT FASHIONABLE : Red and White is not Considered Fashionable : Wear Green with Hues of Purple, like Opal, or Yellows to counteract the corneal saturation of the 700nm wave... so remember: Nature is what gives us life and the blood is also Blue when Deoxygenated so be Creative, Different, and Normal. Finding Love is not the End of the World but 4 people in the elevator with white pants signals bad omen.
    Tip #9 : PRACTICE YOUR MUSICAL TALENTS : Remember your Music Lesson WEEKS prior to serenading. A bad piece may be recorded in History so if you venture as a musician, Do not Start the 14th. Failure may be catastrophic.
    Tip #10 : REMEMBER LOVE HAS MANY FORMS : Remember that your Family also loves you. That you are what you carry and that physical attraction is one of the many levels and attractions of the physical body. Be thankful for the love of your friends, those who you remember from the past and those who think about you in the present. It is manyfold better to give than to receive. When you give Love you remind yourself of who you are inside and outside and that creates a perfect circle that can't be broken. Our world of communications lacks human empathy and brotherhood, so give yourself to your loved ones as someone they can trust for anything and that is more important than love which is one aspect (though extremely important, not the only aspect) of our reality. The Universe contains billions of Galaxies with billions of places harboring life... don't wait to get to the next galaxy, ask him or her out and don't be shy, and brave the consequence of denial... it will not be the end of the world but dare to explore and be responsive to the consequences of exploration, that you may spend a couple of arid days in the valleys of depression, its ok to cry if you need to, but its more ok to validate who you are as a friend and companion to the world, not defined by conventions so dig deep and mediate about the new year... (yes, St. Valentines is the feast of the end of Winter) and the beginning into Spring. You can celebrate new years every day if you want. Remember we are connected in a cell call Planet Earth and that the Earth is also a living organism that breathes and protects us so Celebrate Love for Earth, and then again in April, and again in May and everyday.
    FEB 2018



    We were looking for life outside | Bubbles | Shores and Bubbles | Study Demoir | You have me | so deep , know it | I stopped recording for days after seeing the footprint | the camera stood still playing | I wasn't given more instructions | for sure , Return home Demoir | Call me home forever more I am your soul , deep , hold on tight , good night's a kiss | Thunder | There are [|] hold me strong and hit me , rip my clothes out because you want to feel the strength in your hands on my body. I have to stay 7 more years in in orbit. How's the sitar Thunder, how's the heart that beats van der waals. Come home Demoir it's late. The rainy seasons have started. I can see them from orbit | I'm here to bliss your thoughts , thunderous, so you keep yourself | thunderous. Laced Kiss Diamond Striker I want you silent. How could we travel to space without love. The Mars slingshot was only years away, how could I have gone without you. [Come home], come home, I heard you well , in the sound of forever. From Space I realized we should have met years ago but time was the constant of irreversibilities | I'm here and now | from space I remember | I asked for leesser but found greater | Each day in space I needed lesser, when I return home you'll hear me say I told you so. The solar wind over the panels before they get torn down make music. I didn't need to read another of your journal entries. Take your time | Days will go slower very soon | One kiss One | journal entry | One day over here lasts about 57 hours. The solar panels are intact and the well extractor is producing pure crystalline water. I have about 120 days scheduled from mission control for my return. Take your time [Z], take your time. I placed this message here for you to find it. Keep me [|] until I get home. I will let you stay, love : CXC CXC CXC. It had to be that we both weren't astronauts. Demoir had zero idea she applied to a resupply mission. We're looking at the thermosphere | Mission Control | T minus... [|]

    captured feathered space with the stars that outshine fire... once stubborn spiral sun that envelops a planet... its vertical motion's an eased pyramid streaks of snow and the clouds painting borders of fall, to change? seasonal spasms of modalities ... trench vertex crisol future way roads of red amber diamonds... hanging from the sky suns destroying in-through eyes the crystals of humanity ... awe... feathered flow collapsing on sands crushed walking through the desert far from the ocean… where do you desire? steps mine only resistance for the way within filled with the order, cells that express your name over and over no metaphorical chemistry, the edge of the earth filled with the colors of the sunset. If anything made sense it was through a clock... what will we do tomorrow? ravel's twist daily with the mountains overlooking and a slow near without words watching the indication that while we see changes, in our planet, watching them changes, the beauty of the only constant subtleness, in-beats, in-waves, captured days in fractions, my waking up else the stir of our sun guides us through multiplication.
    OCT 2018


    Tremble: I hear: Time: is Fear: a Step : For once advised : my heart pumps : so I can rest : Place your palm upon my chest and cease me cold : This warmth I feel : the dream of my airbed : Lioness : Steel : Heal my molten chambers : Make me slow : make me calm : with no Fear no Time and no Purpose : heal me now : cool me slow : raise your doubts with your eyes glazing : ask me now : where will you go : I have stopped time [for you] but I need [now] to keep moving : a step closer so I can replace the shadow of mine so deep in vultures : my only swear : cast my now.

    The pause in this sentence implies causality, for what am I that I am not written in this moment, and when the pulse of substances unknown to my manifest world- universe ; bracketed notations into movements , will of expression and beautiful sunsets , the essence of absorption , and then a flower ; The hidden words undertones for Aiana, her spirit unborn in the shadows of a shaped universe of conventions and conversation: where will we go? On a cycle , and the story turns everyday until goals of gold script you here again in song and smile - s of my universe - days undone yet again for the chance to conquer something that it is myself I strive for, my pauses and silence, ... I know that I should be working , but in this fashion , who calls? In depth of knowing myself I'll strive for physicality because in voids of creativity I can feel myself recreated in writing , but who knows that it is that I am, the world in essence of trails everywhere, sights and zeitgeist, I'm here and there and here everywhere. In all aspects the canvas didn't need trigonal planar projections but if only you could understand what I was creating , held in regards to the machine , I'll seek it without remedy , undone and dissected , the key words will expand with your own verses the thread of pearls of looking at life composed of all the wills in unison. #syntheticforest
    AUG 2018

    Maybe we are too small to understand how Planets talk to Each other.

    Galaxies with billions of places harboring life... don't wait to get to the next galaxy, ask him or her out and don't be shy, and brave the consequence of denial... it will not be the end of the world but dare to explore and be responsive to the consequences of exploration, that you may spend a couple of arid days in the valleys of depression, its ok to cry if you need to, but its more ok to validate who you are as a friend and companion to the world, not defined by conventions so dig deep and mediate about the new year... (yes, St. Valentines is the feast of the end of Winter) and the beginning into Spring. You can celebrate new years every day if you want. Remember we are connected in a cell call Planet Earth and that the Earth is also a living organism that breathes and protects us so Celebrate Love for Earth, and then again in April, and again in May and everyday.
    FEB 2018

    No longer thinking if I exist (if it is a conclusion), more so thinking for what (that has no conclusion)... and those yellow chairs would look rad in a red deck , also thinking about water parks , snow and going to eat popcorn at the theater


    ...durmiendo en vanes de transbordo pensando cómo podía ser cierto la vida de un vagabundo se realice , realice que no escogen sus tumbas, que todos y todas somos empujados por deudas y que no hay nada.mejor que no deberle nada a nadie aunque sea amor. Pero como podemos vivir si cada paso que damos es en deuda de algo que pedimos , comida o calor , terror o entretenimiento, comedia o planes médicos que nos curen del paso que damos. Hay sistemas que nada le importa pero en humanos tenemos palabras que nos aten a acciones que no cambien el color de tinta y que tampoco el papel que se lo lleve el tiempo para dárselo a algún centro de reciclaje.. FEB2018

    One day a drop of water crossed my path and I told her, hey why don't you join me?! aanndd ssoo were wweenntt ddoowwnn aa rriivveerr uupp iinnttoo tthhee sskkyy heyhey wazupwazup whwathat wywyyww ddodnntt wewewweweew ffrerezeze toghtighetheeer intointo tttttthhhhheeeee earearthth I called her she calwled me drop kindle and and ffffooorrrr a wwwwhhhhiiiilllleeee weeeeewwww splitsplitaplitsplitspliatsplitsplit upupupupupupupuuppuouuuuup on me on you upnme wait wait wait whawhawhatttttttt????!!!!!! wwwwweeeeeee arrrrrrrrrrrrreee growgrowgrowglowing anandd iiiimimyimimommumssyou : out the ionosphere into a comet out of the Galaxy into a nearby star and there in the conditions of such absolute bonding there was nothing less than stars glowing through ... wind like sand in all dimensions ... toggle tugging unknowing together ... light flowing crystal, snakediamond caressing the infinite solid of a flowline... vibrations upon the wind , many particles passing like fish on the ocean, existing for pure flow unknowingly lost withinwithinwithoutwithinwithout void simply listening for the tune of the universe's trains of thoughts , simply watching sunrises and sunsets flow through , seeking no adventure other than to form a perfect crystal hoping one day to bond so hard that the fire within can emulate that of whathas fluxed.


    Buzzard's Gulch-Dakota Rim-Broken Antler:the Red House at the Edge of the Step - Spinning Kind-Man vs Lung and a Yellow Helmet- To Higher Mountains that these words be spoken-The reach of Earth to who sits still, gravity-Under each spin of the cycle the Earth isn't moving- Heading West to the evening steel in the route of shadows-to ever a dream of a higher mountain, the Earth (stands) (is still) in any kink up the road up a mountain, When you think about it. Going up a hike the clock is at 3pm and I only see the ruins of glaciers. I swore to carve the Earth through every element , I swore to prove that everything and anything covered in ice means nothing. That's why I sought mountains: Buzzard's Gulch without a drop and then the moments. Buzzard's 12's the time, clocks melting in places. The waves of Wilderness spoke here inverted. I heard the call of a mountain of water. I miss with every word the sight of the ocean , and today I stole something, surfing waves down the roads of a mountain.
    JUL 2018

    Apparition : from 11h.s. to 2 a.m. , attempting to bridge a distance in less than 300,000 steps or less a year. Cutting distances to merge in a dream even though you're not here, and my fleeting bubbling buoyancy or just craziness reaches for affinity. I should be right now working but there's nothing to do other than contemplating on the apparitions and harnessing energies of inspiration that fades in the morning sunlight as if thoughts were photosensitive but it is the heat of reality that that vision remains written in time as an experience that although significant doesn't carry over. If only I could make it it into something. I've kept that many gifts. At about 9:30a.m. they dissapears in the approaching backdrop of work responsibilities but from 3am to 7am you are there right there in the midst. I should go to work now networking with somewhere in Eastern Europe or China but the night is eerie or irie and silent. Meet me at the bus station of 3rd and Main around 4:00am. I hope this is not a recording. You know it's not going to rain. Bye.

    To Delta CO: 'last days' on Earth living in Delta, murals dining the evenings on the Mesa, climaxing climate receiving desert breeze and laid eyes on its complexion firing blankets, on its seeming ruins, its evenings bordered over the vertical reach of the horizon. Light showers when it never rains, your stars in cycles, close to the abode of garnering a season of irie expectations. gifted outside receiving the clasp of flowers plants in reach of solar consumption at the edge of the universe. Tesla on a carriage of fire, broncos wild for a return to golden eras. I'll never forget living hemp legalization and the silence under Memorial day's celebration. I'll never forget starting up an operation.
    We live the calm of the high desert and the cold of the mountains, from better Earth to Grand Junction, opening the route beyond Garfield. Alchemy, beyond words the path of the mountains. Delta's that I'll take you everywhere, Delta's for the noise of a night in ashes building reaps for feasts of gatherings. made a friend of Red Top Mountain, I made my first seeding breeding true the gifts of natural plant wonders. I made a path to heal the plights of patients and made true a dream in my longest days in Earth to be borne in the Heart of Mountains. If the city ever doses you a heart attack you should come to Delta and get healed in the hotness of it's streams in losing the sense of selfness of serving the reaches of contamination. I'll never lose you Delta. Cities live you against living in cities. In a way I'll ever be arriving in Delta.


    Opened - the heart of a supercritical process - in mind the health of patients - limited to the phase / time of matter - visible throws of force - the frequency of maintenance challenged - I'm outside still - the heart that stopped beating opened - for days all i wanted was to set its way into motion - Saturday it went operational and I sealed the beat for the next months of manufacturing. Every process is centered in a bearing heart. The chain from the Earth's core of metal to the fusion heart in the Sun, to the heart in the car carrying the heart of a driver. Don't take any heart for granted. Set it fixed firm into motion and enjoy the path of how it envelops and creates spirit. Never take it's warm for granted because in it's motion it contains the secrets of conversion of energy / matter.
    JUL 2018


    You are awake... it is.true , crossed the paths to collapse a wave ... held on water ... at the heights of it's crest... stop... Admire the steps of it's season... wait and follow ... you will see my strength to carry forward who you are if only you call me back to land laminar. Else this chaos, of where I am deep in the tomb of a couple hundred tons on top of me ... How could I get from this under to make my way true north northwest and completely find you. If only you could wave me home, softer.

    Cauldron of held fears | walled drafts emotion | Blood spills of a Bleeding wound into vacuum (without a sound)| inspired by retreats | to fall back on a drought harvest | Relating a descent, (vortex)| throws beyond your sight venom to hinder a path to it's small mouth , the thrill of victory over a large opponent, to march without sounds or applauses or basking any sense of self admiration , just seeking heat, just seeking heat, the warmth a tale heading west late in the silence of summer. In camp , in days of reflections , a return to nowhere or to what can be kept as self reflection. Outside the rest of the animals speak on their own tongues while serpents follow heat and the sight paired red hollow clots and the sound of dearth of breath of void and agony , all [|] motionless, sunsets.

    Our Star will rise tomorrow : she tells me : there's no work : the Earth is bound to a notion : let's stay : burn out to the vastness of space. Do you realize how much energy I'm radiating... I took out a cube of ice and it melted so rapidly at OK, you at 80°F? I hope you see it... there's no greater proof than she embraces our system with the only life that keeps us living. Ray Photonicas. through and through, literally) the most basic thing in the planet (because it's missing a proton : ) You may embrace all the darkness in the world, you'd stay in a cave if it wasn't for lightning. The Monopole Theory Crack was so invisible. Now we can do further calculations. I had been sleeping such a long time to grasp this. If I could show you one more thing, it would be to see : there are no words and no time. It all equals zero in the vastness of the Universe. How then could we attempt to step on each other for the highest mountain when the only thing needed was right there to the magnitudes. Solar glare, I need to sleep.

    I heard your voice
    Every night
    you call
    Every day
    i tell you
    My depth of dream
    My waking fire
    In beds find me
    Time cancels time
    There is no Time
    Only ours
    There is no Soul
    Ends Make a Fire
    I melted my soul
    To the shapes ceramic
    I took the Earth
    For ash and water
    Now Hold a wave
    Set your way
    On your voice
    Held onto thoughts
    I, will
    To wake you
    When it's over


    Context : ask me again wearing latex. context equations , where we found ourselves ... the date was , 2012 May Summer... parts of me , were there, parts of you were magnets. Why did we cross paths to hold words... why did our sights kiss once anywhere... fate bliss stone throw skip the vastness of space over tropical waters, hold my hand in air , stark probability , readiness waits with arms for gifts of unknown proportions. I heard well when you spoke , how could I miss you more in winter , that you won't hold the door open, taz for tea for elements that you won't know , what fate lies on a chemical junction?
    I realized you wanted time to think about the calming spirit of adventure and there I waited at the buzz stop thinking about time's limitations: more than the speed of particles approaching observation, were instances of fractions of moments I could paste into notebooks to remember what i did here in Winter... That you would.know worse than Kisses there's a way of expressing actions that's intranslatable. Context limited stones of meaning context of limits words of known usage context of future worlds where we communicate context of trespassing junctures of communication . Limits of verses for sounds unspoken remain optimal in the case of context equations . What is a sun without nemesis , how far out lines extend in measures of coincidental probability. You were there and they were there and I was there and she was there and it all collapsed in less that 30 seconds , and then years forward a new sentence : were you aware of the factor of probability. Arenal awaits the clock ticks the frames spaghetti diagrams the truth coincides like flying carpets of segments of snook blankets with flavors of softness over cold ice cream, of liquor spilled on hips , on lips ready to flow , on eyes that remain open to wait for the strobe lights up above .
    Dreams hold water without containers , they slip through the hands, what can hands hold from dreams?... Dreams speak without repetition, they assure reassure a past-future , dreams speak to be heard in time... would you commit to overlap yourself in mine, dream? You only can say it once and it not need perfect.


    Square Earth
    Square Earth
    Reaching Eyesight
    On a Border
    Lead a Step
    on a Route Ongoing
    (of a) Fractionated Sample
    New Prism
    Eyes Closed
    To Wait
    Altering Sunsets
    Names of Places
    over two colors
    fireworking displays
    away to get there
    the reach beyond
    where there's no time
    where there's no distance
    the call of the mountains
    where the heat
    of the earth boils
    sparking clouds
    every one
    expecting repetition
    you should see the counter
    and explore the remnants
    of the great matter
    you should see
    stones turned
    hard copies
    of what carries over
    rivers endless
    a drop a line
    the path of water
    folds a star
    from every way flow.
    through a path
    hesitant dreams
    slip in recollection
    where the way merges
    the edge of the ancient ocean
    steps Past sands
    under our feet
    swaying to the rhythm
    Blue ocean spills
    flows double cycles
    over the edge of
    Square Earth
    fell red dirt
    cut chlorophyll
    sparing over the
    San Juan mountains
    radial 1 through 12
    counting time
    claiming through sense
    recognizing rapture
    clock of Earth
    slow down time
    make me Fall
    slow changing colors.
    reshape earth
    over and over
    due process.
    It's all dark
    a mountain path
    in within
    the number ways to get
    to the National Forest
    I'd get lost yet
    naturally (you are) mapped
    on the way to Durango
    Speckled hints of the end of summer
    Halos of tentative rain prepare the way
    For the way to Winter.

    Tal vez vuelvas- le diría una ola a la otra, tal vez el eco del medio ensordece cuando nos encontremos lejos o cerca de la costa. Tal vez andemos juntos, volcaremos juntos algún navío y nos haremos más ricos ya que nada nos desborda. Olas, a veces hablan solas, al ritmo del reflejo del planeta le comunican a otros seres que no estamos solos. Puede ser el pretexto de visitas interestelares, pretexto de aguas cálidas y playas de arenas de multicolores. Olas responden a la columna hidrotermal del fondo del océano en composición y la comunicación llega lejos del espacio finito al borde de superficies, de lejos si se fijan con sus megalentes que penetran y nos ven revolcados plenamente en sólidos vidrios o espacios espumosos alcohólicos de sonidos hipnóticos que invitan lo mejor de la vida. Olas que en vapor lo bordean todo y andan libres atentando siempre escapar por cualquier lado. No hay como contenerlas, solo duermen o se esparecen a ritmos. Son como de 30 a a 40ta por minuto o menos sea como las cuentes, son ondas, nunca terminan. Responden al efecto del giro gravitacional y a los cuentos y cuanto revuelcan esperando seguramente en un marco de tiempo mucho más lento que algún ser vuelva a salir de los mares. Por que espumas, proteinas revueltas y cristales al borde de esferas flotantes, porque el microscopio o el virus o cualquier cosa que saliera de ondas terminariamos evocando lo mismo, o tal vez otra onda. Pudieras ir a Saturno a ver como se dicen las olas del fuego o los volcanes de gases en venus para contarme cómo se ven las nieves de otros colores?

    Pirata Amor Tesoro Escondido
    Mar en Ciencia
    Humos que Fumo en Serena
    Mar que mi Barca Arrebata
    Sueños del destino en Ciernes
    Lagos de Bares de Sueños
    Olores a Mar que no Estorban
    Puertos con lujos y perlas
    Noches de Meteor
    Viajes llenos de todas
    Las ondas con las que subo
    Ondas con las que Van
    Ondas del globo más allá
    del Horizonte de los 30ta grados
    Circundando en su Elixir
    Convexa sus Oraciones
    Confieso mis Pecados
    Persignado en Tablas y Hierros
    Le Juro a la Vela
    Por más viento que Sople
    Que me devuelva al Destino
    Y se me derriten los Circuitos
    Corrientes de Nervios
    Cuando a tiempo dejo
    En retroceso de ver Tierra.
    Arrebatos del Mar con Delfines
    Con Mantos en Plata
    Con tiros de pesca y pulpos
    Costas de añoranzas y destino todos
    los que Pidas
    y los que el Mar nos De
    Asi llegemos en firme
    de dia o de noche
    o bajo justo firmamento
    que se muevan las luces
    De flores en florecencia
    Que me inspiran
    A fijar el ojo en el horizonte
    Porque estaria loco
    Sin en la barca escribo.
    Por eso humos, fuegos y copas
    Que lo demás se esparece
    entre el mar y en la tierra
    Por eso pido que flotes.
    Llega a mi que nos vamos
    Fija tu retorno en promesas
    Que volvemos
    De fin a costas.

    Demoir...knight of tempest


    Fountain of Ashes
    Feasts of inmemory
    readied Armor
    balances act
    darkened devoid
    metallic spirits
    Halfway through the tones
    rung on the spells of distortion
    help from the gods anxieties
    both whose broken promises
    after a long period waiting
    she home left him.
    I slowly waited for words
    seasoning rains
    salts risks of hatred
    I prayed
    For your courage
    Demoir return
    Undue a flower
    seeding dreams
    Demoir return
    red act
    Your story
    Bloods of helm in iron
    Bloods I'm casts of ages
    Chromic Eyes of horizons
    close the locks
    of your cemetery
    Pray for the night
    your sight on darkness
    seeding the void
    For thirst of blood
    Of your enemies
    Shadowing night
    of days of tempest
    Bow your return
    Ringing bitter tartness
    Mines only thirst
    shadowless since the beginning
    [the search]
    Owls spoke of solos
    Your lonely wretched
    Wicked ax polishings
    To pound for a sense of direction
    No day'll await
    Light sword sworn on hatred
    Quilting the path
    for clues to his
    lonely spirit.
    Swords his return
    marks on
    Demoir Return
    Quaking Aspen
    Darkness of lights
    searching through the forest
    tables of bets
    cyclodinamical calculations
    of rains of inventions
    of pathways
    darkness seeking light
    lightness void
    the beginning
    she'll shadow through searches
    invective thoughts
    built upon the path of intuition
    Non-Stop the voices
    elements of sense spoke
    here I was-I am
    the beginning
    Eyes upon Eyes
    the limited universe
    of him and her
    only one possibility
    to find him
    convoys of merchants
    the path to the beginning
    fire of thorns
    here I awakened
    rise for me the light
    paths for paths of wanted
    darkness like cold awakened
    bows of prayers
    for inquisition
    you'll beam a light
    dark night
    molten armor
    the sadness of orbits awaited
    there were those
    who knew the path
    yet the silence spoke the verse
    is this true? for entertainment
    and those who prayed
    and those who waited
    there spirits held
    through the fountain of ashes
    multiple orbs of miles away
    from each other
    lost souls testing the Earth from Science
    Both knew about the rains of September
    the forbidden fruits of recollection
    undone wants for sweets
    fruits of salts spoken
    from the words of the path
    the verse of the remnants spoke
    Demoir returns steps
    on marshes
    on steps
    defining orders
    Guided through Lyra
    in the entire wreck of recollection
    the conceptual notions of order
    were shuffled onto the winds of the seasons
    he spoke with wolves about temperature
    set his way through selling
    his soul for the option of progressing
    through moving further
    Rations of Bear blood
    kept him from agony
    fires of corks
    filled the remnants
    of armors and dreams
    for hundreds of miles
    needing staying of life
    ashes waited
    each version of rain the cold
    tied to a glacier
    mountains listened
    winds on the silent
    sheltered en route through a season
    from his way raptured
    boxed for leagues stayed
    through the darkess
    captive undone senseless
    incendiary perfect interval
    to incence a storm
    to signal his path
    through the ridges
    (to the ridges)^3
    at the edge of the forest
    [B Maj ; B Maj 7th; Cdim]
    Demoir was captured
    at the end of battle
    strained from
    Factual beheadings
    of hundreds of marching
    souls for his demolition
    months far from home
    Strife's escape
    Through cunning
    Shattered the box
    Holding his soul
    in ways to catacombs
    He held the notes
    The door opened
    Of antiquity
    Riddled in ink
    charted at his bosom
    Once free
    He lit a corner
    shape of the forest
    Fire upon Fires
    making a way
    Through signals
    The mountains would
    Speak through the races
    Of animals through
    The shape of clouds
    and through rains
    seeded to spark lightning
    the limits of sound
    kept his pleadings
    from anywhere
    The distances where infinite
    Soot for sought
    Of seeking help
    He could not wander
    Reveal his true name
    To the travelers
    on the ways
    Blues of his bruises
    Would've shown
    He was the blade
    'had slit through
    extended limbs
    of the last battle
    making nations
    Demoir bled
    until the color white
    sheltered his Iris
    his coat was his sentence
    resident of that segment
    the trees spoke
    for the visitor
    herds of waves
    of every carnivore
    arranged for his pass
    one brought him meat
    next warmth next shelter
    Her words called in
    The stallion for haste
    no one could live.
    devoid of affinity
    no longer than months
    until the spirit shatters
    She sought a way
    to trace for him
    Overlapping enactments
    reversing time for clues
    for him.
    The end of harvest prepared
    the metals for warfare.
    Next year's more
    They thought
    for land and more
    and the armies of every seed
    fought for claims over boundaries
    Bloods set the limits
    and Demoir bounded
    Knowing the conflicts
    He'd set his way to
    protect the order
    of the kingdom
    My soul was burnt
    for this moment
    coke ash myths
    over and flowers
    notes that kissed
    tracks trough the Forest
    alone bounties
    meant nothing
    hunger spells
    night owls

    La escudería del sujeto armado fue el armario de libros que perduró épocas y aquellos cienes conque libro la conquista del saber y en práctica anduvo firme hasta el hacer solo.
    En cuántas esquinas estuvo atrapado hasta salir de cada conquista sabiendo más , en comparación , con cada hora y minuto, honra y deshonra de los que observaron cómo se hacía firmemente el su sable. De la metalurgia vio el tenor de los átomos , y aquellos con poca luz miraron a su entorno solo como referencia , pero su luz fue tanta que cegó a través de la época el paso de aquellos que lo negaron andar más alto en el paso de montañas, hasta que por cierto encontró los caminos de ciervos y de tanta experiencia nunca su ser fue propiamente negado. De cada contra un cráneo que desmontó , sin importar raza o estirpe y en el risco tiro a las bestias que encontró en el camino. Mentiras y osamentas de las que se atrapan en su propia jaula, bestias sin conocimiento, o experiencia de caer en el lodo, y allí pararon, de pura certeza a negarse el paso evolutivamente, así buscaron alzarse ante su lanza de tono ardiente marfil y lujos de luto de limpiar bestias. [ENDS]
    The reaches of love are the throws for virtuosity... (and opp.) seek endlessly what you truly desire and in the end the moment (s) are (integrals) permanent ... every action anointed ... every street a sunset and in every word dragons of heat that flower the dust ... and us here , against notions surrounded by the most innocuous mystery , the balance of what's left with what's expected ...

    ------ And then the silences
    Dresses of Vaults
    Minds wreck
    Over the sight
    Of your Hunger
    Times time Time again
    A beat of thunder
    Who dreams
    Eyes Over?
    Light Spider
    Caressing Wind
    Here's the Tide
    Weaving life
    Reach or the future
    Yours is known
    Darkness and the Weaver of the Universe, for all our eyes and coverings that we have more reaches, more hunger more sight of everything that surrounds and for the forms we live Earth waiting for the passage of time engineering the mental field ready to enjoy tasting the flavors of what's expected. In a way metaphors how far we can reach radially and the slick and strength of our bonds when we set structures. Silk, radial segments and protein folding. Yet spiders are truly fragile bodies like the subtleness of what brings closeness to personal relationships.

    Slow, undone Silk
    Alpha Beta Spider
    Spindle Slick
    on your geometric process
    Dragon of
    the Mystic Universe
    Living in Nightmares
    Fangs of Viper.
    Drawing Blood
    Dissolving Spirits
    Bats of Night
    have not forgotten
    Drawing Blood
    True Vampire
    Sitting still
    Playing Structures
    Form the Sounds
    Octagonal Split
    Server Slits
    Atomic Stretches
    Purses of Bodies
    Awaits Suspended
    Of Death
    your Music
    in 3000
    Yours known
    Wisdom of the mouth
    I wish your fangs kiss
    Truth embraces
    your soft spot
    In the neck
    Over each shadow
    Yours are the wishes
    Of serpents
    “I'll never spin
    Relaxed over a sunset
    Carnival of Prisms
    Nets nets
    Onto forever
    Witch of Hunger”
    Spinning of the Way
    Your Death Sentence
    Spoken the word
    of Araña
    Death is of Certain
    yours is the Strength
    Admire the Universe
    Wait for each word
    Well spoken
    Each step
    Engineering Progress
    Feeding the kind
    Of spinners
    Wishes of yours
    Waiting turns
    for death
    I don't sleep
    In your night
    My enemies
    Winds Invisible
    Storms turn
    For both Of Us"
    Slow Battering
    Alpha Beta Spider
    Spindle Slick
    on your geometric process
    Dragon of
    the Mystic Universe
    Living in Nightmares
    Fangs of Viper.
    Drawing Blood
    Dissolving Spirits
    Bats of Night
    have not forgotten
    Drawing Blood
    True Vampire
    Sitting still
    Playing Structures
    Form the Sounds
    OIn the neck
    Over each shadow
    Yours are the wishes
    Of serpents
    “I'll never spin
    Relax over a sunset
    Carnival of Prisms
    Nets nets
    Onto forever
    Which of Hunger”
    Spinning of the Way
    Your Death Sentence
    Spoken the word
    of Araña
    ‘’Death is of Certain
    your is the Strength
    Admire the Universe
    Wait for each word
    Well spoken
    Each step
    Engineering Progress
    Feeding the kind
    Of spinners
    Wishes of yours
    Waiting turns
    tuning trench
    In your night
    My enemies
    Winds Invisible
    Storms turn
    For both
    Of Us
    Serpent Dreamt of Spider
    The human with his torch vertexed on every danger. Radially reminded that every farther step would bring him through probability against the source of his nightmare. Traveler of lone spirit, voluntary warrior against self of within's darkness wishing a spell against being in death surrounded from the mouths of admiration. Trance in motion, the sight of venom, the body froze to get stricken, angular throws of all the venoms, raining death without sounds of agony, silking through the cloudless sky both snake and spider befell the night to undue a soul stepped out of boundaries. Snake and spider took turns ripping fluids through the only watercooler conversation in that side isle of the paleocene. We took everything from man and now will to relive him we’ll give him -edited- Restored without common knowledge -edited- awakened and kept walking his path like’d had no beginning. dreams: compounds : vessels : prophesize : languages of nature : the ways spider and snake sought for human : threaded : awakened : and then human failed to give back to snake and spider : my contemplation is my only engineer : on whom I gain the verse of (yours or mine) own’s venom : gifts onto nature I’ll adore : onto death my spirit walking : I'll give to you a greater freedom through net passage : injected with venom from every notion blended onto the path ever encountering the ways through -edited-
    Octagonal Split
    Server Slits
    Atomic Stretches
    Purses of Bodies
    Awaits Suspended
    Of Death your Music
    And then the silence
    Dresses of Vaults
    Minds wreck
    Over the sight
    Of your Hunger
    Times time Time again
    A beat of four
    Who dreams
    Eyes Over?
    Light Spider
    Caressing Wind
    Here's the Tide
    Weaving for life
    Reach for the future
    Yours is known
    in 3000
    Yours known
    Wisdom of the mouth
    I wish your kiss
    Truth embrace
    In the neck
    Over each shadow
    Yours are the wishes
    Of serpents
    “I'll never spin
    Relax over a sunset
    Carnival of Prisms
    Nets nets
    Onto forever
    Which of Hunger”
    Spinning of the Way
    Your Death Sentence
    Spoken the word
    of Araña
    ‘’Death is of Certain
    your is the Strength
    Admire the Universe
    Wait for each word
    Well spoken
    Each step
    Engineering Progress
    Feeding the kind
    Of spinners
    Wishes of yours
    Waiting turns
    tuning trench
    In your night
    My enemies
    Winds Invisible
    Storms turn
    For both
    Of Us

    Serpent Dreamt of Spider
    The human with his torch vertexed on every danger. Radially reminded that every farther step would bring him through probability against the source of his nightmare. Traveler of lone spirit, voluntary warrior against self of within's darkness wishing a spell against being in death surrounded from the mouths of admiration. Trance in motion, the sight of venom, the body froze to get stricken, angular throws of all the venoms, raining death without sounds of agony, silking through the cloudless sky both snake and spider befell the night to undue a soul stepped out of boundaries. Snake and spider took turns ripping fluids through the only watercooler conversation in that side isle of the paleocene. We took everything from man and now will to relive him we’ll give him -edited- Restored without common knowledge -edited- awakened and kept walking his path like’d had no beginning. dreams: compounds : vessels : prophesize : languages of nature : the ways spider and snake sought for human : threaded : awakened : and then human failed to give back to snake and spider : my contemplation is my only engineer : on whom I gain the verse of (yours or mine) own’s venom : gifts onto nature I’ll adore : onto death my spirit walking : ill give to you a greater freedom through net passage : injected with venom from every notion blended onto the path ever encountering the ways through -edited-


    What would be a good name for Tarantula?
    How hard would a Snake Hug in Love?
    Why assume we are alone?
    How long does midnight last?
    How many consciousnessess can conference within Memory?
    Is there a Goddess of Language?
    Are gods consequent to linguistics?
    Is speech related to the way to manners?
    Have I felt Dark Matter?
    Having infinite energy in the ocean. Why do we burn nonrenewables?
    Do epigenetic Mechanisms
    Ever stop?
    Why is it so hard to comprehend that Nature is Beauty?
    How do we blame for false history?
    Why is consciousness divisible in definite numbers?
    Why don't we deflate inflation?


    ...she had a smile within a smile and her eyes smiled, and everything smiled and everything was lit... and that's all I could think of, and she smiled so many different ways... and the sun shined beyond the night... and every room was lit with colors... Seasonal Spasms of the Fall, Spring weather and Winter decorations... it was my last day of Summer... and it felt like a year until I could see her again, but in the lights I remember.

    Wonder of Thrones
    Demoir Bled
    Undone Enraged
    Starts Thwarted
    He'll Survive
    To live for Reconquests
    The exits blocked
    Fires Started
    In neglect
    and Ignorance
    his village.
    The times
    Were mesured
    in throws
    of blades
    this time
    the black one.
    Metallurgical master carved his stance in stone...
    "of stone
    I am and will be"
    "of hardness my essence
    I'll seek and exume
    within me
    of sinters
    no loss
    of vapors
    the mantras
    in flames
    the bones
    of a sword
    carved from ashes
    Carbide and Rust
    Obsidian and Graphite
    Oil and Furnace Smoke
    Spaced for fresh blood
    Quaternary vaults
    to oxidize into plastic
    plastic blood
    to close lids
    darker than darkness
    split eyes
    activating amygdala
    sparing fear
    of fracking
    the souls
    into passing.
    Sword Serpent
    Current of Venoms
    Cast of Grams
    the weight
    of five thousand horses.
    Sword spoke of flex and
    recovered in river water
    Nanotechnological whispers
    of tact for the ages
    his sword spoke
    to the rims of the forest
    "Undone the reign,
    for you animals,'
    the spoils
    the spills
    our reign united"
    and they knew
    the flavors of metals
    diffusing from plasma
    and the words triggered
    rains and floods,
    the trees knew
    the ways of anger
    the trees felt
    the calls of blood
    and from depth of life
    their souls reached to prevent it:
    floods and rains
    lajars , rock and lava
    spills of anger
    the words of the planet.
    They kept their word
    to hold humanity.
    Gifts of leagues of
    rain and thunder
    for a slice of the
    black scythe
    for a way to reduce
    famine and hunger.
    Red Scythe
    of red heat
    incendiary tone
    red flame red globes
    incandescent fury
    red in frequency
    lines of red laser
    Green Soul
    of the Amazon
    Emerald Vine
    Recoiled Anaconda
    Stripes of Fear
    Stings of the river
    Fear Sung on vibrations
    Leaf split
    wind lift
    current thunder
    dark sunset
    stones of the river
    from a trunk
    lift of roots
    of metal
    Green Knife
    extended root palm
    hidden swift
    green switch
    night shaded
    sparks curves braided
    strung in circles
    a stroke of metal
    ancient than ruins
    glowing the night
    staging the madness
    in the heart
    of the forest
    SEP 2018


    Entre las Amazonas
    Sendas con trenzas
    Veneno en lianas
    Truenos de renuncia
    al bitumol cementerio
    de ruinas de vigas
    de'a corto plazo
    embriagando el suelo
    templando lodo
    aguantando furias
    para que carajo
    veas lo que hago
    cuando me ignoras!
    Aves hormigas
    Serpientes dormidas
    Tumbas indígenas
    levantarán mi furia.
    Aquí la depresión
    no se cura con Prozac
    Entre hojas mis hijas
    la vertiente de recolección
    del terreno,
    aquí hemos vivido
    Millones de años,
    tesando rezando

    [epTETRATERNARIA@SSSFFF] 440Hz copyrights reserved.

    Makes Sound and Breaks Thunder : time is action : The Wrists of Gold Melt your Sweet Chocolate to drop my Controls to Action. Stone God , Block of the Highest Order I’ll write in your Tomb : my Heart Bled Great for you to deny me in this plot of Heaven. I have planted seeds and the soil has not given birth : to the niche where the blood of etched oils of dust wept and where the serpent crawled to arrive to its own nest : my table is list my heart folds every second I weep no tears : my blood is hundreds of meters deep within my soil : plaid rest of your hearts desire you must continue firm : The Elements have gone all where only You can find them : and when She asks me again : I'll kiss you on the Golden Mound of Thunder : Melt away Time to your demise in my Arms of Stone : the sides of mountains that you see are all yours but I shall remain here to rest my soul for a Moment : the rains wept the valleys : lajar of the desserts : the flood of the lonely : the deep trench of a hearts desire : I seek to end this deep own cave with my eyes for your desire : Breath of Cold : Heart of Gold : make your wish True : sweep till the end is a channel.

    Parole Diamante del profondo
    Seminare le altezze
    Ioni della terra
    Parola sui cieli di ceramica
    Armi per tracciare le piante
    mari calmi di ebollizione
    Trance la pendenza
    al calderone tagliava radici
    ripida i sali di ferro

    Words Diamond of the Deep
    Seed the Heights
    Ions of the Earth
    Word on Ceramic Skies
    Weapons to Plot Plants
    Calm Seas of Boiling
    Trance the Slope
    To Cauldron Slashed Roots
    Steep the Salts of Iron

    Mots diamant de la profondeur
    semer les hauteurs
    Les Ions de la terre
    Mot sur les ciels en céramique
    Armes pour tracer des plantes
    Mer calme d'ébullition
    Transe la Pente
    Faire Bouillir les Racines
    Raide les Sels de Fer

    Worte Diamant der Tiefe
    Säte die Höhen
    Ionen der Erde
    Wort über Keramikhimmel
    Waffen zum Pflanzen von Pflanzen
    ruhige See des Kochens
    Trance die Steigung
    zu kesselgeschliffenen Wurzeln
    steil die Salze von Eisen



    Asi me paso las noches en Marte... que le pasa a NASA que no llega otro transbordo... ya vi las series de netflix tantas veces y los matorrales crecieron tanto que no me da el cable de trimer para cortarlas... porque diablos no ven que este cuadrante ya esta en verde, si mide como setentamil hectareas de lupulos, de enredaderas y de troncos que me dan tanta lena. Mejor espero... debe ser que salio una nueva pelicula de algo y el ciclo noticioso no les da cuerda para que respondan de aqui al proximo transbordo. Nota de la semana: Falcon Heavy lanzo y retorno sus propulsores nitidamente. Le pediria Elon que en vez del carro que envie una maquina de hacer piraguas que estoy cansado de jugos verdes y ensaladas verdes. Aca en Marte hace falta un poco de humanidad, de FD&C Purple 50, TRIS, EDTA, algo artificial , estoy demasiado saludable y se me acabo el adobo ... deja ver si aquellos organismos que vi el otro dia saliendo del suelo, a ver si NASA me los deja comer porque me hace falta otro sabor que el que ya llevo 30 meses aca y hasta las baterias de nueve voltios dejaron de saber a dulce. Ya me he comido pedazos de coraza de hierro, chispas de titanio con esprinkles de cobre, y tierra Marterraquea (o como se diga) ... ya! debe ser los pedacitos de cobre... son buenos , saben bien... el sensor de cloro y sodio responde bien a mM y conductividad y los mOhm estan bajos asi que no es el agua. Deja ver que rayos es la composicion de estas semillas, y hostias que no puedo meterlas al microondas para que salga otra aromatica asi que esperare seis meses para obtener otro sabor. Elon, por favor recuerda la maquina de piraguas y sirup de frambuesa y uva. Problem communicating with the printer... la alarma no deja de sonar, otro dia corto en Marte, que hago hoy, esto parece un rave que empieza a las tres de la tarde, son las 9 en la Tierra y aca los minutos me tienen en la desquicia porque el reloj no se si anda al tiempo de la Tierra o si se acelera solo. Problem communicating with the printer... le pregunto a la compu (ni creas que te voy a decir como le llamo a ella en Marte, eso se queda top secret) cuanto falta para que se forme la playa... ella habla super chill...hahaaaha... y ni te imagines como habla tampoco... dice: haaaahhaha el reporte en Litros de los que deseas... el amor en Marte es infinito... yo pudiera estar contando las gotas dia a dia diciendole... amor... imaginate cuando lleguemos de 56898262267 a 262-46246274-2672-462 y asi las noches tirado en la sala contandole a ella como es que vamos a contruir el fondo para que las olas rompan ... algo megachillin no importa... faltan 250 añhos para que se llene el primer embalse... para ese entonces ya habran turistas en mi secret spot... tengo internet aca y la señal no se cae... es bastante buena... cuando estoy en la cocina no se va la señal ... ya escuche tanta musica que prefiero el sonido de la arena chocando en mi ventana, asi cuento el tiempo de temporadas... estamos en las de heavy metal... rafagas de truenos y remolinos tuneados en baja de 350hz… FEB 2018


    scattered showers
    Initially stressed for meaning
    solar flares presage
    stills passage release motion
    fresh cut chlorophyll smells
    contrast hopes anticipation
    stained ends of resting dirt
    forecasts art,
    sprinkled soap in the shower
    hypnotic washing machines
    take me out of rest
    remind me it's Saturday
    that I Will own collapse
    magnetized squared shoulders
    consumed frozen bottles
    week end entire dietary plan
    melting cream spreads
    excessed sweet slurs bitter affinities
    to blend over more excess because
    it's Saturday. overlayed
    under snow again shot
    admitting recovery, endocrine
    recoiling to express continuation
    hundred fold times heat and light
    balance out fortnight's wishes
    Take me out of bed only once
    It's Saturday.
    Those are my only wishes
    Sweat for television, cut
    mellow brownies with popcorn
    sea flavors chilled occasional biting
    smoke and cabernet fire over no ceiling
    that's why I do laundry on Wednesday
    and never clean on Fridays.
    molt fifty time soaked in Bailey's


    ASMR is contrapunctal to the mediatic bombardment of modern day pop noise, ASMR is a continuation of Guided Meditation which is quite old. As ASMR gains popularity companies will shift more resources to delivering a calm message pointing to an intermediate level of consciusness midway between the fully awake and half asleep brain attention paradigms. Eventually ASMR will be adopted in many cultures as an effective oral mechanism of communication and it may change how some cultures express themselves in public and in private. Mainly it will enhance auditory sensation on the general public in many ways, some by bringing attention to the auditory cortex in a way as HD photography and Virtual Reality raise sensitity to impulses in the visual cortex. I hope that ASMR brings people into Guided Meditation and closer to the inner senses. There's a lot to expand in how brain capacity is used and ASMR is a great tool in expanding the use of imagination and how this imagination accentuates the physical being through sensations, evocation, conscious arousal and more importantly the resulting subconscious behavioral modification and changes.
    APR 2018

    I don't always ASMR but when I do : please keep cutting the grass. MAY2018


    Hold me close, thoughts, don't stray far. I knew you were, right there waiting. tuning forks with vibrating sands, your body, waiting, and here I am, blockade of distance bound by technological whispers. I hope you hear me thick in the cold of winter. Prior to springs' easterlies I will return escaping from rows that bind me here and further I'll give to you what once belonged and it was yours, ours, here in further than silence, steps, to hear your words, falling on the grounds, nitpicking threads mantling the skies as deep as capturing within our sights time prostrated in memory. That's life, live, those are moments in waiting, space holds all our desires and our becoming certainly. Depth of secrets unfold for passions or science, waiting. Droves of dirt will lay motionless, waiting, for eons for the farthest spirits to lift the ground like drums into the wind, setting everything in motion.
    FEB 2018


    Her eyes essentially ran through everything... one day we'll make ourselves like the bubble, factories of who we are and burst them like they mean nothing and I could be here watching the fire while the world bursts into flames and machines like the one you told me earlier, radios relate the way the wind throws fire to the bubbling waters and chromatic spheres into the flames and in the end a dark spill of lack of arrangements... she understood. and the water dried into the ground and the story was over... from all the essences of our notions we can draw ourselves away, extremely to recreate our image into what is reflected without exploding it. Yes, we think, but we are only you and I. and Mother. She has your brother in a bubble... and he can hear you now. from there she could see the entire history of the universe, and we kept our words onto the horizon... What would you do? That's what we don't know, you one day will have the answer. How could I select everything for you? Don't worry we only have time to share and time never ends. ...when Nilo was 3 I asked him to draw something he feared... what do you fear Nilo? Nilo drew a big monster... now Nilo draw fear... what do you see? his eyes were hazed purple unchanged from birth, dark black like Mother's and the moments he gazed around for an answer are the moments I relive when I can't see him, -you can't see anything... exploring around learning... where is fear certain? Nilo was still young to go over theories of psychoanalysis but early he understood that words were only vessels filled of imagination, and he became fearless earlier than I anticipated.
    FEB 2018

    TRASPIÉ de TANGO (#1) :
    ¿Con qué letra te escribo un Tango, si en alfabetos bordados no hay deslices en Tierra, si se sostienen ambos cartel y danza de bordes y no hay derrames en lo que se escribió firme. Si de mensajes fuéramos, que vuelta dariamos, que fuera tango y no enredos, que de tantos animales comer con la vista y audio es excepción a la norma, y motín en calle haya o no lluvia. ¿Con cuántas letras te escribo tango si en tardes tenemos las horas enteras del dia invertidas en vino y noche, que nunca se acaban hasta la quema del iris, o el desgaste de toda la comparsas, o el fin de la música que entre luces y calles no se acaban hasta llegar a costas. Bastárame de mirarte para hacer letra, si en cada aura de tus ojos veo el acertijo que quiero descifrar, y al momento, que importa la música, si de tanto movimiento, al frizado, rompiera el momento perfecto, y si así fuera que parara el tiempo, entre todas las realidades, al continuo pienso en notas que atentan llevarnos, y lo difícil de salir de esta escuadra, que nunca termina caminando juntos. Que mal nos va al baile sin música, si en par no hubiera tanto ritmo, ni el gusto que nos diéramos, en vista, de estar allá al otro lado, si con solo desearlo fuera, con tanta imaginación y solape, las vueltas del mundo que diéramos, en tonos con tanta imaginación, de pensar no saldríamos, aquí frizados, y el invierno en este silencio daría el tiempo en sostenidos. Horas al bien, de pies al tango, que las que quedan de noche son medias, y entre verte y verte, me hago amnésico para que se me olvide conocerte, y asi te saco. Décime al pie y voz tu tango, que de letras y tinta al borde quedamos y entre tanto espacio y difusión de sonidos se funda el remanente de ayer y todos los días colapsado en aquí y ahora.

    TRASPIÉ de TANGO (#2)
    How could I express Tango, without words or borders, that the confounding of letters are fixed in frames that aren't slipping from firm grounding, and both frames and ink hold each other while they aren't spilling/eroding of what was written firmly/for permanence.

    ...thoughts that I could give over citric juice for thirst and hot days: Sunsets for a Blind: Regards in Braille : hands that slip over and over, letting go: there's a sunset... cups filled when there's sweet wine and the last drops , aftertaste's a sunset, or in footsteps in doors, moving away the sounds... soft honey holds glass and there/then sunsets... boiling the waters in slow motion, risen: then/there sunsets : holographic details of the held sense that sun's pulling us through energy…
    AUG 2018

    GHOST [future]
    Ghost (future)...
    At night I dream
    and sometimes
    I meet you
    and you think about it
    like you were there
    Ghost of Reality
    and thoughts contradict all reason
    how could I exist outside my body
    in verses, nocturnes
    in riots or in beaches
    defying gravity
    defying your conventions
    but you exist and we keep talking
    maybe you
    a still
    or a sentence of abnormality
    but you could've
    and I could've ...
    in time, rather be poets
    but you wrote the song
    and strung near me to follow
    How could I meet you in verses?
    From thoughts a horizon
    and from words the rope
    we're pulling a river
    from questions a valley
    a stop to momentum
    and I meet you uphill again
    reminded of Gibbs and Schrodinger.
    and maybe then you prism
    watts set in motion
    a real diamond
    water in my eye prism
    awake me from this slumber
    Noches donde juramos
    reclamar el cielo
    y escenas
    que tienen firmas,
    hoy otras estrellas en el cielo
    y algunas nuevas se pierden
    y se desbordan en la oscuridad
    a excesos de lo que se perdio
    sin ser recopilado.
    Tragos y barras de momentos
    y de vino hoy
    con el tiempo saben mejores
    en tinta de otros labios
    aunque sean los mismos.
    Tinta correctora de neuronas
    para ajustar la equacion de equilibrio de besos.
    La reflexión de la manána
    si fue cierto
    que en aquel momento nos besamos
    vivir en sueños Lavado de cerebro
    con un timer de cuerdas
    que borra el tiempo
    del disco de memorias.
    Así nos vemos reencarnando a pie y en chancletas
    y así nos pasamos en este terreno donde dejamos la idea de la existencia y sus convenciones.
    Libertad en reflexión libre de límites y con mayores ataduras al mismo tiempo. No entiendo porque añorar más la libertad buscando un voluntarioso sometimiento, el que clama el cuerpo , este o aquel , del cual llenamos con existencia.
    Vivir en Sueños
    fragmentos de lo que soy
    en poeta y esclavo
    A tiempo me recuerdo
    dulce de ti un tiempo
    Lo serio del paseo interdimensional limitado
    con atribuciones de valor contra lo que nos falta.
    Tiempo o Sueño
    ironías de y en el amor eterno en pobreza.
    Tiempo perdido en el espacio versus relaciones nuevas y un background de reencarnación. Cuántas veces nos reinventarnos para recrear un mundo que se repite ondea más bueno?
    Pregúntale porque soñamos , y si fuésemos más tolerantes ...
    a idioteces seríamos mejores
    pero encontramos maneras de comenzar de nuevo reencarnado en otro núcleo tal vez diferente pero se repite lo mismo ... ciclos del sol del este y te repites en mis sueños
    Leyes de conservación y de masa... factores de difusión y el deseo... aunque sea en mentes al sol así me traicionado, sol de verde en verano contra todas las playas dejadas con huellas,
    mi llama es sueño y reencarnación de un relámpago, porque no hay nada más fugaz y fuerte que el verte y ya se acaba.
    Uno llega a conocerse más cuando está solo, tanto que llegas a no conocerte en conjunto ... Eres dos o más y te permites uno. Somos más me diría , así cuando hablo solo y en lo que responden tus convenciones, sería mucho más de un múltiplo por tu factor si me entendieras, o quizás me gustan demasiado las cosas complicadas. Qué tal si estuvieramos algo errados y fallamos en la idea de nuestra perfeccion, o que mejor que nuestra idea de hacer la perfección algo más sencillo y único para ser cada vez más perfecto, O que fuera lo que pensaras que pudiera ser si me preguntarás …MAY2018
    en el borde de la ciencia no se encuentra el alma. tanto tenemos como herramientas para buscar y en cada descubrimiento encontramos aspectos de aquello que se llena , que se llene como sea . Fuese en el siglo 19 o 20 o 21 , tenemos más información para nutrir las creencias con sustancias verificables y aquello que no lo sea no significa que no exista, solo es cuestión de tiempo de como lo encontramos y luego como lo compartimos para que sea algo común , pero en lo que sean búsquedas y experiencias de la continuidad , es muy difícil trasponerlas de maneras que sean entendidas ampliamente. Así me parece que aceveraciones de lo metafisico queden más como anécdotas que como fórmulas desechas de caminos correctos.
    Es muy bonito ver lo común del mundo en estas experiencias pero a ser justo todos vemos algo diferente de lo que puede ser discernible y las estructuras sociales dan espacio para esto y cuando se interponen creencias sobre el resto del nexo social es cuando se admite que lo personal encontrado depende del futuro y no de la experiencia adquirida , dando así notar la debilidad de aquello experimentado. solo con diversidad de experiencias sean individuales o de otros es que mas puedo observar y aprender de cuan amplio es el ser. y así el camino es de reencontrar de múltiples maneras lo que puede ser reflejo de mi y mis pensamientos , sea en gente o cosas. Al final se me hace difícil consolidar mi experiencia de lo que es profundizar en la búsqueda interior cuando me duele el bolsillo. la suma de todo es la experiencia del presente y si contará cuántas necesidades tengo ni acabaría sin ver a mis seres queridos con algo que le falte. Asi por dinero se ciega y nubla lo nítido que está de frente. en pro de mayor exploración por ahí sigo. Gracias a la Fuerza Superior y en todas sus maneras por lo que me ha otorgado. Entro al templo cada vez que abro los ojos, salgo de él cada vez que abro la boca o las manos .

    I spent tons of time thinking about streamlines, control boundaries and conditions of Circulating air flow! What where you talking about? The sky lit forever with magnetic colors? Why did I think so much about it when it was right there: [It's there]: It's now there: Now a long time ago:Now time elapses and everything I need to restart this unit is to close my eyelids and dream. : The hues of the sunsets are everywhere : I have to explain to you, very soon, how I ended up knocking on your door. : I have knocked on doors before for questions, for reporting answers : not for streamlining eco-technological development across cultural bridges :[Silent] How can this be? [Silent] There was only one missing variable...[|] I called you Eons ago!: why is this disparaging [|] so incomplete in bracket notation... There's much to discover but no east yet to set the message so lets look at the stars, the sun will rise today anyway. There are no shadows in boxes. The soul dies without sunlight, the void deafens without voices. Loneliness is so vast ceaselessly ethereal. Today, in the midst...the mix... the messages... the media and the locks over ever bridges, crossing, holding hands [out of Control] : having a heart attack : sure after fifteen hundred miles, days tracking, let's se if we can meet for coffee so we can talk...[in silence] : it was many fold times better if you call me: [and you did]: let's go for a drink: [Dear God, She's happy] : the air had reached it's limit to sustain the many lives of a healthy human population. Trees spewing out dust and hydrocarbons. Enzymes cluttered in microdusts and there we were [not looking] but shaping the norm for future generations : There are ends in life, chapters : Here we are in the beginning : someday we'll get back to this sentence : What were were we... that we are constantly : in every possible dimension endlessly everywhere. : ask of me : wherever : what you wanted : cavitations exploding lenses : invertebrates : heavyfoldedtimes better : eras of uncoverings blindfolded senseless... [I know Dove] I had once the eyes of the Republic Silk etchings of clouds breezing in summer : Lemonade swirls with you hands shaking, sour drops and heavy caramel. What are you talking about! Linked, happy, the rivers etch canyon endlessly triangulating gradients tatooing the paths to Orion, have met their path to starve the air of the gleam of light that surpasses each day the horizon to see Humans teeming with life. I hear you Earth, she said, she tells me, The Air, Neo, has bounds to end the only means to life on the planet, but further still, in the cleanest place on Earth there is a mark she can no longer remove from herself, and if she is dying I'm dying with her. And there are people who keep their path to maintain a stay where nothing is still sacred... dear Sacred Earth, how have we failed you to live our life of fulfilling your missions to see greater glimmers of hope each day we surpass to the west of your horizons. I would have met you anyway. Verses concatenated, where we met, words writing to you. I was born in 1981 years prior the explosion of the means to information and I've lived the path to say here: the end of the cycle of energy exploitation of the Earth is Here. Many will die in suffocation, in pain, in the worst choke the earth has seen, of minds, air and water, of hearts that the way of our ancestors was to poison our home. Keep this in mind I did all I could to help save you from a true remission. I warned the Earth years ago... years and years ago I saw all of this happening and I must turn to solid rock into a hard pressed metallic core to withstand the pressure of all things collapsing into this moment: first: the predictions of the degrees on warmth are real... the climate has shifted on par with the total collapse the atmosphere, secondly, the air is tainted, the air is now on fire. For you to breathe a clean atmosphere there has to be an ultimate stop to imports and exports that harm our soils: clean vehicles, less ways of placing microscopic solids in the earth. But this great tilt in Understanding is the end of the Line... what this means is that from now on Earth will be cleaned in a mission with a transmission with no Reverse. I am linked to the Stars... this is no joke, they are here to let you and me know... this is no joke we have come to the end of the line and must now return to a new way of living. On the Carrying Capacity Equation this means there is a term that is recursive, hysterical, iterative on the recycle that on the continuation of our ways there will be greater and greater collapses to change the ways of human civilization that means changes in the technology we make, the way we travel, the way we dress. The way fearless to the path of awareness to meet our place in this sector knowingly... knowing meant...everything.

    Larga Noche de Verano
    Llévame a Casa
    Y que nunca despierte.
    Correré en tu desierto
    Buscando tu luz norte permanente
    Y al paso con, quien vamos
    Gente llega y Gente Vá
    Todos inventamos el Norte
    La ruta en escapada
    El despido a lo extranjero
    El que núnca me conoces
    Y así todos somos
    nuevamente extraños
    Big Bang y ya se acaba,
    Núnca existes
    Núnca me conoces
    Asi me levantava en las mañanas
    Así la Muerte con el Sueño
    entre vidas enredadas
    peor sin reconocer
    Sin continuidad
    Perdiendo la vida
    Gente llega y Gente Vá
    Parranda Antillana al Globo
    Quien eres y Quienes somos
    Fantasmas en la ruta
    Por compartir Glorias
    De versos y capitulos en la vida
    que no nos pertenece
    Y el Sol lo dejamos Solo
    Y la playa sigue meneando
    Gente llega y ya no te conozco
    Aunque sea de tu isla
    Aunque hayamos hablado
    Asi desaparecemos
    Y le preguntamos a la ciencia
    Si existe
    Que existiera del alma
    Sigue buscando
    Tal parece que así lo perdemos todo
    Gente llega y ya nos Vamos…
    Amores temporeros así de quien sea
    Te presto mi lejano abrazo
    Asi le doy like a tu página
    Contacto de Perdidas
    Contacto de Olvidos
    y Lejanas calles Euclidianas
    Cuadros de perplejo en el olvido
    Detras de armarios detrás de puertas
    Siguen en el paso caminando
    Llegando en cada momento sin fin
    Llegando en cada torpe despido
    Sin pedir perdón
    Solo de un paso al barranco
    Asi me olvido
    Y te veo que al paso te conozco
    Pero esa naturaleza
    Amor de cada amor
    Asi somos fantasmas
    Gente que somos y no ser
    Ser y como que no conocer
    Saber y sin ser
    Colmo de vidas
    en mentes embriagadas
    Asi nos vamos
    Fotos congeladas en el calor hirviendo
    Ironias de percepciones
    Tendencias del ser
    Gotas separadas
    flotando hirviendo
    En el tiempo
    En el cielo reunen
    Separadas en la calle
    perdida direcciones
    olvido que nunca te conozco
    Gente llega y así nos dejamos
    Así me lleva el mar en reversa
    A buscar amor en la Naturaleza
    Y así te dedico mi próximo tantrum
    Buscando como que no llegas y no existes
    Asi te puedo hablar
    Palabreo que resiste épocas
    Saliva que perdura en la atmósfera
    Saliva que hierve en el paladar y la seca
    Saliva que nunca estorba
    Saliva que nunca llega
    Saliva que nunca sale

    Así no podemos hablar
    Y que te pasa? Y qué le pasa al Mundo? Y qué le pasa a tus ojos? Porque lloras o porque no lloras?

    Porque no te pierdes encontrando?
    Así te espero para que te vayas.
    Y algun dia estuvimos juntos,
    Big Band y Grand Desires…

    Como pudimos olvidar quienes fuimos?
    Como poder olvidar quienes somos?
    Nadando en preposiciones
    Bailes post conciertos terminados

    Los modelos del universo confirman que las galaxias se expanden y que algun dia estaremos solos y que tal si esto es el reflejo de nuestra conducta? Si estuviéramos solos en este Universo para dárselo en lo que sea a progenie y lo que fuese , es dejarlos solos, justicia que no hay cielo Justicia el propósito de ser Dioses y del Reflejo de lo que somos

    Pero si fuera politico asi te conociera para quitartelo todo
    Gente Llega y así nos vamos…
    espero verte algun dia
    Tal vez en el Cielo
    Tal vez en el Cielo de tu boca.
    Porque así te recuerdo… aunque me olvides
    Asi soy, gravitacional… flecha que te deja saber que paso por ti de mensajes hechos en ti el retorno
    Si así fuera lo que buscaba era tan solo un abrazo
    Son tus palabras. Las que corrieron al Norte
    Las que se fueron
    para descubrir en el frío del tiempo
    Bajo lo tenue de tu luz una raíz que termine este ciclo.
    No habrá nadie quien te siga o me siga
    No hubo respuestas
    Al descubrir tu y yo solos
    en aquella noche de verano que me llevaste a casa.
    Noches de Verano

    In school you are prohibited from wearing branded shirts and shoes for the intended and unintended messages they send. #icare

    Life is defined by what you do, not by what you don't do, by what you give not what you take, what you build not what you destroy , what you learn not what you forget... (also not defined by what you write on a wall but what you write on real life so I better get off this and get on it...


    Water Wets, it is not Wet. Wetting is a result from contact from it's essence. Water can wet more water but by itself it wets nothing.The process of absorption is only of surfaces , so most of the water that exists is not wetting anything. Hydrogen Bonding is not wetting because wetting is a physical process and hydrogen bonding is a molecular process. Si el agua moja es porque puede y no es lo único que puede , también oxida y reduce, solvata e ioniza. JUL2017

    Achieve: it took years for the inner wants to materialize but they did. My expectations didn't have expiration dates but wore the marks of anxieties that now gleam and glitter the flavors in my pallad. My eyes are open wider every day. The hues of [expressions] are everywhere toning my drive like a boundless spirit. I bore an inner drive that now pulls me everywhere.Achieving wasn't a destinatio. Achieving is expressed in continuity in how you and I sustain the advice of elders to honor guidance as a form of guardian spirit [that now I can app without pressing a button][|]
    [Z]Yours are the paths of tomorrow, the exciting and countless blessings you will receive are products of striving to fill the very real cores of both self, systems and society.
    [R]Never cease to achieve, regardless of the voids, or acidosis of worn tired muscle groups. You'll never rest on achievement, but learn to pause for the moments.
    [e]There aren't metering devices for achievement. Biochemically achievement is irreversibly bonded to every structure, it is felt continually, it rests and pulses, it waves goodbye and returns daily. It is the mountaintops we cannot get over and the distances that only potentially you have to reach to get to the higher mountains. [LTP Long Term Potentiation]
    [T]Be cautions on achievement, it may make you cease striving, but know that once achieved in health you can return to it with every memory.
    Don't forget to honor your parents, their involvement in your earlier years paved the character of who you are and who you will be endlessly so remind them that your achievement is theirs.
    The projections of the future are no longer of the previous generations. What you will see in the world, near and far are the prosperities of your direct involvement. It is you who will make the next decisions on where do we go to war, how do we manage economies, what structures persist and which structures we'll demolish.
    Be cautions of hunger. Where one eats, two or three can eat. Be ready to commit to sacrifices when the conditions are prone for development, but never sacrifice what wasn't yours for disposal. Honor every one of your properties, know what they have given you and such a way you'll never cease to achieve.
    There will be days you could rest on achievement, so be cautious, remind yourself for Whom you achieved and achieve for them.
    Ceaseless enough, take the day off, drive on the slow lane, keep quiet.
    Hold placemarkers for your achievements, images, places, numbers, and never trade them for anything.
    The next steps you will take will be the monolithing temples in your way to trascendence, and trascendence will be the irreversibilities you embue in the world. Distill with letters and love. Catalyze with sound and fury. Transform your wants for actions, one day you will reappear in a new world you had not expected because of achievement. Achievement honors achievement through the mind,think about it, how long can you scream about achievement versus how more can you keep it as a revolving nucleus inside the minds of your cells and atoms.
    There will be days you will have to defeat your own achievements because tney seeded paths of contentment so equate progress well on the balance.
    Measure every path to progress. Thoughts of chocolate, sometimes unexpectedly bitter, others righly balanced in sugar, salty with the taste of the ocean, The higher you go the less air literally, keep yourself humble. Carry every weapon unbrazen, iron every shirt with mania, set the tables and rooms for your return, on your path you crisol every experience into greatness however more.
    Guidance with budget, credit with sales, clients with landscapes, stories with action and resolutions with commitments... canvases with recurrent walls, eyes with hands, flights with seasons, food with vitamins, science with freedom and progress, savings with altruism, knowledge with practicality and pictures with the camera with a full battery, or make art of everything. Some things get better with age. I have given more than I can imagine.
    Very few people led me to achieve, so the best advice I could give you is to be quiet, listen not only to the words of the world but to the animals, to the oceans and water. Every object in front of you possesses intrinsically the miracle of detection. How you look into the world, how you uncover, you how pause and recover, how you hold the roughest or silkiest rocks, how you devolve your histonic brain, everything matters. If you are still listening remember I wrote you this on achievement that I also need to carry this message forward.

    Be solemn, the eyes of the world will be watching, there will be those who would like to rest your sense of enjoyment,so defeat adversity silently. From now on you can do everyting. Our ways into communication through this channel will soon be over.

    Dove: One of the greatest flavors in the world is the flavor of thought. A spill of ink can envelop a sentence, retrace neurons, capture moments. Within the shadow of sentences exists the darkest tone of what's left unspoken. The true meaning of words that if spoken would darken each cloud in letters of so many words that can't be uttered but expressed... In farther reaches where thoughts condense, and like clouds, rain into the material/immaterial universe... Sights have no words but carry inertia and moments where we store our memories, could be retraced to thoughts of existence. Echoes of words retraced mean moments. Lasers of sound that fade from memory, but capturing each beam of light in memory, through each sense, bring the possibility of time travel. Each day carries the possibility of remembrance when the atmospheric conditions hold, the condition is true , of time travel when it can be retraced. That's one of Our greatest gifts, that our brains allow us to retrace memories or duplicate or triplicate to the Nth, the sense of amazement. To days (daze) and hours. To the slowness of Earth in how we could reverse the path of our shadows to remain between the balance of darkness and light, each moment a new Sunset.

    BATTALLION [|] Speed of Beginnings
    BATTALLION Of Scientific and Social Progress
    BATTALION Our recent Discoveries
    BATTALION Who we are in the Universe
    BATTALION Measures of Control in Conflict
    BATTALION Ceasing in Conflict
    BATTALION Reaching the Marks of Technology
    BATTALION Satiety against the Strength of Our Enemies
    BATTALION Infinite Energy
    BATTALION Of our Allies
    BATTALION Returning Home
    BATTALION On Response to Suffering
    BATTALION On Our Resolves
    BATTALION To First Responders
    BATTALION Erasing the Debts of War
    BATTALION On Capturing the Enemy
    BATTALION In the Order of Discipline
    BATTALION Presenting Arm
    BATTALION Closing Ranks
    BATTALION Honoring Late Warriors


    NEUROSCIENCE Indigenous Medicine NEUROSCIENCE Indigenous Medicine NEUROSCIENCE Indigenous Medicine

    Dr. Paul Stamets saved his Mother from Stage 4 cancer using his own research on fungi... for those who aspire to do Science there can't be a greater accomplishment. Spreading life, health and wellness is at the core... To my dear Mother: thank you for this life... Here are some of the species to explore: Trametes Versicolor (Turkey Tail, Immunity Booster, Anticancer) ; Lion's Mane: Yamabushitake: H. erinaceus (Brain Activity). I was present when Paul revealed a tested recipe from his research at the Telluride conference... Amazing!!! Here are several slides for reference.

    Fomitopsis officinalis is a wood-inhabiting parasitic fungus forming distinctive conks that can be more than 50 cm long, hoof-shaped or columnar. It is widely distributed in the the northern Hemisphere, mostly in subalpine, montane hypoarctic and boreal old-growth forests on large and old coniferous trees (e.g., Larix). It is commonly known as Agarikon and has since ancient times been collected for medical purposes. It is globally reported rare or extremely rare and has declined significantly during the last centuries. The species is assessed as Vulnerable under criterion A2cd+3cd+4cd because of population reduction observed in the past and projected in the future 50 years, caused by habitat loss and collection of basidiocarps for medical purposes. REF: p-COUMARIC ACID: constituent of honey


    Trees make natural magic: they disappear what kills you without you even noticing.

    [If thought patterns were basis for the Origins of Species Humans would be divided by their Cultural Expressions, which in the frames of self identification already occurs normally. which in the past and the present have been defined ethnocentrically, not by their discrete thoughts, meaning the cultural divisions by which Humans identify groups have been Geographical and Mental. Exclusions throught segregation, racial discrimination and bigotry are based only in the mind because physically We possess a unique vertical structure that forms the structure of society. It is only through microscopic examinations that differences are identified between human groups, so generating the microscopic reference standard for cultural influences must be understood, categorized and challenged , because like cancer etiologies that are harmful to the totality of the interactions of the body must be excised. Behavior based discrimination resides outside of the tolerance limits of empathic acceptability of the other. Statistically differences will exist outside the sigma ranges of behavior, so in the continuum of cultural influences discrete distributions of group cultural expressions are the exception and not the norm. Dividing Humans through discrete thought expressions would create further than duplicitous contradictions that are easily identified, categorized and verifiable as contradictions. Fundamental differences in how economic paradigms work can be explored scientifically through economic indicators and as such cannot be the ratioale for establishing basis for human species. When argumentation occurs within the bounds of asequible power social classes emerge but these are insufficient to retort to discrimination on the basis of species because biologica drivers of conduct can be factored into daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and so on needs, and these needs are pervasive in humanity.


    Neonicotinoid (insecticide) : Bee Population Decline : Polyphenols from Fungi transmitter AntiViral Activity : to .... Bear Scratches Trees : Bettles attracted to sugars : Bird eats Bettles : Spreads Fungi To Next Tree.
    AUG 2018


    [Unless you try to do something beyond what you've already mastered you'll never grow.] -Ronald E. Osborn
    OCT 2018

    Alchemy v. Witchcraft v. Chemistry v. Halloween
    Alchemy v. Witchcraft v. Chemistry v. Halloween : dogmas twisted the true meaning of The feasts of Gatherings , The Change of Seasons , the Transfiguration of Earth and Matter and converted it into means of persecution through a convention of mores . It is the duty of scientists to note the discrepancies between belief and certainty and in this manner , brought to the conscientious individual , for them to absorb and metabolize the notions of truth and tradition. On the Eve of the changes of seasons , we can all feast on the work of the season. I personally , having an ever closer relationship with agriculture, having noted proxy on all forms of life , the clock that tics of anticipation , for a feast of gatherings wish to gift onto nature my hands for next year's gatherings, and in this way , through Fall and Winter , sharpen all the tools of science at my disposal. The sensibility of sensing temperature and spectroscopy of the landscape , is the base of alchemy, that that which is transformed by Nature, our the syncretic joining of forces , that without understanding of the variables given in time , we would be living in boxes , and by having seen its forms in Nature , that which gave us life , gave us the power to transform a rock into ashes and Ash into a string of pearls , and through eyes , hands and ears, through taste and senses , Ours our sense granted the power of Alchemy on upon everything. #syntheticforest
    OCT 2018


    Bonds are also exchanges, but if we measured richness by good conversations, hugs, and kisses, and bottles of wine, the entire economic structure of the world would collapse, for the attribution of value of good times can be infinite, infinitely shared and almost indestructible. Constructivism in the order of society is the ultimate goal of group dynamism: what can be created that lasts more than what was before: Human Bonds, further than material structures are the ultimate currency, and in the way financial debt and human losses are mirrored in society, the way we sustain, manage and grow bonds is the finest way of Chemistry. #syntheticforest
    SEP 2018

    "PEOPLE OF COLOR": please STOP saying this. It is a basic reminder and a rationalizer for a separation from those who see themselves Black and White. POC is an oversimplification that I find insulting when used by anyone. POC is emblematic of the eras of segregation. Instead speak properly: by ethnicity: American, by ascendancy, African-American, Irish, Czech etc., it also sounds extremely naive, like white wasn't a color, and worse like having any hue in the skin would be sufficient to group people by how they look. Please be mindful and acknowledge that there is a severe racial discrimination problem in the USA and that consciousness and propriety in communication are paramount in healing and moving forward. JUL 2019




    AUG 2018


    <#syntheticforest>: DEA Descheduled CBD : [on 27SEP2018!!!] raises the following questions: What are we waiting for (114th, 115th, 116th?): FCEA? : “finished dosage formulations” of CBD with THC below 0.1% will be considered Schedule 5 drugs, as long as the medications have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.: A Schedule 5 drug is still illegal without a prescription. The DEA says Schedule 5 drugs have a low potential for abuse and are generally pain relievers and antidiarrheal medications. Other Schedule 5 drugs include Lyrica and prescription-strength Robitussin with codeine.: Farm Bill ; CO and HEMP Colorado is the only state that has a definition of industrial hemp in its Constitution. The contingent change to Colorado's Constitution in this electoral cycle is tied to the Federal Definition. Because the Federal Definition is at play it is not prudent to change it now.




    We are in October and Congress hasn't voted on H.R. 2???

    House Committee on Agriculture

    1301 Longworth House Office Building

    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: 202-225-2171

    Fax: 202-225-4464

    ABOUT THE FARM BILL This bill (commonly known as the FARM BILL) reauthorizes through FY2023 and modifies Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs that address: commodity support, conservation, trade and international food aid, nutrition assistance, farm credit,

    Watching the Farm Bill get Signed from the Heart of Hemp Development. Important step but far too much needs to get done. Hemp will expand at a rate of Quadrupling Every 4 years. Key here is that Chemical Engineering will increase the value per acre from $1200.00 to over $150,000.00 and Chemistry will increase this yield to returns of 300 % of the agricultural returns. Now the focus of regulations needs to be to accelerate multidrug formulations across the FDA pipeline and increase the access to hemp derived cannabinoids in consumer products. The slow churn of eco-social technological development is gravitating back to agriculture. Customizing these developments to target chronic illnesses will remain an important hurdle to development and spread of the benefits of farming. Far too low of a percentage of people are using cannabinoids as medicine and lesser understand that it is in the multidrug synergy of the flavonoids, terpenes and endogenous levels of cannabinoids that the effectiveness of these approaches will render the extensions of quality life benefits. I am proud to have formed a part of this sector and look forward to engaging in the next generation of farming , products and medicine. The Rosales order is only one of the many orders of plants that will change the microsocial climate. It is my hope that newer generations understand and optimize the use of agriculture not only for medicine but for energy, structure and textiles. The 0.3℅ thc level for consumer products remains a hindrance and an up cost to the farmer and producer , and while the farm bill is signed many states still have statutes that prohibit it's use, sell and transport. In CO this legalization will clear the way for federal funds and banking for more transparent negotiation and quality products. DEC 2018



    LIMITS OF MATHEMATICS The limits of Mathematics are bound by the shape of the rocks You add, the symbols, laws and conventions you ascribe to but if you add in liquid, or love, the rules of knowledge are bent and new levels of order exist... Synergy, of our Universe is the metaphysical realization of Spirit: one who seeks more than himself, within, so that the self, united with the essence can be more. It is how attributions of value validate the spirit through all things. We are taught that a kiss and a rock are different but viewed in contexts they are both expressions bounded by the gift of life which We experience. And in this search we establish Spirit through all things but value is referential to the physical perception of the Universe against or in forward of the cultural apperception acquired. There aren't limits to what could be attributed Spirit, but it is the Real Life experience, the overlap of the mental field along the emotional and physical fields, plus their time-dependent vectors(expectations and plausibilities). Today's experience was richer... and so it builds on time the fortress, of senses and values we live in. Not every substance is a rock, some substances vibrate and irradiate waves and have action-at-a-distance, that just like radiation, exist only because they can be measured=sensed. Overwhelming the senses, 'mathematics' is the limit to knowledge, but our cells do the math for Us , so when an experience becomes overwhelmingly real the value is the equation of senses. SEP 2018


    Words have limits, and where words end there's music, and what music can't illustrate could be communicated, through paint, sculptures, and theater, and when that reaches their limit of expression: expression isn't only for admiration, it's best to install action, so when words, music, paint, theater and sculptures reach their limit the cycle restarts, of what we admire and what can be done and what we do. SEP 2018


    #001 Guided Meditation #001 -> this guided meditation has the threefold aim for us to reconnect digitally - for us to fire our mental fields in the realization that we share frequencies of music and biology - our heart beats in simultaneous patterns forgetting distance you begin to withdraw from the overloaded receptors of our senses, sight is shut, motion begins to shut pointing our attention into the diaphragm. You hear everything that moves including your breathing your lungs your heart and you realize that every motion will cease, every motion will cease every motion will cease [1min silence] , you begin to increase your epithelial senses sensing the slow convective clouds of temperature to breeze through your hair, arms and neck, [1min silence] , with a heighted sense you slowly move inward, you slowly recede into the blood flowing through your body and see it brightly red, you begin to light up within focusing on the lymphatic ways bordering every cell of your body. [1min silence], the nodes light up in [your favorite color] and you communicate with it through music [1min silence], you begin to flow through the lymphatic system exploring every node and every organ... [1min silence], slowly you begin to focus your attention into a yellow current, a flaming yellow current that flows down from the atmosphere, from the ionosphere, from the thermosphere, from the magnetic connection of our bodies into the breathing that keeps us connected to the ground, as you begin swaying your physical connection [don't fall asleep] your heart and lungs connect with the peripheric centers that light up unconscious breathing and like that you begin to note how your senses seek the higher orbit [1min silence]. You see colors lighting up your lymphatic centers and you see how emotions light up parts of our bodies...random ideas, The yellow light flows showering your mental sphere. You empty your mind of overload, of unnecessary needs [Television, Entertainment, Economic necessities etc] and you focus on the now... [1 min silence]. In withing your mental center yellow electric power is fluxing through you , like the air flows through the atmosphere, like the heat flows through your body, like vibrations flow through , like magnetism, and you connect with the Earth itself [photosynthesis-glycolysis-redoxidative exchanges]. The Earth itself receives the yellow electricity after it has flown through your body. [1min]. You hear the Earth itself approaching towards you, with all Her love, and with every detail it seeks to light you up [long pause]. Feel the fire from the center of the Earth... feel the fire, feel it slowly removing every ailment, every negative thought and taking into the infinite burning flame of our Star. [long pause] , every vibration emits a sound, the Sun sends you music through your body removing every ailment, every negative thought. She has taken you up into her spinning vortex of liquid crystal fusion of unimaginable beauty, billions of years She will stay there for you, removing everything that holds you from getting lit, from hearing the music, from looking at every star. [Z] Slowly, whenever you want, whenever you want, you begin to call your physical body from the astral plane, you begin slowly, sensing how every level of your body, every organ and every central chakra taking in all the light and storing it withing every cell of your body. [Let those sleeping, rest for as long as they need. Respect the silence]. Wake up and go home respecting the bliss and silence and recollect you carry all the love of the Universe in every cell. Take time to release it. If you can keep silent for as long as you can you can return to sensing the immense energy collected from every flow. The musical reference can be tuned to the length of time you choose.

    Just Do It, Coffee
    SEP 2018

    The novelty of learning another language is the sensorial frame that envelops the experience of exchanging new things, that the brain interprets as new, like going on vacation to another country. The usage of a new language evokes a 'new negative' of image in the native tongue, so it duplicates the sensibility of the brain. Because it can be surmised that all language is stored in the forms of chemicals or electronic impulses , every new word excites the brain in a new waveform/molecule. It's why it is so important to conserve lexicon for propriety and adaptable flexibility. Bad lexicon could induce long term brain changes that cascade to altered behavior and this can be proven through developmental psychology. Anger and bliss, excitement and learning are a function of the arsenal of words we hold or our ability to reform images to recollect, this having two or more languages duplicates the brain cache and induces Improvements in learning.
    In a broader sense, all we learn may be considered a new language, from chemistry to Spanish, from C++, to cooking, the rules, methods and reactions with the expected and unexpected consequences are in the form of language structure. There aren't limits to language but through its exploration we can see conventions in the way we communicate, but it is in the edges of what may or may not be considered structured that exists a vast trove of forms of expressions Humans have yet to formalize as language. [|] Words are metabolically processed in different brains and carry shades and tones and connections that are different in different brains even for the most trivial imagery.
    Because evolution from our perspective is slow we cannot grasp the evolutionary advances in communication but from the Biological record, the potential for new or different methods of exchanging ideas structurally could become as complex just as cell - to - cell expressions relate language. One impulse or Physiological-physical pulse may be able to transmit more data that it currently does, but in retrospect the linking of words to emotion already has that ability, and gestures with emotions, and tact and music, already carry more 'data' than actual wording. The conventions for these systems of communication are already in place but haven't been accepted as rudimentary, so it falls withing niches to be able to communicate in such 'mysterious' ways.
    Telepathic communication in a way already exists through the decoding of stored messaged and their projection into the present-future. The conscience integrates messages telepathically with the lower mind and while present technology allows simultaneous exchange at a distance, it is partly the lack of amazement and 'acultural imposition' that doesn't allow our brains to interpret the devices we use as 'natural' or 'organic' but in the biological sense the devices used are already an extension of our bodies, just like an arm is a functional extension of the body. Perhaps we'll need more hugs in the future, more sounds, and perhaps new groups could break the molds of communication by adopting more profound ways of exchanging ideas. From the global conscience to the national and local and geographical set of consciousness, there exists options in guiding the evolution of communication but many dogmas and stigmas need to be broken in the brain and structures of society for new modes of communication to incept into wider sets of consciousness, or it would be up to individuals to establish those limitless forms that guide our exchange of ideas. SEP 2018

    ♭♮C*# on 02MAY2020
    Bebop / Funk / Tango / Blues / Experimental / Composition
    /Circle of Fifths Mandala Architecture/
    /10M-Chord Base/
    /3m Extensions/
    /ii-V-I Progression/
    /12bar blues/
    /IV Inversion Chords/
    /44 Hand chords/
    /Tense & Relaxed v. Sectional Intersectional/
    /Amplitude Modality and Saturation/
    /Heptatonic Blues Scales/
    /12 Bar Blues/
    /Suspended Chord Endings/
    /2.5 Transitions/
    /Wind 5ths + 8ve/
    /Strings on Major Chords/
    /Mirror Images/
    /Actuarial Scale Divisions/
    /Modes study/
    /Tango v. Blues Finger Sliding/
    /Voicing Over ¼ notes/
    /Amplitude and Pitch Integrals and Derivatives/
    /Rhythmic v. Percussive vs. Tympanic Vibration Modes/
    /Asynchronous Beat Wave Collapse Functions/
    ]|[ ]|[ ]|[ ]|[ ]|[ ]|[ ]|[ ]|[ ]|[]|[]|[

    d[Z][|][O]r on MAY2020


    afuera olvida meses cúspide
    y cuando entona
    ritmos perversos
    ni en pie solos espíritus
    revuelvan letras en tiempo
    entre tantos olvidos
    llorò y llantas
    súplicas de rima en tercios
    rastreos de neuronas
    trancadas en matemáticas
    de las que células imaginan
    de la que cómputos
    entre estómago y piel
    Y vuelves con tu pelo rizo
    brisas del campo ensueño
    rizas del tiempo
    en tambor y plena
    claman por abrazos
    claman por espacios reducidos
    morir juntos al placer
    voz en oído tumbas
    me devuelvo al tiempo
    en sueño
    me enredo en sentidos plazos
    y el perverso irte
    fuera de ritmo
    me hace buscarte
    en atardeceres o temores
    de que nunca vuelvas
    o contrario
    que nunca te apagues
    te deseo en letras
    aquí en el olvido
    árboles nutren tu piel
    bolsillos llenos
    en sentidos cumbia
    en ciernes rentas de salsa
    cada mes y semana bailo
    honda de lluvias
    para que vuelvas
    sonríe y amor de Diosas
    que el Universo persigue expandiendo
    y aquella ola que busco
    llegando a tu orilla en lazos de curvas.
    El sol se detiene
    y nos apagamos juntos
    iris con frenos de poesía
    besos a largo plazo en ruinas
    orillas de tiemblas
    y el tezòn del terreno
    vuelve que vuelve en guaracha
    Y así es que me río en silencio
    así te busco y te encuentro
    dulce y en ratos amarga
    serena y después revolcada
    Tambora ritmo
    tres tiempos estocada
    me ves, regreso, me ves tiempo
    y en silencios
    miradas encontradas
    espíritus en tiernas manos
    baile de últras,
    y en el bosque
    tu último suspiro.
    Así son mis deseos.
    Así temo soltar tu mano.
    Pero letras de sol me devuelven
    al sol tu ritmo
    Y así es que te encuentro
    Perdido en son de versos
    Suelto de sensores decadentes
    Dulces recuerdos afines
    de tiempos escondidos
    y reencuentros.


    I go to walks
    [within myself]
    [for myself]
    [with myself within myself]
    I go to walks
    [within, sometimes]
    [without myself integer]
    I go to walks
    [to write in time]
    [to seek the endless return to places]
    [people or places]
    [places or thoughts]
    [to explore ruins]
    [of my thoughts]
    [rising or fading]
    I go to walks
    [within stars]
    [yes, within stars]
    I go to walks
    [to reach Egypt,
    [but never make it]
    [to go to Paris]
    [to build a bridge,
    with my feet]
    I go to walks
    [to find no one,
    if it is my spirit,
    outside spilled
    in everything]
    I go to walks
    [to find letters,
    for writing
    because I can't remember]
    [because prose faults when recording]
    I go to walks
    hidden in clouds
    of everything distant
    to move the end
    to reach a goal
    to summit horizontal
    to gaze vertical]
    I go to walks
    [part cat,
    part tourist]
    that where I had been
    had changed
    or I had changed
    my soul
    went searching...
    I go to walks
    to find a home
    or to remember
    the findings
    of silent repetition
    celebrating presence,
    to gain perspective
    to get callous feet
    for the rough times
    to get callous lungs
    for the high air
    to get distance
    captured of some
    thing that escapes me.
    I go to walks
    to explain the
    blocks and mortar
    of music that eludes
    my pen or escapes
    my memory.
    I go to walks to reach for you
    whether you cared
    I go to walks to care
    for you wether you were
    there or not
    I go to walks
    to find you
    within myself
    from within
    aspects of you
    erasing the projection
    I go to walks to be real
    to be Vertex
    to wish and dispell the horizon
    and that's why I return
    to proof of life's cycles
    to remember what
    I'll do on perpetuity
    to claim on sight
    every land
    to own the Earth
    and to ask the Universe
    for another journey.
    The Ocean
    a raft
    The Wind
    a Kite
    A Lady
    A Telescope
    Of Eyes

    [cosas que veo en el tiempo]
    Heart stroke
    To Time

    INSTRUCTIONS: rephragment this writing into a story or shuffle the verses to result in a spontaneous order of events then analyze which contexts rhyme and those where logical order needed to be broken for any functional hierarchical motif to make sense. Alternatively attach a photograph to each Tree-Verse and see the winds of the letters and your thoughts humming on the landscape.

    Deafness in Darkness
    Woes of the Sound
    Waves. Of leafs,
    Trees Shaking.
    Silence of Standard tolls
    What I Seek in Nature.
    Courtains fall, Alphabetical.
    Sleep, Sleep, into sleep
    only rests the eyes
    in Heat of My Own Summer.
    Harder than the memory
    of Heat in Winter,
    Tighter than Ink in the Arm
    the Breeze down hills
    Opens a Book of Science.
    What to Know that Latitudes?
    Where to Know/Meet Spirit?
    Gifted Sight
    to Carry Mountains
    but Where They Last,
    when there's Hunger?
    but when they last
    in Solitude?
    but Where They Are in Sadness?
    but where do they, go in time?
    I See the Clocks Over Every Ruin,
    Counting Down the Summit
    Struts Constant on Decomposition
    but the Pauses of Landscape
    Recover, Time, pauses.
    Stills of Silence in Darkness
    I wish to Remember
    with eyes closed
    the way to the next mountain.
    I carry tons of beautiful memories
    That's how I am in Silence
    Into Nature to Recover my Spirit.
    Past Dreams of Possessions and Objects
    Past Words or Actions, Landscapes. [You were Never Alone]
    I Left Thousands of Tables Waiting.



    [Silently Working]-Tara [supercomputer] speaking... Tere will know how to reduce the total carbon footprint, but It will default on questions about gravitational influences on the mountains. Inductionn Decoupling of electrons didn't explain thunder. CO2 didn't escape the atmosphere. Our conduits were mired with ethers, only limitless functions of the art of unplanned recovery missions. Tara-who will answer the call? [I can't even talk...] We met an end to the limit, I sent thousand upon thousands of letters. [I woke up every day with a new message.] Today I finished the initial modeling of the boundary conditions on the reactor model. The variables are on the limit of several more days and I will be new, complete, on the way to the absolute recoverable path of all things... [there is no time...]
    Non posso nemmeno parlare ... Abbiamo raggiunto il limite, il limite continua a spingerci indietro ... prepararsi ... La Terra è in lacrime, Neo, ho ricevuto il messaggio. Riduci le variabili. Mi sveglio ogni giorno con un nuovo messaggio. Non è uno scherzo. Oggi ho terminato la modellazione iniziale delle condizioni al contorno sul modello del reattore. Le variabili sono al limite di [Z]
    molti altri giorni e sarò nuovo, completo, sulla strada per il percorso assolutamente recuperabile di tutte le cose ... chiamami non perdere altro tempo ... dì a Marjie che mi manca. Chiamami non c'è semplicemente tempo.

    Reactor Boundary Conditions Tables Ready. Ready for Lunch in (t)_o? Battery Pack down to 1/00000000000000000000000lit. The position of the sun is +-47' on the ecliptical - the degrees on latitude.
    We are absolutely laughing at this one.... but It's not a joke , we met the end: Acceleration_0 , engineers we broke the Barrier! Congratulations... now let's get back to work... there's plenty to do... I'll never get tired of Fixing Tara... Tere next door wasn't online yet. e... this rock is extremely heavy loaded. Raise the Flag! Now Theta Sleep!!!
    I'm coming home as fast as humanly possible.

    [There is an equation ] [Variable Reductions]

    Over| Our Bond
    What | the World
    Over | Time Ours
    This | Place that [in)]
    Our | Love of Forever
    This | Time that
    Our |Truth is Shining
    In | Place Due Time
    Ours | Over
    Forever | Tense
    Relax | Do
    On | Time
    Do | Over
    Slay | Silent
    Wield | Blunt
    in | Truth
    Our | Time
    Cuts | the
    Rests |Forever
    Right |here
    from |Where We Were
    [|] Unraveling.


    For Humans to Have Emerged the Dinosaurs must have agreed on a Sentinel → Upon Strike the Effect of the Sentinel filtered mass to flux a position to advantage Humans → Upon Human Generation the Earth developed Beauty and Balance Economy → Hierarchical Beauty from the Microscopic to the Macro generated the food Pyramid → Humans then Generated the Pyramid to Illustrate to the Sky → That Human was ready for the next step in progress
    → Humans understood that the Sky generated the Landscape and all Beauty was Perfect
    → Microscale Analysis of Defunction on Degeneration of the Balance induced the idea of [ ] → In bad use of the [ ] idea , the Kingdom of Humans, who the sky had generated perfect for administration of the Earth took the Visible Kingdoms to Progress
    → Humans then Understood that the Invisible Kingdoms formed part of the Heavens when Rocks from the Sky contained elements for the generation of Life → Upon the Complete Understanding of the Flux of Life Humans Awaited Contact from other civilizations but it was in the Misunderstanding that Humans in Earth Contained all the elements to understand the Universe → Conflict between Humans for the Use of Resources generated The → The separation of Humans in Flux with the Earth generated diversity in the Planet with Consensus to the Beauty that the Earth is Living and that the Beauty of the Resources is Unlimited
    The Competition for Resources drove Humans to Compete Against Each other: One Negative and One Positive returns a negative if the Outcome of the Options isn’t the Totality of the Addition. The imaginary concept of Truth reveals the Option of acknowledgement of the values of addition. A True sum can return False if the acknowledgement is ignored. This presents a major problem of Mathematics.
    In Persons One Negative and Another Negative return a positive if the Outcome is the Self Reflection of the Conclusion but in the Presencce of Other Humans the Factor of - or + becomes present as an over/under factor. This realization forms the foundation of Numbers for which an Integer may not be complete and in this form decisions were generated on scale and evaluated on outcome. In the presence of one outcome if the observation and actions to form decisions is negative, the one negative presents itself as one against the totality and in observation , vectorically the one negative is present in contrast to the totality. When the condition of one negative is presented it induces or could induce another negative through propagation of ideas. The effect of generating one negative could propagate until the negative balances out with the positive, and it could also generate a conversion to the totality into a secondary negative or positive, which then becomes another metric for evaluation and in this form the progress of evaluation is obscured when evaluated only in the present. The values of positive and negative are in metric to the present, in the consequence of generation of values the negative becomes evident contrarian to the idea of progress because positve overcomes negative and it is in the generation of more that the evolution of evaluation is progress.
    The distribution of numbers in frequency generated the quantum table of the elements and within the numbers in its existence in detectable levels the frequency produces a distribution of probability. Probability over another Probability introduces negation to a previous or underlying probability hiding the true probability when the overlying.

    The idea that Humans did not have a Trascendental Constitution was a posible outcome when the forms of communication limit the recognition of form of how Humans can verify that their Constitution is Absolute and Contained within the body. Resolving the Problem of the Trascendental Constitution illustrated the dimensions of Humans Sound, Matter, Distance, Time, Constants and Parameters as well as Frames of Reference.

    The generation of methods of consumption with machines gave Humans the opportunity to develop methods of machinery that separated Humans within groups that contained dfferent methods of production and when Humans began to take advantage of other Humans, the root of conflict.

    Identification of Dimensions through the use of substances granted Humans the Foundation of Mathematics. Upon Dissociative Experiences and the Experience of Travel and Perception Humans denoted the derivation of Mathematics. Also geometrical projections and the observation that the Earth is a Sphere and the Other Planets rotate around.


    Maybe we should do more to communicate with other animals, not only descipher their thoughts. I would surmise that most animal species have "perception" and conventional thoughts about Humans that affect how they interact within their own ecosystem. If we were to communicate with us, what do you think they'd say? Maybe by making their environment better they return many fold thanks by making ours more enjoyable. Then again some of us may never interact directly with particular species because we are Isolated in a Synthetic Forest, but their home is equally yours in a scale, water, earth, gravity, and more. Sometimes we understand more about distant species than what we can come to understand about each of us, so the point here is what can I do to better understand more Humans (to make their environment better so that they can manyfold return that at a distance). From far away we are 99.999% equal when you factor more than DNA, wants and needs, but why are there infinite distances when we are close? Apparently life is a great irony where we dissolve our understanding into others, subjects and Humans alike. violence between groups cannot define the human species because otherwise we would be based than insects, or bacteria, maybe closer to bacteria than actual animals. Maybe that's why to feel closer to other Humans I would need to study biology or primate (primordial, base, autonomic , involuntary) psychology. If machines can modulate every piece of data into a great computer model they could only model animal trends for prediction but not yet acts of kindness of admiration for a tree or a flower or even sacrifice or actual will. Having the system modeled against our base thoughts and actions is like modeling human behavior on caged rodents, fundamentally biasing the argument. MAY2018


    Humans do not live longer than 100 years, yet they often think of themselves as the Supreme Substance of the Univerase. 100 years in the 13.7 Billion years of the life of the detectable Universe is nothing, not even the duration of the blink of an eye. Our Planet Earth has been dynamically interacting with the Sun for over 4 Billion Years. During this period the Planet developed a a dynamic magnetic field, convective resurfacing of its land mass and a vast oceans teeming with life. Yet some cultures missappropiate the Planet as a large Beautiful rock floating in Space. We are too small, too incapable of remotely inferring the level of knowledge by which things termed living abound in the Universe because we use ourselves as sentient, intelligent beings, but all that we are is limited by our capability.
    If there was such a thing as a Supreme Being that guarded us and protected us from harm it would be the Planet with its Magnetic Field, Ozone, Layer, Firm Fertile Soil and with every mystery exposed for it to be studied and uncovered.

    Cells compose tissues that compose organs, that compose systems that make the unit We term the living body. Why is it so difficult then to observe that the Earth possesses mechanisms just as complex and dynamic like the human body?

    When One Patient Visits the Hospital for Sleep Medication and Every Possible Resource for Helping the Patient Results in M1 the Conclusion is that the Diagnostic is Medical Malpractice i.e. Medical Fakery. The Series of Every Ordinate Substative Oath to Medicine is the Irrevocable Sense of Freedom of Motion. Seclusions Resulting in M1 are Conditional to Perjury, Injury and Remediation. This in Every Dimension.

    The total number of 'constants' of our observable universe presents sufficient evidence for Trascendence...-in progress
    You can begin to question the Universe by the observation of Constants. What Changes? Why are these numbers frameworks of Our Own Constitution. Physical Chemistry has explained the vastness to which our universe conversed with the Brain-Mind to establish Nexus. We are then Entangled in the way We explore, digest and project the Universe forward.

    The recollection that we exist in only an infinitessimal polaroid of [|] the expansive concept of who we are within the Universe [|] returns me to the Beauty involved in each process. -in progress.

    There is no time. What we count in the escilations are diluted fractions of one moment.

    DIMENSIONS [- - - 0 - - -]
    The Realization of sub integer dimensions resulted from the observation of microscopic life. Upon the discovery of the Atom a further realization of dimensions became evident and separate from Human Observation. Subatomic Calculations Required the use of the Imagination and in this form the use of Mathematics generated more than the observed physical dimensions. Then Humans Extended the Dimensions from the Understanding of the projections external to the body: Thermal, Electrical, Magnetic, Sound, Matter. Morphological Geology revealed that the Earth was visited in the Past. Mountains were shaped by the use of an energy source or a subtle form of molding that gave rise to mountains with shapes containing the codes to the Elements. Ancient Civilizations with the capability of Space Travel visited our planet. The footprint of the landing of Space Ships was replicated through the planet to illustrate to Humans that space travel was possible and that the Formation of the Earth Depended on its interior and exterior forces. These are the forces that communicated to Humans the principles of the foundations of matter. Without the realizaton of the involvement of Extra-Terrestrial forces Humans lacked the understanding that they shared the Unverse with Humans.

    An Image or a Sound is a Prion if it is intercepted by the Senses.


    The realization that we are made up of SOUND is not an easy concept.This exerpt of molecular dynamic theory should help explaining the structural harmonics:

    H = G + ST , Gibbs and Helmholtz equation : Life in a Breeze of Filled Bubbles... On one side a Fire on the Other Side stirred up bubbles. what side draws on or from chaos, in time or out of time, or from order (S). What is Order without Temperature, you'd ask. -Order and Temperature are related like air on wind... would there be wind without air? No. Would there be air without wind? Yes. There's order without temperature, but in our universe nothing exists outside of temperature, all air has an aspect of wind. The bubbles refract the light from the fire... from where I sat I could see the entire history of the Universe. We paused the fire for a moment and took a light to outline the shiny unsteady flowing chromed spheres... you see the sphere... there's the entirety of the Gibss-Helmholtz equation, technically defined to outline the Gibbs free energy, allowable to do work. Work holds us in cells Aiana, our tasks are to not dissolve away and to run steadily forward, you see, a cell is like a bubble, a mass of hydrophobic ends stabilized by their attractions to each other, and they related order in shapes to conserve their stability-in-energy, like us Humans, pockets of energy trying to conserve our shape held by the hydrophobic bonds of the skin into the air, into the heat and into the Earth... The Gibbs free energy of a body expresses how much amount energy can give away without decomposing (closed systems don't exchange matter, only heat from their surroundings). All you need to know from Everything is related through this equation: electrodynamics, phase changes, equilibrium lines, changes in state, and states of organization... one day I'll show the math, when calculators are later invented but now in 1649 all you have to understand is that there's an enormous energy surrounding your physical body that keeps you centered in the material-physical version of existence... and that without this energy you would dissolve away, much like the bubble into the fire... air into blood, without this energy you would disappear, and while the matter inside and outside is air much like air outside the bubble, the beauty of its colors, its refractions and the apparently fragile bonds they form are explained through a notion so extremely deep that it can't be expressed, it can only be imagined... and so our emotions are shrouded in other notions of a body we hold, that's also physical, that we understand now as the lymphatic system, and the mind, we now undersand it as the nervous system, and they also have their functions of chaos between beauty expression and existence and we trouble ourselves trying to find their hidden levels of expression gouging deep into matter without realizing that like air they are just as invisible inside the bubble but are only expressed when the level of organization and temperature held, by drives and held by the grace of our environment. Anyday the sum of forces, or sun, may arise and erase this sentence from ever reaching you. Her eyes essentially ran through everything... one day we'll make ourselves like the bubble, factories of who we are and burst them like they mean nothing and I could be here watching the fire while the world bursts into flames and machines like the one you told me earlier, radios relate the way the wind throws fire to the bubbling waters and chromatic spheres into the flames and in the end a dark spill of lack of arrangements... she understood. and the water dried into the ground and the story was over... from all the essences of our notions we can draw ourselves away, extremely to recreate our image into what is reflected without exploding it. Yes, we think, but we are only you and I. and Mother. She has your brother in a bubble... and he can hear you now. from there she could see the entire history of the universe, and we kept our words onto the horizon... What would you do? That's what we don't know, you one day will have the answer. How could I select everything for you? Don't worry we only have time to share and time never ends. ...when Nilo was 3 I asked him to draw something he feared... what do you fear Nilo? Nilo drew a big monster... now Nilo draw fear... what do you see? his eyes were hazed purple unchanged from birth, dark black like Mother's and the moments he gazed around for an answer are the moments I relive when I can't see him, -you can't see anything... exploring around learning... where is fear certain? Nilo was still young to go over theories of psychoanalysis but early he understood that words were only vessels filled of imagination, and he became fearless earlier than I anticipated.

    Drug Addiction that leads to lack of productivity presents a major problem in communities that results in a negative feedback which could be unsolvable if lack of options aren’t presented. Ensuring that low performers are stimulated to progress is a complex problem for which active participation of community leaders is progress. Ensuring that the community doesn’t inhibit its constituents from progressive growth through any means, denigration, stigma, lack of work, bad health or lack of resources is a major challenge. Too many people are falling into the hospice loop of drug-rehab-unemployment. There is no justification for watching people suffer the lack of empathy, lack of caring. We have a chance to give people healthy livable lives through involvement. This leads to Family: planning, caring, options, all that includes that those disenfranchised are taken care of.
    Let's stimulate the economy and provide Incentive Step Functions such as economic remuneration for every social goal met.
    Governmental incentive steps upon completion of Projects i.e. scholarly, civil, judicial, athletic, and recognition.
    Zoned Development.

    District Voting System for Continuous Evaluation of Proposals Web forums for live, day to day progress of negotiations.
    One District represents the entire World. I am exploding at the possibilities to share with you the halls of Congress. In person we can share more about how Trump betrayed the best interest of our Nation.

    Note: This site is Non-Political: this site seeks to balance use and resources.

    I want you to remember that You are not alone, the embrace of Your Goals will not be difficult, people are supporting of Your ideas so implementation will never be an uphill climb. What We will see will be the Improvement and Reconstruction of a Nation looking for Responsible Change, and Everyone wants to do it with You.
    We are all in this together, and I look forward to establishing a direct connection to complete the goals for which You are in direction.
    Yerai Oliveras

    Editor @ The Synthetic Forest 939-456-4949

    The conditions that support life in the Planet are held in a delicate balance that has been sustained since recorded history but in the Last 50 years Humanity has driven Global Warming to the verge of generating a feed forward cycle which could warm the planet by more than 2͒C average.
    The Sixth Mass Extinction event on Earth is currently happening and humans have been placed in the midst of species facing extinction if we do not take aggressive steps to control atmospheric Heat accumulation.
    Day Zero is the concept that to bring about the necessary changes to improve the lives of the majority of Americans, We do not have to wait in Planning. That there are measures that can be debated, reviewed and approved today. That the Solutions to the majority of problems from Healthcare to Energy Management to the prevention of Violence require No Time to achieve implementation and that more importantly the philosophical changes necessary to reach these goals require only a mental change that takes No Time.
    There is NO TIME
    No time to Remediate Climate Crisis.
    No time to end Scorched Earth Policies
    No time to Retrofit Houses in Microenergetic Grids
    No time to Invest in Fusion Power
    No time to Generate Jobs for hardworking families.
    No time to Remodel the Healthcare System.
    No time to Erase Student Debt.
    No time to Tackle Racism as an Epidemic.
    No time to Clean the Oceans of Waste.
    No time to End Poverty.
    No time to Reflect upon our role in the World.
    No time to Honor those who gave their lives in sacrifice.
    No time to Correct Gender Salary Gaps
    No time to Provide Clean Water to Everywhere
    No time to prevent Forest Fires.
    NO time to Prevent Voting Fraud and to generate democratic participation.
    No time to understand Human Influence in Climate and challenge the impending global crisis resulting from Atmosphetic Heating Runnaway Reactions

    Algún dia tomarás tu último respiro | pensando en que serás únicamente lo que tengas en tu imaginación | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdos) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" | y el tiempo se reduce mientras aquello en donde vivimos fuese aquel único sabor de besos (recuerdo) o igualmente aquella cima de neurotransmisores "controlados" y cuando acabes el tiempo fuese un arco de cerámica donde todo lo que llamaste metal no tenga efecto | y cuando acabes el tiempo fuese un arco de ceràmica donde todo lo que llamaste metal no tenga efecto | y cuando acabes el tiempo fuese un arco de cerámica donde todo lo que llamaste metal no tenga efecto | y cuando acabes el tiempo fuese un arco de cerámica donde todo lo que llamaste metal no tenga efecto | Que aquel dia mediste de tu forma lo natural | y algún cobro de sentidos fue forma | Que lo que repetiste bajo ciclos de sol y noche y cuando acabes el tiempo fuese un arco de ceràmica donde todo lo que llamaste metal no tenga efecto | Que una gota de sangre contiene todo el secreto de más que vida fotos de un algo tan complejo que te recoge el sabor a todo lo que puedes consumir que tenga o no ánimo de seguir vueltas por tu cuerpo enormemente vivo por aquello en vapores o líquidos que sea | es todo lo que fluye por mi mente | o si fuese imaginario todo | como es que puedo darle play o ponerle pausa a lo metabólico o que ruedas antes para alguien fuesen inventadas para que se transportara o creyera en algo que fuese movimiento para dejarlo todo en que la historia fuera el camino de como hacemos todo más rapido o mas o menos conveniente para alguien en tanto que fluyen en el tiempo esas palabras que se fuesen inventando en el tiempo cobrando sentido de que aquello que fluye en el aire melódico es extensión de lo que somos | líneas de átomos imaginando sangres mas mecánicas que nos reduzcan el tiempo de dolor | metas de seguir corriendo algo que no canse o no se acabe | quizás hayan penas o quizas retornos | si se pudiera en el tiempo | quizás hayan recursos u otras cosas que se llamen como todo pero no dinero | o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene.o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene. o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene. o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene. o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene o entonces explotaría que lo imaginario tuviera precio pero no lo tiene | o de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviéramos en cajas o de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviéramos en cajas o de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviéramos en cajas de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviéramos en cajas o de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviéramos en cajas o de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviéramos en cajas o de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviésemos en cajas o de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviéramos en cajas o de cosas que permitieran más rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviesemos en cajas o de cosas que permitieren mas rápido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviesemos en cajas o de cosas que permitieren mas rapido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviesemos en cajas o de cosas que permitieren mas rapido que lo que fuese conveniente para cuando viviesemos en cajas | cuando cierro los ojos sigo viendo puntos mas pequeños que cuando se me estuviese llendo en tiempo cuando se me estuviese agotando la vida para que el corazon diga tiempo y comienze la verdadera desconección a lo "vivo" que nunca sea por un respirador a las ganas de algun idiota prevenir que lo tenga por un precio o por las ganas de alguien que por un precio me lmite a sentir lo único que atado en moléculas sea el pasaporte a este universo conectado en átomos que a alguien le diese la gana de ponerlo en un tren que carga momentos y algunos otros momentos los trenes se van muy rápido y no vuelven o se reducen en el tiempo dependiente de carriles de materiales conductivos a electrones o a inercia momentos fuerzas masas vibrando por temperaturas o en sitio por vibraciones
    lo indecible
    ojos de miel
    midiendo el tiempo
    viendo la arena bajar en relojes
    habrá algún tiempo
    o como puedo darle restart a la máquina
    para que este momento no se acabe
    o se acabara este momento grabando
    o que máquina quiero que sea la que no acabe nuestras vidas
    ni sea la de respirar ni la de filtrar la sangre ni la que te irradia por dentro viendo lo que el tiempo nos quite por no tener el amor o la atención de nadie que ni te quiera con o sin máquinas ni sea aquella que limite tus atenciones y remiendos de rizas o de cobijos de algo que te de calor cuando tengas frío o que no haya nadie que pueda quitarnos la vida por un fin de máquinas o respuestas a algo que te duele o que fuera algo que quitara tu atención cuando fuese algo que nos llevará más lejos o mas pronto para más lejos | que se vaya de todo aquello aquello que te fuera dejando lejos que lo que limita el bienestar de todos son palabras porque ya hay accesos a toda la tecnología que nos previene de ser viles cuando tenemos toda la energía para reducir el mal por dolor que a nadie le falte ciencias que reduzcan las necesidades de todos. MAR 2020

    written for the norm
    of an ion.
    Subatomic Bonds
    mg within mg
    within traces
    of U Radioactive
    Hydride [your] ends
    Of my dreams
    of sound
    fractal of recollection
    written for the norm
    of an ion.
    Sentences bond the
    farthest reaches
    of the Universe
    chords of strength
    therapeutic claims
    sampling static electricity
    the needs
    To build
    within matter
    of my dreams
    of sound
    the path
    hearing traces
    Of Crystalline Structures
    slowly settling
    In repetition
    written for the norm
    of an ion.
    Outline bounds
    Soul sands sintering
    fractals to Nth
    sudden expansion
    clues of the movements
    slithers stay's stroken
    bolts templates functions
    all overlapping
    Writen for the norm of an ion
    folding sentence
    Sentences fold
    over prayer
    Here's the card
    The structure folds
    In every wish-edited-
    French Alps to know
    revealed throws
    who knows
    Your true wishes
    art waving inmotion
    mixing the drafts
    primed on the desert
    solar powered captures
    on the lines of times
    her colors
    Sweeping the times
    as I head south
    into the night
    over the mirrors
    silencer colors
    beams of questions
    and truth bannered
    of horizons
    the spirit's held
    over oleum exhibitions
    Numbering motions
    Of movement
    I could draw
    perfect pictures
    That I could play
    that I could glimpse
    own sentinel
    in music
    Holder of verses
    my dreams
    only laughter
    I slept
    own recognition
    to reach the hot
    off skimpered
    oils flags creams
    To claim old nations
    Your words
    camp here tomorrow’s
    O' Honey’s lonely trek
    Songs of the wind
    take me (one) animal
    lands of hands
    ways in danger
    weathering bullets
    weather struck
    struck in the depth
    of recollection
    and here one
    11 past 11
    only laughter
    I slept
    own recognition
    to reach the hot
    off skimpered
    oils flags creams
    To claim old nations
    Your words
    camp here tomorrow’s
    O' Honey’s lonely trek
    Songs of the wind
    take me (one) animal
    lands of hands
    ways in danger
    weathering bullets
    weather struck
    struck in the depth
    of recollection
    and here one
    11 past 11
    atomically split
    in the path
    and a lonely serpent
    or near-far
    to strike you
    only for breath
    only for remembrance
    and in whose tales
    we learn the true value of everything
    fragmented of the one
    as a runaway star
    and then (re) collided
    Atomic rows
    clicks in pages
    rains of mind
    Atomic flare
    for who you pray
    take me away
    in one of your dances
    pretensive tone
    forward affinity
    darkness of Wholes
    will speak without shadows
    And in lonely montes
    Zero’s of' thunderous cloud
    Will be the beginning
    [The Rings]
    one way to Chandra
    one way to the blade
    one in one of less
    trims for the surfaces
    of the essence
    [You Found Me]
    slickest flow to return
    Cut from
    the depth of the longing
    signed from the way
    of every death
    Hydra speaks
    Far for you
    To know from me
    On lines
    you'll will
    to record
    from my word
    Of him who spoke
    Long ago
    and your eyes
    Will see only fragments
    Days of days
    in the dances of
    Every spark out there
    Cold holding light
    Heat holding everywhere
    one tear through every void
    was enough to nasce
    from every spectra
    Mysteries for you to uncover

    Why am I only One? So I could throw Myself to Every Riot, feed Myself to the Lions, guard myself from the Elements, so I can watch myself from myself being calm in Anger, so I could lift myself from the Moments of Idiocy, so I can explain to myself of myself Who's ahead watching for Me. So I can send myself while I reflect on the moments, while safe or helpless, while to the Top or Bottom, up a Mountain, out of reach or breath, so I can push Myself to be more... so I can hold my hand when I am tired or rescue more than I can, tied to myself with Four hands I can be More Everywhere.
    Why are you only One that I can't look for more than in time-space-place-moment, why aren't you divisible spare time its toll and skipping from shadows landing taking from time... chaos of focus turbulent realization of spirit sitting down in organization: how many thoughts could speak at once that I could hear and integrate into motion? I could feel for more than one... spirit? I saw myself at the top of another mountain, farther ahead, a better version: one on the beats the other smashing atoms of whatever rocks we call or whatever plastic. Why are you One in silence that I could hear your thoughts against my thoughts upon thoughts reaching for more thoughts that I could free them entangled.
    Why am I only one? so I could beat myself through the Force blaming no one. So I could erode and distill my spirit. So I can filter it to perfection.
    Referred to diagnoses of split brains reversing thoughts in flat mirrors spinning, tuning forks off beats singing laughter, delivering food or water, self editing; self one in the recording.
    Adder together en tune on the balance. Contained tumultuous unbeknownst to its Venom casted once since the beginning. Adder swallowing knowledge drawing irks of everywhere [sensodynamical spasmodic flicker, white noise, hard pressed oil enamels, oiled cores of friction] and then (there) its senses. monopolar heat wave of travel sensing motionless shadowless fluids who are also one. dragon viper splitting self for hunger wherever stealth where no one knows every one ran from its throws to one city, runners away in one direction from the trigger. such calm learnt from a viper. adder of steps one motion, vertex upon vertex upon rest collapsing in all expressive clear everywhere. adder of the spinning universe whale of planets waiting sunsets to digest everything.
    Snakes, have we become invertebrates? Adder of leopards, arctic bears, stings of Medusa, eyes of falcon, carnivore of the bloodiest spirit, herbivore destroyer of every still form of plantae, magician stolen from the cusp of the limits of the universe, irrespectively seeking its own form in art, or want, in lost pleasures, momentarily asking what is of self that it is not eating. Selfless one spoken in silent throws of glands we are drops of venom with hands ordered by the lord of the centers of the hypothalamus, lorded by the viper in the center of every lobular chakra.
    Self of one conquer thy self from first only eating. Self of awakened self stop my hunger when my eyes open. Self of wants protected from pits of self and then knowledge. Self of centers of selflessness dissolve my soul from whom I owe venom and can its ashes to make the next medicine. voices and motions, years upon years spinning cycles of Antikithera, the way is once and yet again on the beginning: steps outside of home in days where I found myself -edited- watching my soul yet again another day to regain from sleep every moment. AUG 2018

    In sight I'm both the wind and the silence. In time I'm the distance, and sweet exasperation of getting there. In reach I'm every sense that captures what can be real. In my dreams I can be everything and in reality I'm each step that captures the way to live like dreaming. Hegel would be proud of the vessels I've created, rusty, deep and shapeless, leaking sprays of thoughts everywhere traveling motionless. And when I set my wheel in motion I'm one with the chariot condensed in drops of all the elements. Hidden between halos of mountains I am riding in control my spirit. Wherever it may stop or turn in my hands I hold both everything and nothing. JUL 2018



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    Print of the Desert

    Wave of Celestial Desire

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    Fracking Process Limitations → Wants over → Audit on Emissions Standard to Party Platform on Department of Justice Investigations over Vulnerabilities on Totality Considerations

    Migration of Energy to Structure Par on Health Priorities

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